Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 083 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 7

“Where is Xiaobao?” When Emperor Ming returned to his bedroom he couldn’t help asking after not seeing the person who had always been present these past few days.

The eunuch replied: “Wei Book Attendant has gone to the attendant’s chamber.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What did he go there for?” Emperor Ming frowned.

 “Your Majesty,” the eunuch said with a weird expression, “the book attendant should originally be resting in the attendant’s chamber at night.”

Emperor Ming paused and muttered: “Here is perfectly fine, Zhen has intention of driving him out…..”

The eunuch tactfully remained silent.

Emperor Ming changed his clothes and sat in the empty bedroom, feeling uncomfortable inexplicably.

The eunuch cautiously suggested: “Your Majesty, you have not called a consort over in many days. Will you be turning over a name tablet tonight?”

Emperor Ming was silent for a moment, then slowly nodded.

The eunuch secretly rejoiced, and actively prepared for the arrival of the emperor’s concubine.

Ordinary concubines could not stay the entire night in the emperor’s personal residence. Once Emperor Ming chose the concubine he liked, the eunuch would take the concubine to Guangyan Hall or Fuyin Palace and wait for the emperor’s grace. Of course, the rules of the harem couldn’t restrain the romantic and unrestrained Emperor Ming at all. So long as his interest was aroused, it could happen anywhere.

“Chen qie welcomes Your Majesty.” In Fuyin Palace, several people knelt down, and at the forefront was Consort Xi, who was going to serve in bed tonight. (TN: chen qie = I, your servant, self-appellation of a lower-rank female)

“Rise.” Emperor Ming smiled, hooking Consort Xi’s slender waist, and instantly a refreshing fragrance enveloped his senses. The scent that he had become very used to in the past now felt a bit pungent at this moment, as if suddenly returning to the dust of the city after experiencing the beauty of nature. Although the city was lovely and prosperous, it lacked that pleasant calm.


“Your Majesty, chen qie prepared a midnight snack for you. Do you want to eat something first or directly go to bed?” Consort Xi’s voice was like that of a yellow oriole, filled with infinite charm. Like a little bird relying on people, she leaned against the emperor, pressing her plump breasts against his body from time to time.

Emperor Ming had a deep gaze, and said lightly: “Go to bed.”

The palace maid dropped the gauze tent, and the two were concealed within the hibiscus curtains.

Consort Xi was shy and timid. Smelling the scent that came from Emperor Ming’s body and thinking of his strength, her thoughts couldn’t help but become hazy.

“Talk to Zhen.” Emperor Ming said while kissing Consort Xi.

“What does Your Majesty want chen qie to say?” Consort Xi twisted her body, her eyes misting over.

“Anything will do.” Although Emperor Ming’s desire was aroused, he felt strangely empty.

“En…..It’s cold at night, and warm inside the hibiscus curtains, what need is there to speak at this time?”

Emperor Ming pursed his lips and did not say a word.

[The weather being so cold, I am just kindly helping you warm up the bed.] Suddenly he recalled what a certain someone had said; that charmingly naive look was truly adorable.

Talking to him always made him relax and forget his identity. Even when in the middle of lovemaking, he still dared to act silly and make trouble, ruining the mood but also adding a different kind of fun to the lovemaking.

[If you have the ability then come already, what’s the great deal about holding it back?] Emperor Ming couldn’t help but laugh out loud. His lower half was hot, but his thoughts flew elsewhere, almost completely ignoring the beauty lying under him who was waiting to be “fed”.

“Your Majesty…..” Consort Xi’s breathy voice sounded in his ears.

Emperor Ming finally turned his attention back to Consort Xi. He had to admit that all of his concubines were beautiful, all with different styles. But after stripping away their lovely surface appearances, they were actually the same down to their bones. They were kept in a small circle since their birth, living only for power, for favor, and ultimately losing themselves in the end.

