Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 093 Lulu

The letter was handed over to the ship captain, who took the letter very seriously and immediately sent someone to take a fast boat with the letter to the Jellyfish that was about to meet up with them.

When the two ships met up, only then did Fan Luo know that the person in charge of the Jellyfish was an important person on Qiyu Island.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Welcome to the Jellyfish, Lord Teacher of the State.” A man in his early thirties opened his arms to greet him. He had a handsome appearance, well-defined features, a pair of blue eyes like clear sapphires, dark brown hair casually tied behind him, a black cloak with gold trim on the shoulders, and tall boots. He was dressed like a medieval man of Western nobility.

“It turns out that the second island master personally led the team this time. Forgive this official for being rude.” Fan Luo avoided his warm embrace and nodded slightly.

“Haha.” The man smiled as he looked at him and then teased, “Lord Teacher of the State is too cautious. It’s a pity with such naturally beautiful looks.”

Fan Luo immediately shot him with coldly sharp eyes.

The man spread his hands and said with a smile: “Okay, I won’t say anymore. Is there an important matter for the Lord Teacher of the State to attend to at Qiyu Island this time?”

“I am accompanying this gongzi…..” Fan Luo turned his head, only to find that the person who had been standing next to him had already disappeared for some time.

He asked the servant on the other side: “Where is Wei gongzi?”

The servant replied: “He just went to the stern to watch the fish.”

“Watching fish?”

The man took over in answering, “I see, it should be the marine fish caught during the Jellyfish’s journey, and it just happened to be netting now.”

As he led Fan Luo towards the stern of the ship, he curiously asked, “I wonder who is the noble person who needs the personal accompaniment of the Teacher of the State?”

Fan Luo did not answer, and his pace accelerated.

“What kind of fish is this?” Nie Bufan’s voice traveled over before he even got close.

“This is the Napoleon fish.” A crew member replied.

“What about this one?” Nie Bufan asked again, pointing to a scarlet fish that was jumping up amd down.

“It’s a coral grouper.”

“I know this.” Nie Bufan said excitedly, “It’s a puffer fish!”

The crew member nodded, but seeing that Nie Bufan seemed to want to poke it with his hands, he quickly stopped and said: “Ai, gongzi, don’t touch it, be careful of getting hurt.”

At this time, the puffer fish’s body full of small spines suddenly bulged, and soon became balloon-shaped, round and quite adorable.

But who knew, a chicken claw suddenly appeared in the air, stepping on the fish hard, and with a whooshing sound, the puffer fish’s body was instantly squashed flat like a tire leaking. Then a few chickens surrounded over, swiping one claw on the right and another claw on the left, teasing the poor fish.

The crew around all watched silently.

“Xiaobao, what are you doing?” Fan Luo saw that he was squatting on the deck in a squatting toilet-like position, doing harm to the fish with his chicken.

Nie Bufan turned his head and waved: “Teacher of the State, come and see quickly, there are so many strange fishes here.”

The man following Fan Luo squinted his eyes and looked at the person with a brilliant smile under the sun, as if a burst of vitality was injected into the surrounding scenery.

Fan Luo walked over in a few steps, stretched out his hand to pull him up, and was about to speak, but then he saw Nie Bufan’s eyes move behind him, his face full of surprise.

Fan Luo pursed his lips and introduced, “This is Tai Yan, the second master of Qiyu Island, and this is Wei Xiaobao.” But he did not say his identity.

Nie Bufan quickly stretched out his hand and smiled in a friendly manner: “Hello, Mr. Tai.”

Tai Yan raised his eyebrows, and also reached out to shake hands with him, and replied, “Has Wei gongzi been to the West?”

“I have been there once or twice.” Nie Bufan replied without any hesitation.

Fan Luo cast a strange look at him, secretly wondering, wasn’t this guy a chicken farmer?

Yet he was not at all shy and could hook up with anyone.

“Oh? That’s great! There are many overseas friends on Qiyu Island, so you can communicate with them at that time.” Tai Yan’s hearty smile had some roguish feeling to it.

Nie Bufan scanned him up and down. Since this person was the second master of Qiyu Island, then wasn’t he a relative of Tai Bai? Weren’t they of the same blood? One was like an English thoroughbred horse, while the other was like a small country donkey.

Displeasure flashed in Fan Luo’s eyes and he said to Tai Yan: “I believe that the second island master has received the letter from Tai Bai gongzi, so we will go ashore at Jingyang Port.”

“No hurry, it looks like the weather will change, and our schedule may be delayed.” Tai Yan didn’t mind Fan Luo’s coldness, and smiled, “Please rest assured, Teacher of the State and Wei gongzi, I will entertain you both well on the way.”

“Then let’s eat fish today!” Nie Bufan pointed to a large number of fish on the deck with great enthusiasm.

“Okay, what fish do you want to eat?”

Nie Bufan turned his head and asked the chicken friends: “What do you want to eat?”

Several chickens glanced at him, and then used their claws to sift through the fish pile like a bunch of big masters, seeming to be choosing fish.

Tai Yan’s eyelids twitched a few times. He seemed to see the expressions of disgust on the faces of several chickens?

At this moment, a black-purple chicken suddenly spread its wings and raised its head to call out. It then fluttered a few times, jumped down and flew out of the ship, making a beautiful maneuver in the air before rushing toward the sea like a sharp arrow where it then plunged into the sea water.

The chickens who were still playing with fish all jumped onto the side of the ship, clucking excitedly.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and didn’t know how to react. Then most people rushed to the side of the ship and leaned forward to look at the water.

