Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 029 Is This A Crisis?

When Yan Zhao received the news, he just happened to be free.

When he arrived at the main hall to see the opposing parties, Yimeng Qingnu and the others had already arrived for quite a while. Melon seeds, fruits, clear spring fairy wine were all set and prepared next to them and the fellows in question were sat on one side, waiting with expressions of excitement.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This was simply too preposterous!

So he gave them a good scolding plus lecture first.

Then that table of good things was put in front of the highest seat in the hall where he sat down. He glanced at Feng Qingxiu and Xiao Yuan, and said coldly: “Speak, what is the squabble about now.”

“Greetings to the First Elder!” Feng Qingxiu first bowed politely.

“This etiquette is unnecessary.” Yan Zhao waved his hand.

Xiao Yuan immediately said: “The First Elder please uphold justice for me, this person has a demonic soul, which is a serious calamity for the Sect. This disciple accidentally discovered this secret and was about to expose this person, but was planted with evidence and framed by him. This disciple had no choice but to live in hiding these past days until the chance to expose this person came today.”

“Oh, what did he do?” Yan Zhao asked indifferently.

“His demonic soul can incarnate into countless faces, swallowing human souls in order to grow in strength and cultivation. It has even framed me after sneaking into the treasury and killing fellow disciples. Please sternly punish him, First Elder!” Xiao Yuan said every word firmly, his expression so righteous and resolute that even the onlookers couldn’t help but want to applaud.

“Evidence.” Yan Zhao said calmly.

“He has a demonic soul in his body, you will know it when you test for it.” Xiao Yuan pointed to Feng Qingxiu.

“And then?” Yan Zhao asked.

Xiao Yuan stagnated and then said hesitatingly: “Should you not take him prisoner? Or could the First Elder not know what a natural born demonic soul is? It’s a sinner in a previous life…..”

“I have heard about this.” Elder Yan glanced at Feng Qingxiu, the sharp light in his pupils flashed by, and interrupted him, “He is indeed born with a demonic soul, but how do you prove it is he who framed you?”

“Should he not prove himself innocent?” Xiao Yuan was shocked, this outcome was completely different from what Elder Li said.

“Hilarious, you don’t even know that our Kun-Lai Sect requires the prosecutor to bring proof, and yet you came to make a lawsuit?” Yan Zhao just wanted to laugh.

“But he has a demonic soul!” Xiao Yuan said sternly, “Will the Sect just leave this alone?”

“It is not up to me to take care of his affairs.” Yan Zhao said coldly.

“But he has a fierce demonic soul, and all evil spirits can not invade his person. If it is refined into a magic weapon, one will be able to pass the great celestial demon tribulation!” The great celestial demon tribulation was the biggest difficulty for cultivators at the Synthesis Stage to break through to the Human Immortal Stage. 

Yan Zhao’s lack of cooperation was simply incomprehensible to Xiao Yuan.

“If you really use this kind of thing, then you really will develop inner demons.” Yan Zhao glanced at him contemptuously. “We cultivators wander through the world, seeking the Dao and the truth. Once we become fearful of inner demons and seek for outside materialistic help then it is the same as having fallen into the clutches of one’s inner demons. Have you even taken the exam for the Inner Demon Analysis class?”

Pffft! The onlookers nearby laughed.

Xiao Yuan’s entire face turned blue and white with anger.

“Stop wasting time, is there any other evidence?” Yan Zhao didn’t want to waste any more time on this farce.

“He entered the treasury, stole precious treasures and framed me for it!” Xiao Yuan’s heart was tense, but recalling that Elder Li had said that he had already put the evidence of killing the disciples on the other, he felt that he had not lost yet.

“Treasury?” Yan Zhao frowned, “What treasury?”

“It’s the fifth warehouse of Qingdi Peak.” Qingnu piped up on the side.

“He went to steal the treasures and framed you for it?” Yan Zhao seemed to be looking at a fool.

The onlookers on the side also couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Of course, if you search his person you will definitely find the stolen treasures!” Xiao Yuan said with incomparable surety.

Yan Zhao sighed: “Alright, drag him out and interrogate him for stealing property from the Sect and hurting fellow disciples…..”

“You won’t even check, you are on the same side, I am not convinced——” Xiao Yuan struggled hard, but he was no match for the two cultivators in the Law Enforcement Hall whose cultivation base far exceeded his.

A fierce light flashed in his eyes, and just as he was about to fight to the death, a few soft and white petals floated by, gently pushing the two cultivators away.

“Please wait!” A breeze swirled by, flying flowers and green leaves drifting past, and a young man in a white robe over green clothes walked inside with the flying flowers, preventing Xiao Yuan from being dragged away.

His face was pale, his lips bloodless, but his elegant features were very good-looking, just like jasmine flowers covered in morning dew, strongly fragrant and a delight to the senses.

“Bai Liu, what are you doing?” Yan Zhao frowned slightly.

“Senior Uncle, please give him a way out.” The young man looked tired and coughed slightly. “Xiao Yuan’s parents have done a great merit for Kun-Lai. In this matter he committed mistakes in a moment of muddleness. I have already paid heavy compensation for those two injured disciples. Senior Uncle, please give him a lenient sentence.”

“He hurt fellow disciples, and also intended to place the blame on another fellow disciple. With such a vile character, how can he be sentenced lightly? He should be dealt with according to the rules of the Sect!” Yan Zhao stood up and snapped his sleeves in anger.

“But, he is not a disciple, so Senior Uncle, please have mercy.” The young man had a melancholy countenance and he coughed again.

“An idler again!” Yan Zhao frowned, “Kun-Lai should have driven these things out a long time ago, they only bring trouble!”

