Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 030 Birth And Death, Righteousness And Evil

As one of the main peaks, Qingdi Peak has always been crowded with traffic.

However, Qingnu’s ability to open the way was simply too moving. Wherever she passed, there was not even a single spiritual demon, let alone people.

But the one who carried Qingnu was a huge fire eagle, which had a completely different countenance from the haughty expressions of the group of fire eagles when facing Ye Han. This fire eagle was so humble and subservient it was practically kneeling over.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The elites who were flying with them were all Nascent Soul cultivators, and any one of them was even more skilled than his teachers in the outer Sect. So the usage of this fire eagle was just them giving him face.

So when they stepped on the back of the fire eagle while chatting and laughing together, Feng Qingxiu did not say that he had also reached the Golden Core Formation Stage. Although he really wanted to fly by himself after having upgraded…..

They soon landed on the top of Qingdi Peak. Feng Qingxiu quite liked the courtyard style of Qingnu’s residence very much, and the tower where Qingnu worked was also very beautiful.

The tower was strangely silent, and the people who came in and went out did not dare to make any loud noises at all.

“If there are too many courtyards I would have to run back and forth, and that would be too troublesome. With a high tower that has a dozen stories, it saves time and facilitates observation. Moreover, with much better care for the patients, it would be more difficult for patients to escape.” Qingnu explained to Feng Qingxiu, as they entered the tower.

“Escape?” Feng Qingxiu felt a little uneasy.

“Uh-huh.” Yimeng Qingnu nodded casually and then stopped as a young man in blue striped clothing came over and handed over a note.

Qingnu glanced over it and said to Feng Qingxiu: “Junior Brother, wait for me just a sec.”

Feng Qingxiu nodded, and then saw Wingnu push a door open.

A loud tragic scream instantly bursted from the opening of the door, and the desperation in it could almost lift the roof off. Feng Qingxiu felt that the sound wave even lifted the hanging beads on his hair crown.

There was actually such a miserable person in this world…..

Then he heard Qingnu say calmly: “Quiet, don’t scare my guests.”

The screams behind the door diminished in an instant, and the smell of blood also dissipated. Feng Xiao Qing immediately imagined the patient biting his gums and grasping the sheets, and he couldn’t help but feel his heart skip a beat.

Then the gentle and melodic voice of Senior Sister Qingnu sounded: “I have repaired the internal injury in your dantian, and also, this golden core of yours is not that good looking in shape or color. I will help you reshape a new one with the Transforming Core Liquid, which is more in line with your spiritual roots. Also, your dantian is too small, I will help you to enlarge it. Remember to write a post-experience report to me later, indicating the daily pain relief and usage. In addition, remember to pay the dantian operation fee. I will send you the bill later, and you can choose to pay it in total or in installments. Taking in account your help in my experiment, installment will only have 0.05% interest. Is there any question?”

“Ahh——no——owww——” The patient struggled to give a response.

“Very well, don’t act as if you’re dying, it’s just a simple golden core operation. I have done operations on hundreds of nascent souls, and many of them were torn down by me when attempting to fly away. Take a good rest.” Qingnu said calmly before she walked out, closed the door, and shut in the screaming.

Feng Qingxiu felt that he might have been a little impulsive, but he still nodded at his senior sister.

The several seniors around him all had calm expressions, having already gotten used to this kind of scene, as they all comforted him.

“Did you get scared, Xiao Qing.” Huang Wei smoothed her yellow dress, pursed her lips and smiled, “Qingnu is just like this. She is the director of the military doctor vein in Qingdi Peak, and both our side and the enemy side are afraid to be treated in her medical tent.”

“Yeah,” You Jia nodded, “Once when I also participated in annihilating the enemy, I heard someone from the enemy side say, ‘There seems to be a lonely stronghold here. Why not attack here?’, only to be immediately slapped by a fellow spiritual demon who said, ‘Are you looking for death? That is the Green Witch’s territory. Do you know how terrible she is? We spiritual demons are not even enough for her to dissect for an hour!'”

