Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 091 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 15

“Wei Book Attendant, what are you looking for?” The eunuch saw that Nie Bufan had been tossing around in the bedroom since he got up, now even crawling under the bed, and finally couldn’t help asking.

Nie Bufan did not answer. He stood up and paced back and forth in the bedroom, his expression conflicted.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this time, a series of greetings came from outside the door, and Emperor Ming strode in.

As soon as Nie Bufan saw him, he rushed over and ran his hands all over the other.

“Hehe, Xiaobao, why are you so passionate today?” Emperor Ming embraced him into his arms, a smile on his face.

Nie Bufan stared at him for a long while, and asked seriously, “Where is my tablet?”

“What tablet?” Emperor Ming raised his eyebrows.

“Imperial order tablet,” Nie Bufan said in puzzlement, “It was still there yesterday, but when I woke up it disappeared.”

“Oh?” Emperor Ming said solemnly, “Who is so bold as to dare stealing your imperial order tablet!”

Nie Bufan secretly looked at him contemptuously: Just pretend! In your territory, who dares to move your things?

Taking a few steps back, Nie Bufan said gloomily, “Your Majesty, secretly taking back what you had already rewarded out, isn’t it a bit stingy?”

“What is Xiaobao saying? How could Zhen do this kind of thing?” Emperor Ming refused to admit it, “If it wasn’t stolen, then you must have accidentally dropped it somewhere. Later Zhen will help you look for it, and if it is found, Zhen will give it to you.”

Nie Bufan said: “What if you can’t find it?”

“Zhen will find it.” Emperor Ming patted his head comfortingly.

“Then what should I do if I want to go out of the palace now?” He asked again.

“You just came back and yet you want to leave the palace again?” Emperor Ming asked calmly, “Is it that fun outside the palace?”

“Of course.” Nie Bufan nodded affirmatively.

Emperor Ming paused and said, “Fine, in a few days, I will personally take you out of the palace to play.”

Listening to his words, clearly he didn’t want to return the imperial order to him, but just because the other won’t hand it over, couldn’t he take it himself?

Thinking of this, Nie Bufan settled down.

He placed a hand on Emperor Ming’s shoulder and said with a serious face: “Your Majesty, you are the monarch of a country. Please do not neglect the affairs of the country because of Xiaobao. On the matter of going out of the palace, I can handle it myself.”

Emperor Ming didn’t expect that Nie Bufan’s so-called “handling it himself” would be to just run away.

He didn’t realize how powerful a certain someone’s fighter chickens were. Even the heavy guards and security outside the treasury could not stop them from spreading misfortune, let alone stealing a mere tablet. Not long into the future, the emperor might really find that quite a number of treasures suddenly and magically became missing from the treasury…..

The next day, Nie Bufan successfully got the imperial order tablet that Wukong had stolen from the imperial study. He immediately had Big Weapon send a letter to Zhang Junshi. The letter had a twisted carriage drawn on it and attached with the time and meeting place. The meaning was obvious, that was to alert Zhang Junshi to prepare the carriage before then. This time Nie Bufan was really burning his boats and stake it all on one throw.

Very quickly, Zhang Junshi sent a reply back. He drew a ship on the letter and there was a clear mark on the ship. The time did not change but the agreed place was changed to a water port outside the city.

Feeling that the time was right, Nie Bufan took advantage of Emperor Ming busy attending the morning assembly, and holding the imperial order tablet in his hand, he left the palace in a confident swagger.

After leaving, he did not immediately rush to the agreed place, but first made a detour into a hidden and out of the way alley. After a while, a scream echoed from the alley, followed by the sound of various flapping wings.

When everything settled again, Nie Bufan calmly stepped out of the alley and walked towards the water port in a new set of clothes and a bamboo hat.

Deep in the alley, a hidden guard was lying on the ground, his clothes torn, and his body covered with traces of being ravaged…..

There were dozens of merchant ships and cargo ships docked by the water port.

Nie Bufan carefully identified the marks on each ship and determined his target in a short time. It was a small cargo ship, the bow was shaped like a beak, the hull was painted in black, and the interior was mainly red and yellow. From just the appearance, it was no different from the other ships.

