After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 059 Mary Sue Routine & Public Fury

When Shen Yu found Tao Mu, Tao Mu was currently having FlyNews’ staff upload the number of frames that each contestant appeared in the program to the official FlyNews page of “National School Beauty And Hunk”——because many netizens were questioning the program crew of unfairness, accusing them of giving more shots to a certain contestant than the others.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu had anticipated this kind of accusation at the beginning of the filming, so he followed the practice of extreme fans from a certain neighboring country, and had the program crew edit in the post-production, ensuring that the number of frames each contestant showed up in was roughly the same number.

Netizens who had been paying attention to the National School Beauty and Hunk Selection Competition probably did not expect that the program crew would carry out such a showy operation, and they were all shocked.

“Having watched movies and TV shows for so many years, it is the first time I know what a frame number is.”

“This program crew is ruthless enough. This kind of thing can also be done?”

“Those people before who said that the program crew was unfair and said Tao Mu used power for personal gain to give his friends more shots, stand up now. You questioned the program crew without evidence, you sure are amazing!”

“Looking at the official FlyNews page of the program crew, it turns out that Tao Mu already had this concern when they first recorded the program, so he personally urged them to ensure fairness. And even made extremely strict requirements for the number of frames. What to do, I always feel like my Mu is too cute.”

“For the sake of ratings, most program crews will definitely give more shots to contestants who are strong and liked by the audience. It is also understandable to take care of contestants with backgrounds. Those previous talent shows, the few contestants who signed with the TV station had so many shots they practically occupied half of the show, and I haven’t seen anyone say anything. What FlyNews did is quite rare.”

“Probably because my Mu is not short of money. So he doesn’t care about the background of the contestants and tries his best to ensure absolute fairness.”

“In the words of my Mu, rich and willful.”

“It’s a pity he was an MB…..”

“Why are you bringing this up again! It’s already proven that our Mu was never an MB, Yuxiao Media bribed more than a dozen media to pour dirty water on him. Tao Mu and Night have already taken them to court so why are there people who still don’t believe it? “

“Keeping their eyes open and pretending to be blind. Those who spread rumors only need to open their mouths but those who want to break rumors have to run tirelessly around. But our Mu is handsome, good at acting, talented and rich, simply the standard configuration of a winner in life. He simply doesn’t care about those blind eyed, dirty mouthed and black hearted antis who have nothing to do but smear his name. “

“Some people have a big fan face. I’ll admit Tao Mu is handsome and rich, but how do you tell that he has good acting skills? Just relying on Shen Yu’s unjustified and brainless words?”

“I think Shen Yu must have a particularly good relationship with Tao Mu? This time when Tao Mu was smeared by more than a dozen media, the contestants in the program basically didn’t speak out for him, and some contestants even wanted to forfeit the show in order to avoid suspicion. It was Shen Yu who was the first to stand up to help Tao Mu speak, and I was touched by his sincere words. Whereas on the contrary, Tao Mu usually ignores Shen Yu. I even feel distressed for Shen Yu. Anyway, if I could have Shen Yu as a friend who would speak out for me at such a critical moment, I will definitely spoil him fiercely.”

“Upstairs is Shen Yu’s fan! Sure enough, the fans follow the master, the way they speak is just as corny.”

“Speaking of which, isn’t Yao Wenxiao, the CEO of Yuxiao Media, Shen Yu’s childhood friend? I remember that the day when Shen Yu came to see Tao Mu, it was Yao Wenxiao and Shen Yu’s mother and sister who came with him. Then they should all know each other. So why did the situation get so ugly?”

“!!! What’s this!? Upstairs, tell me everything you know!”

“Actually, there is nothing much to say. So long as you are a native of Shanghai basically everyone knows this. Shen Yu is the youngest son of the chairman of the Shen Group, and Yao Wenxiao is the grandson of the chairman of the Sheng’an Group. The Yao family and the Shen family are originally family friends, Yao Wenxiao and Shen Yu grew up together…..”

“Damn, are these two sick in the head or what! One pays money to smear Tao Mu, while the other jumps around on the Internet to help Tao Mu speak out, these two would happen to have planned this beforehand, would they?”

“Thinking about it carefully. If Yao Wenxiao’s bribery of more than a dozen media outlets was not revealed by the boss of Night, what would happen in the end? Even if Tao Mu and Night took those media outlets to court, it also likely won’t involve Yao Wenxiao. And then with Shen Yu still jumping up and down on the Internet, setting himself an image of a person who is a very good friend. At that time, Tao Mu, who is suffering under the smear campaign of those media outlets, wouldn’t he be very grateful to Shen Yu who spoke out for him?”

“This is to sell Tao Mu and let Tao Mu help them count the money!”

“Fuck, isn’t this too much? A dumb airhead lile Shen Yu can have such a calculating and manipulative side?”

