The Cruel Tyrant CH 089 Release

The winter night was snowing heavily, but there was a fire in the house. Yun Feiyu, dressed in a single robe, opened the window and stood quietly looking at the silver-white world. On the table behind him, there was a brocade box containing the writ of alliance written by the Emperor of Wu to the Crown Prince. The main content of the writ was to stipulate when to send troops and how to divide up the Jin Kingdom.

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A white snowflake drifted into the house, and Yun Feiyu stretched out his palm to catch it. After a burst of coldness, the snowflake instantly turned into transparent water, and the person who slipped in bringing the cold with him walked behind him and said: “The love of the emperor, is just like this snowflake in your hand, it only takes a moment for it to melt away.”

The gentle eyes moved away from their gaze at the heavily snowing sky. As if he knew the intention of the other’s arrival, Yun Feiyu said lightly: “You won’t win against him.”

“That’s why we need you.” The man in black replied in a particularly firm tone.

“I have no obligation to do things for you.” Yun Feiyu said.

The man in black increased the emphasis in his tone: “Are you in love with him? Have you forgotten what he brought on you? Aunt, Feiyan, grandfather, don’t you care about them at all?”

Yun Feiyu looked at him and said: “Grandfather and Feiyan are in the imperial city. Your arrogance will be what will cause them to die.”

“Hmmph!” The man in black contemptuously said: “I thought you were bearing the humiliation by staying next to the Crown Prince, but now it seems that you are a ghost obsessed. Are you going to remain as his male favorite for the rest of your life?”

Yun Feiyu did not answer him. Instead, he walked to the table and poured two cups of hot tea. He lightly picked up the teacup and took a sip, saying unhurriedly: “The southwest is lost, and grandfather, cousins and general Shangguan all fell in the hands of the Crown Prince. How did you manage to escape?”

The corner of his mouth was smiling, and his eyes were as gentle as the transparent pools of lake water in autumn, causing people to be unable to muster the slightest emotion of resistance. Wu Fei met Yun Feiyu’s seemingly crystal-clear gaze, and said: “Princess Hongyun of the Wu Kingdom.” He sat down opposite Yun Feiyu and stared at him closely as he said, “Princess Hongyun has promised to help me seize the Qing Kingdom. As long as you are willing to help me, I will confer a princely title to you in the future.”

Looking at Yun Feiyu’s indifferent appearance, Wu Fei felt a little annoyed: “Even if it is not to help me, you have to think about grandfather! He is over sixty years old but is now being held in the Qing kingdom prison. You, your mother and your sister lived in the Wu family’s house for more than ten years, don’t you feel any gratitude to the Wu family at all?”

Yun Feiyu seemed to have been affected, a wave of light flashing in his eyes and disappearing quickly, but his tone became more indifferent: “You are not his opponents.”

By now, Yun Feiyu had finally determined one thing, and that was that the Crown Prince was not the Crown Prince. In other words, the current Crown Prince was not the former Crown Prince. It should be that after he and Qin Ye poisoned the Crown Prince, a soul was replaced in that body. Not only was the soul changed, but this soul was probably not of this world.

Apart from other things, Yun Feiyu could be sure about this just with the simplified characters and elementary school arithmetic textbooks, because these two things could not be made by one person in such a short time. The simplified characters Yun Feiyu had carefully studied, and some of the characters were somewhat similar to the cursive script of today, and those mathematical formulas exceeded that of the current by who knew how many times. And there were other things such as movable type printing, soap, etc that were too incompatible with this world.

One person inventing several things in one field was a genius, one person inventing several things across two fields was a genius among genius, but it was impossible for one person to invent too many things across several fields.

There was a process of development needed for text and language. Simplified characters were very likely to be the future form of the existing font. The Crown Prince had come from the future!

After reaching this almost impossible answer, Yun Feiyu felt that his hands could not stop shaking. Fortunately, his ability to control his emotions was excellent, so he managed not to be seen through by the Crown Prince. Even if the Crown Prince of now was not as cruel and vicious as the previous Crown Prince, he was also definitely not a saint, and Yun Feiyu was not sure if the Crown Prince would kill someone for learning his secret.

Wu Fei sneered and said to Yun Feiyu: “You have only one choice, and that is to cooperate with us to kill the Crown Prince.”

Yun Feiyu looked at him indifferently and said, “Do you think I will obey you?”

