Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 035 True And False, Right And Wrong

The flying peak landed on the Yunjin Rock on the west side of the Da Xiao Kingdom. The huge open space had already been cleared by countless officials and soldiers, and there was not a person within miles.

Normally, at this time they would greet the Emperor of Da Xiao Kingdom and his officials, but only Feng Qingxiu came out to exchange courtesies.

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The other disciples flew out to play long before the peak landed.

——The head disciple came into use at this time. They were all senior brothers so of course they didn’t have to be courteous.

Only, among the people from Da Xiao Kingdom, two of them did not kneel, which was very particular.

One was the emperor, of course, as he represented a country. If an Elder came, he would definitely kneel, but as Feng Qingxiu was a new disciple at the Foundation Establishment Stage, he definitely was not qualified.

As for his other identity, Kun-Lai did not announce it to the outside world.

As for the other person who did not kneel, this one was a bit of a problem.

Feng Qingxiu nodded and greeted: “Dao Brother Xiao Yuan, it’s been a long time.”

The Teacher of the State, Xiao Yuan’s gaze was sharp as they looked him up and down for a long time before he slowly loosened his fist: “It has been a long time. I didn’t think that you, the direct disciple of the Sect Leader, would come down and take care of a trivial matter such as the Dragon and Phoenix Selection.”

The surrounding officials were suddenly thrown in a big uproar, and their eyes became full of enthusiasm.

At this time, the traveling of news was not fast. Although Kun-Lai’s internal discussions were heated, the time was limited and not much news had been spread out.

Since Feng Qingxiu was the head disciple of his graduating year, it meant that he was selected just a dozen years ago.

It meant that his family had not yet moved to Kun-Lai.

It meant that they still had a chance to make ties and initiate a marriage connection!

Suddenly, undercurrents surged.

“The Dragon and Phoenix Selection is ​​the foundation of Kun-Lai, how is it a trivial matter.” Feng Qingxiu smiled and rejected his hostility.

“It’s not a trivial matter? Then, how come every year, nearly 10,000 children are sent back to their hometowns. Does Senior Brother Feng know that they will face a lot of gossip due to having been returned to their hometowns for no reason?” Xiao Yuan had long been full of hatred and indignation for Feng Qingxiu. If not for the other, he clearly could have relied on the Qingdi Peak Master to stay in Kun-Lai!

As a Golden Core Formation cultivator, why was it that he could only come to this rural area as a mortal Teacher of the State, but an ordinary disciple like Feng Qingxiu had such a smooth future, winning the favor of the Sect Leader?

“Xiao Yuan, do you have complaints about the Sect rules?” The middle-aged peak master on the peak gave him a cold look.

Xiao Yuan glared at him, but knowing that he could not provoke a flying peak master, he did not speak again.

At this time, the emperor of the Da Xiao Kingdom interjected by smoothing things over, inviting Feng Qingxiu to attend the banquet prepared. Just how harmonious it was all the way, it need not be mentioned.

Xiao Yuan followed silently, his expression clouded.

“Elder Li, will his arrival here hurt my plan?” He asked silently.

“His cultivation level is too shallow and won’t detect anything. Are you sure that the flying peak master can’t leave?” The voice in the ring asked solemnly.

“The cost of creating a flying peak is extremely high. After the guardian magical array on the peak is opened, not even a Synthesis cultivator can break through it and harm the people inside for seven days. It is Kun-Lai’s biggest reliance when launching expeditions to the Outlands. Unless it returns to Kun-Lai, there must be a peak master on the peak.” Thinking of this, Xiao Yuan couldn’t help but feel a little angry. “Back then, Bai Liu, the peak master of Qingdi Peak, was going to use up his savings to give us orphans a flying peak of our own and let us ascend to a small peak as well as earn some resources only for the plan to be blocked by Yimeng Qingnu. If I had a flying peak back then, how could I be exiled here.”

“With just this one peak, tens of thousands of children and teenagers can be transported away?” The ring spirit was still a little skeptical.

“The inner part of the mountain is hollow, and there is a huge amount of supplies sticked in the lower layer, which is naturally possible.” Xiao Yuan explained.

Every time Kun-Lai launched an expedition to the Outlands, dozens of flying peaks would go to gather various spiritual resources. When countless cultivators were injured or exhausted, they would return to the flying peak to rest, or trade what they gathered, or purchase supplies. Every time one needed to pay a small amount of tax to the peak master in order to use the flying peak, so the accumulation of less would add up, making all peak masters wealthy with countless resources.

“Such divine objects can even be created…..This Kun-Lai Sect Leader is really a great man.” The ring spirit sighed faintly.

Xiao Yuan also had a complicated expression. He was born in Kun-Lai, and no matter what his fate was, he couldn’t help but worship the Lord of Kun-Lai. How could their Sect Leader just be described by the word outstanding?


The capital of the Da Xiao Kingdom had a large area, and the street in the center was 100 meters wide. It was directly connected to the city from the city gates, and there were countless carriages and horses seen on it.

From the beginning of the next month, the fantastical mountain peak would be hovering outside the capital city, attracting countless people to come and see.

The road was full of luxurious carriages pulled by fine steeds, and the bustling and prosperous secular world was always very lively.

Although Kun-Lai was good, it was a bit lonely.

After dealing with the countless scheming at the wine table, Feng Qingxiu was finally able to relax. He had just flown back to the peak only to slip out again.

It was also the first time that he had come out of Kun-Lai, so naturally he did not want to waste the time on greeting and socializing.

The young man in a green blue robe with his long hair tied up rubbed his hands together, gearing up to complete the vow he made as a young boy.

Just as soon as he took to the streets, Feng Qingxiu became surrounded by at least five hawkers.

