Recommendations & List Of Possible TL Projects I


1) The Kingdom That Never Sleeps-山河不夜天[穿越]
By MoChenHuan/莫晨欢

Traversing through time to arrive at the ancient times, Tang Shen orignially planned to do some small business to put food on the table and enjoy the rest of his life. However, living cautiously only fulfills settling down, not ambitious pursuits – such as saving the world.

In order for a business to grow larger, more people with food in their bellies, one must become an official – a prominent official.

Tang Shen: I have a dream…
Wang Zhen: En?
Tang Shen: I have a dream, in my dream there is a city that never sleeps, it is called the Nevernight Kingdom.

Tang Shen (Shou) x Wang Zhen (Gong)

I will bring peace to the kingdom, calm to the four seas, a millennium in the twinkle of an eye, and songs sung to the skies.

TN: transmigration, business, imperial court officialdom, beautiful gong who likes to tease MC shou, interesting supporting characters

2) Huan Rong-桓容
By FromAfar/来自远方

Waking up to discover he had transmigrated to the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Huan Rong could bear it.

Although the times were a bit upsetting, at least he was born in high society, and he had no worries about food and clothing. He could still live a pleasant life as a hedonistic son of rich parents.

The problem was that his mother and her love rivals liked to play the pitiful act; his father was ready to rebel at any time; his half-brothers saw him as a pain in the neck and always want to stab him in the back.

Huan Rong wiped at his cold sweat. If he wanted to be a successful hedonistic son then his father must be saved from the rebellious life path!

And thus, the planned life as a hedonistic son was like a wild horse loosened from its reins, galloping off to never return again.

TN: transmigration, kingdom building, wars, schemes, MC growth, but somewhat background gong, large but interesting cast, for Back To Ming fans


3) After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book-重生两次后我穿回书里了
By WenYuKuan/温瑜宽

After experiencing rebirth twice, Jiang Chen finally discovers that his tragic death in his first life was not an accident. But a meticulous design to forever end a threat.

The main character in the “Life of the Dominator” transmigrated at birth with a “Best Choice System”. In the birth room, System gave him two choices:

“Regular blood related parents” and “Wealthy non-blood related parents”

Without hesitation the main character picked the second choice.

As a result, System secretly switched Jiang Chen with the main character the second after birth.

The life afterwards, everything turned on its head.

Relying on System, the main character graduated from a top student to a major player who will eventually inherit the family business, fixed permanently on life winner mode.

Jiang Chen on the other hand was faced with a family emergency, his grades suffering dramatically to the point he could only give up his earlier dreams and graduate early to earn money to support his family.

Time flies and Jiang Chen’s career took off, once again entering the sight of the main character. What comes next however, is death by car crash and transmigration to the interstellar age.

In the 100th year of the astronomic calendar, scientific research bigshot woke up one morning and realized he returned to the second year of high school in his first life. When his father was recently handicapped from a car accident and his mother carrying all of the burden without a hint of complaint.

Jiang Chen did not choose to first find his blood related parents but used the knowledge he gained from the past two lifetimes to break through his bad situation and achieve the summit.

In a word: Professor Jiang, a man who can tear up a system plug-in with his bare hands.

TN: rebirth, transmigrating into a book, system, technology, business, family, novel with the most anger inducing antagonist I’ve ever read

4) Calamity-祸水
By ShuQi/蜀七

In his previous life, Chen Zhen was in love with his childhood friend Qin Yue, and was willing to give up anything for him. But in the end, Qin Yue had a lover. He hates the other, but he was unable to do anything about it.

However, during a party, he slept with another in a muddleheaded state.

After his death, Chen Zhen discovers that he is only a malicious antagonist character in a book – the protgonist being Qin Yue’s true love, the person who directly caused his death with an innocent facade.

He had believed that being kicked out of the Qin family was because of his drunken mistake when in actuality the whole situation was part of Qin Yue’s true love’s scheme.

