Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 028 Is This The Tiger’s Den?

“This is not a polite way to ask for help, is it?” Feng Qingxiu glanced at the sword at his neck and asked calmly.

“Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.” The young man retracted his sword, his eyes heavy, “Others may not have noticed but did you really not notice yourself?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feng Qingxiu did not speak.

“I have discovered a big secret, and I am being chased by Kun-Lai,” the young man said coldly, “If you really care for Kun Lai, then follow me.”

Feng Qingxiu still did not speak.

“I just saw your shadow.” The young man said confidently, “If you don’t come with me, I will expose your demonic shadow!”

What was that? Feng Qingxiu finally had a chance to understand his own shadow, so he subtly repocketed his Net Seal.

“A person born with a demonic shadow must be extremely sinful in his previous life and therefore carry karma with him in the rest of his lives,” the young man sneered. “This kind of person’s existence will bring catastrophes to the world, and will be hunted and killed by all cultivators.”

“There is no record of this in Kun-Lai.” Feng Qingxiu frowned slightly. It was not as if he hadn’t searched about his shadow after he got the Net Seal.

“That’s natural. Only those who have undergone the great celestial demon tribulation can see the demonic shadow, and only those beyond the Synthesis Stage know of this.”

“Then why should I be threatened by you?” Feng Qingxiu asked in confusion.

“How many wicked things have you done with your shadow…..” the young man said coldly, “Do you still need me to say it?”

Uh, he really hadn’t done anything. Feng Qingxiu felt that he has run out of luck recently. Why did he always encounter odd people?

“No use in protesting, you used your demonic shadow to pretend to be me, and then entered the sect to steal the treasure. Today is the time for me to wash away my grievances.” The young man was about to pierce his dantian with a sword. (TN: dantian=point two inches below the navel where one’s spiritual energy resides)

Suddenly, a golden light flashed!

The young man jumped instantly backwards, but was still blown a few feet away. He saw a young man in golden robes standing beside Feng Qingxiu, domineering and arrogant, with a sharp light flashing in his eyes. Eight swords rotated around his person in mid-air shining a golden light, causing him to look like some kind of deity.

“Xiao Yuan, what are you talking about, do you know who he is?” You Jia looked at him with the eyes of one looking at an idiot.

“No matter who he is, as long as you investigate him, you will know that that matter has a lot to do with him!” The young man said coldly, “Just now he was devouring other people’s spirits in order to cultivate. Look at his cultivation base!”

You Jia and Feng Qingxiu looked at each other, and Feng Qingxiu shook his head slightly.

“It turns out that you both were one the same side a long time ago.” Xiao Yuan was calm and relaxed, “You Jia, do you dare to let him go to the Elder’s Hall to confront me?”

“Of course I dare.” You Jia looked at him strangely, “Are you sure?”

“Of course!” The young man said decisively.

“Let’s go together then.” You Jia said, picking up his Net Seal, and inputting a few strands of divine consciousness, “Let’s go.”

Seeing him so calm, the young man suddenly felt his heart skip a beat, and he quietly spoke using spiritual transmission: “Elder Li, is this really no problem?”

“You have to stay in Kun-Lai, and this is the best opportunity,” the elegant voice was calm and steady, but it rang directly in his mind, “Those born with demonic souls can transform into countless incarnations. As long as a little evil thought arises in the heart, they can order the peerless demonic body to incarnate into all things in this world. Daxuan also killed several of them in the past. No matter which sect, they are a big source of disaster. This person’s cultivation is not too high, and is suitable to take the blame for you so that you can continue to stay in Kun-Lai. “

“But if it fails…..” Xiao Yuan hesitated slightly. If it failed, then…..

“These few times we were almost caught. Either leave or stay. You have to choose.” The elegant voice said indifferently, “Although the natural demonic shadow is unfathomable, if you capture his soul and use it to create a magical weapon it will result in a rare and supreme rank spiritual weapon that can control the human heart, and even more importantly it can help the owner prevent being invaded by demonic thoughts and desires. Even if he has done nothing wrong, those elders wouldn’t be able to resist this temptation.”

