Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 037 Deep Ocean And Bright Moon, Hatred Of A Lost Pearl

Feng Qingxiu used a skillful maneuver, which seemed like he had thrown them onto the ground, but it didn’t hurt the people at all. He just wanted to scare them. The outer Sect had taught them to first intimidate so the following interrogation would be much easier.

So he didn’t even have to ask anything, and the girl who was being chased was already spilling everything.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Her speech was not very eloquent and appeared very disordered. She saw Feng Qingxiu as a lifesaver so she tried to tell how menacing and terrifying those people were, kidnapping children and then taking them away. After her senior brother disappeared, she searched all the way only to be caught herself. If the sickly young man hadn’t saved her, they would have definitely died already.

And Feng Qingxiu didn’t manage to learn more from those strong men. They just collected money for errands, and used food and money to lure the children who caused a jade ball to change colors to a house and lock them up. They didn’t even remember what the person giving the money looked like, and there was also someone else who was in charge at the house. Moreover, they had only stayed outside during the entire exchanges.

He fed the sickly boy an Energy Invigorating Pill. The boy felt that his body improved a lot in an instant, and he no longer wanted to faint with weakness as he did just now. His expression couldn’t help but change.

“No money will be charged from you.” With a casual reassuring remark, Feng Qingxiu asked them to lead the way.

Naturally, the other party did not dare to disobey.

Kun-Lai had been entrenched in the Western Continent for many years and had hosted the Dragons and Phoenix Selection numerous times. Everyone was no stranger to the existence of cultivators, and they dared not easily provoke them.

The girl seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, and her gaze changed a bit when she looked at Feng Qingxiu.

Feng Qingxiu followed them to the house where the children were kept, but there was nothing left inside.

With his eye power, he did not find any traces after searching up and down the house.

“This house uses normal mechanisms, not a magical array, so you have to be more attentive and thorough.” Paper Man Shizun climbed out of the neckline to alert him.

Feng Qingxiu understood, and then swept the house with the divine consciousness that could be released outside as a Golden Core Formation cultivator. Sure enough, he found signs of cavities in the ground of a courtyard. He then lightly threw a palm attack and punched a hole.

“Xiao Qing, you are quite violent.” Paper Man Shizun originally thought they were going to be trying to find the mechanism slowly.

“Since they have retreated, the mechanisms will generally be hidden and hard to find, so naturally we have to find a faster way.” Feng Qingxiu knocked the three strong men unconscious and threw them into a corner of the courtyard. He then took the two children to jump into the hole.

The tunnel was claustrophobic and dark, but the ventilation and drainage system was good, and it looked like it had been used for a long time.

“Xiao Qing encountered a big case just when you arrived, are you excited?” Paper Man Shizun patted him on the neck and asked.

“Shizun,” Feng Qingxiu said helplessly, “Why do I feel that you are more excited than me?”

The paper man shrugged and said: “This is just a trace of divine consciousness, not my personal self, of course it’s a bit uncontrollable.”

Feng Qingxiu was speechless, so he switched his attention to the two young people and asked what the girl meant when she shouted “a group of evil demons who rob other’s of their spiritual roots” back then.

“What’s the point of saying, you Kun-Lai don’t care.” The girl snorted coldly. “The demonic cultivator has been in the Western Continent for many years. He has colluded with human traffickers to gather children everywhere, colluded with the government to suppress the righteous cultivators, and yet I don’t see you guys doing anything about it. “

Feng Qingxiu waited for her to continue.

“My family’s ancestors came from the Central Continent.” The girl proudly declared, before saying, “We are from the Central Continent’s Tiannan Territory, and moved here after the Tianhai Meeting.”

“Tianhai Meeting?” The paper man asked curiously.

“Back when the Sect Leader of Kun-Lai caused the South Sea to enter the Western Continent, of course you people were happy, but have you ever thought about what the people of the southern part of the Central Continent felt?” The girl said, “The Western Continent is full of water now, from an inland river to three large rivers. The surplus river water all poured into the southern region bordering the Western Continent, seized the river channel of the Duoming River in the southern territory into the sea, flooded the territory of countless fierce beasts, and caused them to invade the human settlements. At that time, the southern region sent hundreds of envoys to the Western Continent to ask for justice.”