A black shadow broke out of the water, bringing up a dazzling splash of water as it flew high on the waves. It hovered in the air for a while, and finally landed on the deck, spitting out a tuna a bit bigger than its body.

Nie Bufan gave a cheer, rushed over to grab the fish, and boasted: “Good job! Lulu (cormorant).”

Lulu raised its head, and accepted the worship of other chicken friends in a dignified manner.

“I didn’t see wrong, did I? This is indeed a chicken, isn’t it?” A crew member asked hesitantly.

“I doubt it too.” Another crew member said in a daze. “Is this actually a seabird that looks like a chicken?”

“But, no matter how I look at it, it’s a chicken…..” Crew member three tried hard to find non-chicken characteristics, but failed.

Nie Bufan grabbed the dying tuna and ran to Fan Luo’s side. He smiled and said, “Let’s eat this today?”

Fan Luo’s gaze glanced between him and the fish, but did not comment.

Tai Yan asked in amazement, “Brother Wei, what kind of chicken is your…..chicken?”

“You won’t understand even if I say it, so don’t ask. I won’t tell you even if you ask. This is a commercial secret.” Nie Bufan said solemnly.

Tai Yan was speechless, and after a moment of silence, he asked again, “I wonder if this chicken is for sale?”

It would be very interesting to have such a chicken on the ship that could catch fish.

“Not for sale.” Nie Bufan refused without hesitation, “However, if it has offspring, I will consider giving you one. The premise is that you must get their approval.”

Tai Yan smiled and said, “Then that’s good, I would like to thank you in advance.”

“Then here, you can have this.” Nie Bufan dumped the fish that was still jumping to Tai Yan, ruining his exquisite and expensive attire in a very carefree manner, then turned and ran to Lulu’s side, saying : “Lulu, give birth to a few more little Lulus in the future, and the great task of establishing diplomatic relations with overseas will be entrusted to you.”

With a scoff, LuLu showed strong disdain for a certain someone, fluttered its wings a few times and flew onto the fish pile. It screeched fiercely at the surrounding crew members, not allowing them to approach.

It seemed to plan to exchange a single fish for a bunch of fish. What a good deal!

Nie Bufan gave it a thumbs up in his heart, it was worthy of being his, Nie Bufan’s, chicken, what style!

In the end, Tai Yan, of course, very tactfully gave the bunch of fish to Lulu.

When returning to the cabin, Tai Yan asked Fan Luo in a low voice: “Who is this Wei gongzi? He seems very unfathomable!”

Hearing this, Fan Luo also responded to him with an unfathomable silence.

The Jellyfish sailed towards the nearest dock, and as the weather might change at night they had to moor before dark.

The ship rocked in the waves, and the sea breeze blew the sails noisily.

After dinner, Nie Bufan and his chicken were ordered to stay in the cabin and were not allowed to leave.

He lay down on the bed and shook the little monkey’s arm in boredom, making it rotate in the air. A chicken could no longer watch anymore, and pecked Nie Bufan’s evil claws, saving Wukong from this merciless ravagement.

Nie Bufan rubbed the back of his hand, and shifted eyes with evil intent to the other chickens. The chickens bristled up, drilled into the ground, flew up, or hid away, disappearing in just a matter of seconds.

A bored Nie Bufan was a demonic existence and must be kept away.

“Are you really that bored?” Fan Luo asked, leaning against the bed and raising his eyes.

“Where do you see that I’m bored?” Nie Bufan gave him an eyeroll. Lying on his side on the bed, he twisted his body into an S shape, and called it yoga.

“Since you are feeling idle,” Fan Luo tossed down the book in his hand, and said meaningfully, “Should we continue with what was unfinished yesterday?”

Nie Bufan’s hairs stood up and he hugged the quilt, showing a reluctant expression as he said: “I am physically disabled and will not succumb to evil forces.”

Fan Luo’s mouth twitched a few times, and he felt pain when he thought of the cruelly interrupted sex yesterday. This guy was really good at ruining the mood, no matter how sexy the atmosphere was, he would destroy it all.

Fan Luo felt that so long as one could make him submit, there would be no creatures that could not be made to submit in this world. The process of making him submit was also a process of tempering and strengthening one’s will.

“You don’t need to struggle, this time I will do it all the way to the end no matter what.” Fan Luo looked firm.

“If you dare to do it, I will shout for help.” Nie Bufan said viciously.

“Then go ahead and shout.” Fan Luo said gloomily while undressing, “The wind is so strong outside, even if you break your throat, no one will come to rescue you.”

Nie Bufan looked at him with incredulous eyes, and said in shock: “Teacher of the State, are you possessed by a flower thief?” (TN: flower thief  =rapist)

Fan Luo twitched his lips, tried to restrain his trembling emotions, brewed his desires, and pressed down on the other with the mentality of one facing death with equanimity.

“Teacher of the State, your expression looks like you have constipation. Are you sure you don’t need to go for a squat?” Nie Bufan reminded him kindly.

Fan Luo’s face turned dark, and he directly seales the other’s mouth with his own, biting down slightly in punishment.

“Nngh…..ah… hurts….en.”

Fan Luo stroked over him nimbly with both hands.

“This… don’t need to go for a squat, I need to, please excuse me…..ngh…..I really…..”

“Shut up, when it’s over, let’s go squatting together.”

Oi, Teacher of the State, do you still have any moral principles left?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan was both sorrowful and indignant.

In the midst of rocking, he suddenly had an epiphany. It was not him who was gay, but the world itself was gay!

So, he should face this calmly…..right…..

TN: bonus chapters coming up!

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