“What’s so impossible about it. Don’t forget that Shen Yu is the youngest son of the Shen Group. A rich second-generation from a wealthy family, what kind of intrigue hasn’t he seen before? Do you really think he is truly a silly white sweet?”

Just when netizens were pondering over conspiring theories, Shen Yu also found Tao Mu who was holed up in the technology department of FlyNews.

“Mu Mu, come out for a while. I have something to tell you.”

Shen Yu stood eagerly outside the technology department. There were two security guards behind him——because Tao Mu specially told them, so even if the two security guards hated Shen Yu, they did not do anything rude.

Tao Mu was afraid that the security guards would be affected by Shen Yu’s halo, and would accidentally meet with misfortune. However, the security personnel of FlyNews mistakenly believed that Tao Mu really regarded Shen Yu as a friend, and they were a little bit angry on Tao Mu’s behalf. These security personnel were all people who had followed Liu Yao over the years. Liu Yao saw Tao Mu as his son, and this group of people also regarded Tao Mu as their nephew, and the relationship was quite close.

“You guys go ahead first.” Tao Mu nodded to the two security guard uncles, and led Shen Yu back to his office, but did not close the door, letting the staff outside secretly listen to what was being said inside: “What do you want to say?”

“Mu Mu…..” Shen Yu plucked up his courage and looked at Tao Mu pitifully: “Can you let Ah Xiao go?”

Before Tao Mu could speak, Shen Yu continued speaking to himself: “I know that Ah Xiao went too far this time and you must be very angry. But I can guarantee that Ah Xiao was definitely not intentional. Just this time, can you let him go just this time, he will not dare to do such a thing anymore.”

“Mu Mu,” Shen Yu stepped forward, wanting to grab Tao Mu’s sleeve, but Tao Mu avoided him. He bit his lip with a look of disappointment: “Can you let him go for my sake? You are all my best friends, and I don’t want you both to be like this.”

Tao Mu suddenly remembered that in his previous life, when he was fighting tit-for-tat against Shen Yu, Shen Yu also stood in front of everyone, and said to him with this same innocent and grievous expression: “Why are you doing this to me? I have already returned dad, mom, brother, and sister back to you and was kicked out of the Shen family’s house by you. I said that I would not fight with you. I just occasionally miss dad, mom, brother and sister, so I secretly stood outside the Shen Group to catch a glimpse of them. You won’t even allow me to do this kind of thing?”

“Tao Mu, why are you so cruel?”

“Yes, because of that accident, you never had the chance to grow up next to your parents. But I have never met my biological parents either. We are both the same. It’s just that I am luckier than you and met good people like dad, mom, brother and sister. I know you hate me deeply because of this. I don’t want to excuse anything. But I must admit that it is precisely because they are so good to me that I can never break it off with them emotionally. Knowing that you are not happy seeing me at the Shen family’s house, I even moved out. What I can return to you has been returned to you. Can’t I even occasionally see Mr. Shen and Mrs. Shen outside and have a talk with them. Can’t you even satisfy such a tiny wish of mine?”

“Mu Mu, can you promise me to forgive Ah Xiao this time?”

The memory receded like a tide, and Tao Mu came back to his senses. He looked at the exact same face in front of him but his mood was very calm.

He was actually very puzzled about one thing, and that was why Shen Yu could always make any request with confidence, no matter whether his request was reasonable or not, whether it would make it difficult for others or not, he could always make his request with such a righteous face.

“What position are you telling me this from?” If it was in the previous life, Tao Mu would likely already be completely overcome by anger when seeing Shen Yu’s expression at this moment. All kinds of bad and hurtful words would spill out, and then this scene would just happen to be seen by Shen Yu’s admirer or the Shen family. Those people would immediately feel distress for Shen Yu and turn the blame on Tao Mu. Then Tao Mu would retort with even more offensive words, and thus fall into a vicious cycle.

But in this life, Tao Mu felt that his psychological endurance was much stronger, and he could even ask such questions calmly.

“What?” Shen Yu didn’t seem to think that Tao Mu would ask him such a question, and he couldn’t help being shocked.

“I mean, what position are you saying this to me from?” Tao Mu repeated patiently: “The person who attacked me first was Yao Wenxiao, and he was the one who accidentally got caught in the act. I just countered passively and let him understand that adults must be responsible for their actions. He did something wrong, violated the law, and should face legal sanctions.”

“But, but I am willing to apologize to you for him?” Shen Yu’s eyes reddened: “He did something wrong and was caught by you. Can’t you forgive him just this once?”

Tao Mu suddenly chuckled.

