After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 063 Counterattack & Asking For A Truce

“Brother Mu, you are too much! Not even telling us about such a big thing in advance, we also really want to drink your celebratory wine——”

Before Xiao Pang finished his words, his round head was knocked hard with Tao Mu’s knuckles, and he immediately changed his tone and said, “I mean, we also want to see with our own eyes how you served the wine to recognize dad and grandpa.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Didn’t you see it now.” Tao Mu looked at his thievishly smiling childhood friend, and explained with some helplessness: “I was a little dazed before, and I didn’t think to notify everyone.” Besides, there was no way to notify this kind of thing. Send an invitation to tell everyone that he was going to recognize a dad? It felt rather weird.

Da Mao put his arms around Tao Mu’s shoulders with emotion: “I know, we won’t blame you.”

The two of them grew up with Tao Mu. Of course they knew that although Tao Mu didn’t say anything, he always envied those who had parents and family. So they could also understand how shocking for Tao Mu this event was. It was impossible for Tao Mu to not tell them on purpose. It could only be said that there had been too many things happening recently. Even the attentive brother Mu, who was always good at socializing, would inevitably have some omissions.

“By the way, during the media interview, Shen Yu cried and said that you were cruel and unrelenting. Shen Yu’s sister also scolded the employees of FlyNews for being rude and insulting people. What are you going to do?” Da Mao comforted Tao Mu and then brought up business: “Shen Yu’s fans are now scolding you for ungratefulness. Especially the fans who liked both you and Shen Yu, they have a particularly fierce attitude.”

Xiao Pang frowned, and said with a complicated expression: “I didn’t expect Shen Yu to be this kind of person. When we were in H Town, I thought he was quite good. His family background was that big, but his personality was still quite good in spite of it, not at all showing any arrogance and airs of the rich and affluent. He could also have fun with the crew and group extras with a friendly attitude, often treating the crew to eat delicious food. Why did he become like this now?”

The little prince who had gone from being naive and ignorant of worldly matters to suddenly a person with a prince syndrome who didn’t understand people’s feelings and even caused trouble to others. This gap in expectations was so big that Xiao Pang, who was a passerby fan of Shen Yu’s, couldn’t stand it at all.

Especially as the person who was troubled by Shen Yu was their brother Mu. If it was not for the fact that everyone was acquainted with each other at one point, Xiao Pang really wanted to turn into an antifan.

Tao Mu didn’t care about it himself: “Don’t worry about him. FlyNews will deal with it.”

Tao Mu deliberately suppressed FlyNews to not respond. He just wanted to let the matter ferment, and when the fermenting led to the point where the whole Internet was aware of this, when everyone had negative feelings about him and FlyNews, then he would show evidence to reverse the situation——didn’t those people want to stir up hype, borrowing Internet public opinion to persecute him? He was a man who had been reborn with knowledge of ten years into the future and had experienced all kinds of Internet slander. So would he still be afraid of this little turmoil stirred up with poor methods?

Tao Mu had been suppressing this matter for a week, and only when the social, financial, and Internet technology sectors began to discuss the matter, did he let FlyNews upload the monitoring video of that day to the Internet. In conjunction with the video recorded quietly by some employees on their smartphones, the truth of the matter was immediately revealed to the public.

All the netizens who believed in the words of the Shen family and criticized Tao Mu and FlyNews all over the Internet immediately exploded. They felt that they had been taken advantage of and used by the Shen family. The feelings of anger and embarrassment caused them to immediately forget how vicious they were when scolding and cursing Tao Mu and FlyNews.

“It’s all their fault. It’s disgusting that they used the trust of netizens.”

“Obviously they went to FlyNews to make trouble for no reason, and now they are actually pouring the dirty water on others. I was actually even a fan of Shen Yu before, and I felt that Shen Yan, as the eldest miss of the Shen Group, would definitely not lie. Thinking about it now, I’m too naive.”

“The Shen family must definitely not be as good as they appear if they could raise such a pair of siblings who are full of lies!”

Fans and netizens who had been supporting Tao Mu and FlyNews were exuberant. Speaking of, when Tao Mu and FlyNews let netizens scold and curse at them without a response in return, they also couldn’t help feeling guilty when they argued with others. But it was all right now, the facts were all in the evidence, so let’s see what those antis had to say to that.