“Just what do you want?” Wu Fei stood up suddenly and glared at Yun Feiyu: “I wanted to give you a chance because you and I are cousins. If you are willing to help me, then in the future there will be no lack of benefits. You like men, right? At that time, what kind of man couldn’t you get? A good man places his ambitions out in the world, why must you persist in trapping yourself in that little harem.”

“The world is big but there is nowhere for me to make a home. Although the palace is small, it is where my heart is.” Yun Feiyu stood up and said: “Those whose courses are different cannot understand each other, you should leave quickly, the Crown Prince’s hidden guards are not just for display.”

“Acting as an accomplice to the tiger, Forgetting gratefulness and violating justice, one day you and Su Mochi will be at my feet.” Wu Fei glanced angrily at him one last time and jumped out of the window.

As soon as Wu Fei’s figure disappeared, a dark figure suddenly appeared beside Yun Feiyu.


Yun Feiyu said lightly: “Follow him.”


His younger cousin had always shown his love for power since he was a child, but he was very jealous and petty-minded, and thus had always been other’s target of use. This was probably why Princess Hongyun chose him, while his older cousin could only stay with his grandfather in the imperial prison.

Ten days later, Yun Feiyu returned to the imperial city and reported the matter to the Crown Prince. Su Mu took a deep look at him and said: “Your grandfather and Shangguan Hao, I can release them, but they will not be officials for life, and without Ben Gong’s permission they are not to leave the imperial city.”

A big rock in Yun Feiyu’s heart finally landed back on the ground. He knelt down in front of Su Mu and said, “Thanking Your Highness.”

After leaving the Crown Prince’s study, Yun Feiyu did not stop for a moment and sent someone to notify Yun Feiyan before immediately going to the prison where Wu Ji and Shangguan Hao were detained. The two arrived at the door of the prison almost at the same time.

Yun Feiyan’s face was still covered with white gauze, and her figure was so thin and fragile looking that Yun Feiyu couldn’t help but feel distressed every time he saw her.

“Brother.” Yun Feiyan walked to him and said, “Let’s go in.”

Yun Feiyu sighed subtly, nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

Since the choice was already made there was nothing to regret. Even if his grandfather killed him in response, he had nothing to say.

Wu Ji and his eldest grandson Wu An were in a cell together. Shangguan Hao was in the cell next to them. Of the Southwest Army, only the three of them remained. The cells were very clean but there was inevitably a peculiar smell. The cells were so dark that Yun Feiyu and Yun Feiyan had already walked outside the bars when the three people finally discovered their arrival.

“Feiyu, Feiyan!” The eyes of Wu An, who was curled up in the corner, lit up, rushing over to the two of them with surprise and staring at them eagerly through the bars.

Yun Feiyan stepped back slightly and greeted “Cousin”.

Wu An also noticed that his actions were too rude and hurried back a few steps embarrassedly, and said, “Cousin, I’m sorry.”

Yun Feiyan shook her head and asked, “Is grandfather alright?”

Wu An nodded and said: “Fine enough.”

Yun Feiyu had reached the door and was now opening the prison door with the key in his hand.

Wu An wondered: “Cousin, what are you doing?”

“The Crown Prince has decreed that you are no longer guilty and can be released.” Yun Feiyu threw down the iron lock in his hand.

Wu An immediately became happy, and hurried back to help Wu Ji, who had his eyes closed and rested, to go out: “Grandfather, we are acquitted.”

Wu Ji then slowly opened his eyes, and walked out without saying a word or looking at the siblings. Wu An assisted him and looked at the two with concern.

“Grandfather, I’m sorry.” Yun Feiyu’s tone was a little gloomy, quite different from the calm and indifferent appearance he always showed in the past.

Wu Ji paused slightly in his steps, but then walked faster: “Those who have lost are always in the wrong. We are already lucky to be able to guarantee the lives of the Wu family’s descendants. Please go back and tell the Crown Prince that this old man will never take even half a step out of the imperial city from now on. Neither will this old man have any other traitorous thoughts.”

In the end, he still blamed them.

Her heart seemed to be gripped by a big hand, and Yun Feiyan squeezed her sleeves in sorrow: “Grandfather, please come with me.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Many thanks for taking this old man in.”

Yun Feiyan was even more sad. The several people boarded a carriage and headed to Yun Feiyan’s residence, the atmosphere terribly depressed all along the way.

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