The Cruel Tyrant CH 088 Injured

On Bailu Mountain, former Qing Kingdom scholars led a group of old friends and students. They knelt for a whole day at the altar set up under heavy snow. The rise of smoke from the incense accompanied the various miserable howls that resounded through Bailu Mountain. However, Su Mu simply didn’t give a damn about them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After receiving the news that the Crown Prince told them to find their ancestors, Luo Jingwen instantly vomited out blood in anger, two lines of tears falling down his creased and wrinkled face, and shouted to the sky: “The evildoers are raging, and the kingdom of Qing is going to be destroyed! Heaven! …..Please open your eyes! The ancestors of the Qing Kingdom…..Please show your spirits!”

After shouting, this 60-year-old old man fell directly to the ground, and the people kneeling around hurriedly surrounded him.


“Jingwen! Jingwen! Call the doctor…..”

“A century-old foundation being destroyed at once, and all the people in the world weep with sorrow. Such a tyrant should truly be annihilated by the heavens! Who can save our Qing kingdom? Who can save the people of our Qing Kingdom?”

Han Yi looked at this group of headless flies coldly, and only felt ridicule in his heart, ‘all the people in the world weep with sorrow’? In their eyes, they themselves were the people, while everyone else were animals and beasts! It was undeniable that many of this group of people do have real talents. The “Heavenly Note Record” compiled by that Scholar Luo 20 years ago had now spread to various countries and had become a must-have musical score for the upper class. However, more than 90% of the common people of the Qing Kingdom who work in the soil had not even heard of the name. This group of scholars even said something like, “How can ignorant commoners know rituals and music?” The people of the world they represent were only the people in their own social circle.

Han Yi watched coldly as this group of people carried away Luo Jingwen, who was about to take his last breath. He then turned around and brought the army back to the Crown Prince’s Palace to tell the Crown Prince what had happened on Bailu Mountain. After hearing this, Su Mu said: “Keep a watch on those people. If they stay at home then they can do whatever they like to do, but they are forbidden to gather in crowds anymore, this kind of thing that happened today is not allowed to happen again, if anyone gathers crowds to incite the people, kill them without mercy!”


After Han Yi retreated, Su Mu said to Lin Siyuan standing on the side: “The Imperial Classical Academy has been completed and divided into a men’s college and a women’s college, a university and an elementary school. Lin Siyuan you will be responsible for the men’s college while Yun Feiyu is responsible for the women’s college. When you go back, inform her of this.”

“Yes.” Lin Siyuan stepped forward and said, “But, Your Highness, is there too much emphasis on mathematics?”

Towards this world that discriminated against mathematics, Su Mu could not help feeling exasperated: “Not much. Literature and language already takes up half a day, but mathematics and martial arts together take up half a day.”

The other Imperial Agricultural Academy and Imperial Engineering Academy were much smaller and only opened a university section. Inside were agricultural and engineering technicians gathered by Su Mu from all over the country who would specialize in studying agriculture and machinery.

In the evening, a Gu Yunzhou who was dusty from travel appeared in front of Su Mu. Su Mu took a closer look at the dark red on his black clothes, and the surprise on his face immediately became clouded: “Call the imperial doctor.”

The maid ran out the door in a panic. Su Mu’s heart was pounding and he pressed the other to sit on a chair, asking in an anxious voice: “Why are you hurt?” Gu Yunzhou was so powerful in martial arts, Su Mu really couldn’t think of anyone who could hurt him.

Su Mu’s handsome face was reflected in Gu Yunzhou’s dark eyes, and a warm feeling filled his heart. He said calmly: “I was attacked by Zhai Cheng during the evacuation.”

“Who is Zhai Cheng?” A cold light flashed in Su Mu’s eyes.

“The leader of the Lingyun Pavilion Branch in Wei Kingdom.” Gu Yunzhou didn’t reveal even the slightest bit of anger in his tone.

