Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 032 Eyes See Inaccuracies, Wisdom Sees Precision

It wasn’t some powerful enemy who attacked, just an ordinary Nascent Soul.

If this kind of person was in an ordinary little sect, they would naturally be the backbone of the sect, but in Kun-Lai Mountains, handfuls could be found at any main peak.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Inciting the Sect Leader to personally deal with him was likely the most brag-worthy thing he had done in his life.

The white flowers flashed only once before the other was completely annihilated.

“You won’t catch him alive?” Feng Qingxiu was silent for a moment, before asking the air in front of him.

“No need, if your precious physique is leaked to the outside world, there will always be a lot of people coveting it.” The voice in the void was calm and indifferent, as if the person who had just dealt a killing blow from a far distance  seemed to have no interest in the forces behind the culprit. “Just kill him and be done with it.”

“Isn’t it more important to focus on the overall situation?” Feng Qingxiu also wanted to investigate if there was a mastermind behind the scenes, “I did not die after all.”

“He attacked you, and if he even lived even a moment longer, it would cause me displeasure. Is there a bigger situation that is more important than my mood?” Ji Yunlai asked mildly.

“…..It seems, that is the case.” Feng Qingxiu thought about it, then shook his head fiercely, and said angrily, “Don’t change the subject! Maybe there are more spies implicated behind this person. You killing him so easily in a moment of whimsy is not helpful to Kun-Lai.”

“If I have to worry about everything, what’s the use of raising Kun-Lai disciples?” Ji Yunlai stepped out of the void, rubbed his diciple’s head and tilted his own in askance, “Are you angry with me for the sake of an outsider?”

“…..Unreasonable!” Feng Qingxiu found that he was always particularly prone to being provoked into losing his temper by his Shizun, and he even felt frustration in his heart, “Kun-Lai has tens of thousands of cultivators, can I alone compare with them all?”

“Xiao Qing, you have to gain some awareness,” Ji Yunlai couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw him angry, “Do you think Kun-Lai is more important than you?”

“Then thank you for your favor.” Feng Qingxiu felt that it was impossible to communicate and was not ready to continue this topic. “I will report this to the Mountain Patrol Bureau.”

Ji Yunlai looked at him with silent amusement.

“What are you laughing at?” Feng Qingxiu’s heart jumped.

Almost in the next second, the entire room was filled up with the cultivators of Qingdi Peak, including a Yimeng Qingnu, and those who were eligible knelt down on the scene. The lowest cultivation base of the cultivators eligible to be present were at least the Nascent Soul stage.

The head of this group was also the low-key and elegant Qingdi Peak Master with a sickly looking complexion.

“Bai Liu was amiss in my duties, and caused senior nephew to be in danger. Fortunately, Sect Leader came to the rescue, and saved him in time. Sect Leader, please punish me.” Qingdi Peak Master saluted respectfully, with an extremely sincere attitude.

It was just that Feng Qingxiu’s pressure suddenly became great, and he instinctively took a step back even though the person was not kneeling towards himself.

“Amiss in duties or not, there is no need to explain to me, simply go to the Law Enforcement Hall yourself.” Ji Yunlai didn’t want to talk to him, and neither did he need to say much to anyone. He grabbed his greatly pressured disciple and took a step forward. White flowers bloomed and the figures of both disappeared.

The room remained silent for a while.

Bai Liu was silent for a long while, before he ordered: “Retreat.”

The other Qingdi Peak high-level cultivators glanced at Qingnu.

Qingnu had a dark and cloudy expression as she said coldly: “Retreat!”

After everyone saluted, they got up and left.

Only Black Snake, Bai Liu, and Qingnu remained.

Black Snake tried to minimize his existence and did not dare to make a noise.

“Heh, your ability to find trouble is becoming better and better!” Qingnu’s voice was sinister and cold, like a poisonous snake, “Sect Leader is still thinking of giving you a face, otherwise you think you can escape his eyes?”

After a moment of silence, Bai Liu sighed exhaustedly: “I didn’t want to kill him…..”

“Without your help, how can that kind of trash enter my pagoda!” Qingnu didn’t want to say anymore, getting up and leaving. “Those outside clans and sects have been coveting our Kun-Lai for a long time, and it’s time to clean up the spies that slipped in. I will communicate with Elder Yan, what should be eliminated, should be eliminated, and not one less.”

