Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 085 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 9

“Hahaha…..” As soon as Emperor Ming returned to the palace, he hugged Nie Bufan and laughed, his whole body pressing down on his back and completely forgetting to uphold his image as the emperor.

Nie Bufan stopped over and said with displeasure: “Your Majesty, it’s time to lose weight, you’re heavy!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Xiao Bao, you are such a treasure.” Emperor Ming took his seat and pulled him onto his lap.

Nie Bufan tried to get up to no avail, so he lifted his legs up on the armrest, leaned his back on Emperor Ming’s chest, and drank the tea poured by the palace maid.

Emperor Ming circled his waist with his arms and asked, “What’s with those chickens? You seem to know in advance that it can defeat the white tiger.”

“Of course I know, they are all raised by me.” Nie Bufan looked smug.

“You raised them?” Emperor Ming’s eyes flashed slightly, and he asked casually, “What did Xiao Bao do before entering the palace? Were you a chicken farmer?”

“Yes.” Nie Bufan answered without hesitation.

Emperor Ming raised his hand and rubbed it carefully. It was as smooth as jade, not at all like someone who had done rough work. He had the innocent temperament of a child, and the aura of an aristocratic gongzi. His words and gestures were free and unrestrained and although he did not have anything to do with elegance, he was natural like the wind, making people unconsciously want to get close.

He thought, it was indeed time to send someone to check the identity of Xiao Bao. He was the person brought by the Teacher of the State, so later he’ll just ask the other directly.

“That’s right.” Nie Bufan said suddenly, “You can’t catch my chickens, they are all my treasures.”

“Fine.” Emperor Ming said with a smile, “They have done a great job this time. Not only will I not catch them, but I will also let them eat well and drink well.”

Nie Bufan nodded in satisfaction, wondering to himself, was it necessary to mark all the chickens from the Chicken Nest Village? Lest someone unlucky managed to provoke them and cause unpredictable consequences.

At this moment, the eunuch said: “Your Majesty, the luncheon is ready.”

Emperor Ming nodded, and pulled Nie Bufan to stand up together before walking towards the outer hall.

The luncheon was held in Tianhe Garden of the temporary imperial residence, and more than 300 people attended the banquet. Due to the excitement in the paddock that morning, all the envoys from Xitu kingdom did not have much of an appetite. But in contrast, everyone in the Ming kingdom was in high spirits, talking enthusiastically about that strange group of chickens, among which the rooster that defeated the white tiger was the focus of their attention.

After the battle, the chickens dispersed by themselves, and the white tiger also disappeared into the forest. Still, everyone’s curiosity was not reduced because of this, and they asked each other about the origin of this group of chickens, only to be fruitless in their inquiries. Only the few people who came back from the Chicken Nest Village really knew the inside story.

They were both depressed and angry, and once again expressed their powerlessness towards Nie Bufan’s ability to cause trouble. Just provoking Wei Di was already a headache, this time even the emperor couldn’t escape his evil clutches!

My God! How would they even get this guy back from the dragon bed? Wasn’t this just asking for death?

Nie Bufan, this heartless guy, after eating and drinking, ran to the agreed place to meet Zhang Third, Li Fourth and the others with the excuse of needing to relieve himself.

He had the emperor’s omnipotent tablet, whether it was the imperial palace or the temporary imperial residence, there were no places he could not go, and even the palace guards must treat him respectfully.

When he got there, Zhang Junshi, Li Yi, Wang Shichan, as well as Tai Bai were all waiting there.

Li Yi dragged him over as soon as he saw him, squeezing him fiercely like he was a stress ball.

“Ahhhhhhh…..” Nie Bufan struggled desperately, crying out miserably, “Even if you miss me, you don’t have to use such a fierce method to express it, it hurts!”

His face was almost kneaded into dough by Li Yi, and the others were not sympathetic at all.

In the end, Zhang Junshi reached out and pulled him over. He said helplessly: “Bufan, look at what you have done?”

Nie Bufan rubbed his reddened face, then stepped forward and hugged Wang Fifth, and then rubbed Zhang Third again.

Tai Bai stared at him unblinkingly, waiting for him to come over to show his goodwill, but he was ignored…..tears.

“I’m already very obedient, who knew it would become like this inexplicably?” Nie Bufan said sincerely.

You, obedient? The several people showed expressions of disbelief that seem to say that they would rather believe in ghosts than him.

“The question now is,” Zhang Junshi sighed, “How can we take you out of the palace?”

Nie Bufan flashed his omnipotent tablet, and smiled triumphantly: “I have a pass and can leave at any time.”

Zhang Third and Li Fourth had a sorrowful expression on their faces. Have you even figured out the situation or not?