Yao Wenxiao attacked him and was caught by him. That massive and premeditated smear campaign involved his reputation and the normal life of everyone in Night, causing the thriving FlyNews network to lose hundreds of thousands of registered users and advertising fees worth tens of millions. It also led to Tao Mu being cursed and vilified by those irrelevant people on the Internet using the most vicious words. The two sides quarreled to the point of confronting each other in court. And yet Shen Yu thought he could brush it all aside by apologizing.

In his previous life, his identity was taken by the other. His parents and family made him, a wealthy young master worth billions, to live in such a humble and inferior way. And yet Shen Yu believed that he could solve it by apologizing.

After being kicked out of the Shen family by him, Shen Yu would always appear in the Shen group and wherever the Shen family frequented. He clearly agreed not to meet with the Shen family and disturb his family and his life. However, he repeatedly broke the agreement and was caught by him. After being caught, he would cry and apologize, thinking that the problem could be solved in such a way.

Shen Yu had been this kind of person for both his lifetimes, and he had never changed.

“Not all mistakes can be solved with an apology.” Tao Mu smiled slightly, and he suddenly felt that he who had spent two lifetimes just to reason with someone like Shen Yu, who was not clear in his head, was the one not clear in the head.

“Mu Mu!” Shen Yu looked at Tao Mu hopefully. Tao Mu’s too peaceful attitude gave him hope: “I know you are angry, but I think people should apologize for doing something wrong. Yao Wenxiao was really wrong this time, and I will talk to him about this later. Can you forgive him for my sake this time?”

“No.” Tao Mu said decisively.

Shen Yu’s eyes reddened immediately. He looked at Tao Mu aggrievedly: “Why not? Just because he is my friend? I know that you have never liked me. You refused to let Ah Xiao off, just to punish me, right? Then fine, as long as you promise to let Ah Xiao go then I will do anything you tell me to.”

Tao Mu was instantly dumbfounded. He didn’t understand why Shen Yu suddenly said this. He thought he knew Shen Yu enough. But now it seemed that he still didn’t completely understand Shen Yu’s brain circuit.

“What does this matter even have anything to do with you——”

Before he finished speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by a very high-pitched, shrill scream.

“Tao Mu, what are you planning to do to my little brother?”

Under the blocking of several security guards who tried but did not dare to push too hard, mother Shen, Shen Yan, and Yao Wenxiao barged into Tao Mu’s office angrily.

With an angry expression on her face, Shen Yan hugged Shen Yu who was crying in an extremely aggrieved manner, and glared at Tao Mu: “Tao Mu, you are too despicable. You dared to force my little brother with the matter relating to Yao Wenxiao. Do you really think our Shen family is that easy to bully?”

Yao Wenxiao also looked furious: “Tao Mu, I really didn’t misunderstand you. You are a villain who likes to take advantage of others. The one that found the media to smear you is me. If you have any dissatisfaction, just vent it out on me alone. Don’t even think about taking advantage of Xiao Yu.”

Mother Shen also hugged her son with a distressed look, and leveled complaints at Tao Mu: “Student Tao Mu, I don’t know just how Yu Yu managed to offend you. Back then you were still an unknown little extra in H Town and everyone in the crew looked down on you, but our Yu Yu treated you as a good friend. He even wanted Wen Shijin to sign you and make you a star. Even if you don’t like him, you could at least take into account how much he likes you and shouldn’t treat Xiao Yu like this. Xiao Yu is an extremely innocent child who treats others sincerely, and I don’t want you to hurt him.”

Tao Mu rubbed his temples, feeling a headache building. He felt that facing these people was more energy-intensive than short trading in the international crude oil market.

Already accustomed to the brain circuits and style of Shen Yu and his protectors, Tao Mu himself was not that angry, but the FlyNews employees who had been secretly watching and listening outside couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Mental! Boss, let’s call the police? You can’t talk sense with this group of people. I’ll call the police so let the police and lawyers communicate with them!”

Tao Mu’s newly recruited secretary chick couldn’t restrain herself anymore. She picked up her mobile phone and called the police. While calling, she complained and cursed: “If you are sick, remember to take medicine. Why do you run out into public and make trouble? This is the headquarters of FlyNews, not your home. You really think you are making idol dramas or what? You actually dare to shamelessly ask for forgiveness after doing such a vicious thing. And if we don’t forgive you then we are cruel and vicious. Even people who make idol dramas know that if an apology is useful then what need is there for the police!”

“You are willing to act out melodramas, but our CEO is not willing to accompany you!”

“That’s right! Even if you want to make a TV drama, you don’t have to come to our FlyNews to make it. Our FlyNews headquarters does not provide venues.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It really disgusts me terribly. Is the Shen family of Shanghai really of this quality? Where is it reasonable to force victims to accept an apology in this world? So, what, if we don’t accept your apology, then the Shen family plans to suppress others with force?”

“It’s a good thing our boss is not an ordinary person. If it was an ordinary person in his place they would not even be able to talk about their injustices after being bullied like this by you!”

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