Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 092 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 16

“What? That guy got on the ship to Qiyu Island?” Zhang Junshi read the letter sent by Big Weapon with a shocked expression on his face.

“What? He got on the boat to Qiyu Island?” Contrary to the reactions of the others, the corners of Tai Bai’s mouth rose at a suspicious angle.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Yi nudged him away, grabbed the letter in Zhang Junshi’s hand, and scanned the lines of chicken feet-like handwriting, his eyes blazing.

Zhang Junshi eased his breathing and said to Tai Bai, “Brother Tai Bai, it seems that I must trouble you.”

“Trouble me with what?” Tai Bai looked up at the sky.

“I must trouble you in writing a letter to stop the ship heading towards your island and help us pick him up. If you can have that ship directly send him back to the village, we will definitely be grateful.” As he spoke, Zhang Junshi fetched pen, ink and paper from his desk. He spread out the paper, smiled and motioned for him to write.

Tai Bai said shiftily: “This is not easy to handle. Although I am the young master of Qiyu Island, my father and my second uncle have always taken care of the business on the island. It won’t be easy for me to intervene.”

Li Yi squinted at him and said coldly, “Perhaps it would be more effective to exchange you as a hostage.”

Tai Bai’s face paled a rare white. He looked at Li Yi, who was like a cold faced god, and then looked at Zhang Junshi, who looked like a smiling tiger. There was also the spectre-like Wang Shichan behind him. And so, he finally compromised. He lifted the pen and wrote while sighing before stamping it with his family seal.

In the letter, Tai Bai asked the merchant ship to dock at Jingyang Port and let the “guest” on board to go ashore, and also specifically mentioned to take good care of the other.

Zhang Junshi looked at it for a while and said: “This letter alone is not enough. Someone must go to pick him up, otherwise who knows where he will wander off to when he gets ashore?”

The rest nodded sadly.

Li Yi frowned and said, “We are all under Wei Di’s surveillance, and it is difficult to slip away.”

“You and I may not be able to do it, but brother Wang must be able to.” Zhang Junshi and Li Yi turned their heads and looked over at the same time, only to see that there was no sign of Wang Shichan at all.

At this time, Nie Bufan was standing on the bow of the ship, his arms open wide and enjoying the cold sea breeze. His hair was blown messily in the wind, looking like the strands were having convulsions. Under the crew’s shocked eyes, he sighed: “Oh wind, won’t you come even more violently!”

More violent? The most feared thing when sailing on the sea was a big storm, okay?

Nie Bufan’s lips turned purple from the sea breeze blowing at him, and yet he still insisted on posing on the bow of the ship, and even his chickens also joined in on his convulsive display, standing upright in the wind with their chicken feathers blowing every which way.

The Lord Teacher of the State finally couldn’t stand it anymore, hooked his waist, dragged him directly into the cabin, stuffed him into the quilt, and wrapped him in a ball.

“Say, what part of your brain circuit went wrong?” Fan Luo squinted at him and scolded. “What are you doing standing out in the cold wind, do you want to be blown to death?”

Nie Bufan sniffled his nose and said in a muffled tone, “It’s just some blowing wind, I won’t die.”

Fan Luo shook his head, turned around and asked someone to prepare some hot water. When he hugged him just now, he felt that his whole body had become cold and stiff, like a zombie.

Nie Bufan rolled around on the bed, as if he had a case of lice, feeling uncomfortable all over.

It had been two days since his letter was sent, and he didn’t know if they had received it or not. Although he spoke about going to the island to play, in his heart he hoped to return to the village more. He missed the chickens in the village, the flowers and plants in the village, and the freedom of the village.

Really, he really wants to go back.

He grabbed a passing chicken beside the bed and shook it: “You say, when can we go back?”

The little chicken spread its wings and threw a feather at him, giving him a contemptuous look with beady chicken eyes. If the wing was replaced by an adult’s hand, it might be able to show him the middle finger.

Nie Bufan pointed at it and said with discontent: “I am your village head at least, can’t you show some respect? If you guys were more fierce, what need would there be for us to flee like fugitives?”

This was the Nie style. He made trouble everywhere and let others clean up the mess for him, but in the end, he still complained about others’ ineffectiveness.

All the chickens in the cabin collectively turned their backs and used their butts to show him just how much contempt they held for him.

Nie Bufan sighed sadly: “The chicken heart has faded, the team is not easy to lead anymore.”

At this time, Fan Luo came back, with a crew worker carrying hot water behind him. The crew worker left the cabin after putting down the bucket, but not before giving Nie Bufan and his chickens a curious look. He and the other crew members had an unsolved puzzle in their hearts, that was, exactly when did these creatures get on the ship?

Fan Luo stretched out his hand to test the temperature of the water, and beckoned: “Come here, wipe your body down.”

Conditions on the ship were limited, so long as you had a bucket of hot water you should be grateful so don’t even think about taking a bath or something.

