Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 089 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 13

After the meal, Wang Shichan took Fan Luo to play chess, leaving Wei, Li and Nie Bufan to stare at each other.

Nie Bufan looked at them seriously for a while, and asked, “Do you have anything you want to say?”

Li Yi and Wei Di looked at each other and remained silent.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

One of them wanted to bring Nie Bufan back to Chicken Nest Village, and the other wanted him to be his own. Although their expressions were similar, their ultimate goal was completely different, and there was basically no common language between them. This time, having finally waited for Nie Bufan to leave the palace by himself, they both felt that they themselves had a chance, but they didn’t expect that there would be many other obstacles. Under such circumstances, what should be said and what could be said?

Li Yi was very wary of Wei Di, but wasn’t Wei Di as well?

“It’s rare for me to come out, but it’s not to accompany you to practice your eyesight.” Nie Bufan stood up and walked out.

Wei and Li both asked at the same time: “Where are you going?”

“Wander around.” As soon as his voice fell, his person had already disappeared out the door.

The two quickly followed.

Nie Bufan walked along the corridor, enjoying the surrounding scenery with great interest.

When passing by a wooden pavilion, a white-clothed waiter bowed to greet him: “Gongzi, do you need a massage?”

Massage? Nie Bufan’s eyes lit up and he followed the waiter into the pavilion. The layout of the pavilion was simple, divided into several compartments, each of which was placed with a wooden bed, a table, a screen, an incense burner and several sets of equipment for freshening up.

Behind the pavilion was a hot spring, with misty water and gurgling springs, like a fairyland.

“Gongzi, this maid will help you undress.” A pretty maid greeted him, appearance elegant and graceful.

Nie Bufan spread his arms and waited for the maid to serve him. Unexpectedly, a figure stepped forward and stopped the maid with a cold voice.

“Uncle Leader, why did you drive her away?” Nie Bufan tapped his shoulder and squeezed his waist, saying, “I feel sore all over, just in need of a massage.”

Wei Di stared at him and said, “I have also learned the technique of massage, I can do it for you.”

“No, no, no.” Nie Bufan quickly refused, “You are too strong, and my fragile bones won’t be able to stand it, so looking for those beautiful sisters to serve me is much safer.”

“I want to see just who will dare to touch you?” Wei Di’s tone was cold and his imposing aura spread out, making the maid outside the curtain shiver.

Nie Bufan glanced at him contemptuously, “You just know to bully the weak, do you dare to be kinder?”

Wei Di stared at him.

Nie Bufan turned around and pulled Li Yi, who had not said a word, and said, “Don’t pay attention to him, let’s go get a massage together.”

Li Yi stood still and motionless, saying after a while, “I don’t want those women to touch you either.”

With this guy’s habit, if it was because of a woman’s soothing and gentleness that managed to shake his basic nature, and thus causing him to have no scruples for both men and women, what kind of disaster would it be? He had no morals at all and it was not impossible that this kind of thing would happen. So he must kill all possibilities before they even cropped up, not even buds could sprout!

Wei Di looked at Li Yi suspiciously, feeling that his attitude towards Nie Bufan was very strange. He knew that Nie Bufan had something with the kid from the Zhang family, and now he was even involved with the emperor. Not only him, but Wang Shichan’s attitude was also problematic. Was there more than one or two people who coveted this guy?

Wei Di was feeling a little gloomy.

Nie Bufan heard Li Yi’s objection, and was very dissatisfied. He rolled directly onto the bed, kicked off his shoes, and said, “If you don’t want a massage, then don’t get in the way here. I will get angry.”

Wei and Li glanced at each other, tacitly standing to block the door one after another, like two door gods.

With the two of them there, no one dared to come in and look for trouble.

Nie Bufan got angry. He jumped off the bed and began to undress.

“What are you doing?” Wei and Li asked in shock.


The two of them flashed over and quickly restrained him.

Nie Bufan was sandwiched between the two these two great door gods, but did not back down at all and said: “If you have the ability, then you keep a hold on me the whole time. So long as you give me a little chance, I will run out naked.”

“Is it fun to run naked?” Wei Di gritted his teeth.

Li Yi also said: “Don’t be fooling around, showing your body to others, you are the one who will lose out.”

“Don’t worry, I will leave my underpants on.” Nie Bufan said seriously.

What was left of your morals was just that pair of underpants! Wei and Li slandered bitterly.

“Leave with me!” Wei Di couldn’t bear it, squeezing his hands hard, “Go back to Dongsheng Shangfu, if the emperor does not come to ask for you, then you just obediently stay with me.”

Li Yi stared at Wei Di, and said coldly: “Leader Wei, forcing others is not the work of a gentleman. Bufan should decide whether to leave or stay.”

“Who are you to him?” Wei Di sneered, “What right do you have to speak for him?”

Li Yi grabbed Nie Bufan’s waist and pulled him into his arms, saying with a cold face: “Who do you think I am to him?”

Wei Di’s eyes were full of anger, and he circulated his inner strength, forcibly pulling Nie Bufan to his side, and said angrily: “No matter who you were to him before or what relationship you had with him, you better not approach him again in the future.”

“How ridiculous, do I need your approval for what I want to do?” Li Yi was unwilling to show weakness, staring back coldly, “Don’t think that I will be afraid of you just because you are the supreme martial artist.”

The gazes of the two fought in the air, and their internal forces began to circulate on their own. Using Nie Bufan as the conductor, they danced wildly like wild bees.