“Then the Sect Leader went to the southern territory and sorted out the waterways there. But you people claimed that the fengshui spiritual veins were broken, and the Sect Leader should block the Western Continent water outlet, and return to the natural way.” Feng Qingxiu said, his expression flat, “I heard that you people experienced a very difficult battle holding up against the masters at Kun-Lai, the two sides finally reaching a negotiated settlement.”

“That’s right.” The girl proudly said, “Then we moved to the Western Continent and settled down because of the scarcity of spiritual resources.”

Feng Qingxiu quietly said to Paper Man Shizun: “Just look at how big their faces are, back then you clearly cut out the South River sea outlet with a sword in front of them, causing them to all be silent. The Kun-Lai almanac only records that you did not say a word to them. It just said that you only went over and made one cut with your sword, without any other description at all. Though the legend of the other side was added as a small anecdotal story underneath. When we learned this part we were very upset.”

“En, I will let you see if I have a chance.” Paper Man Shizun felt a little light and fluttery, but he was a piece of paper now, it was normal for him to flutter a little.

“Who knew that you Kun-Lai have countless rules. Don’t allow us to quarry spiritual stones or snatch spiritual resources. And also even registering these things in the register. Only by doing things for you can we get resources.” The girl angrily said, “You Kun-Lai are too overbearing!”

“The Western Continent originally lacked the full five elements and was very scarce in spiritual energy,” Feng Qingxiu said mildly. “After Sect Leader repaired the five elements, the cycle of vitality began to circulate and the spiritual energy gradually grew. Only then did the spiritual resources begin to replenish slowly, and the spiritual veins became full. We don’t want you people bringing over your habits of draining the pond to get at the fish.”

All of these little sects who migrated from the Central Continent were like unsophisticated bumpkins. There were some spiritual plants and spiritual beasts that clearly had yet to mature, still seedlings and young, but these people were still so eager and in a hurry to gather and sell them. The spiritual veins had just grown out and still these people wanted nothing more than to empty it all out or move it away. Kun-Lai had to suppress these people with force several times before managing to stop this unhealthy trend.

The effect of matured medicinal herbs was a hundred times that of seedlings. If spiritual veins were allowed to remain untouched they could bring more growth of spiritual resources. What was the point of taking it away and causing extinction in the area? The Western Continent’s  spiritual veins had just grown out a bit, how could they let it be ruined by these people.

“If we don’t pick it, then should we just leave it to others?” The girl said bitterly, “Just you people can get countless spiritual treasures and resources? Just the Energy Invigorating Pill you just gave…..”

She pointed to the sickly young man and said angrily: “Do you know how long we have to save before we can buy one? It is clearly just a wound that can be healed by a little hemostatic grass, yet you just give it to others like this, and to an ordinary person!”

“Our Kun-Lai spiritual resources come from expeditions to the Outlands. Didn’t you people also join the expeditions to seek a breakthrough?” Feng Qingxiu said casually.

“Kun-Lai never protects little sects like us, and the protection talismans you sell is too expensive. Those of us who go there, if even half of them return then that’s already remarkable.” The girl complained.

Every twelve years, Kun-Lai would send out flying peaks on expeditions, mixed into formations, and fly to the Outlands to carry out exchanges of spiritual pills, talismans, and magic weapons. There were countless races in the Outlands and of course there would be various battles along the way, but the Outlands were vast and just one transaction would result in countless gains. After returning to Kun-Lai, they could use many materials that were not available in the human domains and they themselves couldn’t use up to trade with other continents. Kun-Lai had been rich for hundreds of years and this could be seen by the high numbers of students and disciples they could support every year.

Feng Qingxiu was silent for a while, then touched the paper man, and quietly said to him: “Shizun, it’s a good thing you have such foresight. Training us and imparting various experiences to us at the lower gates, telling us that the lessons of the unaffiliated cultivators and outside sects are our lessons. I’ve heard that many unaffiliated cultivators think that the flying peaks’ taxes are too high, refusing to enter the flying peaks to trade, and then feel that we don’t protect them.”

