Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 084 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 8

The iron cage was opened with a bang, and the large white tiger walked out slowly. Everyone on the high platform leaned forward and looked in its direction.

The paddock occupied a very wide area, with dense forests on the east and west sides. The area in the middle was a vast green meadow with a wide view. There were scattered deer, wild boars, monkeys, hares, foxes, sika deer, gophers, pheasants and other small animals. Of the small and medium-sized animals, sika deer and hares were the most numerous, and except for wild boars, there were no other real beasts. The arrival of this white tiger meant that it would become the unquestioned and well-deserved king.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The white tiger was still feeling a little sluggish, walking unhurriedly, but its eyes were brilliant and alert, its majesty unabated.

Within a moment, it found the sika deer grazing outside in the forest, but did not immediately pursue it. Instead, like a cat, it quietly approached while leaning low and hiding in the grass, patiently waiting for the best time to attack.

Everyone outside the paddock held their breath. This was the first time that they had ever watched a tiger hunting up close. It was both exciting and nerve-wracking.

The white tiger stopped at a place only tens of meters away from its prey. Its muscles were tense, and it was about to pounce swiftly when unexpectedly, a weird chicken cluck sounded out of thin air, interrupting its offensive attack. The sika deer was startled and ran into the distance.

The herd of deer were thrown in a commotion for a while. Looking around and seemingly finding no danger, they all calmed down again.

The white tiger looked coldly in a certain direction. What came into sight was a brown chicken jumping up and down on the treetops, its wings flapping like it had cramps, and its beak wide opened and making strange faces, looking very arrogant indeed. Next to the chicken, there was also a monkey the size of a palm, with its tail cocked and a sunny smile on its face.

The white tiger didn’t know how to climb trees, so it decided not to quibble with them, and proceeded with the second round of hunting.

The onlookers were puzzled. They originally thought that they would see the bloody scene of the white tiger showing off its power.

Someone even shouted: “Go straight up and bite them!”

Xitu kingdom’s envoy also clenched his fists, for fear that the white tiger would not live up to expectations and lose their face.


However, the next few ambushes all ended in failure. Either a chicken emerged from a tree, or a chicken emerged from the ground, and even a strange chicken flew over across the sky, every time it was ready to pounce to spoil the ambush, it was simply something that a cat might be able to bear but a tiger certainly wouldn’t.

The white tiger was finally driven to a rage, its fur standing upright, and with a loud roar, it rushed out of the grass like a flying arrow and charged towards the deer herd.

The deer fled, their speed was fast, but the white tiger’s speed was faster, and in the blink of an eye, a stag fell to the ground, the white tiger rolling with it a few times before it quickly trapped the prey with its paws and bit its neck, tearing it abruptly. Suddenly blood was splashed in all directions, bones breaking and limbs strewing about.

The white tiger stepped on the prey with one claw, raised its head and let out a loud roar that shook the area, as if it was proclaiming its inviolable kingly status.

All the animals in the paddock were frightened by the sound. For a while, the birds flew and beasts fled in all directions.

The expressions of everyone on the high platform also changed slightly, thinking that with there being such a tiger in the paddock in the future, who would dare to come in for hunting?

The envoy of Xitu kingdom was very proud, and secretly laughed at the timidity of the important officials of the Ming kingdom.

“Your Majesty, what do you think of this white tiger?” The envoy asked deliberately, “Is there a beast that is its opponent in your esteemed country?”

The emperor glanced at him and said mildly: “Why does the envoy ask this? Is it possible that hunting a deer is enough to demonstrate a mighty feat in your country?”

“Your Majesty, why take the words out of context?” The envoy laughed and said: “It’s certainly not enough to just hunt a deer, but the white tiger has the majesty of the king, and it can conquer all the beasts by its roar. Just ask what kind of beasts in the world dare to fight with it?”

That is your ignorance! Nie Bufan slandered silently.

Emperor Ming raised his wine cup and took a sip, but did not answer. The expressions of the officials around him were all a bit displeased, but they could not refute either. It was not like they could send a few hunters to put a damper on the prestige of the white tiger, right? That would be lowering one’s status.