Nie Bufan got up lazily and undressed as he walked over.

Fan Luo didn’t evade this time, staring at his every move.

Nie Bufan never knew what embarrassment was. In just a few flicks he had taken everything off, leaving only his underwear. He squatted by the bucket and asked, “Wanna wipe together?”

Fan Luo’s gaze slid along the back of his neck, and finally turned back to his face, saying calmly: “No need, you wipe yourself.”

Nie Bufan then plunged his hand into the water, grasping the bath towel and wiping his arms. He then bent down, directly dipping his head in the water, bubbles emerging on the surface. Then a few chickens approached, and following Nie Bufan’s lead they also dipped their heads in the water and bubbled together.

Fan Luo’s mouth twitched when he saw this, and he didn’t know what expression to use to decode his feelings.

With a splash, Nie Bufan raised his head, the little chickens also raising their heads as well. The water splashed all over, the droplets gleaming, and the style of both person and chicken was very “moist”. The person shook his hair and the chickens shook their feathers, their movements exceptionally in sync.

“En, feels good.” Nie Bufan wiped a handful of water and squinted his eyes contentedly.

A several chickens also seemed to feel good, and one even wanted to jump into the bucket for a bath.

Fan Luo had a stiff face. He pulled all the chickens away, snatched the bath towel from Nie Bufan’s hand, and said stiffly: “I’ll help you wipe. With your way of playing, the water will soon be cold.”

“Oh.” Nie Bufan did not object, obediently following the other’s commands.

Fan Luo had him stand up while he carefully wiped his face, neck, chest and abdomen, arms, and back with the bath towel…..

Staring at his half-naked body, various discordant images appeared in Fan Luo’s mind, and the movements of his hands became slower and slower.

Nie Bufan felt his hand stop on his back waist, and couldn’t help asking in puzzlement, “Should I take off my pants?”

Hearing that, Fan Luo’s half-closed eyes showed a bit of wickedness, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. He said in a low voice: “Of course, it is easier to wipe if you take it off.”

“All right.” Nie Bufan stretched out his hand to untie the strings, Fan Luo grabbed him, and whispered in his ear: “Are you this defenseless with anyone?”

“What is there to guard against?” Nie Bufan looked at him and said, “You have also seen that I am bare and penniless. What is there to guard?”

Fan Luo looked at him deeply and said, “I am a man.”

“I know, you don’t need to emphasize it.” Nie Bufan pointed at himself and said with a smile, “I am also a man. The real deal, neither the old nor the young will be cheated.”

“It is said that a relationship between men and men…..” Fan Luo said word by word, “is also possible.”

Nie Bufan stared at him strangely, and looked down at the space between his legs subconsciously.

Fan Luo threw away the bath towel and directly embraced him into his arms, letting the other directly feel the changes that had overcome his body.

“How is it?” Fan Luo placed one hand on his hip and raised the other’s chin using the other. He bowed his head slightly, and the hair on his forehead fell forward gently, slipping across the ends of his charming eyes.

Nie Bufan ignored his electric shooting eyes and stepped on the other’s instep with his bare foot, saying contemptuously: “It’s not right to go into heat wherever you are. Lord Teacher of the State is already at this age but why haven’t you learned how to cultivate your moral character?”

Fan Luo smiled wickedly: “I’m just using methods in line with local circumstances, nurturing my spiritual harmony and letting my desires grow naturally.”

Nie Bufan leaned back and looked at him incredulously.

“Did you eat fully during lunch?” Fan Luo asked suddenly.

“Full.” Nie Bufan nodded subconsciously.

“That’s good, you should have enough physical strength then.”

“What?” Nie Bufan had yet to react, when his field of vision shifted, and the next moment he was pressed down on the bed.

“Wait!” There seemed to be something wrong here.

Fan Luo didn’t give him time to resist, and he directly kissed him on the lips. He had been thinking about it for a long time, and after crossing that layer of barrier in his heart, he was even more eager and impatient. People who were cold outside and hot inside were indeed extremely passionate once their emotions and desires were aroused.

The reason why Fan Luo was so erudite and learned was because he possessed a highly retentive memory. Even though he had only seen it once, he would be able to remember every detail of the pictures in the homoerotic book clearly. Even if he had only learned and was just putting it into use now, he could still do it incomparably well.

Nie Bufan’s treacherous suggestion at the beginning was now being practiced on himself. It was truly a case of reaping what you sowed.  But strictly speaking, he was probably the only person in this world who had the physique that could attract “bromance” anytime, anywhere. Could it be because he had raised too many chickens that even the heavens were dissatisfied?

Fan Luo was very attentive and kept stroking his tongue with his fingers, so that the other had no chance to call out.

“Mmh…..ngh…..” Nie Bufan glared, unable to bite, his jaw almost went stiff from being kept open. There were people coming and going outside the cabin door, and so long as he shouted out, someone would hear it, but unfortunately he could only groan slightly now.

