Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 087 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 11

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Fan Luo woke up with a pair of dark circles under his eyes. Before he even finished organizing the emotions that came from a night’s stimulation, he heard a servant report: “Wei gongzi is preparing to go out the manor to play, do you want to send someone to protect him?”

“What? He wants to leave the manor?” Fan Luo asked in surprise, “Did he say where he is going?”

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“Wei gongzi didn’t say anything, he just said that the weather is good today, and he should go out and exercise his muscles and bones.”

Exercise muscles and bones? Fan Luo twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “Stop him first, I’ll come right away.”

He quickly finished freshening up, put on casual clothes and rushed to the gate of the manor. At first glance, he seemed to see burning flames. Nie Bufan was dressed in a red robe, standing quietly in the morning light. The robes had golden scale embroidery that faintly shifted with color on the edges, and had a wide band belting it at the waist with swaying tassels. His long hair was left half hanging down, outlining his handsome appearance.

Such a set of ostentatious robes had a different kind of charm on him, causing him to be as dazzling as the sun, as gorgeous as a peony, but also without losing any elegance.

But would he be too conspicuous when he went out wearing these robes? And these robes also seemed a bit familiar.

Fan Luo asked: “Where did your clothes come from?”

“This?” Nie Bufan looked down at himself and said with a smile, “Does it look good? The housekeeper took me to the old storage room to find it. They are all things you don’t want, so I just picked these robes out.”

Fan Luo looked at the housekeeper with a sharp gaze, and the housekeeper hurriedly lowered his head.

These robes were given to him by someone who had ulterior motives towards him, and he had always seen it as an insult to his person. He never thought that the housekeeper had not actually thrown it out, and now it evoked his unpleasant memories.

“If you want to go out, change your clothes.” Fan Luo said coldly.

“Why? I think it’s good.”

“Change it!” Fan Luo said harshly.

Nie Bufan tilted his head to look at him for a while, then spread his hands and said, “Alright, since you are so persistent.”

Fan Luo’s expression eased, and he was about to say more comforting words, when he saw Nie Bufan undressing while walking inside and speaking at the same time: “You asked me to change it, so you have to be responsible for finding me another set of good-looking robes.”

Hey, don’t take it off directly in public!

Fan Luo’s expression became clouded. He walked forward quickly, grabbed Nie Bufan’s hand, and rushed towards his room. He closed the door with a “bang”, and Fan Luo pulled Nie Bufan into the bedroom where he opened the closet and gestured: “Choose whatever you want!”

Nie Bufan looked up and saw that the wardrobe was full of single-color and not at all fancy clothes. However, the materials were very fine, and all were top-grade.

He compared the heights of himself and Fan Luo, and said in a conflicted way: “Teacher of the State, are you really not trying to shame me? Can I even wear your clothes?”

Fan Luo looked at Nie Bufan, who was shorter than him, and his mood improved inexplicably. He smiled and said, “How do you know if you don’t try? The clothes being a little bit wider doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear it.”

“Are you sure?” Nie Bufan glanced at him suspiciously, and finally chose a blue-gray robe.

He didn’t hesitate, and just directly changed into it by the bed.

Fan Luo leaned on the couch and watched silently.

He took off the red robes, revealing the white inner robes inside. The collar was slightly open, revealing skin like jade, and beautiful back lines that moved up and down with the movements of his hands.

The half lowered profile, slightly curled eyelashes, and raised lips seem to have a kind of charm and allure.

Fan Luo’s mind suddenly recalled the pictures that he saw in the homoerotic book last night, of two men with their limbs entangled. The two men were in the middle of embracing pleasure but one of them turned into him…..

Fan Luo covered his mouth, his breathing becoming a little short, his body also becoming a little warm, his heart beating irregularly. He was momentarily flustered, and turned his head hurriedly, not daring to look at Nie Bufan again.

“Teacher of the State, please help me tie my belt.” Nie Bufan walked over and handed Fan Luo the long belt in his hand.

Fan Luo took it and saw him lift and spread his arms, slightly raising his chin, looking like he was waiting to be served.

He didn’t get up, sitting while wrapping the belt around Nie Bufan’s waist. Nie Bufan took another step closer to make it easier for him. The two were almost pressing up against each other, and even the sound of breathing was clearly audible.

Inadvertently lowering his head, Nie Bufan noticed that Fan Luo’s ears had actually turned red. He felt amused. And as his eyes flickered with an idea, he blew mischievously into the other’s ears.

Fan Luo stiffened, and suddenly raised his head, only to meet Nie Bufan’s eyes, their lips almost touching each other.

Time seemed to stand still, and the ambiguous atmosphere surged between the two.

“Is the belt fastened?” Nie Bufan asked in a low voice, breaking the silence.

“No.” Fan Luo’s eyes appeared to convey passion, his charm boundless. His lips were slightly upturned, seemingly seducing as well as inviting.

Nie Bufan observed sincerely for a long while, and suddenly said seriously: “Teacher of the State, you have a pair of alluring eyes, and shouldn’t be wasted, you should go out more to see who can resist your gaze in this world?”

“Really?” Fan Luo said with a deep gaze, and said in a low voice, “At least, you are not affected.”

Nie Bufan smiled, his eyes curving, and replied: “Because I am also very charming, look!” He put his finger on the end of his eyes and pushed them so they became slanted, causing him to look like a cat with sleepy eyes.

Fan Luo suppressed a smile and gradually recovered his clarity. He quickly fastened the belt, got up and pulled away as he said, “Alright, let’s go out.”

“Okay.” Nie Bufan took the lead out of the room, greeting the morning light with vigor.