Wang Shichan patted him on the head and said slowly: “It is easy to exit the palace, but it is difficult to leave. Are you sure that the emperor will allow you to return to the village? The emperor is not Wei Di. We can bring you out of Wei Di’s Dongsheng Shangfu, but we can’t use the same method to take you away from the emperor. There is no place in this world that does not belong to the emperor, and you can’t escape the emperor’s pursuit wherever you go.”

“It’s not that difficult, is it?” Nie Bufan looked up into the sky, “I at least saved the emperor’s life, it’s not like he’ll bite the hand that saved him, right?”

The several people were speechless, and each of them was going crazy in their hearts: Who told you to sleep with the emperor! Otherwise, how could things be so complicated!

“Speaking of this,” Li Yi said sternly, “Are you really okay? I heard that the poison is very powerful and anyone who takes it will die.”

“I’m okay.” Nie Bufan raised his chin and said, “What poison in this world can poison me?”

That’s right, you are already the most poisonous poison in the world.

“No more idle chat.” Zhang Junshi said, “We have to figure out how to let Bufan successfully retreat.”

“After leaving the palace, we have to also be careful about Wei Di.” Li Yi added. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he felt. Nie Bufan, this guy went about attracting bees and butterflies everywhere, but couldn’t he at least find some who were easy to deal with? Insignificant people like some passerby busboy of an inn, poor scholar, or veterinarian.

“Bufan used the pseudonym ‘Wei Xiaobao’ with the emperor. Sooner or later his true identity will be found out so we must hurry.” Wang Shichan said, “I wonder if the emperor can tolerate Bufan’s great disrespect.”

“Not just that!” Zhang Junshi looked at the others and said with a conflicted expression, “What we should worry more about is whether the emperor can tolerate his red apricot tree continuously leaning over the garden wall.” (TN: the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall=idiom for a wife having an illicit lover)

The several people fell silent.

Nie Bufan said innocently: “Don’t look at me so bitterly, it was not of my own volition either.”

Li Yi’s face was cold, and his fingers felt a little itchy once again. He really wanted to knead him into a rice ball, drip some sauce, and then swallow him directly.

Zhang Junshi turned his head away, with the expression of one regretting his past deeds.

Wang Shichan appeared to be more Zen, and after reciting the heart sutra silently a few times, he became as calm as still water. It was just that the string of Buddhist beads in his hand had already been squeezed into deformed shapes at one point.

At this time, Tai Bai, who had been silent, suddenly said: “Actually, you can let Nie Bufan go to my home, Qiyu Island, to hide.”

The several people looked at him at the same time, and Zhang Junshi was surprised: “You are from Qiyu Island? Who is Tai Chong to you?”

“My father.” Tai Bai revealed his white teeth.

“Unexpectedly, you turned out to be the young island master of Qiyu Island.” Li Yi’s tone was indifferent. He had originally thought that Tai Bai was just an ordinary insignificant character, but it turned out that he came from Qiyu Island, which was known as the Island of Treasure. The island was far away from the secular world and the island’s residents were undoubtedly underwater masters who liked to explore the deep waters to find treasures. They also often traded with overseas merchant ships and was equivalent to an independent island country.

Sure enough, he couldn’t have any expectations of Nie Bufan. Even a passerby he provoked could also have such an incredible background.

“Where is Qiyu Island? Is it fun?” Nie Bufan’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t even think about it.” Li Yi directly dispelled his desire to explore a new place, and resolutely said, “Not until a last resort, we must definitely not let you continue running around.”

Zhang Junshi nodded seriously.

They could not stay here for too long so the few people discussed for a while and then parted ways.

Before leaving, the several people repeatedly reminded Nie Bufan, begging him to be honest and obedient, and wait for them to deal with the situation.

Nie Bufan naturally agreed very readily.

On the way back, Nie Bufan began to review himself. Should he also do something? He felt a little guilty, causing everyone to be so busy (All Gongs: please don’t be guilty!). Perhaps he could tactfully and sincerely express to the emperor his strong desire to live in the mountains and forests in seclusion? Maybe the emperor would be righteous and understanding, and wave his sleeves and let him go. Or maybe he could ask the Teacher of the State for help. Since he brought him into the palace, he naturally had the responsibility to take him out again.

Just as he was preoccupied with his thoughts, his body was suddenly restrained from behind, and in the blink of an eye, he was taken to a relatively dark room.

Before he could even come back to his senses, a pair of lips forcefully pressed down on his own, and he was greeted with a hot and forceful kiss.

Focusing his eyes, he saw the chiseled face of Wei Di up close, and there seemed to be two clusters of flames burning in the other’s eyes.

After a long while, he removed his lips, but his body still pressed tightly down on him against the door panel, and said in a sinister tone: “If you want to escape, you should run far away. Why did you run into the palace?”

“I originally just wanted to come in and have a look.” Nie Bufan replied.