Xiaobao was different, he was unconstrained and unrestrained. In his eyes, he, the emperor, was probably no different from other people, and therefore he could treat him like a regular person, laughing and playing around freely, easily making him forget his worries.

Emperor Mimg suddenly stood up and shouted to the eunuch outside: “Send Consort Xi back to the palace.”

Then he put on his outer robes and walked towards his personal residence.

“Your Majesty!” Concubine Xi was shocked, and before she could even come back to her senses that had been affected by passion, the emperor was already nowhere to be seen.

“Go, call Wei Book Attendant over for Zhen.” When he returned to the bedroom, Emperor Ming ordered fiercely.

“Your Majesty, at this point Wei Book Attendant has probably gone to bed…..” The eunuch hoped to use this reason to dispel the emperor’s intentions.

“So what if he has already gone to bed?” Emperor Ming waved his hand, “Directly carry him over for Zhen.”

The eunuch left with a sorrowful face, and in just a short while, Nie Bufan, who was still asleep, was carried over by the guards.

Emperor Ming took him over and put him on the dragon bed. He then tore off the extra quilt from the bed and then drove the other people out.

Nie Bufan’s consciousness was muddled and hazy. Before he could figure out the situation, a certain someone pressed down on him and kissed him passionately.

“Mmph…..en…..” He moaned unconsciously, his body being constantly manipulated.

While half asleep and half awake, a foreign object suddenly invaded his body, which was followed soon after by a stormy offense.

What…..was this? When Nie Bufan opened his eyes, he saw a face very close to his own that was full of passion and desire, with sharp eyes fixated on him, and long hair hanging down around them. His strong muscles tightened with every move, full of strength and rhythm.

When reaching orgasm, his lips were once again invaded, tongue and teeth intertwined and heavy breaths were exchanged. Two hearts beat violently, and with the rubbing of bare flesh on bare flesh, the two of them sank completely into the fiery and passionate lovemaking.

Despite the next day having already come upon them, Emperor Ming was still reluctant to let go and lingered on the caresses as much as possible. A certain someone was helpless to resist, and could only continue to create traces of “love” on Emperor Ming’s body.

When the eunuch reminded him of the morning assembly for the third time, only then did Emperor Ming reluctantly get up. Before leaving, he deliberately told a certain someone to live in this palace from now on and to not bother moving his nest.

Nie Bufan didn’t know what kind of crazy this emperor was struck with, tossing endlessly and incessantly. Could he please be left to live in peace?!

In the next two days, Emperor Ming pampered him to the extreme, endlessly delighted as he watched him go about the fay lively and noisily. The heart that was tired from state affairs every day, disappeared without a trace whenever he saw him. In front of him, he naturally put aside the emperor’s airs and showed his nature only for him.

Rumors gradually arose in the harem. The “male favorite Wei Xiaobao” from the rumors, who dominated the emperor’s favor, was hated by everyone in the harem, but under the intentional protection of Emperor Ming, he was not harassed much, and he still lived blithely and carefreely.

Of course, he still did something, at least he managed to deceive an omnipotent tablet from Emperor Ming that allowed him to freely enter and exit the imperial palace. So long as he connected with the friends in Chicken Nest Village, he would find a chance to escape to freedom, and from then on, the sky was wide and the bird flew free.

Outside the western section of Yan Shun City in the temporary imperial residence, luxurious horse-drawn carriages lined up in a line. Most of the powerful and affluent in the capital had come, so naturally there was a lot of greetings and excitement.

The temporary imperial residence covered an extremely wide area, built on the hillside with row upon row of individual palaces and courtyards and blending in with the surrounding mountains and forests. There was also a hunting ground behind the temporary imperial residence which was reserved for the emperor to hunt. The edges of the hunting ground were blocked off by a stone wall and no outsiders were allowed to enter.

There were high platforms around the hunting ground, with unobstructed views of the mountains and forests. This place happened to also be the best place to feed the tiger and watch the battle.