As a result, Nie Bufan was met with a tragedy. His body became numb, itchy and painful, the blood boiling, like an inflatable sex doll that was being ravaged.

He yelled tragically: “Enough of you both! I’m going to be killed by the two of you!”

Only then did they discover that the situation was not good, and quickly retracted their strength.

Nie Bufan’s legs were weak, and he could only stand firm with the support of the two men.

He angrily said: “Think you’re so great to have martial arts? Feeling that self-satisfied to have internal strength? If I also have martial arts and internal strength, I will beat you both up into paste, knead it into a dough, and twist it into a fried dough twist snack!”

Both Wei and Li sweated after hearing this. One patted his back and the other touched his head to show comfort.

“Hmmph!” Nie Bufan pulled off their hands like one would pull out a chicken feather, and said arrogantly, “It is too late to show goodwill now, I am very angry, and plan to continue to be angry. You will not approach me for a few days. Otherwise don’t blame me for letting out the chickens!”

As soon as his voice fell, coordinating rooster calls rang outside the window.

“Uh, we were too impulsive just now.” Li Yi said lowly.

Wei Di moved his lips but did not speak. However, there was a hint of apology in his eyes.

“Of course you are impulsive, you are impulsive all over!” Nie Bufan continued to rage, “Isn’t it just a Nie Bufan? Take it if you want to use him, is there anything to be contentious over? It’s arduous and fruitless. After using him, you need to maintain him, and if there is an error in your operation, you have to repair him. If damage occurs then he has to be treated, if his emotions go out of control he has to be soothed, and more importantly, you have to vomit out for me if you can’t eat him! Don’t you find it troublesome?”

The two were speechless, just what kind of peculiar existence do you take yourself for?

“Listen to my advice, broaden your mind and live in harmony. The future is beautiful, and the path is bright.” Nie Bufan patted them on the shoulder with a holy look.

“…..” Why was there a feeling of being enlightened? Was this world too harmonious or what?

“Alright, that’s all I have to say, you can go now.” Nie Bufan pointed outside the door, his gaze distant.

The two of them subconsciously prepared to turn around, and then heard Nie Bufan say: “I want to have a massage.”

“…..” So you have been thinking about that this whole time! The awe-inspiring remarks just now were actually used to pave the way for a massage!

They now understood that if Nie Bufan became persistent he could do just anything. With just one mouth he could turn a miracle into decay and reverse everyone’s worldview.

As a result, Wei Di and Li Yi compromised and reluctantly let two maids come in for Nie Bufan’s massage.

Seeing a certain someone half naked and showing a rippling expression of enjoyment under the caresses of the maids’ slender hands, they both felt a sense of constipation-like depression.

The pitiful maids shuddered under the two pairs of fierce eyes, their hearts feeling very exhausted. This was probably their most painful and difficult massage giving experience yet. 

In just a while, Nie Bufan fell asleep peacefully in his enjoyment, with a satisfied smile on his face, not caring at all about the two living creatures behind him despite their very strong presence.

Wei Di waved his hand and sent the maids away, pulled on Nie Bufan’s clothes for him and covered him with a blanket. He said to Li Yi: “Come out, I have something to ask you.”

He shook his sleeves and walked out of the pavilion first.

Li Yi looked at Nie Bufan, and then walked out.

Not long after they left, Wang Shichan walked in lightly, Fan Luo behind him.

Sitting by the bed, Wang Shichan touched Nie Bufan’s head, his eyes gentle like water, and then leaned forward and pressed a kiss on his lips, completely disregarding Fan Luo’s existence.

Fan Luo looked at him in shock, and a huge wave crashed over in his heart.

Wang Shichan, who had always been indifferent and abstinent, actually fell for another? And the other person happened to also be a man. For what reason could he express this love so naturally?

No matter how oblivious Fan Luo was to feelings, he also noticed the ambiguity between them. He slowly cast his gaze on Nie Bufan’s face, his brows were peaceful, smile deep, innocent like a child… wonder, no wonder they could not help but want to get close to him and want to possess him.

The mundane world was full of disturbances and struggles, who could be as free and unrestrained as him? Who could be as pure as him?

Fan Luo walked over slowly, sat on the other side of the bed, and stared quietly.

“Don’t you have anything to ask?” Wang Shichan said suddenly.

“No.” Fan Luo lowered his eyes, his voice calm.

Wang Shichan looked at him with some clarity in his eyes.

At this moment, Nie Bufan’s eyelashes fluttered, and he slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Wang Shichan, his face immediately showed a smile. He stretched out his hand to wrap around his neck, and gave him a generous kiss. Then he turned around, and without bothering to take a closer look at who was on the other side, hugged the other and gave another kiss.

Fan Luo stiffened, staring at Nie Bufan’s lips in a daze.

Wang Shichan sighed lightly, hugged Nie Bufan over and patted his forehead.

Nie Bufan rubbed against his arms, and said with discontent: “Why slap me? My forehead is very expensive, and I will charge you 10 coins for patting it once.”

Wang Shichan smiled and said, “Then I will add a few more slaps and make up enough money to add up to 10 taels that you can keep as your private funds.”

Nie Bufan hurriedly covered his forehead: “Thanks, but I have money, so I don’t need to sacrifice my forehead.”

Wang Shichan smiled and looked at Fan Luo.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan followed his gaze and saw Fan Luo looking at him with a deep and complicated gaze.

The oil had already spilled out and it was quite miserably greasy. Was he provoked by something?

This dude Nie Bufan completely forgot about the matter of kissing a certain someone just now…..

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