After Becoming The Tyrant CH 054 God’s Attendants

Thousands of sharp swords, fused with the legendary fire used by the Holy Lord to prevent humans from entering the Holy Garden. The crimson fire was as bright and deep as another kind of blood. The sword wrapped in bloody fire was the will of the gods, and even the air was trembling. When those swords fell, they carried with them the roaring wind.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Their only purpose was to nail the traitors and heretics on the point of the swords like one would do with a poisonous snake.

The blood was heavy and sticky, and the King’s pupils gradually spread to cover the whole eye.

He was to have his throat and veins cut, and be crucified like a criminal.

Suddenly, there was a sharp screeching in the sky.

“Retract your claws, puppets!”

The icy voice sounded along with the strong wind.

Black mist poured out from the King’s body, and countless delicate black butterflies fluttered from the black mist. They were no longer carrying wind blades, but were themselves turned into extremely sharp black blades. These blades were meant to drink blood. The black butterflies hovered, flying upwards and all around.

The whole sky was filled with the kind of cold, screeching sound of metal rubbing metal that was brought by the flapping of their wings. This sound was like a knife, cutting through the sacred song that echoed in the majestic ground of the church.

This was a howling from hell.

Violent, crazy, molten anger.

The black-clothed priests had to raise their hands, and the fiery swords they were holding were forced to retract and stand in front of them. The crimson fire turned into a barrier, firmly protecting themselves in it. The black butterflies flew at the crimson fire, making the sound of metal colliding onto metal, and then were ignited by the crimson fire.

The black butterflies circled and rushed continuously, and the black priests backed away with light fluttering movements.

The splashing sound of water sounded.

The Devil stood in the pool of blood, stretched out his arms and brought the King out of the thick blood. He leaped slightly, breaking free of the blood to stand on the cold high platform.

The blood in the holy pool rolled down from the black formal attire on the Devil’s body, continuously burning it through and leaving large and small scorches, but the black mist quickly made the attire brand new again. The blood dripped to the ground, and the thick black mist was instantly cleared out, only for the empty spaces to be shrouded in new black mist.

The Devil held the King and looked up at the priests in black who were entrenched in the surrounding area like shadows.

There were no more smiles on his face.

The Holy Court activated the stigma exerted on the King, which was planted in the coronation ceremony more than ten years ago. Hidden deep in the soul of the King, they avoided the “laws” and dragged the King into his own sea of ​​consciousness.

This murder would be silent and undetected.

People would only see the King’s unharmed corpse in the King’s bedroom, and they would only think that he naturally stopped breathing in his sleep.

This was one of the reasons why the Pope did not hesitate to cross the Abyss Strait in person to baptize the King.

If it were not for the King and the Devil signing a contract, then no one would be able to save the King tonight!

The soul of the King would be cut to pieces by thousands of fiery swords.

The smile that hung on the face of the Devil like a mask was finally shattered into nothingness at this time, and his true face emerged from behind the mask——he was a black blade that had already been soaked in blood.

Such a sticky, terrible bloody aura swept out of him.

He was truly infuriated this time.

There was no warmth in those black pupils. The Devil usef his pale hands that were still dripping blood to hold the King firmly in his arms. This was a gesture of possession. This was a soul that belonged only to him and was absolutely forbidden to be coveted by others. He held the King with one hand, giving off the feeling of a monster guarding a unique gem.

The blood from the holy pool kept dripping from the hands of the Devil, and he drew the long sword from the void that was used to kill the Lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth”.

The moment the long sword was drawn out, the black-clothed priests also acted.

The head adjudicator with the black iron mask backed lightly with the golden eagle-billed bottle, while the black priests with pale masks turned into shadows one after another. They held fiery swords and attacked like demons from all directions.

Like poisonous snakes, like ghosts.

They chanted the ancient hymns in a low voice. The hymns were not written in human language, and the sounds they made were so ethereal that they did not seem to have come from the vocal cords.

The Devil pressed the King so hard into his embrace, as if it was not himself who was burned with the remnant crimson blood from the holy pool on the King’s body. He held the sword in one hand, and carried the King in the other, but he was just as fast and nimble as those black priests——the same swiftness and the same fantasticalness.

The pale dragon bone longsword collided with the fiery swords of the adjudicators in mid-air.

Long, frightening sounds kept ringing in the air.

The adjudicators seemed to have no sense of pain, no emotions, no consciousness of their own, and they didn’t care whether the Devil’s sword would fall on them. They just frantically and at all cost attacked the King who was guarded by the Devil.

But it was the Devil who was more unscrupulous than them.

His hands holding the hilt of the sword were so pale, so pale that it seemed no amount of blood could stain it red.

He was born cold and ruthless, and when he held the sword, it was to send the sword into the heart of the enemy. He was sin and massacre itself. The Devil’s movements were as precise and smooth as a song. When the blade cut into flesh and blood, it would make a fine rubbing sound, like the musical notes of the song. The sharp sound of the sword cutting into bones was the sudden high pitch, while the bloody flowers that sprayed in the air were the unrestrained and frantic chorus.

