After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 060 Expressing Goodwill & To Adopt

The police arrived very quickly. FlyNews Entertainment’s reporters also ran up carrying their cameras, seeming to wordlessly say that we will expose you if you continue to make trouble. In the presence of so many people, mother Shen and Yao Wenxiao didn’t want to turn the situation into an even uglier one, so they forced the resentful Shen Yan and the aggrieved Shen Yu, who appeared as if he had been wronged terribly, to leave.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A group of FlyNews employees surrounded Tao Mu: “Mr. Tao, are you alright?”

“Mr. Tao, are you okay?”

“Mr. Tao, if you encounter this kind of person again, you should directly report to the police. We normal people have no way to communicate with them. We’d be at a disadvantage.”

The big fellas in the security department also looked frustrated: “Next time they dare to come and make trouble, can we just throw them out? They are also trespassing into the private sector without permission, right? Making trouble in our territory, it’s too arrogant!”

They really didn’t understand why Tao Mu made repeated orders not to let them do it. If this was Night, absolutely no one dared to be so arrogant.

Tao Mu rubbed his temples tiredly: “Thank you everyone. I’m fine. Everyone, you can all go back to work.”

Yun Yi, who had been keeping watch over the National School Beauty And Hunk Selection Competition, also heard of this and came over from the shooting location next door: “How are you, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Tao Mu had already become used to the outrageous style of the Shen family and Shen Yu, as well as Shen Yu’s admirers, back in his previous life. Although he was a little tired at the moment, he was not all that affected.

He quickly brushed it off.

Upon seeing this, Yun Yi smiled and said, “As expected of someone who wants to be an actor, your psychological endurance is good.”

Tao Mu smiled bitterly: “Big brother Yun, don’t tease me. By the way, the recording of the show is going well, right?”

Because Yao Wenxiao bribed the media to discredit him, it even implicated FlyNews and the National School Beauty And Hunk Selection Competition. Although he and Night dispelled the rumors in a timely manner, there were some things that could not pass so easily just because the rumors were dispelled.

“Everything is going well. It’s just the contestants…..” Yun Yi paused slightly, and said, “Some contestants felt very guilty that they had wronged you. At that time, when you were under attack they didn’t stand up to speak for you and even insisted on forfeiting the show. They feel quite embarrassed and want to apologize to you.”

“It’s not their fault.” Tao Mu waved his hand and understood it very clearly: “Everyone originally didn’t know each other well, and we just met together and had the opportunity to work together for a period of time. They neither knew who I am, nor do they know my past. So naturally there is no need to explain anything to me.”

Tao Mu believed that he was not broad-minded, but he was also not a person who liked to quibble over insignificant matters. At best, he had only seen those contestants a handful of times and had a few work related meals. He had no position to ask those people to believe in him, and naturally there was no need for those people to do so. People naturally seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Everyone was just colleagues, not a relative or friend. So long as they could cooperate with each other in work, there was really no need to demand something like loyalty.

Besides, everyone who Tao Mu really cared about all stepped forward. Liu Yao, Meng Qi, Dean Tao, old man Song, Da Mao, Xiao Pang, Feng Yuan, and even the three roommates in dorm 301 trusted him unconditionally, trying their best to clarify the rumors for him and help him get out of the predicament. Friends like Gou Rixin and Qin Miaoru also called to express concern and care for him. Many of the students of the 2008 Beijing Film class spoke for him on FlyNews. Yun Yi also tried his best to stand up for him and stabilize the overall situation, even delaying classes and his internship at the hospital. Even Long Tianao, that dunce, also went on FlyNews to scold the unscrupulous media and stood on his side. He even arranged for Summer Star Entertainment’s artists to speak for him when being interviewed by the media. He almost even held a press conference.

Li Xiaoheng, who was far away in Country M, also called to ask him if he needed help, and directly mentioned that he was his business partner in an interview for a financial magazine, mentioning his gratefulness for his advice in the futures market.

Although due to time difference and geographical relations, the interview did not cause any sensation in China yet. But Tao Mu was still very moved.

So long as the people around him believed and supported him, Tao Mu didn’t really care what outsiders thought.

What was more, after this incident broke out, many business partners and potential business partners who had exchanges of interests with Tao Mu also stepped up to help him. For example, Luo Xi and Luo Yang, the crew of “Gun King”, who had worked happily with FlyNews Entertainment before, and Chairman Luo, who rarely give interviews to reporters. He actually made a rare log in to his FlyNews account and reprimanded the unscrupulous media for ignoring facts for sales and accused them for wantonly discrediting young and talented entrepreneurs. He also pointed out that some media companies did not know how to improve their own strength, and instead only knew bad behavior such as manipulating behind the scenes and doing unfair business competition.

