Some Announcements

Two things to announce on the agenda^^

1) Membership tiers for Ko-fi are here! I will now be uploading locked posts for members! Higher tiers can access posts for lower tiers. Old monthly subscribers can choose to remain unchanged or officially join a membership tier. I have 3 tiers set up for now and they line up with how many advanced chapters can be accessed at that tier ie: Tier 1 = 1 advanced chapter for Cruel Tyrant, Bird Dude, Back To Ming, and Vicious Cannon Fodder, Tier 2 = 2 advanced chapters for CT, BD, BtM, and VCF, Tier 3 = 3 advanced chapters for CT, BD, BtM, and VCF. As you may have noticed, I will now only be doing advanced chapters for these 4 novels instead of all 6 novels. Supporter posts will now only include 1 early access chapter for a random 2 novels.

2) On Discord, I have uploaded several untranslated BL recs with their summaries translated by me. As Bird Dude is nearly finished being translated, I am now thinking whether to add more public updates to my current TL projects OR hold a vote for the novel that you guys want me to take up translating in its place. For those of you who would rather I add more public updates to my existing TL projects, leave a comment on this post. For those who are interested in the second option, please go to my Discord and place a thumbs up emoji on the novel you have chosen. You guys have until Bird Dude’s last chapter is uploaded (which is in a little over two months, at the end of October, or sooner😉) to make your decision! I will then listen to the majority!^^

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