The envoy was unwilling to let it be and insinuated insults in the name of the white tiger. That smug and prideful look was simply asking for a beating.

Emperor Ming was well-mannered and self-composed enough, and was not irritated at all, just making a perfunctory reply on occasion. He didn’t pay much attention to this kind of small character who only took a little verbal advantage. He simply did not hold much regard for them. If he was having a bad time at the toilet one day, then he’ll just send an army to destroy them. At that time, he’ll see if they could gather a white tiger army to defend their home and country?


Seeing that their master was so calm, the officials could not be too expressive in their anger, but their gentle manners only inflated the vanity of the envoy, and he became more unscrupulous. He mocked the Ming kingdom for appearing fierce while truly cowardly at heart, strong in appearance but weak in reality. All who heard this could not help but to get really angry.

Just when the officials were about to lose control of their tempers, and Emperor Ming was about to throw a cup and kill someone, Nie Bufan suddenly let out a light cough, and said to the envoy who was still speaking excitedly: “My lord envoy, please take a breath. Your saliva has even sprayed on the cakes, how can your companions muster up the appetite to eat it?”

At this time, envoy no. 2 was just about to place a piece of cake in his mouth. Hearing what Nie Bufan said, his movements suddenly froze in midair. Everyone focused their eyes on him, waiting to see how he planned to eat it.

The envoy stiffened for a while, and finally failed to overcome the disgusting saliva and the eager gaze of everyone, and put the pastry back onto the plate.


Nie Bufan then looked at the head envoy again, and said in an understanding tone: “Look, your companion really can’t eat the cakes that you slobbered over. Try to be gentle when you speak later, don’t be so excited. If you really can’t control your emotions, then cover your mouth with a handkerchief or sleeves to ensure that your speaking manner is clean and elegant.”

Emperor Ming almost laughed aloud when he heard these words, and quickly picked up his cup and pretended to drink from it. The other officials also twitched their mouths, trying very hard to stay serious.

The envoy nearly spat fire from his eyes, pointed at Nie Bufan and asked angrily: “Who are you?”

“This humble one is not a talented person, just the book attendant of His Majesty Emperor Ming.” Nie Bufan replied in a polite manner.

“A little book attendant dare to interrupt indiscriminately?” The envoy sneered, “Is this the etiquette of your country?”

“Ai, my lord envoy, don’t get angry.” Nie Bufan said kindly, “It’s not that I want to interrupt, I just really can’t bear to see you continue to lose face on this kind of occasion.”

“What do you mean?”

“Lord envoy just boasted of the white tiger and mocked that our country has no beasts that can compare. His Majesty and the lord officials can’t refute you and cause you to lose face. They treat you with humility, giving you countless leeway but you still did not take the offered olive branch. Therefore, this humble one could not help but to speak out and give you a reminder. The so-called virtue of the heavens is enlightening the ignorant, so there is no harm for this humble one to take advantage of this, and help the lord envoy clear up some confusion.”

Emperor Ming glanced at Nie Bufan strangely, as if he had only met him for the first time. This person’s skill in mocking others was really too superb! The tone could not be said to be immodest, the expression could not be said to be unfriendly, and the etiquette could not be said to be incomplete, but the underlying meaning of the words were undeniably insulting!

The envoy’s fingers trembled, and tried his best to suppress the anger. He gritted his teeth and said: “Then I will have to listen with my ears open. What is the fallacy of what I just said? That it has reached the point where I need to be “enlightened”?”

“Facts speak louder than words.” Nie Bufan pointed forward and said solemnly, “The white tiger is mighty, but it is not even as good as a chicken in our country.”

“What? You actually said that a white tiger is not as good as a chicken?” The envoy stood up, his face turned angry.

Looking in the direction of Nie Bufan’s finger, everyone saw a rooster appear on the open grass. It had yellow feathers with black stripes, a cockscomb like fire, and its black tail feathers swaying with the wind. It walked steadily like a knight-errant invited to a duel, appearing solitary and aloof, its aura awe-inspiring.

