Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 090 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 14

After playing in the elegant establishment for a day, Nie Bufan still followed Fan Luo back to the manor. There were still the emperor’s guards in the dark, and Wei Di and the others simply had no chance of snatching away a certain someone.

Nie Bufan sat in the carriage and waved happily at the people who watched him leave. Except for Wei Di’s eyes which were a little scary, the others all smiled back. As for the sadness behind the smile, only they knew…..

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After spending two days in the Teacher of the State’s manor, taking advantage of Fan Luo’s indulgence, Nie Bufan led his chickens to throw the Teacher of the State’s manot into utter upheaval. The chickens now regarded this place as another of their territories besides the imperial palace and the imperial hunting grounds. In the grass, between the branches, on the corners of the walls, on the eaves, one could stumble upon newly built chicken nests from time to time. The ornamental fish in the pond had also met with great misfortune, practically having been completely wiped out.

If in the past, Fan Luo would have already been unable to tolerate this and would have sent the other packing back to the palace, but after that kiss, some things seemed to have undergone subtle changes, and there was nothing he could do to avoid it.

Until the third day, the emperor finally made an order to ask for a certain someone. He suspected that if he had not made an order, a certain someone would have no intention of going back to the palace at all.

During this period of time, in addition to dealing with state affairs, he had to devote himself to finding and arresting the culprit who used the poison that day. Thanks to Fan Luo and the people from the imperial medical college finding out the source of the poison in time, and thus following the clues, he finally found the man who secretly communicated with Consort Li. The reason for the poisoning was because Emperor Ming ordered to abort the child in Consort Li’s belly. And although he did not execute Consort Li, she was imprisoned forever in the Cold Palace. This incident aroused the resentment of the man who decided to make a desperate and vengeful move, but unfortunately, because Nie Bufan got involved, he not only did not succeed but also did not have another chance at carrying out his poisoning again, eventually reaching a dead end.

Nie Bufan naturally didn’t know the inside story, nor was he interested in knowing it. The darkness in the world was endless, and it was better to be a carefree and foolish person than to live too clearly.

Fan Luo brought Nie Bufan into the palace. The first words from Emperor Ming was to question: “You are really reluctant to return it seems. If Zhen didn’t call for you, wouldn’t you know to return by yourself?”

Nie Bufan ignored his dissatisfaction and said with a smile: “Your Majesty, I heard that you have captured the bad guys brilliantly.”

Emperor Ming made a noncommittal “en” sound.

“In that case, the misunderstanding that came when I was treated as a scapegoat has been thoroughly clarified?” Nie Bufan asked again.

Emperor Ming stared at him: “What do you want to say?”

Nie Bufan smiled brightly: “Since my name has been cleared, should Xiaobao leave the palace too?”

“Leave the palace?” Emperor Ming said with a serious face, “When did I say that when the matter was resolved, Zhen would let you leave the palace? Zhen has decided to officially make you my book attendant.”

Nie Bufan hesitated for a while, and said as if embarrassed: “Your Majesty, Xiaobao wants to explain one thing.”

“What is it?”

“In truth, Xiaobao is just an illiterate little commoner. The high-end position of the book attendant is really not suitable for me. Even if it is given to a eunuch, it is still a bit ‘superfluous’. So I hope that Your Majesty can make the best use of people. The one that should raise chickens should raise chickens, the one that should go out and get fresh air should go out and get fresh air, and each should perform their own duties, in this way the whole world will be at peace.”

The corners of Emperor Ming’s mouth twitched, and he was silent for a while before he said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely ‘make the best use of people’ and you will naturally have your place in the palace. If you like to raise chickens, you can raise chickens. If you want to go out and get fresh air, you can go freely, Zhen will not constrain you too much. “

Nie Bufan looked melancholy, looked at Fan Luo, then at Emperor Ming, suddenly revealing a determined look, he said: “Your Majesty, I have one more thing to explain.”

“Speak.” Why were there so many things to explain? It seemed that giving you a position as book attendant was not any easy thing at all!

Nie Bufan took a deep breath, clutching his chest and said, “Xiaobao has someone I like and plans to put down everything and stay with him forever.”

Emperor Ming’s gaze sharpened, and Fan Luo felt a little nervous inexplicably.

Sure enough, Nie Bufan turned his head and stared at him while saying affectionately: “I and the Teacher of the State have fallen in love with each other, and we have decided in our hearts. We will make our lifelong marriage official when we leave the palace. Your Majesty, what the heart loves is not something we can help, but I hope you can accept us.”