In this life, Chen Zhen returned to the day after his drunken mistake. With the opportunity of rebirth and starting over, he decides to keep far away from the main protagonist couple and instead ride the coattails of the head of the Qin family.

But what Chen Zhen did not expect, he became a beauty who brings calamity in the eyes of everyone.

Immaculately dressed in a fine three piece suit, looking very dapper, Qin Xing said smiling: “Let everyone know, you are mine.”

CP: Chen Zhen (Aloof, neurotic and vengeful Shou) x Qin Xing (A finely dressed ‘beast’ who is not what he seems Gong)

TN: rebirth, older gong, ruthless shou, revenge, affluent/wealthy families, business, white lotus antagonist

5) After The Villian Went On A Strike-反派消极怠工以后
By BaYeDang/八爷党

Cheng Yu was a villain in his previous life. In fact, he was a vicious villian in a domineering CEO novel who competed with his MC elder brother for their parents’ love, family wealth, friends, and women. In order to promote the development of the plot and the romantic progress of the hero and the heroine, he spent time and effort diligently, and was finally completely defeated by the hero before the finale. But after the plot ended, Cheng Yu was reborn. Tired of the original plot line, he decided to go on a strike.

Summary 2:
At the beginning, Cheng Yu joined the entertainment circle, just wanting to gain some popularity and national recognition so that he could create his own jewelry brand. Then Cheng Yu found out that he had miscalculated. Because after the debut of domestic idols, there was simply no mature stage platform at all! Seeing a bunch of pitifuls who love to sing and dance forced to switch careers to become actors or simply retreat from entertainment due to lack of stage——

As a villain, Cheng Yu naturally believed that it was not his choice that was wrong, but the world. As a result, the villain could no longer take it and decided to spend a lot of money to build a platform of his own.

Later, Cheng Yu happened to create his own fashion and entertainment empire meanwhile.

Cheng Yu: I’ve started over, so let’s first set a small goal for myself. For example, earn himself a 100 billion.

TN: rebirth, villain, business, entertainment, idol, family, charismatic shou, wish-fulfillment gary stu story

6) Transmigrating Into The Villian’s Sickly Childhood Friend-穿成反派的病弱竹马
By BoatSailingAgainstTheWaterflow/逆水舟

In an accident, Qiao Wen transmigrated into a ’70s Hong Kong style novel and became the cannon fodder of the same name who died early.
Cannon fodder was the childhood friend of the villain in the book. He died of a serious illness due to having no money for treatment. His death was also the direct cause for the villain going dark, which lead the other to embark on a bloody road of committing unscrupulous deeds for money, and finally resulting in a tragic end of being killed by a stray bullet.

Qiao Wen, who had just come back to life from being a corpse on the hospital bed, looked at the handsome villain who was going to cut people with a knife in order to make enoigh money to treat the original owner.

  ——I think this fellow can still be saved.
Qiao Wen prevented the villain from going dark, while trying to make a fortune and walk out of the slums.
It was necessary to set up a factory and engage in industry.
Buying stocks and speculating on real estate cannot be forgotten.
Making movies and earning bucks in the entertainment industry was also a must.
Meanwhile, fight evil forces to promote justice in the world.

  ——I am not a cannon fodder, I am a legend.

Just when everything was going smoothly, Qiao Wen discovered that the look in the villain’s eyes was becoming more and more strange, seeming… have still gone darkside.

He patted the other person on the shoulder and comforted: Good brothers, for a lifetime.

A certain someone’s eyes lit up, and he smirked: En, good brothers under one quilt.

Delicate and weak body but carries the entire show/beautiful Shou VS explosive attack power value/whoever touches my wifey I’ll smash his dog head/super handsome Gong.

Two slum boys fight to make a fortune and stand up against the wicked.