Nie Bufan followed the porter onto the ship and looked around, but no familiar figures were found. He secretly wondered, with Zhang Junshi’s character, even if he couldn’t meet him in person, he would have sent someone to make contact with him.

He slipped into the cabin and checked the rooms one by one. At this time, most of the ship crew were busy on the deck, and no one paid attention to the movements of this outsider.

Nie Bufan searched to no avail, so he put his mind at ease and randomly found a cabin to stay in. Anyway, he had already boarded the ship so he just needed to wait for Zhang Third’s people to come find him.

Not for long, there was a shout from outside, and then the hull shook slightly, as if the ship was about to sail off.

Nie Bufan looked out through the small window. As the ship sailed farther away, the figures on the shore became blurred. This river was not the main river and only small boats could pass through, but after entering the main river, the field of vision became wider.

Nie Bufan threw the little monkey into the air a few times, his face full of excitement——he was finally going back to the village!

But he didn’t know that this ship was actually not the one that Zhang Junshi had prepared for him at all. The two ships had similar marks but completely different destinations.

On the other side, Zhang Junshi had been waiting patiently on the ship the whole time, but it was already the afternoon and still there was no one in sight. Knowing that something must have gone wrong, he sent someone to investigate the matter, but learned that the emperor had sent a large number of guards out of the palace to find a certain person. It could be seen that a certain someone had indeed successfully left the palace, but just where did the other end up going? Could it be that he got lost?

Zhang Junshi looked up, and found no sign of Big Weapon’s bird shadow. The other chickens seemed to have also disappeared collectively. Not even a feather could be found. Truly, it was only when it came time to use a chicken that you regret there being no chickens in sight! (TN: from proverb ‘It is only when it comes time to apply knowledge that you regret not acquiring enough of it’)

In the evening, he finally gave up and confirmed with great pain that a certain someone had pulled another stunt on them. Must they tie him with a rope to ensure peace in the world?

Several miserable and suffering gongs gathered together again, exchanging looks with tear streaked faces.

After Emperor Ming learned that Nie Bufan had run away, he immediately thought of Fan Luo, but the messenger who had been sent out to relay his summon came back to tell him, the Teacher of the State was also missing.

Missing? Emperor Ming’s face darkened, and he thought to himself: Did they elope?

Thinking of this possibility, he couldn’t help flying into a rage!

That guy first stole the imperial order tablet without anyone knowing it, and then convinced Fan Luo to elope with him? And Fan Luo was also actually willing to give up his identity and status for him?

Emperor Ming’s face became sullen and he clenched his fists tightly, trying his best to deny his conjecture.

He sent a large number of guards to start a search over the imperial city. Since he dared to escape under his nose, then he must have the awareness of being imprisoned for life!

In truth, Fan Luo’s departure was accidental. He was originally accompanying the envoys in touring Yan Shun City. When the procession walked all the way to the water port he inadvertently discovered a familiar figure. Although the other was wearing a hat, he recognized him at a glance.

Seeing him get on the ship, Fan Luo didn’t even think about it. He found an excuse to leave, and quickly walked towards the ship.

This was a private cargo ship, and outsiders were not allowed to enter. However, Fan Luo knew who the owner of the ship was when he looked at the mark on the ship. He took out his identity seal, gave a tip and got on the ship without any problems.

At this time, Nie Bufan was lying on the bed and playing tug-of-war with Wukong using his fingers. There was a group of chickens around him, mainly flying chickens and water chickens. The other land chickens found another way back to the village.

Wukong pulled the rope back desperately. Nie Bufan supported his head with one hand and held the rope with the other, remaining completely unmovable.

Finally, Wukong lay down in exhaustion.

“Hahaha.” Nie Bufan raised his head and laughed aluf three times, saying proudly, “Small fry, let’s practice for a few more years before you compare with this village head!”

You just won a tug-of-war with a little monkey that was barely as big as your palm. What was there to l be proud of!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and before Nie Bufan could respond, the person outside had already opened the door and entered.