“Like I said, our Mu Mu is not such a vulgar and rude person.”

“FlyNews itself is an Internet media company. It must pay special attention to the company’s image. If it is really like what the eldest miss of the Shen family said, that they just wanted to talk to Mr. Tao and didn’t do anything else, why would FlyNews call the police to chase them out? And the police also cooperated with FlyNews to chase them out? Now look, the Shen family and surnamed Yao started scolding and yelling as soon as they entered the door, so unreasonably making trouble and delaying people’s normal work, what else could they do if they don’t call the police? Just let them cause a scene in the company? They want to set up a stage to put on a show, but FlyNews is not a stage!”

“Before, there were actually even people who doubted the credibility of the police. They thought that the police and FlyNews were working together to bully people? Now stand up and see if your face hurts? Your noble, elegant and well-bred Shen family have violated the law and order regulations. FlyNews just called the police to invite them out politely. It’s already quite good manners already. If it were me, and someone dared to make such a fuss in my store, if I don’t directly beat you the fuck out of my store then I will take your fucking surname!”

“It’s really ruining the image. I didn’t expect these wealthy children from affluent families to act like shrews in private.”

Fans of Shen Yu, who were still jumping around on the Internet questioning Tao Mu’s ungratefulness and hurting their Yu Yu, immediately panicked. All of them were like headless chickens, running around and pulling any netizen they could to explain repeatedly——

“Our little prince is not that kind of unreasonable person. He is too soft-hearted and too kind. When Yao Wenxiao bribed the media outlets to slander Tao Mu, no one came forward, but our little prince was the first to stand up for Tao Mu. Now it must also because he feels that Yao Wenxiao is too pitiful. After all, it is his childhood friend who has played with him since they were children. Now that his childhood friend is in trouble, so what if Shen Yu plea for him as a friend?”

“Shen Yu never said radical things from beginning to end, okay? What he complained to the media was that he was just disappointed Tao Mu did not agree to his plea. This kind of emotion is too normal, okay? If you are looking forward to something, only for it not to happen, can’t people even be allowed to feel disappointed?”

“In fact, I think Shen Yu is a good person with a true temperament and treats others very sincerely. No matter what others think, anyway, if I have such a friend who will be the first to help me when I am in trouble, even if he is unable to solve the problem for me he still tried his best to help me find a solution, and even put down his dignity to beg for me. I would be crazily moved, okay?”

“You Shen Yu fans are really a perfect example of fans taking after idols. You feel very impressed and touched by yourselves, don’t you? I just want to ask, what even did your Shen Yu do? Yao Wenxiao did such a dirty thing. If Shen Yu really treats Tao Mu as a friend, he shouldn’t have made a scene in front of Tao Mu just to intercede for Yao Wenxiao, not to mention complaining to the media that Tao Mu is making such a small matter into a big thing. I just want to ask, Yao Wenxiao secretly instigated so many media to join forces to discredit Tao Mu and let Tao Mu be scolded by unsuspecting netizens. After so many days, even the relatives and friends around him were personally attacked and cyberbullied. Even the contestants of the National School Beauty and Hunk Selection Competition were implicated and had to drop out. FlyNews lost tens of millions as a result. Towards such a big matter, Shen Yu thought he could just get a pass by apologizing for Yao Wenxiao? Fuck that. Does your Shen Yu really regard himself as the emperor, and that his words are worth a thousand pounds of gold? That a casual apology can offset other people’s ten million as well as the abuse and humiliation suffered by so many people?”

“And those people who say they would like Shen Yu to be friends with them. Then I will burn incense and worship Buddha so that you may hurry up and find such a friend. When you are hurt, he doesn’t know to comfort you. Apart from causing trouble and making enemies around you, he will even shamelessly run to you just to plea for your enemy when you finally manage to come out on top. And if you don’t agree with him then they will run around crying everywhere, making it as if you had done something terrible to him. Our Tao Mu doesn’t have such a big heart, and really can’t afford this kind of friend.”