Gao Yonghuai, the CEO of Weibo, directly criticized the unscrupulous media for disregarding the facts and spreading rumors on his Weibo account, and announced that this greatly embarrassed the rest of the media industry.

It was worth mentioning that Wang Boyuan and Yan Sheng, who were constantly @ by netizens and fans: one said that Tao Mu’s acting skills were really great in a reporter’s interview, and it really delighted him; and the other modestly expressed during a media interview that he look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with Tao Mu. Guo Yaning, the heroine of “Faraway Jianghu” who was not @, also took the initiative to speak out, saying that Tao Mu’s acting skills were indeed not lacking when compared to Wang Boyuan’s, and that during a few times when she acted a scene with Tao Mu she was actually pulled into the scene by him. She also added that Tao Mu’s photography skills were actually better than his acting skills. Then through the media, she asked Tao Mu if he still remembered his promise to help her shoot an MV…..

Before everything even became clear, Guo Yaning’s open statement caused a shock in the entertainment industry. Therefore, some gossip media speculated whether the reason Guo Yaning was so strongly supportive of Tao Mu, who was quite a lot younger than her, was because there was an inappropriate deal between them. All kinds of foul language came forth, and they really casted a shadow on Guo Yaning’s image.

No matter what motive Guo Yaning had, Tao Mu still appreciated that she was able to stand up and speak for him at that time. So after seeing Guo Yaning’s interview, he immediately called to express his gratitude. Guo Yaning replied on the phone that he was welcome. She admitted that the reason she stood up for him was because she was optimistic about Tao Mu, and also to get a wave of attention for herself. On a side note, she also reminded Tao Mu not to forget to help her shoot the MV.

“If you are a man, then don’t go back on your lose word.”

Tao Mu took this matter to heart. So after discussing with Yun Yi about the recording plan for the finals of the “National School Beauty and Hunk Selection Competition”, even if he was still very busy, Tao Mu put aside his business and rushed to Guo Yaning’s studio to thank her in person and discuss the specific matters of shooting the MV.

Guo Yaning wore an evening dress with a bright red and long skirt, as if she was ready to walk the red carpet. In fact, she was indeed about to attend a charity reception. After seeing Tao Mu, she also invited: “I happen to be missing a male companion. Would you like to go with me?”

“No thanks.” Tao Mu smiled bitterly and said frankly: “I have been wrapped in trouble recently and don’t want to show up in public.”

Guo Yaning smiled, pointed her slender finger to Tao Mu, and said to her agent: “This is the talented actor and photographer I told you about. Now it seems that he is also a talented entrepreneur.”

Guo Yaning’s agent was a woman in her forties, with a normal appearance but a very queen-like aura. She wore a classic OL suit with wavy curly hair falling down her shoulders. She particularly appeared like a dominant career woman in the workplace.

“Hello, Mr. Tao.” She took the initiative to reach out a hand to Tao Mu, smiling as she greeted: “I often hear Ya Ning mention you, and your name travels like thunder. Seeing you today, you are indeed young and promising, with an extraordinary bearing.”

“You praise me too much.” Tao Mu said modestly with a humble smile: “I should say sorry for causing such big troubles to Teacher Guo.”

“Only the mediocre do not inspire jealousy. Has anyone in the entertainment industry not been criticized? If one day, Ya Ning did not invoke any interest no matter what she did, then I really would have a headache.” Guo Yaning’s agent was very open-minded. In fact, she had been with Guo Yaning for so many years, promoting Guo Yaning from an unknown little actor to an A-list actress. During that period, Guo Yaning had experienced quite a lot of scolding from the public. If you really take it to heart, how could you make it through your days?

Speaking of this, Guo Yaning’s agent consoled Tao Mu: “Mr. Tao doesn’t have to worry too much, let alone get angry. I think this is a good opportunity for the public to get to know you better. You can also take advantage of this situation to promote FlyNews. In fact, in the entertainment industry, publicizing contentious news is also a way of stirring hype. There are many celebrities who even deliberately flash some flesh while out in public in order to get attention. Compared with these people, your black material is really not all that shocking. What’s more, those black materials are not even real.”

Tao Mu smiled when he heard these words: “Thank you for your nice words. After hearing what you said, I suddenly feel much better.”

Guo Yaning glanced at her agent with a smile, and then at Tao Mu: “Sister Xuan is just happy to see a talent. Would you like to think about it and let sister Xuan be your agent?”

Tao Mu smiled warmly: “Thank you for your kindness, sister Xuan. I’m temporarily mired in mundane affairs, and Beijing Film has school rules that I must follow so I will not be going to join a talent agency or studio within two years.”

Guo Yaning smiled slightly: “Yes, with your current status and ability, you can set up your own studio when you are filming in the future. There is no need to sign with someone else.”