“Is that so?” Wei Di moved his face close so that they were nose to nose, and said with emphasis on his words, “Can one just take a tour and somehow find himself in Emperor Ming’s bed?”

Nie Bufan was conflicted, why did it seem that overnight, the whole world now knew that he had something with the emperor?

“Don’t think that if you stay with the emperor, I won’t be able to possess you!” Wei Di said fiercely, “I have all kinds of ways to get you out.”

“What ways?” Nie Bufan’s eyes lit up.

“Why, do you want to leave?” Wei Di’s expression shifted slightly.

“Of course.” Nie Bufan chuckled, “How could the palace compare to the vast world?”

Wei Di coldly snorted: “Don’t bother thinking about the vast world, you should just honestly stay by my side in the future. Wherever you want to go, I will accompany you.”

“Then what method do you have to help me leave the palace?” Nie Bufan automatically ignored his possessive declaration and went straight to the point.

“Faking death.” Wei Di spit out two words.

“And I thought it would be a brilliant method?” Nie Bufan rolled his eyes, “I have to remind you that all medicine is useless on me. I have a special physique and can gradually break down the effect of the medicine. If your medicine can keep the average person in a state of false death for a day, it will only have a two to four hour effect on me, unless you increase the dose.”

“No, increasing the dose will directly kill you.” Wei Di pondered, “I’ll think of another way.”


Staring at Nie Bufan’s bright eyes, Wei Di warned: “In the meantime, you better be good. I know Li Yi and the others are also planning to take you away. They do have some ability, but they will never be faster than me. I don’t want to leave you with the emperor even for a moment longer!”

Whenever he thought of him being made love to by another man, he would be mad with jealousy, wishing nothing more than to snatch him back immediately!

This kind of strong possessiveness was something he had never had in his life before, and he did not intend to avoid this feeling, but just completely possess this person.

Hooking his waist with one hand and putting him down on a table, he bowed his head for a kiss. He held the other’s legs with both hands and pressed his lower half tightly against the other’s.

Nie Bufan obviously felt the man’s vigorous desire, and took advantage of a brief gap in movements to stop him: “This is the palace, what are you planning to do?”

“It’s just a temporary imperial residence.” Wei Di said lowly, “There are only my people outside. We have enough time. Don’t worry, I won’t leave any traces on you.”

Nie Bufan’s eyes widened. Unexpectedly, Wei Di was even bolder than him. They were having an illicit affair, an illicit affair, weren’t they?

In his moment of preoccupation, his pants had already been pulled half down and Wei Di eagerly thrusted in. Nie Bufan grunted in pain, and the table also creaked with the force.

Nie Bufan was like an addictive poison, and Wei Di, who had never indulged in sex before, now broke all his bottom lines. After separation, he missed the other like crazy, and every night he would feel a bone-aching emptiness. He had also tried looking for other men and women, but none of them let him experience this kind of satisfaction and fulfillment.

At the moment they connected, he truly and sincerely wanted to spend the rest of his life with this person.

“Ah…..ngh…..lighter, lighter…..” Nie Bufan grabbed the edge of the table tightly, trying to stabilize himself.

Wei Di bit his ear and said hoarsely: “Don’t moan too loudly. Although there are my people outside, it is impossible to guarantee that we will not be heard by others.”

Nie Bufan hurriedly shut his mouth, but it was like Wei Di delighted in tormenting him, thrusting in hard and bottoming out every time just to see the expression of a certain someone who wanted to moan aloud but could only endure silently.

But he obviously miscalculated a certain someone’s daring and lack of endurance. If he got offended, he could do just about anything.

Just as Wei Di entered into the depths again, Nie Bufan hugged his head and uttered an earth-shattering shout in his ear, almost deafening Wei Di.

Wei Di inhaled sharply, and it was with some difficulty did he get his breath back. Unfortunately, his essence had already flooded out, all of which was dedicated to Village Head Nie.

He gritted his teeth in irritance as he withdrew, and helped the other wipe his body. Wei Di said viciously: “I will remember this, I will have you beg for mercy in the future!”

At this time, a sound similar to some kind of signal came from outside. Wei Di let go of Nie Bufan and whispered: “Be good, I’ll pick you up soon.”

After he said that, he straightened his clothes, opened the door and walked out, leaving very quickly.

Nie Bufan was a bit depressed. Every one of them wanted him to be good and honest, but just how was he not good and honest? He didn’t tease a single palace maid and not even one minister was provoked by him, so in what way was he not good and honest?

Besides, why did he have to wait for others to save him? He was the village head of Chicken Nest Village. Didn’t he have the ability to save himself?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Hmmph, he refused to believe it anymore. As if just one emperor could suppress him from changing his fortunes, a regiment of emperors was more like it!

A certain someone felt that he had been severely discriminated against and decided to work hard and be self-reliant!

Alas, let’s mourn for some people in advance..…

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