Emperor Ming squinted his eyes, not believing a word of his nonsense. He grew up with Fan Luo and understood Fan Luo’s personality too well. How could a person who was cold and abstinent have his heart easily affected? At the beginning, when he gave him a honoerotic book, it was more out of teasing, and he didn’t really think the other liked men. With Fan Luo’s self-possessed character, he would never take that step.

Fan Luo looked sideways at Nie Bufan. This guy said before that he was going to use him as a scapegoat. He really did what he said, and let him take the blame completely.

“Teacher of the State, what do you say?” Emperor Ming asked casually.

Unexpectedly, Fan Luo gave him an unexpected answer: “Just as Xiaobao said, this official was indeed moved by him. If Your Majesty can accept us, this official is willing to resign as the Teacher of the State immediately and take seclusion from the secular world from now on.”

Emperor Ming looked at him incredulously, while Nie Bufan gave him a “very pleased” look.

The room fell into silence. Emperor Ming looked at the two quietly and saw that they were looking at each other, it seemed that there was a real adulterous relationship here.

He snorted: “How do you intend to make Zhen believe in your relationship? Just with a few empty words?”

In truth, with his identity, he didn’t need to care much about scruples at all. No one could take away what he wanted. But Fan Luo was his confidant, and the person he trusted most. If he had fallen for another, even one of his harem concubines, he would not mind doing a favor and give that person to him.

Only Xiaobao, he could not bear giving away. He wanted to see if the two of them were faking it or were truly in love.

“Then according to Your Majesty’s opinion what should be done?” Fan Luo asked.

“Zhen will give you a chance, to make love in the palace.” Emperor Ming said with some bad intentions.

The Teacher of the State was surprised: “What?”

Emperor Ming added: “In front of Zhen.”

Nie Bufan immediately said: “Your Majesty, how can such a shy person like the Teacher of the State do it in front of you?”

This was not the point, right? Fan Luo looked at him with conflicted feelings.

“Oh?” Emperor Ming said lightly, “You mean, you can do it without being in front of Zhen?”

“Why not?” Nie Bufan replied frankly.

Fan Luo had the urge to cover his face, and he wanted nothing more than to pry open this guy’s head to see if it contained something that normal humans could not understand.

“Fine.” Emperor Ming restrained himself and said loudly, “Come in, prepare to go to Guangyan Hall.”

The group of people arrived at Guangyan Hall in a weird atmosphere.

Emperor Ming lifted his chin and gestured at the big bed in the hall, and said, “How about here?”

Fan Luo was expressionless, but Nie Bufan looked around with interest, then nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Then it’s up to you.” Emperor Ming said gloomily, “Don’t let me down.”

After speaking, he simply flicked his sleeves and left.

Nie Bufan jumped on the bed and rolled a few times. He tilted his head to look at the Teacher of the State who had stiffened like a block of wood, patted the bed and said, “Come here.”

Fan Luo walked over mechanically and sat in a precarious manner.

Nie Bufan approached him and asked in a low voice, “Guess which corner the emperor would hide in to peek at us?”

This was really a test for the IQ.

Fan Luo sighed, looked at him and asked, “Why did you agree to the emperor’s proposal?”

“Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain, and breaking it off as soon as possible will avoid future troubles.”

He felt that this would cause more future troubles. Fan Luo looked up at the sky speechlessly.

At this moment, the sound of rubbing clothes suddenly came from behind him. Fan Luo looked back and found that Nie Bufan was already beginning to undress.

“You…..” He wouldn’t really, right?

“The play must be acted realistically, and we can’t let the emperor laugh at us.” Nie Bufan said while taking off his clothes, “Don’t sit stupidly, move faster.”

Fan Luo hesitantly stretched his hand to his belt, his heart beating irregularly.

Suddenly, a heavy weight landed on his back, Nie Bufan leaned very close to him and whispered in his ear: “I’ll help you.”

After pushing him down, Nie Bufan, who was only dressed in a single under robe, stretched out his unruly thievish hands and began to commit some inhuman acts.

Fan Luo’s official robes were quickly torn apart, exposing large areas of skin. His long hair spread out on the bed sheets, eyes alluring and lips tempting, looking as beautiful as a delicate red rose.