Just now he actually wanted to capture that young man and his demonic shadow for his own, but then with a turn of a thought he came up with a better way.

“But you all said it is rare, then… case they don’t recognize…..” Xiao Yuan said worriedly, “Then what should we do?”

“Human Immortals can force out the demonic shadow, and Synthesis cultivators can sense traces of the existence of a demonic shadow, so don’t worry.” The elegant voice calmed him.

“Excellent!” Xiao Yuan relaxed. In this ancestral ring, the spirit of a Human Immortal lived and of course what he said was correct.

He himself was just an ordinary Kun-Lai disciple. One time he entered a secret realm he inadvertently awakened the spirit inside the ring. The other taught him a transforming shadow spell so that he could sneak into the treasury and obtain resources for cultivation. It only took him a year for his cultivation base to progress by leaps and bounds. It was a pity that the bitch Qingnu discovered his traces, causing him to be exposed.

He was naturally unwilling to leave. Although the speed of his cultivation method was fast, it was very expensive. In Kun-Lai, so long as one squeezed onto the level of that of the seven elite cultivators, one would have the entire Kun-Lai resources at disposal. It was far better than going to other places to seek resources.

Moreover, in order to repair the spiritual soul of a Human Immortal, only the Kun-Lai treasure, Yunfu Zhen Seed, would work. Not to mention that he was hit by You Jia’s Heart Reinforcing Sword when conflict broke out in the treasury a few days ago.

The both of them had to stay on in Kun-Lai.

Xiao Yuan glanced at You Jia and that young man, and secretly let go of his unease.

It was just that he didn’t know. In another place, not only the two of them, but also another group of people, have long devolved into a fierce argument.


General Area

[Shocking Gossip] The youthful youngster’s life just began to take off only to be confronted in the court of law. The gains and losses of the heavenly law, is this Kun-Lai’s rise or fall?! Let us go to the Law Enforcement Hall to witness history…..

You Jia: Xiao Yuan sued Eldest Senior Brother for stealing from the treasury, putting the blame on him, and insisted on going to court. I am now accompanying Eldest Senior Brother to the Law Enforcement Hall. What an interesting feeling! !

Qingnu: Coming up with strange blurbs again I see. Are you talking about the Xiao Yuan who stole the things? That group of Mountain Patrol Bureau fellows sure are rice buckets, actually not having caught him after so long.

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——How did you come together?

Feng Qingxiu: I asked You Jia to come over to buy Net time…..

Ying An: What! ! How much Net time do you plan to sell? Why give You Jia, give it to me, my bid will be higher than his!

You Jia: …..You are too much.

Qingnu: Trying to prevent Net addiction is really something impossible. In truth, I also think that the Net time of 4 hours a day is too short, it should be at least 8 hours!

Ying An: That’s right, I help Senior Sister Qingnu to catch monsters for you to cut up every day, so you should give me some Net time in compensation!

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——Why should all of us be implicated by the young disciples who can’t control themselves, Senior Brother Feng, tell the Sect Leader that we should get at least 16 hours of Net connection!

Feng Qingxiu: I will mention it if I have the opportunity. Sorry to interrupt you all, but who is Xiao Yuan?

Qingnu: Xiao Yuan is also an idler. He is the son of Qingdi Peak Master’s, my uncle’s friend. In the battle at Tianyun Domain, a region of the Outlands, his parents sacrificed themselves for the Sect. Before they died, they asked the Peak Master to take care of their son. The Peak Master sent him to the lower gates twice, but he was unable to pass the examinations and couldn’t enter the Dao Disc. The Peak Master passed on a mental cultivation method that he had researched himself to him and let him do miscellaneous work at Qingdi Peak.

Feng Qingxiu: Idler?

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——People who are related to the bigshots in Kun-Lai, but their own qualifications are too lacking and can’t even enter the Sect through either the front entrance or back door. So they can only shamelessly stay on in Kun-Lai, wandering around idly. At the same time they also can’t put aside their pride to work either. Everyone knows they have a backer so we just look the other way.

Ying An: However, his cultivation base has been advancing by leaps and bounds in the past year, but at the same time things are always being stolen from the Qingdi Peak’s treasury, so Qingnu notified the Mountain Patrol Bureau to keep a watch on him.