TN: transmigration, childhood friends, Hong Kong, triads/mafia, crime, slum, business, entertainment, dog blood, beautiful shou

7) Going Back To The ’70s And Being A Nouveau Riche-回到七零当土豪
By KongYuJin/空煜锦

A young master from the 21st century traveled back to the 1970s, an era short of food and clothing. He must take care of his family, make a lot of money, and feed his gong. Life was difficult and one needed to be self-reliant.

TN: transmigration, farming, business, family, romance

8) After Becoming A Drama King I Became Omnipotent In Verbal Retaliation-穿成作精后我怼天怼地无所不能. By TheCatDoesNotLikeToMeow/小猫不爱叫

Cheng Huan had been a white-collar elite for more than 20 years. After his accidental death, he was bound to the “Sharing Joy System”. There were nth wishers in each world, but he was the only one to carry out the tasks.

However, the most tragic thing was actually the identities Cheng Huan always transmigrated into. Each one was more outrageous than the last and every one of them seemed like they would all come to a sticky end.

[The Rich and Powerful: Dog Blood Birth Switch] After transmigrating into the hedonistic son of a wealthy family who only knew how to eat, drink and play, I turned my head and saw my old parents with tear filled eyes hoping that I would walk on the right path.
[The Eighties: Sisters With Brother Complex] After transmigrating into the most notorious hooligan of the entire county, I found that there were seven sisters in my family waiting for me to provide for their retirement.
[School Tyrant: Slacker Of The Trash Class] After transmigrating into the school bully and nightmare of all good students, and faced with expulsion from the school, I had no choice but to lead my 20+ minions on the road to university together.

All the wrong paths you took are the stepping stones that catapult me up to the pinnacle of life in your place.

1v1, MC is shou, wish fulfillment story. Protective/Handsome/Drama King shou vs
Salty/Sweet/Domineering/Gentle gong

TN: quick transmigration, system, endearing MC, twist at the end, beauty-in-distress gong


9) After Rebirth, I Return to Miao Jiang to Inherit the Family Business-重生后我回苗疆继承家业
By YanGuHong/燕孤鸿

Wu Rong died aggrieved in his previous life, the wealth he earned half his life all benefited that pair of scumbag and bitch in the end. Unexpectedly, when his eyes opened again, he was actually reborn!

But the world after his rebirth, it seemed, a bit, not quite right?

Science is subverted and the supernatural is revived! The aunties dancing in the square were shamanic priestesses, and the stationery stores were selling out pens that could evoke spirits. The whole society had been ignited with a supernatural craze. What was even more bizarre was that since the day Wu Rong was reborn, strangers kept calling him right after another.

Human Stranger A: Wu Rong, don’t die! Remember, you must go out for a trip on September 15, 2142, or you will die!

Ghost Stranger B: Boss,Boss it’s me! Please die quickly, we will rule the world together after your death!

Ghost Stranger C: Hahahaha Wu Rong, Wu Rong, I’m back, you just wait, I will eat you bit by bit, and absolve my hatred!

Human Stranger D: Hello, is this Wu Rong? I am the Director of the Federal Security Administration. Please pay attention to your own safety and don’t die!

Wu Rong:? ? ?
I heard that after my death, I became the strongest ghost king in the world and almost conquered the entire world?

TN: rebirth, ghosts, supernatural, heroes, powerful shou, amnesiac gong, action, adventure, interesting supporting cast reincarnation

10) The Lord of the Immortal Palace Counterattacks [Rebirth]-仙宫之主逆袭[重生]
By YiLuoChengHuo/衣落成火

Yu Tianze died from stupidity in his previous life, so he decided to be smarter in this life.

Revenge/rebirth novel, a shou (Yu Tianze) whose power value is exploding but whose emotional intelligence is low. And a gong (Mu Zirun) who levels up with a normal human mindset but whose emotional intelligence is equally low. The author is very conflicted on how they will fall in love. Inside, there will be a white lotus flower shizun and the white lotus’s scum gong.