“It’s all you people saying this by yourselves. The way I see it, Shen Yu doesn’t treat Tao Mu as a friend at all, does he? When Tao Mu was slandered, he stood up and said those words that weren’t even a fart’s use at all. And it even made Wang Boyuan and Yan Sheng fans become disgusted with Tao Mu. Up to now, these two fans still ridicule Tao Mu. Actually, what does Tao Mu have to do with these two actors? Isn’t it all caused by Shen Yu? Did Tao Mu himself say that his acting skills are better than Yan Sheng’s and Wang Boyuan’s? No, right? He was already being slandered by the entire Internet, and Shen Yu only added to the mess for him. It’s simply like being attacked by enemies on all sides, alright? After catching Yao Wenxiao and the dozens of media outlets, Tao Mu took them to court. Seeing that things are bad, he then ran over to intercede for Yao Wenxiao. Tao Mu disagreed so he made such an outburst and commotion, No wonder Shen Yu and his fans always complained that Tao Mu was cold and indifferent to him and did not regard him as a friend. If I am Tao Mu, I would also not admit that I have such a friend, okay? How can this be a friend? This is clearly a backstabbing bitch, alright? From my point of view, Shen Yu and Yao Wenxiao are the true friends here, while he and Tao Mu just have a plastic brotherhood, yeah?”

“The comment from upstairs suddenly reminded me that the word plastic brotherhood was also spoken by Tao Mu. Say, when he invented the phrase, could he be thinking about him and Shen Yu?”

“I think the analysis from upstairs is very right. The relationship between Shen Yu and Tao Mu is not at all friends. And wasn’t there a talented fellow who made the analysis that Yao Wenxiao and Shen Yu joined forces to target Tao Mu? I didn’t believe it before. Looking at Shen Yu’s reaction now, maybe the two of them really thought to do something like this. Otherwise, Shen Yu wouldn’t hate Tao Mu so much, right?”

“Upstairs +1”

“Upstairs upstairs +1”


With a loud “bang”, Yao Wenxiao furiously threw the laptop on the table against the wall. The exquisite laptop broke into two at once, and fine fragments scattered all around.

Yao Wenxiao looked at Shen Yu, who was startled by his actions, with a regretful look, and said with pain: “I’m sorry Xiao Yu, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. I didn’t expect Tao Mu to be so cruel. He actually had the heart to hurt you.”

“It’s not your fault.” Mother Shen hugged her precious son in her arms: “It’s Tao Mu who has a heart of iron and stone, and doesn’t care about Xiao Yu at all. How can you be blamed?”

“That’s right. This Tao Mu is really too much.” Shen Yan wrinkled a pair of extremely delicately trimmed eyebrows, and the hostility between her eyebrows made her look a little bit more bitter and mean: “I really don’t know how our Xiao Yu offended him. That he would rather offend the Shen family than let you go.”

Shen Yan said, and then asked Yao Wenxiao with concern: “How is your lawsuit?”

A trace of discomfort flashed across Yao Wenxiao’s face: “This is Beijing, not Shanghai. I’m not familiar with those from the public security, prosecution, and legal departments. Besides, this matter has become so big. I was caught by that nightclub owner for bribing the media outlets. There is a gathering of evidence against me, and FlyNews is now the most influential social platform. Those people are scrupulous about public opinion and are not willing to help.”

Shen Yan’s face turned dark, and she viciously scolded: “This Tao Mu is really cruel. I don’t know what kind of hatred he has with our family. For such a small matter, does he really want to force us to death or what?”

“He won’t be able to ruin me.” A bit of resentment appeared on Yao Wenxiao’s face: “I already called my grandfather. He promised to go to Beijing personally to help me solve this matter. It’s not a big deal, at most I’ll be fined some money, and nothing too serious will happen.”

“However,” Yao Wenxiao said viciously when thinking of Tao Mu: “Our debt will be settled. He caused me such embarrassment, I will never spare him. I don’t believe that there is no black material on him. In this life, I will fight him to the end!”

The mother and daughter of the Shen family felt particularly relieved when they heard these words. Shen Yu didn’t notice Yao Wenxiao’s harsh words. He was curled up in mother Shen’s arms with tearful eyes, like an abandoned kitten, looking so pitiful, even his little paws were curled in: “Mom, sister, say, is Tao Mu really angry with me? Will he still be friends with me in the future?”

