Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 086 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 10

The next day, Nie Bufan found an opportunity to catch up with Fan Luo before he left.

“Hi, Teacher of the State, wait for me.” Nie Bufan jumped into his carriage and said with a smile, “Give me a ride.”

Fan Luo looked at him for a while, and asked, “Are you going out of the palace?”

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“Do you have permission from the emperor?”

“You don’t need permission to take me into the palace, but you need one when leaving the palace?”

“The emperor didn’t know you before.” Fan Luo leaned against the carriage window and said lazily, “Now that you are the emperor’s person, I don’t dare to take you out of the palace without permission.”

“Don’t worry.” Nie Bufan took out his omnipotent tablet and shook it, saying, “I can come and go freely.”

Fan Luo squinted at the tablet which turned out to be an imperial decree that actually allowed one to act on behalf of the emperor.

The emperor awarded this thing to a person who he hadn’t even known for long and whose identity he hadn’t even checked over yet?

However, he soon recalled that this guy had at least saved the emperor’s life, and also had some unclear relationship with the emperor. It seemed not surprising that he had received such a favor.

After leaving the palace gate, Fan Luo asked casually: “Where do you want to go?”

“Your home.”

Fan Luo stared at him for a long while before spitting out the words, “Forgive me for not being unable to entertain you.”

“It’s okay, I know how to entertain myself.” Nie Bufan waved his hand and said generously, “Just treat me as if I don’t exist.”

“…..” Just how familiar could this person act?

“What are you going to do at my house?”

“Eat, drink, find a prostitute, gamble.” Nie Bufan answered seriously.

Fan Luo’s expression went stagnant for a while, even suspecting that he was having auditory hallucinations.

He straightened himself up, and asked uncertainly: “What did you just say you are going to my house for?”

“Eat, drink, find a prostitute, gamble.” The tone was very positive.

Fan Luo tried to keep calm and asked: “Can I ask why?”

“Very simple, I am quite familiar with you.”

“…..” Who was he trying to deceive?

Nie Bufan saw that he seemed to be ready to carry out a violent beating at any time, so he explained in a rare moment of kindness: “It’s like this, I plan to break up with the emperor, but I was worried that he would prevent me from leaving because of his face, so I decided to find someone to mediate. Looking inside and outside the imperial court, you are the most familiar with me. What’s more, you are also very familiar with the emperor, so he will definitely be reluctant to punish you.”

Fan Luo took a deep breath and said with restraint: “So, just how do you want me to help you mediate?”

“I’ll hang out with you for a few days, and be a villain in your house who has all kinds of evil vices like eating, drinking, finding prostitutes and gambling.” Nie Bufan said solemnly. “In this way, you can report to the emperor of my appalling actions and say that my true nature revealed itself, and that I am simply a villain among gentlemen and a scum among villains. I am not even worthy of an extra look and if I stay for a moment longer I will bring contempt to his name. It is best to drive me away as far as possible, so as not to dirty one’s field of sight.”

“…..” Where did an oddball like you even come from? Fan Luo was speechless.

Nie Bufan continued: “The emperor trusts you very much. So if you say this often, he will naturally alienate me. So when the day comes for me to leave, he won’t have any resistance to it.”

Fan Luo said with a stiff expression: “If that’s the case, why did you tell me in advance? Is it not better to implement your plan quietly, and it will appear more believable as well. I indeed would not let a person with inferior conduct stay at the emperor’s side.”

“Because I don’t want to take advantage of you without even a heads up.” Nie Bufan said with compassion, “If one day my self-destruction plan fails, I will choose to run away directly. In this way, wouldn’t you take the blame without even knowing it? I am telling you in advance so that you can be mentally prepared.”

Your Excellency, could you please not use an expression that says “for your own good” to reveal such a sinister thing? Moreover, the person to be used and take the blame is right in front of you! Are you being deliberate or are you being deliberate?

Fan Luo suddenly yelled at the outside of the carriage: “Uncle Qiu, turn the carriage around and go back to the palace.”

“Go back for what?” Nie Bufan asked.

“Throw you back into the palace!” He replied solemnly.

“No.” Nie Bufan threw himself on Fan Luo and shouted to the outside of the car, “Uncle Qiu, don’t go back, if you go back, I will be rude to your master.”

Uncle Qiu, who was driving the carriage, slowed down hesitantly, sweat beading on his face, but didn’t turn his head.

“How do you plan to be rude to me?” Fan Luo let him press down on him, and sneered with that naturally wicked expression.

Nie Bufan ignored that alluringly tempting expression, sat on him, wrapped his hands around his neck, and said sinisterly: “First rape and then rape, and then announce it to the world.”

Could this person be even more shameless?

Fan Luo snorted coldly: “Could it be that the emperor can’t satisfy you enough so that you must come to me to seek comfort?”

“How can your thoughts be so dirty?” Nie Bufan rolled his eyes at him and said with contempt, “Don’t you know what a rumor is? What is the essence of a rumor? One person spreads fiction, ten thousand people pass the truth, reversing black and white, and using falsity to make the truth. What need is there for me to sacrifice myself to do the real deed?”

Who the hell had dirty thoughts? Who was being dirty! And sacrificing himself, it was he who was the one making the sacrifice alright?

Fan Luo’s veins popped, and his eyes spat fire: “Are you threatening me?”

“Yup, I’m threatening you.” Nie Bufan replied with an honest face.

Fan Luo turned his head to the side, feeling great regret, and secretly cried tears of sorrow.