The ML has a system, but it is not a game system or artificial intelligence. Shou-centric novel.

TN: rebirth, transmigration, system, golden finger, romance, Shizun x Disciple, gentle gong, hot-tempered shou, white lotus, wish-fulfillment story

11) After Tearing Apart System I Was Reborn-手撕系统重生后
By HiddenPen/匿笔轩者

Gu Xige’s previous sect was destroyed and he found himself utterly isolated, a majestic Xianjun at the Immortalization Stage had his meridians cut off and his cultivation base abolished by his own younger brother. He was then imprisoned by his own mortal enemy for more than two hundred years, dying pathetically and uselessly.

But after he tore up a “cannon fodder counterattack system”, he was actually reborn again.

After rebirth, he was determined to kill his mortal enemy and marry Shizun as well as reach the pinnacle of life.

Mortal enemy from the previous life confessed with deep affection: I love Gu Daoyou, and it will remain the same for thousands of years

Gu Xige looked indifferent: Hehe

Shizun hesitated to speak but stopped: Disciple…..

Gu Xige nodded firmly: No need to say, Shizun, I understand.

Shizun x Disciple, aloof iceberg gong x cruel and ruthless shou.

TN: rebirth, golden finger, gary stu MC, wish-fulfillment story, adventure, interesting supporting cast, doting gong, beautiful but vicious shou

12) One Sword One Immortal-一剑成仙
By MaoKou/猫蔻

Everyone is waiting for him to die, but as a sword cultivator equipped with a Blood Replenisher System, Chu Ran stubbornly states, he will not die!

Everyone believes that he has not long to live, but contrary to expectations, he lives longer than everyone. Despite spitting blood being the norm, in actuality such a minor issue, Chu Ran calmly states, you get used to it.

Walking over a path of skeleton bones, stepping on countless broken sword shards, mounting the summit of glory, the direction that my sword points, only the defeated and the dead remains!

This feeling is quite invigorating!

TN: system, humor, tragic background, adventure, determined MC


13) Covering The Sky With One Hand-一手遮天
By CrazyJudge/疯狂判官

When the pathetic him died, he had a chance to be reborn again.

The result being……

Seducing the Incapable Tyrant, teasing the Teacher of the State, hooking up with various strong forces!

Disregarding the law and natural morality, defying the heavens, stepping on everyone in this world!

The infamous and disreputable treacherous court official turned into a queen!shou who could cover the sky with one hand!

TN: ancient times, wuxia, rebirth, ruthless shou, some fantasy elements, different types of gongs

14) These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues-兽人之流氓攻
By FirewoodRiceOilSalt/柴米油盐

As a mafia boss with countless subordinates in modern society, Lei Jin found a beauty to spend the night together. He took a bath, wrapped himself with a bath towel and pushed open the door.

Fuck, what was this dense forest in front of him? What were those wild beasts that he had never seen before?

Being picked up by a wild beast and brought home, he’ll bear it. Women did not exist in this world, he’ll bear it. Anyway, there were beautiful strong men for him to pounce on. He was not very picky, he liked both men and women, so long as he was on top.

But what did they just say? His smooth skinned self was a female? And must be responsible for giving birth? Because of the scarcity of females, brothers had to even “share a wife”?

Looking at the eldest brother not taking a refusal for an answer, the second brother’s cold and indifferent face, and the third brother’s gentle and cute gaze. Lei Jin turned around to run, go die! I want to go back!!!

Only to be dragged back by 3 pairs of hands.

TN: werebeasts, transmigration, prehistoric wilds, mates, survival, smut, mpreg

15) His Majesty And Ministers-陛下臣上
By Anecdotes

A story about a shou with righteous three views being pushed down by a group of gongs.

TN: transmigration, ancient times, kingdom building, different types of gongs, wuxia, adventure, for fans of The Cruel Tyrant


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