“My baby.” Mother Shen was very distressed when she saw Shen Yu’s tears. She quickly wiped his tears gently, wrapped her arms around him and coaxed softly: “That Tao Mu treats my baby so cruelly, our baby should not make friends with him. This kind of manipulative and calculating person is too ruthless and vicious. Mom will be very worried about you making friends with him.”

“But——” Shen Yu bit his lower lip unwillingly: “I want to make friends with him.”

“You want to make friends with him, but he doesn’t take you seriously at all.” Yao Wenxiao snorted coldly, feeling jealous and distressed: “Look at the Internet, because of his actions, everyone is scolding you. Originally, among the contestants in the National School Beauty And Hunk Competition, your popularity was the highest. Now no one votes for you except your fans. The way I see it, he did it on purpose. It will be the National School Beauty And Hunk Competition finals soon. But at this juncture, he put your black material on the Internet, it is just to prevent you from winning the competition.”

Shen Yu lips pouted, wanting to cry even more.

Shen Yan snorted coldly: “If you won’t win, then you won’t win. We don’t care at all. In my opinion, we can simply just drop out and go back to Shanghai. When we return to Shanghai, we can hold a contest show by ourselves. My little brother is so cute, you will definitely win.”

“That’s right!” Shen Yan’s proposal immediately resonated with Yao Wenxiao and mother Shen.

Wen Shijin, who had been standing on the side and had said nothing the whole time, frowned fiercely: “We should not be so impulsive when doing things.”

Before he finished speaking, the three of them glared at him: “Wen Shijin, what do you mean by that, do you want my little brother to suffer for such an inexplicable and dumb contest?”

“I didn’t mean that. I just want to say, if you still want Shen Yu to restore his image of the little prince in the eyes of netizens. Don’t do any willful things anymore.” Wen Shijin tiredly rubbed the bridge of his nose, faintly feeling some regret.

At the beginning, he accepted Chairman Shen’s proposal and joined Lingyu Film and Television Company with his team. Originally, he was attracted by the offer because of the Shen Group’s capital, and Shen Yu also seemed to be a genius that could be cultivated. Moreover, he had been in contact with Shen Yu and knew that Shen Yu’s character was soft, naive and kind, and he did not have the arrogance and airs of those rich second generations at all. But looking at it now, it was not necessarily a good thing to have no temper at all.

Mrs. Shen, Miss Shen, and Shen Yu’s childhood friend/classmate were really getting in the way.

Wen Shijin glanced at Yao Wenxiao subtly, and then mentioned the chairman and Shen Chen directly: “I have already talked with Chairman Shen and CEO Shen. They will arrive in Beijing soon. Before that, everything in regards to Shen Yu, I will have it arranged. If madam and the eldest miss do not believe me, you can call Chairman Shen.”

The Shen family’s mother and daughter were taken aback when they heard these words, and the original arrogance seemed to be extinguished by ice water. Shen Yan replied: “Mr. Wen is too serious. How could we not believe you. Whatever you want Shen Yu to do, we will just listen to you.”

Shen Yu’s eyes lit up, and he looked up at Wen Shijin hopefully, “Dad and brother are coming over?”

“En.” Wen Shijin nodded. Before he had time to speak, Yao Wenxiao asked very excitedly: “Are uncle and brother Shen coming with my grandfather?”

Wen Shijin nodded again.

“That’s great!” Yao Wenxiao was so excited that he punched a fist into his palm: “With the help of uncle and brother Shen, and my grandfather, that bastard Tao Mu will definitely be finished.”

——It might not actually be such a good thing!

Wen Shijin thought of Chairman Shen and Mr. Shen’s entrustment to him, and couldn’t help but glance at Yao Wenxiao with pity.

On the other side, Tao Mu was called to over to Night by Liu Yao again.

“Yao Dad, is there something you wanted to see me for?” Tao Mu pushed open the door of Night, and found that the Night employees were all looking at him with grins.

Since Liu Yao and Meng Qi formally went through the formalities for adopting Tao Mu, the attitude of the entire Night staff towards Tao Mu had changed drastically——there was no more grudge against Tao Mu about leaving Night before, and they treated Tao Mu even better and with more ease than before.

