Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 034 The Virtue Of Shennong, Beneficence To The World

On the first day of October, a huge mountain peak rose from Kun-Lai Mountain, passing through the thousands of miles of land that make up the Western Continent, passing by the three kingdoms of Fu Xi, An Qin, and Chang Ming, to land outside the Da Xiao Kingdom.

Almost at the same time, countless rays of light soared into the sky, like a rain of arrows they shot to the top of the peak. There were many that could not help but collide in the middle, and fell from the air only to fly upwards again.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It stood to reason that after this celestial flying peak was uplifted, it would make a stop on Yangshuo Peak for half a day, allowing all the Foundation Establishment disciples to go up onto the peak. However, how could those disciples who were gearing up for an adventure stand to wait?

It had long been Kun-Lai’s practice for the Foundation Establishment disciples to go to inspect and oversee the Dragon and Phoenix Selection.

Basically, one couldn’t find anyone who was unwilling to go.

Only they knew what kind of days they had been living over the past dozen years!

Back then, their innocent selves had thought that they were very lucky to be selected. But who knew that the real tragedy was yet to come.

Kun-Lai’s disciple selection had never been a matter of teaching all people without discrimination, but rather selecting the best among the best and then choosing the best.

When they entered Kun-Lai, they encountered various exams.

From literacy at the lower gates, to the cultivation methods at the middle gates, to various spells at the upper gates…..

There was a small exam every month, a mid-term exam in March, and a big final exam every year!

Each exam had a fixed quota for elimination.

After each test, it was always Yangshuo Peak’s cliff jumping day!

If you didn’t earn the required amount of points every year, you would fail!

There was no second chance. If you failed once, you would be sent back home. If you failed once, you must leave!

After all, the consumption of spiritual rice alone by the more than one hundred thousand students brought over through the Selection was a number that would make the Central Continent’s large sects fall into a dead faint.

Not to mention the talisman papers, pill ingredients, and all kinds of manpower consumed when studying.

The more students filtered out through the exams, the better, and leave as little as possible, otherwise, even if it was a sect as rich as Kun-Lai, it would still be eaten to bankruptcy.

After being eliminated at various levels, all the students who were left behind were all experienced and all kinds of capable——having made it through those kinds of days, they really couldn’t think of any suffering they couldn’t bear!

It was just that many people were left with the trivial troubles of inner demons in regards to exams.

But were cultivators still called cultivators without one or two inner demons?

The Kun-Lai cultivator who had never failed a course was not a serious Kun-Lai cultivator.

And now, they were going to! Return! Home! In! Glory!

On the celestial flying peak, a group of cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Stage were simply jumping up and down like monkeys.

“Wow, this is the first time I have come out to play!” Senior Sister Tu perked her rabbit ears with excitement. She was also a student for a dozen years, transforming from a pampered little white rabbit to a beautiful jade rabbit. The sweat and tears of the past dozen years were enough to be poured on an acre of land. Several times, she had felt that she couldn’t hold on anymore. But thinking of the useless rabbits who couldn’t get onto the Dao Disc and instead stayed on Shennong Peak every day, she managed to persevere!

Feng Qingxiu also smiled: “Senior Sister, the wind is strong, you should come back first.”

Many disciples had already fallen off the peak. Although there were cloud protection charms, the impact was always bad.

“No!” Senior Sister Tu flicked her silk sleeves and flew towards the sky, “Come on, you too!”

Feng Qingxiu was dumbfounded, but as the only direct disciple of Shizun, he must remain steady and mature and not shame him!

Anyway, he had been flying for a month before, and it was already enough.

“So it’s definitely a right thing not to teach flying spells at the outer Sect!” A middle-aged looking cultivator in the distance laughed, “Back then, you just learned a little light technique, yet every one of you took every chance you got to fly off the walls. If we really taught you, just look, every one of you will jump up to the sky.”

He was the peak master of this celestial flying peak, and this year’s Dragon and Phoenix Selection was to be escorted by him.

“We were repressed for too long,” Feng Qingxiu said with a smile, “The mood back then…..”

Even as calm as he was, his name was almost removed several times. Those days were really impossible for people to live.

No one wanted their names to be squeezed down and say goodbye to a chance at immortality. Moreover, it was far more painful having already gotten the chance than never getting it in the first place.

That was why they often looked for stimulation.

“In fact, at the beginning, the outer Sect would still teach spells such as the flying sword technique,” a young cultivator next to him also began to chat of some interesting things, “but after teaching, the outer Sect disciples acted as if they completely forgot they have legs, and there were always air crashes happening. So the outer Sect was no longer allowed to practice flying techniques.”

“Previous generations dig pits and later generations jump into it, I understand.” Feng Qingxiu nodded. It was just like when the first exam screening began, he heard that there was practically a sea of ​​blood at the foot of Yangshuo Peak, forcing Kun-Lai to exert great efforts on setting up cloud protection nets at the foot of the entire outer Sect.