However, village head Nie’s aesthetics had always been bizarre, and no matter how beautiful people were, in his eyes they were no different from other animals. He upheld the concept of treating beauty as emptiness. He said very sincerely: “Teacher of the State, I’m going to eat now, bear with me.”

Was he treating him as a feast of human flesh? Fan Luo felt conflicted in his heart, but his body did not reject the other’s touch.

Nie Bufan leaned down and slowly approached, his long hair falling forward, tickling like feathers. Fan Luo’s eyes were condensed with moisture, his gaze focused on the other’s every move.

Suddenly, he lifted the quilt and covered the two of them.

Nie Bufan only felt his vision darken, then he was hugged hard by another body, his lips pressed against another’s, their tongues dancing.

In the quilt, the air was thin and the breaths they exhaled were burning hot. Their skin rubbed against each other, and the sound of their heartbeat seemed to be amplified, the world becoming very small and narrow.

At this moment, there was the sound of heavy footsteps, coming from far to near. Fan Luo understood in his heart, and reluctantly let go of Nie Bufan’s lips.

Immediately, the quilt was suddenly lifted, and Emperor Ming’s gloomy and black face appeared in front of the two of them.

Nie Bufan’s red lips were slightly swollen, his eyes misted over, and he looked like he was inviting someone to have their way with him.

Emperor Ming was angry, and without even looking at Fan Luo, he picked up Nie Bufan and charged out of Guangyan Hall.

Fan Luo stared at their backs motionlessly, his eyes melancholy and deep.

Emperor Ming threw Nie Bufan on the dragon bed and said angrily: “You really dared to do it!”

Nie Bufan tugged at the quilt and muttered, “Wasn’t it yet to be done?”

“What did you say?” Emperor Ming pressed him down, and said sinisterly, “Wei Xiaobao, you better remember that from now on you can only be my person, and you are not allowed to attract bees and butterflies again.”

“In what way did I attract bees and butterflies?” Nie Bufan resolutely said, “I like the Teacher of the State, why don’t you be benevolent and give me a chance to be with one person until the end?”

Emperor Ming gritted his teeth: “In what way does Zhen fail to compare with the Teacher of the State? What do you like about him?”

“He is as beautiful as a flower.” Nie Bufan answered quickly and clearly.

“…..” Emperor Ming had nothing to say to that. He was indeed inferior to the other when just speaking of appearance alone. Everyone had the love of beauty, and this reason was a very powerful one.

“There are so many beautiful people in the world, will you fall in love with every one of them you see?” Emperor Ming didn’t believe that this guy’s heart could be captured by this alone, he asked again, “In addition to looks, what about him do you also like?”

“Clean-living and honest,” Nie Bufan replied.

“…..” Instant kill once again. In terms of the most unclean person in the world, the emperor absolutely ranked first, with a harem full of concubines, so long as they had enough physical strength and stamina, no one would even care if they slept with several women in one night. It could be said to be enjoying the blessings of the world’s beauties, ravaging several good cabbages.

Emperor Ming was still unwilling to give up, insisting on finding a reason enough to defeat the other.

He asked again: “In addition to being beautiful and clean, what else do you like about him?”

“Perfectly happy and willing to let me be on top.”

“…..” Fine, if you quibble with him, then you will lose. Emperor Ming was beaten completely and thoroughly.

Nie Bufan stared at him without blinking, as if waiting for him to continue questioning. Obviously, a certain someone had prepared a lot of praise, just waiting to hit them at him at any time.

Emperor Ming finally stopped his masochistic behavior, and decided to turn his grief and anger into strength,  and f*ck him to death!

He lifted his robes and directly carried the knife into battle, without giving Nie Bufan a chance to resist, he thrusted all the way to the bottom.

Emperor Ming said hoarsely: “Xiaobao, stay with me, I will always love you.”

“No, don’t want…..” Nie Bufan struggled.

“You can’t not want it,” Emperor Ming moved more aggressively and said forcefully, “No one in the world dares to disobey my orders.”

Nie Bufan opened his mouth and bit at one of Emperor Ming’s nipples.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Ah, damn it.” Emperor Ming cried out in pain. He pinched his chin and fiercely blocked his lips. His other hand lifted the other’s leg high, and began to piston in and out hard, completely possessing him.


In the huge bedroom, there were intermittent moans and gasps, and the bed curtains would occasionally flick lightly, unable to fully hide the spring scenery within..…

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