Fan Luo stretched out his hand and pressed it against his chest——just now, he almost kissed the other…..

“Where do you want to go?” Fan Luo asked when he got in the carriage.

Nie Bufan replied energetically: “Yan Shun’s biggest casino.”

“Rejected!” Fan Luo vetoed the suggestion unceremoniously.

“Then the biggest theater.”

“Rejected.” There were too many people, the atmosphere noisy and murky.

“The biggest pleasure boat.”

“Rejected.” There were too many perverts.

“The biggest bathhouse!” Nie Bufan’s tone was already becoming a bit bad.

“Rejected.” A group of naked people in a room together and sharing bath water? It was too indecent.

Nie Bufan was dissatisfied and asked, “Then you say, where else can we go in Yan Shun?”

Fan Luo replied: “Teahouses, elegant establishments, chess rooms, academies, you choose one.”

Nie Bufan slumped down: “Teacher of the State, you are too boring! Can’t you have some other pursuits?”

“Eat, drink, find a prostitute and gamble like you? No need.”

“We don’t have to find a prostitute or gamble!” Nie Bufan threw an arm over Fan Luo’s shoulders, and suggested, “Why don’t we go on an outing?”

“It’s already the limit to take you out onto the streets. It’s absolutely impossible to go out of the city.” Fan Luo didn’t forget that this guy was planning to use him to run.

Nie Bufan lay down on the carpet and wailed: “You are too unkind! I want to protest.”

“Your protest is invalid.” The Teacher of the State said lightly, “Since you have no idea, then I will decide. Uncle Qiu, go to the elegant establishment.”

There was a shout of affirmation from outside the carriage, and then the carriage accelerated.

“What do you do in an elegant establishment?” Nie Bufan asked weakly.

“Appreciating the scenery, sailing in the lake, listening to music, painting, writing poems, playing chess, fishing.”

It turned out to be a comprehensive leisure club.

The elegant establishment was located in a corner of the northern part of the city, with a quiet environment and pleasant scenery.

Nie Bufan followed Fan Luo into the building, and was immediately greeted by a goodlooking boy, who led the two into a courtyard.

Before stepping into the courtyard, Fan Luo’s footsteps paused, and his gaze swept in a certain direction. From the time they went out, he had felt that someone was following them. He knew in his heart that the emperor must have sent someone to protect Nie Bufan in secret.

“Who came to the elegant establishment today?” Fan Luo asked the waiter. 

The waiter respectfully said: “There is the Xingyuan gongzi of Lu Shangshu, Lord He Zhishu of Hanlin Imperial Academy, and several new scholars.”

Fan Luo’s eyes darkened slightly, and he nodded and said, “I see, you can go, we are fine here.”

The waiter bowed and left.

At this time, Nie Bufan ran out of the courtyard house, holding a fishing rod in one hand and an iron pick in the other, and said excitedly: “Shall we have a barbecue today? First fish, and then barbecue by ourselves.”

Fan Luo smiled and nodded.

The two each took a fishing rod and walked out of the yard towards the pond.

Fan Luo liked the quiet, and fishing was also a good pastime for him. It was just that he didn’t expect Nie Bufan to also have a quiet moment. Although he didn’t sit down in a proper and decent way, he looked very leisurely, his eyes half closed, and he seemed to enjoy the tranquility.

His heart also became quiet.

Unfortunately, the two were not very lucky and did not catch much fish all morning.

Fan Luo comforted: “It’s alright, we can let the waiter prepare fresh ingredients for us, and we can still barbecue.”

Nie Bufan wasn’t depressed, he just scanned the lake. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he saw a group of dark shadows emerging from the water, it was Doll!

Sure enough, so long as he went wherever, his chicken would follow wherever he went. They usually hide and conceal themselves sneakily, but when he wanted to find one, he would definitely find one.

Nie Bufan raised his hand and shouted, “Doll, throw some big fish over here.”

Fan Luo looked into the lake suspiciously, only having time to see something dive into the water, making a circle of ripples.

“What is that?” Fan Luo asked.

“My good partner.” Nie Bufan said proudly.

Fan Luo raised his eyebrows and did not ask any more.

But for a moment, the surface of the water near the shore churned, and then a fish was thrown out forcefully.

Fan Luo subconsciously caught it, the touch was slippery and strange.

“Awesome, too accurate.” Nie Bufan brought the bucket over and praised him.

Fan Luo hurriedly threw the fish into the bucket and took out a handkerchief with his other hand. Just as he was about to wipe his hands, another fish flew towards him, and he subconsciously caught it again——now both his hands were wet.

Before he had time to react, he saw fish coming out one after another from the water, as if it had recognized a target, it all shot towards Fan Luo. Nie Bufan very consciously took a few steps away and clapped his hands to cheer while watching the Lord Teacher of the State perform aerial fish catching skills. Ten fish, not one was dropped, all went into the bucket, the water splashing out onto the two of them. Fan Luo, who had always been elegant and graceful, now appeared a bit less serious and more lively than usual.

Nie Bufan waved to the water, “Enough, enough.”

The surface of the water bubbled, revealing a wet chicken head. It blinked at Nie Bufan and then disappeared again.

Fan Luo pointed to the place where the chicken head disappeared, and was speechless for a long while. Was he imagining things just now? Was that a chicken? A chicken that could dive into water and catch fish?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan packed up his fishing gear, and said to Fan Luo in high spirits, “Go, let’s grill the fish!”

“Oh.” Fan Luo looked at the lake again, following the other in a daze.

In fact, with a chicken that could defeat a tiger in the front, it wasn’t all that surprising now that there was a chicken that could catch fish, right?

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