“Not only that, once my junior brother was hurt too badly, and I wanted to send him to be treated, but the most nearby medical tent was Qingnu’s,” Huang Wei sighed, “but my junior brother held desperately onto my thigh and said ‘No , I don’t want to go to Qingnu! I can still fight, I can still go on the battlefield!’, so Senior Brother Feng, let’s make a retreat, really.”

“A few days ago, there was a snake spiritual demon with a broken tail. To his misfortune, he was tricked into the top floor by Senior Sister Qingnu under the guise of ‘free treatment’. I wonder if he is even still alive…..” The black-clothed boy looked at his senior sister in disapproval.

“You guys, shut up!” Yimeng Qing girl glanced sharply at them, and then looked towards Feng Qingxiu with gentle eyes, “Let’s go, senior brother, let’s go to the top floor, where there is the best dining place in Kun-Lai.”

“Can pre-beheading meals not be good?” A passing disciple muttered.

Qingnu was completely unaffected, and just made a gesture of invitation and had him step into a circular magical array on the ground.

Feng Qingxiu smiled naturally and stepped into it.

The white light flashed, and they were teleported to the matching circular magical array on the top floor.

“Teleport Rune, it’s a pity that the distance is only two hundred meters. They are working hard to increase the distance of teleportation.” Qingnu appeared behind him, her pretty and gentle eyes colored with a sharpness that people could not ignore, “Junior brother is truly bold. Come, the main dish has been served.”


Zhaoyue Peak.

Ji Yunlai chuckled slightly, this group of young ones really know how to find trouble for Xiao Qing.

After testing his ability to respond to contingencies they then gauged his courage. If Xiao Qing did not respond well enough, they would likely attack seriously.


He thought of the natural born demon soul mentioned in the previous interrogation.

He couldn’t help but touch the red tips of his hair.

He then looked at the extremely faint trace of obsession in the corner again. It was still there, its gaze having never looked away.

He now almost understood why he lost his memory.

If the celestial demon was an infinite virus, and the Overcoming Suffering Sword was a bug that could not be cleared, then he likely chose to simply restore the system without trying to clear the bug.

After the restoration, the files after the restoration date were of course cleared, but the upgraded hardware (cultivation base) would not change.

If he insisted on recovering it, he might indeed be able to retrieve some files (memory), but it was also possible to restore the bug again.

There was also a peerless great celestial demon who built a firewall on him with its blood.

…..His former self really knew how to play around it seemed.

A white camellia bloomed on his palm, shining brightly.

The petals scattered, floating and rotating in the void, forming a rune pattern.

There was something gradually coming into existence in the center of the rune.

During these days, he had thoroughly understood all the runes left by his predecessor and started to construct a new mathematical equation of his own.

It was just that the power was still a lot lacking, and it needed to be more optimized.

But anyone who was an engineer would know that optimization was basically the phase of a program that took the most time and resources.

For example, the games jian3 and warcraft had the same structure, but the former had no funds to do advanced optimization. Therefore, the former would put more strain on the device with the same configuration. Sword and Fairy 6 also had the same problem. The consequence of not being optimized was that even the titan graphics card would fail accordingly. Thus, the problem in unreasonable programming lies here.

To make an analogy, there are two ways to get a 7. The algorithm others used was multiplication, 1*7=7, which was completely straightforward and effective, whereas your algorithm was 1+1+1+1+1+1+1=7. Which was more economical and time saving could be seen at a glance.

In the same cultivation method, you invoked the use of three meridians at the same time to release spiritual energy while the other used one meridian at a time to accumulate the spiritual energy to be casted. It was clear at a glance who would take the first shot.

Many cultivation methods had this problem, including the original “Taixu Supreme Motionless Sutra” which was extremely resource consuming. So after the optimization of his previous self, it did not need that many resources at all. This was the reason why he was now optimizing the program. Otherwise, his new skill could not result in maximum output using the least cost.

Ai, time…..

In addition, some kind of auxiliary system should have been developed by his previous self, otherwise it was impossible for him to calculate so many optimizations.

So he should be able to do the same.

If it was possible to calculate three different equations at the same time, it would save a lot of time…..

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ji Yunlai had an eager urge to try, the same rejuvenating feeling he got when leading a group of subordinates to tackle a key programming problem…..but he suppressed it.

Yeah, restraint, he should finish completing this skill first.

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