The paper man laughed a few times: “The experience I gained back then, how can an official army compare with a miscellaneous army. But it is understandable they feel that way, your incomes are much higher than theirs, so naturally you don’t care about the tax.”

“This is also true,” Feng Qingxiu also felt a sense of superiority and pride in his heart, “Kun-Lai has nurtured me to become a talent, and I should of course reciprocate back.”

The tax revenue was high, but Kun-Lai had been educating so many people for many years, and which part of it did not burn money. The treatment of ordinary disciples in Kun-Lai was comparable to the treatment of elite disciples enjoyed in the Central Continent.

No one would be dissatisfied, even if there were one or two who squandered their resources and were dissatisfied, it did not matter. If you are dissatisfied, then leave!

“Uh, what is a demonic cultivator?” The voice of the sickly young man brought them back to the main topic at hand.

The girl blushed before continuing: “Cultivators who use some morally intolerable practices. They think that people are the most common spiritual resources in the world. They often use the human soul to create magical tools and the human body to supplement spiritual energy. The Central Continent southern territory had a lot of powerful demonic cultivators back then and can even be compared with the high sects of the Central Continent. In fact there was even one Human Immortal among them.”

“There is no powerful demon in the Western Continent.” Feng Qingxiu said coldly, “Since Sect Leader cut down Celestial Fox Su Wan back then, and injured her down to the foundation, no demon big or small dared to come to the Western Continent.”

The ones that could come were basically small and insignificant, not higher than the Qi Condensation Stage, but these ones had concealment abilities that were very strong, and they basically didn’t dare to make trouble.

The Western Continent’s Dragon and Phoenix Selection over these hundreds of years was not for nothing. Any major event back in one’s hometown would disturb the ancestors in Kun-Lai, moreover Kun-Lai disciples especially liked to gather in groups to fight. If one wave couldn’t overcome the enemy then how about a second wave. The other side could be powerful but could they be as powerful as the elders I call to come flying over on a flying peak?

“The matter of a demonic cultivator collecting children’s spiritual roots was only recently reported, but the source of the information is certain…..” The girl said resentfully, “There are already some children of the powerful and affluent families who have been implanted with new spiritual roots. Many of us unaffiliated cultivators have received news, so that’s why my senior brother was kidnapped!”

In a few words, the tunnel had already come to an end. The exit was located far outside the city and was very well hidden.

Feng Qingxiu threw a talisman paper which turned into countless butterflies which made a circle around them and then flew north.

“That’s the direction of the Da Xiao Kingdom.” The paper man tilted his head, feeling that he must not have come out for too many years, as a result many people have begun to act arrogantly.

“You guys should stay out of what comes next.” Feng Qingxiu gave them a bottle of pills, “This is a reward for giving me news, go and prepare to attend the Dragon and Phoenix Selection.”

“You’re just going to leave?” The girl asked unwillingly.

“Yes, I can’t treat you to a meal.” Feng Qingxiu nodded before turning into light and disappearing.

The girl stomped her foot, but saw that the sickly teenager next to her remained silent.

“Hey, airhead, is your injury okay? I’ll leave if it’s okay. I have to go find my senior brother!” The girl asked.

“Let’s go together.” The boy said suddenly.

“Why should I take you with me?” The girl frowned.

“I can see one’s fortune and predict bad luck,” The boy said suddenly, “that’s why I told you to run into the alley before.”

The Kun-Lai disciple who had just saved them possessed a purple cloud over his head that practically lit up the whole sky. (TN: purple cloud=auspicious portent in astrology)

“Then what would have happened if we stayed?” The girl was a little surprised for a while and asked.

“Death without a doubt.” The young man sighed, “The Lost Pearl Association is not something we can afford to provoke.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Just now, why didn’t you say——” The girl raised her voice.

“Just now when I saw that paper man, I was in a daze for a while.” The young man smiled bitterly. It was not like he could say that he saw the fortunes of a paper man and a human mutually uplifting each other, and as a result he had become stunned for a while.

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