If it was not a chicken, but any kind of more majestic beast, everyone would applaud its appearance. But it just happened that it was a chicken, so no matter how flamboyant its appearance was, it would not be possible for people to impose glorious words on it against their will.

But what was amazing was that the white tiger, who had been very awe-inspiring just now, now actually left its prey after seeing this chicken. It stepped back, muscles tense as if it was facing a major enemy.

One tiger and one chicken, with the prey in the center, began moving slowly, their eyes meeting and confronting each other in the air.

The contrast of their sizes was too much of a visual impact, and everyone fell into a dazed state, unable to even form a sensible thought.

“Fight, fight!” A screech sounded from the sky, and a few flying chickens passed over the heads of the crowd before landing on the treetops and arranging themselves in neat rows, probably a dozen in total.

Then, chickens came out one after another from various places in the dense forest, one by one, clusters after clusters, each occupying a favorable position to wait for the battle to start.

Everyone including Emperor Ming and the envoy became dumbstruck.

The white tiger was also struck dumb. As the king of beasts, it had never been watched by so many beady chicken eyes before, and he couldn’t help but pace around in unease, its throat rumbling with a threatening roar.

How could the chickens be afraid of this? They were raised lawlessly by Nie Bufan, and coupled with their increased intelligence, they were all unnaturally fierce, arrogant and domineering.

Seeing that white tiger’s attention was distracted, the stripped chicken screeched piercingly, and the noise around them immediately disappeared.

The white tiger’s eyes met Gold’s beady eyes again, and the fighting spirit between one tiger and one chicken soared, and then as if having come to an agreement, the both of them leaped towards the other at the same time.

Compared with the strong and sturdy body of the white tiger, Gold was like a rugby ball, shooting forwards swiftly and violently. When it was about to be pounced on by the white tiger’s paws, it nimbly stepped on the tiger’s paws and then the white tiger’s back, using the chicken claws to draw a bloody mark on its side.

The white tiger roared and turned around to fight back.

One large and one small figure met in the air from time to time, fighting fiercely.

In the eyes of everyone, the mighty white tiger appeared like it was playing with a ball, but it just happened that every time it was the one being played by the ball. The scars on its body continued to increase, and the more the battle stretched on the weaker it became.

The so-called winners become rulers and losers being reduced to bandits. Gold used the price of losing ten feathers to finally win the battle.

The white tiger growled lowly, and then walked slowly to Gold where it rubbed the chubby chicken with its tiger head, expressing surrender.

There was no room for two tigers in one mountain, unless one waa male and one was female. Gold accepted the white tiger as its consort in a very domineering CEO manner.

Was this world too crazy, or was the position they got up from bed in not right today?

Everyone who witnessed this tiger vs. rooster battle fell into a semi-delusional state. They couldn’t believe that a chicken could defeat a tiger, and it actually even subdued the other!

Some people were even rubbing their eyes to make sure that everything in front of them was not just an illusion.

As for the envoys of the Xitu kingdom, they had already been completely petrified into statues. They watched the white tiger being surrounded by a group of chickens and showing incomparable obedience and friendliness, occasionally even rolling around and acting cute. Acting cute, it was actually even acting cute!

Was this a tiger? Was it? They definitely won’t admit that this fellow was a tiger, and they won’t admit it even if they were to be beaten to death!

The envoys suddenly wanted to draw their bows and shoot it!

Nie Bufan didn’t seem to see the envoys’ expressions of wanting to die, and asked politely: “My lord envoy, what do you think of the chickens in our country? Is there a beast that rivals it in your esteemed country?”

He used their previous words back on them, sprinkling salt on their bloody wounds with grace.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The expressions of the envoys were beyond what words could describe. In the end, only the head envoy responded in a detached voice: “Your country’s chickens are fierce and invincible. We admit defeat.”

Since then, the chickens of the Ming kingdom became famous, their reputation spreading overseas, and even seriously affecting the future generations..…

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