“Alright, that’s about enough time of playing.” The middle-aged looking cultivator chuckled coldly at the disciples in the sky.

It caused Feng Qingxiu’s heart to jump, and he shouted: “You guys, come back quickly!”

The peak master said: “Speed ​​up!”

The cultivator next to him nodded and raised a jade talisman high, white light rippling on it, causing ripples like water waves to suddenly appear outside the entire mountain peak…..

The entire mountain peak accelerated instantly, leaving the disciples in the sky far behind.

“Wait for us——” A scream came from the sky.

Countless white lights chased them but were left far away by the mountain peak.

Several divine consciousness flashed by in the sky, all with a hint of a smile.

The mountain chasing scene every once in twelve years had begun again.


Da Xiao Kingdom

As the head of the three great sovereign states in the Western Continent, the history of Da Xiao was longer than that of Kun-Lai.

This country located in the Wuling Sea was originally the only inhabited place in the Western Continent, and it was also where the Daxuan forced some criminals in the Central Continent to come to in its path of expansion. These people lived in the barren land of the Western Continent and barely made ends meet.

The Wuling Sea was the largest lake in the Western Continent. It was later occupied by the Daxuan Dynasty to expand its territory. The people of the Western Continent also migrated and settled in large numbers from then on. Although there were also people who settled here before Daxuan, they were all small countries and tribal kingdoms which could be considered the Outlands.

Until hundreds of years ago, with the drastic changing of the weather in the Western Continent, the water vapor became abundant from the original scarcity, plants and vegetation began to flourish, and the water level began to rise.

The Wuling Sea gradually became a huge inland lake of hundreds of thousands of miles. With water, the land became better. Trees grew as no life spread faster than green vegetation. For hundreds of years, the Western Continent’s population skyrocketed and conditions became better. And as the population increased, people gradually moved to new places and created new countries.

This was also the origin of many countries in the Western Continent today.

Late autumn October was just after the busy farming season.

At this time, there was basically no farming in the fields, most of the grains had been harvested, and every family was busy preparing for the winter.

However, this year was different. Almost all young children between seven and seventeen had their hearts raised.

The Dragon and Phoenix Selection every twelve years was here again.

Every time at this period, the cultivation sects of the Western Continent would select children from various places and thus from then on, the mundane world was left behind.

The celestial flying peak was a huge mass, and countless mortals prostrated to the ground along its way, and did not get back up for a long time.

“Hmph, arrogant!” A young girl grumbled as she glared at the passing of the mountain peak.

She was tall, dressed in rough cloth and dressed up as a man. Standing outside a mountain courtyard residence, she watched a few teenagers leaving with their luggage, and angrily said: “You are all picked up and raised by Shifu who took care of you for so many years. How can you all be so spineless?”

“Senior Sister, we are just going to try, and we will come back if we fail the Selection.” A short and chubby teenager said lowly.

“Come back for what, do you think our mountain gate will still want you?” The girl was furious.

“Alright, child.” A fat auntie handed her a baggage, “Go quickly, and take care of each other along the way.”

“I won’t go, The mountain gate is my home.”

“Nonsense! This old lady has been exhausted for more than ten years, saving enough travel fees for you all. Don’t even think about coming back home if you don’t go!” The auntie stuffed the baggage into her hands, “Go!”


“Are the leggings prepared?” An old man asked a group of children to teenagers at the entrance of the village.


“What about food rations and water?”

“Also good.”

“Make sure the maple leaves are tucked in your hair. The Dragon and Phoenix Selection is ​​a major event in the Western Continent. With it tucked in, it means that we are participating in the Selection and bandits and tyrants on the road will not make it difficult for us!”

“It’s tucked in!”

“Village head——” A village woman rushed to kneel with a sick teenager, “Take my child too! He has been intelligent since he was a child, he will definitely be selected!”

“If you don’t have any money, you can’t go with us. This is a rule. Besides, even if we share some food rations, there are still other expenses while traveling along the way, and his body also can’t be tired. If something were to happen on the way, won’t it delay the rest of the children in the village? Don’t say anymore, go home quickly.”


“Are the things prepared?” In the deep inner courtyard of the large manor, a luxuriously dressed lady asked the young man next to her.

“Don’t worry, mother, there is already a cultivator who has looked over this child, and this child has spiritual roots, I will definitely be selected.” The young man said with confidence.

“Then be careful. The second room (TN: second branch of an extended family) has always been jealous of us. Recently, you have to pay attention to eating and drinking. This is the only chance, you can’t be tripped up!”

“This child knows!”