Emperor Ming was sitting on the high platform with the best view. Nie Bufan was placed next to him. On both sides were several first-rank officials while other officials of lower rank were not included. And around the high platform were guards who kept a high degree of vigilance.

Nie Bufan looked around with interest, and suddenly felt a piercing gaze. Turning his head and looking around, he saw Wei Di, dressed in gorgeous robes, sitting on the other end glaring at him fiercely.

Nie Bufan winked at him as a greeting.

The wine cup in Wei Di’s hand was crushed, making a crisp sound. He had been looking for a certain someone for so long, only to find out he was actually hiding in the imperial palace! What was even more hateful was that he was actually having an affair with the emperor!

Wei Xiaobao, what an impressive Wei Xiaobao indeed! This guy was afraid that the world would not be chaotic enough! Damn it, don’t think that with the protection of the emperor, he won’t be able to catch this little fox!

Nie Bufan turned his gaze away and did not look anymore at Wei Di who was burning with anger, and instead looked for his bromantic friends.

Unfortunately there were too many people and it was difficult to find his goal. 

At this moment, his trouser legs were suddenly pulled by something. He looked down and saw a chicken that had come over from who knew where. It was currently looking around thievishly, and when it was sure that no one was paying attention, it reached a claw forward which was clutching a small piece of crumpled paper.

Nie Bufan picked it up and unfolded it secretly, and with some difficulty he deciphered the general meaning. Zhang Third, Li Fourth, and Wang Fifth all came, and were currently on the southwest side of the platform. The agreed place and time to meet was Xiang Courtyard at weishi (1-3pm).


Nie Bufan was secretly overjoyed and wanted to write a response, but the conditions did not allow this. He inadvertently spotted a pearl-sized red fruit on the side of Emperor Ming’s tea table, so he leaned forward and subtly pinched one and wrapped it in the piece of paper. He then pulled a few strands of hair and then under the appearance of picking something he had dropped, he quickly tied the paper ball to the chicken’s leg.

The little chicken knew that the task was completed, so it speedily retracted its head and disappeared without a trace.

When Nie Bufan sat back up again, a red fruit suddenly appeared in front of him. Emperor Ming smiled and lifted the red fruit to his mouth as he said, “Did you drop the one you secretly stole? Here, Zhen will reward you with one more.”

Nie Bufan stretched out his hand to take it, but the red fruit seemed to be clamped by pliers, firmly clamped in between Emperor Ming’s fingers.

He raised his eyes and looked up, Emperor Ming continued to raise his hand in front of him as if nothing had happened.

This was to personally feed him, personally feed him, right?

Nie Bufan held the other’s wrist with conflicted feelings before leaning over and taking the red fruit into his mouth.

The eunuch dutifully stood in front of the two of them, as a cover for their flirtatious gestures that completely ignored the occasion.

“Do you want more?” Emperor Ming asked. 

Nie Bufan chewed the fruit. Originally he did not want to but noticing the eunuch staring at him with murderous eyes, he nodded happily.

Emperor Ming then fed him another one, taking the chance to rub his lips with his fingers.

“When we go back to the palace, it will be your turn to feed Zhen.” Emperor Ming tapped his lips and whispered, “Using this.”

Nie Bufan rolled his eyes at him and did not respond.

The poor eunuch roared sorrowfully in his heart: Your Majesty, where is your solemn majesty and prestige? In broad daylight and under everyone’s eyes, could you please be more reserved? Could you?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this moment, the big drum was beaten in the distance, startling the birds into flight. Everyone knew that the performance was about to begin, and their attention shifted to the entrance of the hunting grounds. At this time, if someone looked up into the sky, they would find that a few flying chickens were intermingled in the flock of frightened birds. One fellow with colorful feathers was currently yelling in a very incongruous manner: “Autumn is dry, watch out for candle fire”……

“Your Majesty, everything is ready.”

“En, then let it begin.”

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