Guo Yaning was also a very clearheaded person, so this topic was stopped there. Instead, the two began to talk about shooting the MV. Guo Yaning told Tao Mu the style and feeling she wanted: “I just like your lens language. I think I am very beautiful under your lens, and possess a special style and aura. As you know, I’m not a professional singer. In director Cheng’s words, I just sing with my face. So my requirements for the MV are quite high. You can see how you plan to shoot it. If you need anything, just mention it, I will cooperate with you on everything.”

Tao Mu looked at the script for shooting the MV provided by Guo Yaning, and went to the recording studio to listen to Guo Yaning’s songs in person, and finally said: “Let me go back and think about it, and I will give you an answer in three days.”

“Okay.” Guo Yaning paused and said with a smile: “Actually, I am not in a hurry. My new album will be released on Valentine’s Day next year, so you have a few months of shooting time. The reason why I called you here so early is because I want to catch some of your current heat. If you don’t mind, can I let my studio make an announcement of this first?”

Tao Mu laughed, he liked Guo Yaning’s straightforward style: “No problem.”

Guo Yaning was able to stand up and speak for Tao Mu when he was smeared by more than a dozen media, which was a great personal risk. Tao Mu would not refuse Guo Yaning’s request even if just to pay back the favor. Besides, Guo Yaning’s studio issuing a cooperation announcement at this time was also advantageous for him.

Coming out of Guo Yaning’s studio, Tao Mu once again received a call from Meng Qi: “Did Shen Yu go to FlyNews to make trouble today?”

Brother Xiao Qi’s voice sounded very exasperated on the phone: “Shen Yu just accepted an interview. He cried to the reporter during the interview, saying that you are very cruel and cold, and that your refusal to accept his apology made him very sad. His sister also said that the employees of FlyNews were extremely violent, accusing them of bullying women and children in large numbers, and even calling the police to throw them out of FlyNews headquarters. Now this newspaper reporter contacted me and asked if I wanted to suppress this interview?”

Tao Mu rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on: “Forget it. Don’t pay attention to him. He can just say whatever he likes.” This kind of person, the more you care about him, the more energetic he gets. Anyway, he was not a person who could be reasoned with. So long as Shen Yu’s halo couldn’t affect him, Tao Mu really didn’t want to bother having any contact with this group of people.

Whether they liked to throw dirty water or curse and scold, they could go right ahead. Anyway, it was not as if he hadn’t been smeared or scolded before.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” On the phone, Meng Qi didn’t quibble over this. But then the tone of the conversation changed, and he said very solemnly: “Xiao Mu, come over now. Liu Yao and I have very important things to discuss with you.”

Tao Mu’s heart sank and he couldn’t think of what his brother Yao and brother Xiao Qi were going to say to him. He hurriedly had the driver drive to Liu Yao’s house at the fastest speed.

Tao Mu panted from climbing up the stairs in a rush, and when he entered the door, he saw Liu Yao sitting on the sofa in the living room with a fierce expression on his face. The coffee table, which had always been messy and covered with fruits and cups of chrysanthemum wolfberry tea, was now very clean. Only an adoption application was placed on it. Liu Yao stared at the adoption application form murderously as if he was facing a major enemy, holding his breath and concentrating on his dantian. (TN: dantian=point two inches below the navel where one’s qi resides)

Meng Qi, who had always been able to keep his cool in front of people and never exposed too much personal emotions, also rubbed his hands very nervously. The magnetic and gentle voice was stretched taut with nerves like a bowstring: “Tao Mu, your brother Yao and I want to formally propose to adopt you from the orphanage. Do you think it’s okay?”

Tao Mu was stunned.

Before Tao Mu could speak, Liu Yao suddenly said stiffly: “This time, the bastard surnamed Yao bought more than a dozen media to discredit you. Even if we responded in time and took the bastards to court, some people still say things about you working at Night. Those motherfuckers even dare to spread rumors, that I——” Am keeping you!

“So I discussed with your brother Meng Qi. Anyway, for so many years, we have seen you as a son. So how about formalizing the relationship this time. As you know,I and your brother Xiao Qi are gay. In this life we will definitely not have a second child, so we will never abandon you like your first adoptive parents did when they had their own child——”

“Liu Yao, what are you talking about!” Meng Qi raised his voice, interrupting Liu Yao’s blurted out words.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He turned his head to look at Tao Mu, who was completely stunned, and his expression gentled as he said patiently: “In short, it can be regarded as a stopgap measure. No matter what suspicions the outside world has about you or Night, as long as our family’s adoption relationship is officially determined, if they dare to talk nonsense, we will take the official adoption forms and sue them one by one. We will definitely not let you feel wronged at all.”

Tao Mu clenched his teeth and squeezed his fists, feeling his eyes stinging. Soon big teardrops began to fall despite himself.

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