Slanting his eyes, he glanced over to ask for help from the chickens, only to find out that these guys were just watching calmly with no intention of saving him from his plight. They were probably no longer surprised at this occurrence, so at this time, they all had the awareness to just remain silent.

Nie Bufan wanted to cry but he was without tears, and secretly scolded these guys for being disloyal.

At this moment, a loud eagle call came from outside the cabin.

Nie Bufan’s eyes lit up, and he struggled even harder. This struggle caused Fan Luo’s breathing to come more rapidly, his desires rising as well. Taking advantage of Nie Bufan’s distraction, he suddenly entered. At the moment he entered, he leaned down and accurately covered the other’s lips with his own.

So tight! Fan Luo let out a sigh of wonder and began to thrust in and out, gradually increasing his intensity.

Nie Bufan was indignant. Listening to the calls of Big Weapon, his hands frantically scratched Fan Luo’s back, marking out a crisscross pattern.

Fan Luo just frowned slightly, and said in a low voice while moving, “Don’t refuse me, Xiaobao, give me a chance to have you.”

Nie Bufan stopped struggling and looked at him seriously.

He had seen this look in the eyes of Zhang Third and the others. It was the thing most worthy of being treasured in his life, completely irreplaceable.

However, for this kind of look, while the morals could be lost, the nature could not be altered.

“Ai!” Fan Luo cried out in pain, covering his forehead.

It turned out that Nie Bufan took advantage of his distraction and dragged over a random unlucky chicken. Then without any hesitation, he used the chicken feet to poke a mark on the other’s forehead.

The chicken used as a murder weapon was very irritable, flapping its wings, and leaving various twisted blood marks on Fan Luo’s arm.

Seeing that the situation was going well, Nie Bufan greeted: “Guys, come on! Gang fight!”

After getting the order, the other chickens all became excited, screeching as they charged over to surround Fan Luo where they then proceeded to kick and peck wildly.

Fan Luo was forced to retreat, and while defending himself, he could only lament at his sexual dissatisfaction. In truth, he should be counting his lucky stars as the fighting power of these chickens could only be considered average.

Nie Bufan was able to get out of the evil clutches. He put on his clothes and rushed towards the door.

Fan Luo reacted quickly, grabbed a chicken leg and swished the chicken at Nie Bufan. The chicken that was thrown out quickly passed Nie Bufan and made a somersault in the air, its chicken feet stepping on the door that had just opened right at the perfect time and slamming it back close again.

The chicken then landed in Nie Bufan’s arms from the force. Nie Bufan took a few steps back, grabbed it, and continued to open the door. But as soon as his hand touched the doorknob, another object flew behind him and inserted itself into the gap of the door——which happened to be a dagger.

Nie Bufan turned around and glared at Fan Luo. Fan Luo was struggling to fight the chickens while covering his lower half, and at the same time he had to also pay attention to Nie Bufan’s movements. It could be said that his image was completely lost, looking to be in a very embarrassed state indeed.

Nie Bufan ran back to the bed aggressively, stepped one foot on the bed, and reached out to hug Fan Luo’s head, giving him a deep kiss domineeringly.

Fan Luo was stunned. Just as he was in a daze, he suddenly felt cold air on his lower half, the blanket that had originally covered his body was taken away.

Nie Bufan stretched out his hand, grabbed the erect thing in between his legs, and rubbed it hard. Fan Luo let out a grunt, bending over. Even if one could not see his expression, one could still imagine how tragic it was.

“Hmmph, small fry, am I so easy to be pushed down?” Nie Bufan left this remark condescendingly, and then walked out of the cabin leisurely.

Big Weapon had hovered in the air for a long time and was very impatient. Seeing Nie Bufan appear, it immediately dove down, deliberately creating a turbulent flow around it, and then it landed on a support beam unhappily.

As Nie Bufan untied the letter from its legs, he muttered in a dissatisfied manner: “Big Weapon, you are too lazy, i just asked you to send a letter, yet you give me the stink face. How will you be able to take on greater responsibility in the future?”

Big Weapon glanced at him contemptuously, the meaning clearly conveying: You actually have the nerve to complain about others!

Nie Bufan unfolded the letter and struggled to identify the text.

At this moment, a hand stretched out from behind and took away the letter in his hand.

Nie Bufan looked back and found that it was Fan Luo who was now neatly dressed but his expression was dark.

He actually recovered so quickly? The word “admiration” flashed on Nie Bufan’s face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Fan Luo tried his best to ignore that shiny expression, read the letter at a glance, looked up and asked, “Do you know Tai Bai from Qiyu Island?”

Nie Bufan nodded.

“Then the matter is much simpler now.” Fan Luo folded the letter and said lightly, “With this letter, we can land in Jingyang Port ahead of time.”

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