“You are all servants of the Bai family. You all will have the opportunity to participate in the Selection. I don’t ask you to remember the Bai family’s kindness, but if you are to be selected, you have to marry a young lady of the Bai family, come and sign the contract here.” In the dorms of the servants, a housekeeper with a beard said to the teenagers in the room.

“What if you don’t sign it?” A young boy asked in a low voice, only to be nudged by the teenager next to him.

It was not that they were being picky, it was just that, the looks of the ladies…..

“If you don’t sign, then you will have to go by yourself. I must say first, the queue is very long. The Kun-Lai cultivators will only make a stop here for two months. If you can’t get in the queue, then there is nothing you can do.”

“We’ll sign, we’ll sign.”


The same thing happened in countless places in the Western Continent. Ji Mingyu was dressed in plain white robes and along the way had been wondering: “Isn’t there an Heart Asking Stone in every city? Why do they have to prepare in such a hurry?”

This was the capital of the Da Xiao Kingdom. In front of them, there was already a long line of people entering the city, like a long snake entrenched at the entrance of the city.

Ye Han opened the way for her and said with a wry smile: “How many years have passed since the Heart Asking Stones have existed. The Western Continent’s population has increased over these many years, and those Heart Asking Stones have long been not enough. Only after the whole family of the nobles and aristocrats had tried it, will there be a chance for the commoner children. “

Ji Mingyu nodded: “That’s true. The population of the Western Continent has risen rapidly in recent years. Kun-Lai has brought back more and more disciples once every twelve years. Although there are few outstanding ones, basically no one wants to go to Shennong Peak so the output of spiritual rice is not going up in accordance with the rising population, which severely limits the number of low-level cultivation disciples.”

“What does this have to do with Shennong Peak?” Ye Han couldn’t understand, “Isn’t there the Fasting Pill?”

“If you’re going to starve to death and have no food to eat, why don’t you eat meat, right?” Ji Mingyu gave him an eyeroll.

Ye Han lowered his head silently.

“My father studied heaven and man, and found that the root source needed for cultivators is spiritual energy.” Ji Mingyu explained to him, “The source of spiritual energy is always different, but land with lush mountains and rivers has always been abundant with spiritual energy, so my father discovered that as long as the five elements of a piece of land circulate endlessly, there will always be spiritual energy being produced.”

Ye Han was at a loss: “The five elements circulating endlessly?”

“A piece of land itself belongs to the earth element, the vegetation growing on it belongs to the wood element, the water is the water element, the sunlight is the fire element, and the stone is the metal element. Only when there is more vegetation, will spiritual energy be produced and allow for the evolution of living beings——” Ji Mingyu glanced at him, and said mildly, “These are the original words of my father.”

So she also didn’t understand what evolution was.

“Father gathered the five elements of heaven and earth to make Dao seeds, which can open up a spiritual field within us. In the five elements cycle of the Dao seed, there are spiritual plants being grown and no spiritual energy spilling out. In this way, Kun-Lai is able to support countless lower-level cultivators.” Ji Mingyu said proudly, “This kind of Dao seeds have low requirements for people, and people with multi-spiritual roots are more advantageous to cultivate it, but few of you are willing to go to Shennong Peak.”

Ye Han shrank his neck and said nothing. Even so, to have him go farming…..he’d rather not.

“This time we are going to attend the Dragon and Phoenix Selection from the beginning. This is the real and proper way to enter the outer Sect. I want to see just what it is about that Feng Qingxiu that attracted my father’s favor!” Ji Mingyu was full of fighting spirit.

“I’ll accompany you!” Ye Han said decisively. He had been depressed for several months when he lost the opportunity back then. This time he had the opportunity to make up, so of course he had to go.

“Let’s go, I heard that you can get a local household registration by giving a little money to the government office here, and local testers have priority!” Ji Mingyu walked into the city with enthusiasm.

“Remember to change the age to be younger.” Ye Han said, and then followed.

At this time, there was a sudden uproar in front.

“The Teacher of the State is here, get down on your knees!” A voice shouted.

Countless people around knelt instantly, and those that didn’t were also pulled down into kneeling.

A luxurious carriage drove by on the road, accompanied by beautiful female attendants and imperial army guards.

Naturally, Ji Mingyu would not kneel, but after seeing the appearance of the Teacher of the State in the carriage, she quickly pulled Ye Han and hid away.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Han was startled as this was the first time he saw Mingyu hiding from someone.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It’s actually that idiot, Xiao Yuan.” Ji Mingyu snorted coldly. “A trash who wants to marry me and refuses to look in the mirror and be more self-aware. He is more annoying than a fly. I don’t want to be bothered by him. The Da Xiao Kingdom actually invited such a person to be their Teacher of the State, really, which Kun-Lai ancestor did they manage to offend?”

“Oh.” Ye Han silently fixed the appearance of the Teacher of the State in his heart.

“Let’s go to another door, better not let him recognize me.”


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