“Xiao Mu, I am going to register a big V account on FlyNews. You help me add a V~” Little Zero said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I will definitely not solicit customers on FlyNews and get you discredited. I am going to open a beauty tutorial account on FlyNews, just like you said, and teach people makeup.”

With every step Tao Mu’s FlyNews had taken up to the present, just how difficult and how much hard work was put in? As Tao Mu’s friends and family, they would not discredit Tao Mu.

The corner of Tao Mu’s lips hooked up and he nodded immediately: “Okay. I’ll add V to your account when I go back.”

After a pause, he said, “Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on it in the background and help you filter the comments.” If it was too unsightly, he’ll just delete the banned words directly.

“No need.” Little Zero waved his hand indifferently: “Didn’t your FlyNews say that you want to defend the right of every netizen to speak. Why do you have to make an exception for me. Besides, I am not afraid, if they dare to come at me, then I’ll dare to scold them one by one. This lady has been in jianghu for so many years, and I’m not afraid of this. Let them curse and scold. The more they scold me, the more popular I will become, and the more they scold me, the happier I am. This lady can make my C-position debut with their scolding as stepping stones. They will be the ones feeling annoyed in the end.”

Little Zero announced proudly, and then looked at Tao Mu with a bit of shyness: “Just…..don’t feel that I am embarrassing you.”

“How could I.” Tao Mu smiled warmly and softly coaxed them: “I’m still waiting for your esteemed highness’s C-position debut and then come and be my chief makeup artist.”

Little Zero’s eyes lit up. The other people in Night who hadn’t made a sound spoke up one after another: “If you are really not afraid, then we will really sign up for FlyNews V accounts?”

Fearing that it would have a bad influence on Tao Mu before, the Night group did not dare to talk back online. All V accounts closed their comment sections, and some people found it troublesome and even cancelled their accounts. There were no such scenes as a gang of people soliciting customers online that Meng Qi painted earlier.

Tao Mu knew why these people were so restrained. It was because they were afraid that if Night jumped around too happily online, making those netizens feel more resentful and rejecting, it would in turn affect their views on FlyNews and Tao Mu.

Some employees felt aggrieved and scolded Tao Mu secretly for implicating everyone. The resentment had them feeling that if it weren’t for Tao Mu, they would still be happily making money and playing in Night, instead of being hung up on the Internet to be abused and cyberbullied. Why did they have to care about Tao Mu’s image and can’t scold back?

But after Liu Yao and Meng Qi formally went through the formalities for adopting Tao Mu. Everyone suddenly remembered that Tao Mu was just a little thing when he first came to Night, tagging behind everyone all day like a puppy, calling them big brothers and big sisters.

He could also be regarded as a troublesome but cute kid who grew up under their eyes. How could they quibble about such things so much?

This group of people immediately got over it. Anyway, they had been scolded by others their entire lives. Scolded by family members, scolded by customers, scolded by pretentious strangers who had never even known them personally. After all, if they liked the same sex, then that meant they were willingly depraved, and those who worked as MBs deserved to be treated as inferior. Even without Tao Mu, their image in the eyes of others was not that good anyway.

But Tao Mu didn’t think so. He didn’t think that the people in Night were bad people who were willingly depraved. He only knew that when he had no father, no mother, and no money, it was the Night people who gave him designer clothes and taught him to sing and blend drinks. Every year they would also throw a party collectively to celebrate his birthday and buy him all kinds of high-end luxury goods as gifts.

Even if they were all rolling in the filthy mud, they knew to hug each other to keep warm during the cold winter. Those who stood on the shore watching with cold eyes were clean. But none of them gave Tao Mu a helping hand.

Tao Mu made enough mistakes in his previous life. So how could he hurt the people around him for the sake of others in this life? Some injuries were a little painful, and he knew that after having suffered them, so there was no need to have others suffer it too.

Especially those who cared about him.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi leaned on the railing of the second floor and watched as Tao Mu chatted with the Night gang. After a while, Liu Yao shouted, “Xiao Mu, come up. There is business.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu went upstairs with a smile. As soon as he entered the private room, he was surprised to find that there were dozens of strangers with ingratiating expressions sitting inside.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi then came in and said casually: “Let me introduce. These are the head editors of the dozen or so newspapers and magazines who joined hands to discredit you. They came here this time to ask for a truce.”

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