The black-clothed priests had their throats cut open, their heads chopped off, their bodies split in half.

They shattered in the air and turned into scarlet fires.

The weird thing was that their masks also shattered in the air the same moment they died. Under the masks were icy and pale faces, and each face seemed to be a recarving of an angelic statue.

Aside from the Pope, these black priests were the ones closest to the gods.

Or, they perhaps really couldn’t be called people because——

They were God’s Attendants!

God’s Attendants were inextinguishable.

When a God’s Attendant was cut open by the Devil, they would turn into red flames and scatter on the ground under the high platform like meteors. Then a new black priest would walk out of the fire.

But as the Devil became faster and faster in reaping them, the speed of the resurrection of the God’s Attendants became slower and slower.

The Devil’s dragon bone sword seemed to be awakened by this long-forgotten blood bath, and the vague, dull roaring of an ancient creature sounded in the sword. He held the sword like he was holding a ferocious dragon.

The evil dragon opened its eyes on the sword and let out a low roar that spanned a thousand years.

All the God’s Attendants who were currently resurrecting and not yet resurrected stopped in mid-air, as if there were invisible waves oscillating in the air. They were shaken apart and  in the waves——except for one person!

The adjudicator with a black iron mask who had retreated to the distance from the beginning of the battle.

A pair of white eyes suddenly appeared on the black iron mask, and those eyes suddenly opened. The moment they opened, the hymn that was interrupted by the Devil once again reverberated solemnly throughout the St. Wyth Cathedral. In the internal space, on the four walls of the church, all the painted angels seemed to be resurrected in an instant.

The angels on the mural spread their wings, and their white feathers fluttered down from mid-air.

——A murderous holy miracle.

The angels sang and played songs, and their pure holy feathers flapped, suppressing the thick black mist brought by the Devil.

This was the King’s consciousness. When the Holy Court used the stigma to control this place, they replaced the King’s will and turned the entire consciousness into a dwelling for the gods. Holy miracles were everywhere here, forcing and compelling at the Devil from hell.

“Wake up!”

The head adjudicator sternly shouted.

His voice carried with it ancient revelations, summoning something.

The King, who was embraced by the Devil and had his eyes closed the whole time, at this moment with the falling of the head adjudicator’s voice, he suddenly opened his eyes.

——Icy cold, silver eyes.

It was exactly the same as the eyes on the black iron mask worn by the head adjudicator.

The iconic ice blue of the Rose family was replaced by this bizarre pure white, and a bright and holy flame was burning in the depths of the King’s pupils.

Countless white flames gushed out from the King’s chest, center of back, shoulders, elbows and palms——all the places where the holy anoint was applied during the baptism ceremony. In the Konosen Forest, it was this sacred flame that suddenly ignited, preventing the Devil from taking the King to hell.

Now, this holy fire was also used to stop the Devil.

It was used to prevent the Devil from coming to save the King.

Behind the smiling angels were often hideous evil spirits.

The golden eagle-billed bottle in the hands of the head adjudicator was currently melting, dripping downwards, and remelting into a holy sword. Behind the mask, he stared at the King, chanting the holy words of the King’s coronation ceremony and baptism.

He was waiting for the opportunity.

The monarchs of the world were the “representatives” of the Holy Lord, and they were the actors of the real anointed person on the earth. The eternal great Holy Lord and his representatives in the world corresponded with each other. The moment the mortal monarch was baptized and consecrated, the power of the Holy Spirit would descend on him. At that moment, his image was truly changed and he became a true king.

Becoming the influence of the eternal one on the earth.

Therefore, the sacred fire ignited from the King was far superior than the fiery sword against the power from hell.

That was the power that could really hurt the ancient Devil!

The blood from the holy pool could not really hurt the overly powerful Devil, but the blood was only used to draw out the power of the Holy Spirit concealed in the King’s soul.

The Devil held the King in his arms, and the holy flame swept over him almost instantly.

At this moment, the head adjudicator suddenly moved. Holding the golden holy sword, he leaned over slightly and charged over.

The golden holy sword flashed in mid-air, bringing up sticky black blood.

The head adjudicator’s sword failed.

The Devil held the longsword in front of him and quickly backed away. The sacred fire was still burning, but the Devil did not let go of the King as the head adjudicator thought. He tightly embraced the King in his arms.

This was a greedy, crazy monster.

His treasure belonged only to him.

Regardless of heaven, the gods, or holy flames, none should even try to steal it from him.

“You should wake up.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Devil lowered his head slightly, and his voice was steady, as if he was not being burned by the sacred fire, as if the fire was not the same as the one that forced him to draw his hands away quickly back in the Konosen Forest.

He put something on the King’s hand.


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