Qingnu: As a result, he really was caught red handed and even injured two disciples in his escape.

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——Didn’t the rumors say that those two disciples were killed?

Qingnu: I saved them! ! ! Now they are still in the observation period.

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——Then it’s not much different from being dead…..

Qingnu: Heh~ You are really not afraid to ask me for my help one day…..

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——Life and death is up to fate, I’d rather give up on life after falling into your hands, Senior Brother, you have to be careful.

Feng Qingxiu: Thank you for the advice.

You Jia: By the way, Xiao Yuan said that Senior Brother is born with a demonic soul, what is that?

Qingnu: What? Born with a demonic soul? Senior Brother~ Wanna have a meal with me~

Huang Wei: …..

Ying An: …..

You Jia: …..

Feng Qingxiu: Sure.

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——Senior Brother, think twice!

Ying An: …..Senior Sister, think thrice!

You Jia: …..don’t carelessly dissect people, Senior Brother belongs to the Sect Leader!

Feng Qingxiu: It’s just a meal. Thank you Senior Brothers and Sisters for your concern. I believe that Senior Sister Qingnu has a sense of measure. By the way, Senior Sister, what is a natural born demonic soul?

Qingnu: Little Senior Brother, I finally understand why the Sect Leader accepted you, if it was me I’d cherish you too, ah, at first I envied you but now I envy the Sect Leader!

Feng Qingxiu: Senior Sister over-flatters me, you have devoted yourself to your Dao and ignore the criticism that comes with it, this is even more worthy of admiration.

Qingnu: …..Xiao Qing, you are simply my most intimate confidante, I have a crush on you! I will protect you from now on! Don’t worry, you are the Sect Leader’s disciple and no one dares to do anything against you. The natural born demonic soul is the reincarnation of a person of great calamity, because their blood debt is too heavy their soul becomes demonic. It takes several lifetimes of reincarnation to wash the blood debts away. Those with demonic souls’ path to cultivation is very smooth, facing no tribulations nor having to fear the invasion of demonic thoughts and desires, which is very similar to those people born with a Virtuous and Moral Dao physique. I have only found a few records on this, Xiao Qing, are you really a natural born demonic soul?

Feng Qingxiu: I don’t know this either. It’s just that my shadow occasionally gets out of my control, but I indeed haven’t encountered any demons while practicing cultivation so far.

Qingnu: Then it’s very possible, but you can rest assured that we have turned over every detail of you from birth to now, and we can guarantee that you are not any kind of demon. We don’t care about the things in your previous life, so you don’t have to feel burdened.

Feng Qingxiu: Thank you very much, but there is one thing that I don’t understand. Why can those who committed evil in the previous life still practice cultivation smoothly?

Qingnu: Because most of them can’t live to practice cultivation in the first place, both the righteous and demonic cultivators are very eager to capture them, the human heart is very sinister~ But don’t worry, I will protect you!

Huang Wei: …..

Ying An: …..

You Jia: …..

Feng Qingxiu: We are almost at the Law Enforcement Hall. I will not chat for now, Senior Brother You Jia, I will give you back the Net Seal later.

You Jia: Alright…..

Huang Wei: The Dao of humanity and the Dao of heaven, I carry out my own Dao.——It just took him a quarter of an hour to win over Qingnu? ? ?

You Jia: …..How very scary. I’m going to watch the confrontation now.

Yong An: …..I will go too.

Qingnu: You mediocre people, how can you know what it is like to meet an intimate confidante, fuck off!


When he arrived in front of the towering and austere Law Enforcement Hall, Xiao Yuan couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.

“Don’t worry,” the ring voice soothed him, “I will help you. With my ability, unless the Secr Leader of Kun-Lai comes personally, there will be no problems even with the presence of Synthesis cultivators. You will definitely be able to stay!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Xiao Yuan immediately let go of his nervousness. The Sect Leader was a celestial being, how could an ordinary disciple attract his attention.

He glanced at Feng Qingxiu and You Jia contemptuously, and walked into the hall with his head held high.

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