“This is just an accident!” Bai Liu’s voice was calm, “As you know, my lifespan is nearing.”

“So you let that trash come in and ask this snake on the Three Lives Three Worlds Spell Code? Fine, this time I was also in the wrong.” Qingnu knew that she had also been lax with her duties this time, but she did not intend to compromise, “The trash you are protecting under your wings only became infiltrated and became full of holes because you allowed it. Including the person who dared to attack Feng Qingxiu just now, they have all persuaded you to take them with you and set up an independent sect for a long time. You think that just because I didn’t say anything, that I didn’t know anything at all?”

“I would not do that.” Bai Liu whispered: “They don’t know my lifespan.”

“Uncle, let’s be honest, do you want the Three Lives Three Worlds Spell Code? If yes, then you can betray and leave Kun-Lai, there will be many people who will send you to reincarnation and start over, if not, then I will kill this snake now and let you forget you ever had such an intention.” Yimeng Qingnu said coldly.

Black Snake was frightened by this unwarranted disaster, and regretted his indecisive wavering before, insisting that Nascent Soul boy to let him go before he would speak the secret of the Three Worlds Method. If he knew that he would attract that death god over he would have definitely sent that boy away.

The heavens have wronged me——

“I…..” Bai Liu lowered his head, sighed, and made a choice.

White flowers condensed, and he slashed towards the black snake on the stone platform.


“In truth, Kun-Lai is very troublesome now.” When he returned to his residence, Ji Yunlai explained to his disciple, “There are so many spies that I don’t even want to look at it.”

“Spies?” Feng Qingxiu frowned and looked at him, wanting him to clarify.

“Do you think no one covets Kun-Lai?” Ji Yunlai sat back on the couch, poured a cup of tea for his disciple and motioned him to sit as well. He said casually, “Everyone say that it is because I found Daxuan’s hidden treasury that Kun-Lai is so wealthy and can support tens of thousands of cultivators.”

“Then isn’t Kun-Lai facing a very dangerous situation now?” Feng Qingxiu’s expression tightened.

“There is danger naturally, but who can say that there is no opportunity as well?” Ji Yunlai handed him the tea, “Taste it, this is the cloud tea grown in my front yard, the taste is acceptable.”

“You are not in a hurry.” Feng Qingxiu took the tea, and saw that the teacup was thin like paper and white as jade, contrasting with the green tea and making a very lovely picture.

“Bai Liu is a Synthesis cultivator among the first generation of Kun-Lai disciples. There are only seven of the nineteen Synthesis cultivators in Kun-Lai——that is, my junior brothers and sisters, who ascended to the Synthesis stage through their own efforts. The other twelve people all took pills to ascend to the Synthesis stage.” Ji Yunlai explained to him. He had been awake for some time, and a Human Immortal could always know many things so long as he was willing.

“It’s amazing to be able to even ascend to Synthesis stage by taking pills.” Feng Qingxiu felt a bit of yearning, after all, Synthesis cultivators were major powers in this world. And in the whole of the Western Continent, only Kun-Lai had as many as nineteen in total! He heard that in the Northern Continent, there were only two or three Synthesis in total. And even those Central Continent top sects who had lasted for thousands of years and also had a Human Immortal could not compare. For them it was already quite impressive if they even had ten Synthesis cultivators in one sect. As for the ordinary middle sects, the existence of even one Synthesis cultivator would mean that it was already a first-rate middle sect.

“The Dao Heart cannot hold up to suffering and hardship.” Ji Yunlai shook his head, “Hundreds of years ago, the Outlands were very powerful, and the Sect was in urgent need of combat power. So, the Sect forcefully raised the cultivation bases of several disciples with the most potential, and as a result forever ended their future cultivation path.”

Feng Qingxiu nodded. He knew that the human body was precious. If too many pills were taken and cultivation insights lost due to the shortcuts taken, it would be as difficult as reaching the sky to make any more progress. Therefore, when he was studying in the lower gates, the instructor sternly told them if they had any motivation to achieve anything, to never use pills to ascend cultivation stages. One should lay a solid foundation and it didn’t matter if it took a longer time.