Huang Xuan hurried over first. He thought it was the Crown Prince who had an accident when he heard the Crown Prince had called for the imperial physician. His fair and tender face was flushed from the run and appeared quite adorable. But when he saw Gu Yunzhou sitting in the Crown Prince’s room his expression immediately went cold. He was even more unhappy when he saw the Crown Prince so anxious about the other.

“This official pays respects to Your Highness.” However, the proper etiquette should still be done.

“Come here and look at his wound.” Su Mu directly pulled off Gu Yunzhou’s clothes, and that hard muscular chest was immediately exposed. A wound that was more than an inch long on the left side of his chest had scabbed over, but it was obviously reopened later and there was still blood on his chest. Huang Xuan reluctantly stepped forward, wanting nothing more than to add another stab to the other, but with the lesson from last time still fresh, he had to put away his true thoughts. He first took out a wooden box from the medicine box and placed it on the table, saying in a stiff tone: “The wound has scabbed over and there is no serious problem. Don’t get water on it before the scab falls off. This medicine should be applied in the morning and evening to get rid of the dead skin and grow new skin. It will heal in ten days.”

Seeing the Crown Prince picking up the wooden box and applying medicine for Gu Yunzhou without even looking his way, Huang Xuan felt very aggrieved. He hadn’t seen the Crown Prince for more than ten days, but the Crown Prince didn’t even give him a single glance. Huang Xuan resisted his impulse to greet Gu Yunzhou with various poisons from the “Poison Classics”, and said gloomily: “Your Highness, this official will take my leave first.”

Su Mu dug out a wad of ointment from the wooden box, carefully applied it to Gu Yunzhou’s wound and nodded.

Not even saying a word to him! Huang Xuan looked at the two angrily and walked out the door huffily.

Inside the room, Su Mu’s slender fingertips smoothed across Gu Yunzhou’s chest and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Gu Yunzhou looked at him with eyes as if the stars had fallen in them: “It doesn’t hurt.”

After having the servants prepare hot water, he watched the eunuch carefully wash him clean. Su Mu admitted that he was a little jealous and had replaced the maid with a eunuch instead.

Under the dim candlelight, Su Mu half layed on the bed looking at Gu Yunzhou’s handsome face and the attractive lines of his body, and asked: “Why didn’t you rest first after being injured? Instead of making such a long trip over.”

“I want to see you.” Gu Yunzhou looked at him with deep eyes, and Su Mu also stared fixedly into the other’s eyes. Suddenly a spark of fire ignited and instantly burned through Su Mu’s whole body. He hurriedly pressed the impulse in his heart and turned around with the quilt covering himself: “Sleep.”

A smile flashed in Gu Yunzhou’s eyes, and he hugged him from behind and said, “Alright.”

Su Mu’s face was flushed, and he gritted his teeth and said: “If this is the case, can you not poke it against me.”

Gu Yunzhou pressed harder onto Su Mu and said, “Alright.” Then he spread Su Mu’s legs forcibly.

Su Mu’s face was flushed, his eyes moist and his breathing coming in gasps, but he stretched out his hands to stop the other: “You are injured.”

Gu Yunzhou took away his hands and said, “It’s fine.” After finishing speaking, he wrapped his hands on Su Mu’s waist and then squeezed in forcefully, causing Su Mu to gasp out loud: “Lighter…..”

“Ah……..” Su Mu held the bed sheets tightly and endured the pleasure that rushed up to his head, saying intermittently: “The wound…..the wound opened…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The two tossed around for more than half an hour before they fell asleep. 

As a result, when the maid cleaned the bed the next day and saw the pool of blood on the bed, she was so scared that her hands shook. When did the Crown Prince regain his old hobby?

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  1. Gah! It’s official, Gu Yunzhou is really my top 1 ML. I know all ML’s have different personalities, skills, and characteristics but for me, he’s perfectly suited with MC. And like they’re both equal in most aspects. Also the fact that *cough* I might be weak with the silent types *cough*
    Thank you so much for your hard work!!

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    1. You are right! He is also intelligent it’s just he used martial arts otherwise having such a large organization can make you crazy if you are not capable!

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