“Young man, you are also here to participate in the Dragon and Phoenix Selection right!” The leading hawker had a kind face and enthusiastically invited him over, “Come on, our puzzle is very special. But if you make a correct guess you can win a Dragon Phoenix Lantern. This is a very auspicious sign, come and make a guess.”

“No need, I have something else to do.” Feng Qingxiu declined.

But his eloquence was completely not the opponent of these hawkers, and only finally managed to struggle out with some difficulty. He let out a sigh of relief when he slipped into the alley next to the busy street.

Then, he carefully avoided the traffic of various vendors and tried to make his way to the north of the city where the Heart Asking Stone was located.

He heard that this Heart Asking Stone was the first sacred stone erected by the Sect Leader back then. It was opened every twelve years and there would be rune patterns flashing on its surface. Anyone who could make sense and draw one or two could then enter Kun-Lai to cultivate.

Now there was a huge temple constructed there to enshrine the sacred stone which was given offerings to every day.

Feng Qingxiu had wanted to come and take a look for a long time.

But he didn’t expect that he couldn’t even get close to even a hundred feet away from the temple gate, let alone actually go in and have a look.

There were so many people there to worship!

Without using spells, he could forget about trying to go inside.

However, having practiced so many immortal magical spells, if he didn’t use it at this time then when should he?

Decisively, he used a traversal spell to enter the temple and squeezed next to a huge boulder in the crowd.

After finally touching the cold stone, he was very satisfied.

Alright, he could now go to other places to look for possible fraud and bullying!

Feeling very satisfied with having fulfilled his wish, Feng Qingxiu was ready to leave.

“Wait, wait a little longer.” A calm and gentle voice sounded.

Feng Qingxiu’s body became stiff, and he suddenly became dumbstruck.

“Shizun?” He looked around, but he didn’t find a single familiar figure.

“Here. Bow your head.” The voice came slowly.

Feng Qingxiu glanced down, and saw an inch-sized piece of paper sticking to the stone, just a paper cut out of a humanoid shape, without facial features and fingers. It was currently bending its “hand” to indicate that he was here.

Feng Qingxiu seemed to hear the sound of his three views shattering.

When the paper man had enough of sticking to the stone, he flew into Feng Qingxiu’s arms and said: “Go back.”

So Feng Qingxiu walked back to the flying peak without a word, where he sat down cross-legged in his room to practice cultivation.

“Don’t be unhappy.” The little paper man stuck to his face and patted his cheek, coaxing, “Shizun, I, did not come here in person, just as a piece of divine thought to join in the fun.”

Feng Qingxiu continued practicing cultivation cross-legged and ignored him.

He said he wouldn’t follow over!

“Good disciple, go out to play, it’s a good and bright life ahead. Being a hermit at home all day long will turn you into a dummy.” The little paper man touched his disciple’s forehead again.

Feng Qingxiu still ignored him.

He said he wouldn’t follow over!

“Hey, so soon you have come to dislike your Shizun.” The paper man floated in front of his eyes, folded his hands on his chest, and tilted his head.

His disciple’s long eyelashes flickered.

“In truth, Shizun didn’t want to reveal myself so quickly.” The paper man sighed, “It’s just that a doubt sprung up in my heart, and so I stuck onto the rune stone to take a feel and discovered that the problem is indeed not small.”

Feng Qingxiu suddenly opened his eyes and looked surprised: “What problem?”

He didn’t notice anything at all, so this time it was not a matter he could handle?

He was too arrogant, and he actually felt that Shizun only followed over because of boredom and the desire to come out to play. He was simply too superficial and arrogant!

“The rune stone was replaced by someone, and not the original one that was made by me. But the rune stone is not a weak imitation, and the one who made this stone has a good cultivation base.” The little paper man floated in front of him, his words sure. How could he not recognize the rune patterns he wrote himself, even if the fake resembled it very much?

Of course, that was just a trivial matter. He just wanted to come out and play with his disciple.

“How is this possible?” Feng Qingxiu’s heart squeezed and he pondered, “The sacred stones of all countries are guarded by outer Sect disciples, and they are heavily guarded with all kinds of alarms placed on it. Unless there is collusion with someone on the inside.”

But this was not impossible. Many of the outer Sect disciples were eliminated through the exams and did some varied business for Kun-Lai in the outside secular world. If they performed well, they might be transferred back to Kun-Lai Mountain. If he was not selected for the Dao Disc back then, he was also ready to go down this road as well.

It was just that this road was difficult to persist on, and there had been very few outer Sect disciples who managed to go back to the main mountain over these hundreds of years.

But poor performance was completely different from betraying the Sect!

Feng Qingxiu did not expect anyone to dare to be so bold.

“Yes. Let’s take a look at the other stones.” Paper Man Shizun said quietly.

And on the way, take a look at what the Western Continent really looked like. It was a very different experience to look by sweeping over the land with his divine consciousness and to look in person.

“Let’s go, then!” Feng Qingxiu also realized that the situation might be the most serious in many years, and was full of fighting spirit.

“Wait a minute.” The paper man stopped him and under his disciple regained his look of worship towards his Shizun, pointed in the direction, “In that direction, use the Invisible Sword to pierce forward.”

“This disciple obeys.” Feng Qingxiu raised his finger, and an invisible sword energy escaped from the fingertips and disappeared.

Almost at the same time, he heard a faint muffled cry.

“This is?” Feng Qingxiu looked at the Paper Man Shizun in confusion.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It’s just a little mouse spying on you.” The paper man slowly landed on his shoulder and sat down, while answering casually, “Everyone is carrying an old grandpa, who is afraid of whom?”

Feng Qingxiu didn’t understand, but it didn’t stop him from feeling that his Shizun was very formidable.

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