“I won’t let you do what you want.” Fan Luo tried his best to calm himself down and said firmly.

“It doesn’t matter, in order to preserve your reputation, I will try my best to make you carry this black pot.” Nie Bufan nodded solemnly.


After entering the Teacher of the State’s Manor, Nie Bufan indeed did not need Fan Luo to entertain him as he said before. He found a guest room by himself, demarcated his temporary territory, and then went around mooching off meals. He ate lunch with the servants and dinner with the guards. At night, he would then call over friends to start a game of gambling, only to finally be dragged away by Fan Luo who could no longer endure it anymore.

Fan Luo arranged Nie Bufan’s residence next to his, and then sent a tearful letter to the emperor, with only one meaning, and that was to ask him to take a certain someone back as soon as possible!

Emperor Ming learned that Nie Bufan had gone to the Teacher of the State’s Manor, but he didn’t care. As he was quite busy these two days, he generously decided to let him have some fun on his own, but asked the Teacher of the State to take good care of him. Emperor Ming would soon realize just how wrong his decision was at that time.

Fan Luo’s heart was dripping blood: Your Majesty, just how tolerant could can be to him?

“Hehehehe, you can tell the emperor that I want to leave the palace.” Nie Bufan lay on the couch and said indifferently, “I am a person who likes to be honest and straightforward, and naturally I won’t hide our love for each other from the emperor. It’s just that you cruelly pushed me to the emperor in order to cut off your own desire for me, completely ignoring my feelings. It’s simply too sadomasochistic of you. I strongly despise your cowardly behavior of not daring to pursue what you love. Perhaps my love will turn into hatred and I will deliberately call your name when I make love with the emperor…..”

“Enough of you!” Fan Luo couldn’t imagine the consequences. Did this guy even have a bottom line?

“How could the emperor believe that I had an affair with you?” He retorted weakly.

“You don’t need to hide it.” Nie Bufan said in an understanding tone, “The emperor already knows the fact that you only love men and not women, otherwise, he wouldn’t have given you a homoerotic book.”

“Who said I only love men?” Fan Luo narrowed his eyes and asked vigilantly, “The reason why the emperor gave me such a book, it wouldn’t happen to be your fault, would it?”

“That’s right, it is indeed this humble one, don’t thank me too much.” Nie Bufan said with no shame and laughed, “Although you look wickedly charming, you are actually quite innocent. I walked around in your manor, and not only did not find one concubine, there are not even any ambiguous rumors. As an old man of 27/28, you are actually so clean-living and honest, it is no wonder that even the emperor has to worry about your sex life.”

Nie Bufan whispered in a low voice: “Teacher, tell me honestly, you are not still a virgin, are you?”

“What business is this of yours?” Fan Luo turned his head and looked profoundly out the window.

Nie Bufan shrugged, folded his hands behind his head, and said lightly: “If you don’t want to say, then forget it. But I can tell you that I am not a virgin anymore.”

As if you even needed to say this?! Fan Luo roared wildly.

Nie Bufan turned his head to look at him, and enthusiastically suggested: “Actually, it’s quite easy for you to get rid of me. How about coming up with a way out for me?”

“Is the emperor treating you badly? Why do you want to leave?”

“Compared to being an imperial darling, I want to be the king of the wild.” Nie Bufan’s eyes were like two pools of water and his smile was like ripples on their surface, his face seeming to be lit with a charming brilliance.

Fan Luo stared at him fixedly, as if something had been touched in his heart.

“Will you help me?” His soft voice sounded like a coquettish request in Fan Luo’s ears.

Fan Luo couldn’t look away, falling silent.

Nie Bufan didn’t get an answer, but was not disappointed. He closed his eyes, stretched his limbs, and got in a more comfortable position.

Fan Luo fell into deep thought. After an unknown period of time, light breathing came from the couch. Nie Bufan had fallen asleep peacefully, with a smile on his lips.

Fan Luo walked to his side, stretched out his hand and stroked those lips, was he so happy in his sleep?

Immediately, as if he had become aware of something, he quickly retracted his hand like it had been electrically shocked, his face shifting.

What was wrong with him? He only interacted a short amount of time with him, but he seemed to feel as if he had known the other for a long time. What was going on with this sense of intimacy? No matter how unreasonable he was, other than feeling at a loss he was not really angry at all.

Since he was a child, he had attracted a lot of harassment and covetousness from others because of his naturally wickedly beautiful and romantic face. So he was used to keeping a distance, and he didn’t like to be close to others.

But this guy made him make an exception. Until just now, he didn’t even realize how strange it was for him to get along with another in such a way? It seemed that they should be like this, like friends and frenemies, bickering and joking around, without holding anything back.

He finally understood why the emperor liked him. This guy possessed a special charm, mischievous and happy-go-lucky, arrogant but not dislikeable, and doing whatever he wanted, his heart as clear as a mirror. If the other person was him, even if he was a man, it did not seem to be unacceptable.

Fan Luo laughed sardonically at himself, the alluring wickedness that he was born with showing up on his face again. He bent over, picked up Nie Bufan, and put him on the bed before covering him with a quilt.

After staring for a moment, he sighed inexplicably, then turned and left.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After returning to his room, he tossed and turned on his own bed, unable to sleep. The thoughts in his mind were disorderly, and after a while, he actually took out that homoerotic book from the bottom of a chest. After struggling with himself for a long time, he turned the first page tremblingly——and a brand new door opened for him…..

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