“Huh? Teacher of the State?” Nie Bufan widened his eyes and pointed at him, “Why are you here?”

“I should be asking you.” Fan Luo closed the door and walked slowly to the bed, looking down at him from his height, “Where do you want to go?”

“Of course it’s home.” Nie Bufan answered without hesitation.

“Go home?” Fan Luo raised his eyebrows, “Do you know people from Qiyu Island?”

“Qiyu Island?” Nie Bufan looked blank, the place name seemed familiar.

Fan Luo asked strangely: “You don’t know Qiyu Island? Then why did you get on their ship?”

“Huh?” Nie Bufan was surprised, “This ship belongs to Qiyu Island?”

He remembered that Tai Bai once said that he was the young island master of Qiyu Island. Did Zhang Third and Tai Bai conspire together?

Fan Luo nodded and asked, “Where is your hometown? Is it Qiyu Island?”

Even though he asked this, he didn’t believe that Nie Bufan was from Qiyu Island. The people of Qiyu Island were quite easy to identify, their skin was darker, their clothes were quite exotic, they were very talented in the water, and they carried the scent of seawater on their bodies.

Nie Bufan shook his head and replied with a smile: “I live in a small city in the southeast.”

“Southeast?” Fan Luo calmly said, “This ship is sailing toward the southwest. After entering the main river, it will meet up with the main ship, and then go down the current and straight out into the sea.”

“Straight out into the sea?” Nie Bufan sat up abruptly, knocking the little monkey who was climbing on him onto its back.

“Didn’t you know in advance?” Fan Luo stared at him with his hand casually held behind his back.

Nie Bufan looked up at the sky, pondered for a moment, then hugged Fan Luo’s waist, saying with an ingratiating smile: “Teacher of the State, how about accompanying me to play on the island for a few days?”

Fan Luo remained unmoved, and said mildly: “Since you snuck out of the palace, the emperor will definitely be angry. How do you want me to explain to him?”

“Explain what?” Nie Bufan smiled brightly, “We declared that we were in love not long ago, and now we went missing together. With the emperor’s IQ, how can he not guess that we have something fishy going on? Just send him a celebratory card informing him of our lifelong marriage, and let him know that the situation is set and can no longer be changed, and thus he should give up on any bromantic ideas. Then everyone will be overjoyed.”

Are you sure that you are not adding fuel to the fire and offending him to death?

Fan Luo was speechless.

“Anyway, I won’t go back to the palace.” Nie Bufan chuckled, “If you disagree, or tattle to him in secret, I will snatch you back to be my robber den wife, and have you painfully lose your ‘chastity’, with nowhere to find justice.”

Fan Luo looked at him silently, and suddenly felt like he was on a thief ship.

Nie Bufan threw his arms around his shoulders and continued: “Don’t worry, as long as you cooperate obediently, I won’t do anything to you, and I also promise that you will eventually be able to successfully retreat with merit and will never be forgotten in your eternal glory.”

The last phrase was unnecessary, thank you.

Fan Luo’s eyes flashed slightly, and he stretched out his hand to support the other’s waist, saying in a low voice: “Actually, I want to see how you plan to have me painfully lose my chastity, and retreat successfully as a ‘gong’.” (TN: 功 (merit) and 攻 (attack, gong) are both pronounced as gong)

Since leaving the palace that day, he had been unable to stop the desire that had sprouted in his heart, and even had a spring dream (TN: wet dream). In his dream, the other was peerlessly alluring and enchanting. He wanted nothing more than to possess him, and his mind automatically recalled the images he had seen in the homoerotic book. Every posture, and every expression had him charmed and caused jim to lose himself.

Fan Luo understood that he really had fallen for him. But he belonged to the emperor, living deep in the palace and beyond his reach.

Now it was different. He had escaped from the palace and happened to be seen by him. Was this not the opportunity the heavens gave him?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Fan Luo didn’t worry about the emperor’s anger implicating his family. With his understanding of the emperor, he would never disregard the overall situation because of petty emotions.

He could only say sorry to the emperor, he was about to take over possession of this scourge.

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