Bai Liu couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“As the master of Qingdi Peak, you don’t think of making progress, and only immerse yourself in useless matters of love all day long. I will see just how you will survive the three disasters and six calamities in the future!” Yan Zhao coldly snorted, “take him away, I don’t want to see him again!”

After that, he turned around and left.

Bai Liu sighed, walked to Xiao Yuan’s side, and said softly: “Xiao Yuan, apologize to Senior Brother Feng.”

“Why do you all believe him!” Xiao Yuan held his head high, “You only need to search…..”

“Apologize!” Bai Liu said with a cold expression, “This is the direct disciple of the Sect Leader, so don’t even mention sending the entirety of Kun-Lai to him, let alone a small warehouse!”

“…..” Xiao Yuan stood dazedly on the spot, and tried to ask the ring for help, but found that no matter how he called, the ring did not respond.

How could this be?

Elder Li…..

“There is no need to apologize.” Feng Qingxiu smiled and said, “It is just a misunderstanding. I still have matters to attend to so I will take my leave first.”

“Thank you!” Bai Liu also breathed a sigh of relief. Turning his head, he saw Qingnu who was watching the show, and frowned slightly, “Qing’er, see of Senior Uncle Feng!”

He and the rest of the Synthesis cultivators could not be as flippant as to call him senior brother like these younger generations.

“Yes!” Yimeng Qingnu got up gracefully and took the young man’s arm, “Come on, Xiao Qing, let’s go eat~”

Although the words did not reveal any hurry, their walking speed was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye they had already left the hall.

“I’ll go too.” The girl in yellow robes was a hundred percent uneasy, and decisively followed.

“I’ll go too.” You Jia was even more worried.

“Don’t leave me behind!” The black-clothed boy also ran over.

As she walked, Qingnu also leisurely explained to Feng Qingxiu: “Don’t mind this. The Peak Master suffered some injuries a few years ago, and since then his reason has become muddled.”

Feng Qingxiu shook his head and said: “He is already going to be driven away, so why should I still quibble. It’s just, Senior Sister Qingnu, the Peak Master can still hear us.”

“He won’t mind.” Qingnu snorted lightly. “I did not say anything wrong. These years, Qingdi Peak can barely raise our heads, being suppressed by  Danding Peak. But he only spend every day thinking about how to compensate that group of orphans and spoiling them into useless trash. The way I see it, it is not his internal organs that have been injured, but his head!”

“Where are you so suppressed that you can’t even raise your heads? Danding Peak’s Junior Brother Qiu is also one of the seven elites. But whenever he sees you, he always walks around you.” The black-clothed boy interrupted.

“That’s right, Senior Sister, you have been in charge of Qingdi Peak these years, and few in Danding Peak dare to emerge.” The girl in yellow said.

“Hmmph, Qiu Yuansheng, that poisonous snake is quite powerful. You all just haven’t experienced it personally.” Yimeng Qingnu sneered, “Xiao Qing, you should be on guard when you see that guy in the future. When he wants to harm people, then that’s called dying without even knowing what’s happened.”

“Thank you Senior Sister, I will remember it.”

“Good boy~ We have arrived at my place, come, let’s go and do a checkup first…..”


Seeing that they were getting along well with the Sect Leader’s direct disciple, Bai Liu couldn’t help smiling for a moment, and then he looked at Xiao Yuan: “Let’s go.”

After a pause, he sighed again: “It’s Yue’er who saw you entering the Law Enforcement Hall and told me so I can arrive in time. You are too impulsive.”

Xiao Yuan said nothing. In fact, he didn’t want to accept his favor at all. It was because of his wrong judgment that his parents sacrificed themselves and left him to be bullied in Qingdi Peak for many years. It was too late to come out to make up for it now.

“You can’t stay in Qingdi Peak anymore. A country in the Western Continent came to Kun-Lai and asked for a Teacher of the State, so go there instead,” Bai Liu coughed, covering his mouth, “that country is strong and prosperous, and you can also enjoy the prosperity of the secular world.”

Xiao Yuan sneered coldly, no matter how prosperous it was, how could it compare to Kun-Lai, just wait, one day…..there would be a day…..

“Take things slowly.” An elegant voice said in his mind.

“Elder Li, why didn’t you speak just now?” Xiao Yuan said in his mind without hesitation, “If it weren’t for Bai Liu’s appearance, I would have fallen into the hands of Qingnu!”

“Just now the spiritual consciousness of Kun-Lai’s Sect Leader came, and I pretended to be a magical artifact spirit to hide from him. Even if there was just a slight movement, you and I will be a blood splat on the floor now.” The elegant voice explained.

“Didn’t you say that you are also a Human Immortal?” Xiao Yuan frowned.

“I am just a trace of remnant soul now, how can I fight against a real Human Immortal. Wait for the right time.”

So he was still lacking when compared to the Sect Leader?

Thinking of those bitches who bullied him surrounding Feng Qingxiu in deference, his heart felt as if it was bitten by a snake. What right did that ordinary disciple have to enter the sights of the Sect Leader…..

As for that remnant soul in the ring, it had already drifted away without him even knowing it.

Over these hundreds of years, among the countless obsessions on Kun-Lai Mountain, an insignificant remnant soul like him was not very noticeable.

After drifting to a bamboo forest, he slowly stopped.

“How much did you probe out?” A quiet voice asked.

“His sword intent is sharp, but not as fearsome as before.” The remnant soul said slowly, “If in the past, his sword light would have its own consciousness, so even just a little bit of malice in the dark would result in a remnant soul like me being traced through the karmic threads and automatically killed.”

“Is that so…..”

They all know who “he” referred to.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“He is also an outstanding person. Although it hasn’t been long, he has persisted for more than six hundred years, which is quite unexpected.”

“Failure is failure.” The remnant soul chuckled, “This opportunity can’t be missed, so inform the Great Priest.”


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