“There was a big battle a hundred years ago. At that time, I was in Seclusion, and Bai Liu was guarding the northern part of the Western Continent. He persisted to the end and was seriously injured. His senior brothers and sisters however, could not compare to him in the cultivation base so naturally, they died in the Outlands. Only he managed to escape. He feels guilty and blames himself so he takes good care of the orphans from that battle.” Ji Yunlai lazily said, “It’s just that he lost his sense of measure. Except for Qingnu, most of them became spoiled and useless by his overly doting method of care.”

“Over the years, the spies lurking in Kun-Lai sent by various forces have regarded him as fat meat, and used all kinds of tricks to seduce him to their side. That group of trash he protects has also made countless movements, but were suppressed by him. After all, he also knows a lot about Kun-Lai’s past as well as being the director of the two peaks, Shennong and Qingdi.” Ji Yunlai’s explanation finally reached the main point of the topic, “I am afraid that he is also a little tempted, and wants to find a way out for that group of trash.”

“So today I just happened to stumble upon this conflict accidentally?” Feng Qingxiu understood.

“My good disciple, you are indeed smart.” Ji Yunlai smiled. This was also why he directly killed that spy, “The Three Lives Three Worlds Spell Code presents a temptation that is incomparable.”

It would be too laughable for outsiders if he killed Bai Liu.

“But if you can’t do well in this life, what’s the point of doing it all over again.” Feng Qingxiu was puzzled, would one be able to overcome the difficulties that one had not been able to overcome in this life in the next life? So long as the memory remained the same, wasn’t the reincarnated person still that person?

“The higher the cultivation level, the more you can see the greatness of the Dao, but there are always various regrets in life, which become obstacles to one’s Dao path. If you can start over, the foundation will be more stable, and without the implication of blood-related relatives from the previous life,” Ji Yunlai said, feeling the irony. After all, he was also considered a beneficiary of rebirth, “When you walk through the same mountains and waters again and again, wondering whether there is any way out, suddenly you discover light from a village under the willows, just how many people can resist such a temptation?”

Even the lifespan of Human Immortals would expire, so if one could be reincarnated, it would essentially be like immortality.

This was also the reason why countless cultivators chased and killed Daxuan’s survivors. Daxuan’s secret treasury could not be opened after the Three Worlds Method was lost. The last clue to the Three Worlds Method was in his hands. That was why so many insects were attracted to Kun-Lai, they all wanted to eat this piece of fat.

“Why not clean up these hidden dangers?”

“It’s hard to find real gold under the mud and sand.” Ji Yunlai said slowly. There needed to be real fires to refine a generation.

“You can’t just leave it alone!” Feng Qingxiu wanted to rush over and shake his shoulders.

“Yes I can, if my good disciple wants to take care of this matter, then you must practice your cultivation diligently and overthrow me as soon as possible.” Ji Yunlai replied calmly.

Over, overthrow him? ? ?

“You…..are you kidding me?” Feng Qingxiu looked at him in disbelief.

“Of course.” Ji Yunlai answered naturally and righteously.

So his disciple naturally and righteously left in an angry huff.

Alas, his disciple was too young after all, and he hadn’t reached the time when he could get involved in such things yet.

Ji Yunlai couldn’t help but laugh. After a long while, he waved his sleeves and countless petals fluttered. In the center of the magical array a faint sword shape could be seen.

But why should I use a sword shape?

Ji Yunlai hooked his fingers and the invisible air flow automatically flew over, winding around his fingertips, enlarging or shrinking, thinning or flattening, changing endlessly.

The thinnest part had already reached the nanometer level, but anyone below the Human Immortal stage could easily be cut down with it.

But it was still lacking just a bit, how should he sharpen it in order to achieve the calculated lack of thickness?

It still failed, and it was still a bit lacking in comparison to the Overcoming Suffering Sword.

This was a set of optimized runes, and the data amounted to about 50 million, which was still the result of optimization.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

With the eyes, one could see the outline of the state of matter; with the heart, one could see the preciseness of the state of matter; then what about what neither the eyes nor the heart could see…..

Let me call you the Invisible Sword then.

After a few more days, when Xiao Qing’s cultivation base had become more stable, he would give this to him for defense.

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  1. “He attacked you, and if he even lived even a moment longer, it would cause me displeasure. Is there a bigger situation that is more important than my mood?” Ji Yunlai asked mildly.

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