The Cruel Tyrant CH 092 Xiao Wu

Su Mu was a little annoyed and threw Shi Ran’s letter aside. He returned to the bedroom where he soaked in a hot water bath with eyes closed. Through the lingering mist, the smooth skin revealed a layer of attractive pink. After a while, Su Mu suddenly opened his eyes and said: “Call Huang Xuan over to shiqin (TN: lit. translate to serving someone in lying down, an elegant way of referring to bed affairs, often used to refer to the emperor sleeping with his wives and concubines).”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the imperial medical college, Huang Xuan, who was dressed in court clothes, was attentively reading through the handwritten notes of famous physicians of the past. With this serious countenance, one could already see traces of a mature man in him.

Doctor Hu touched his beard and nodded in relief, smiling like a Maitreya Buddha. This kid was not bad, talented and willing to work hard. He slowly walked to Huang Xuan’s side, and Huang Xuan, who was so immersed in the book, didn’t even notice the other’s approach.

Then doctor Hu craned his neck over to see the content of the book and the smile on his face immediately froze. He stretched out his hand with the intention to slap the other in the back of the head, but when he remembered that he was the Crown Prince’s person, he could only pet out a cold snort.

Huang Xuan, who had just read up to “One is close, second is exhaust, third is…..” (TN: from the Seven Loss which refers to the damages to the human body during intercourse including the ‘close’: occlusion of the seminal tract, which refers to sexual pain disorder, or even inability to ejaculate; ‘exhaust’: premature ejaculation of the essence, refers to sweating during sexual intercourse) was almost startled into a fright, and immediately closed the book in a frantic manner. He was even more embarrassed when he saw it was doctor Hu and didn’t even know where to look: “Shifu, you…..why haven’t you left?”

Doctor Hu held his hands behind his back and his head upright as he lectured Huang Xuan: “Us doctors learn the methods to saving and healing the wounded. How can we indulge in this kind of vulgar and obscene tricks? It is simply a shame to your teachers.”

Doctor Hu immediately chose to forget that he also once indulged in this kind of “vulgar and obscene tricks” when he was young, and said to Huang Xuan, “You have such talent in medicine, yet you don’t use it the proper way. It gives this Shifu a lot of heartache, back then this Shifu…..”

Huang Xuan held the book in his hand and bowed his head to listen to the lecture. Slowly, doctor Hu’s voice went further and further away and his eyelids became heavier and heavier. Just when Huang Xuan was about to fall asleep, the little eunuch who waited on him hurriedly ran in, with a very obvious expression of excitement on his face. Huang Xuan’s eyes lit up as if he saw a savior. He straightened up and said to the little eunuch: “Xu Jia, what is it?”

After Huang Xuan gave Xu Jia a look, Xu Jia immediately got the hint and said respectfully: “Yes, His Highness has called you over to shiqin.”


Huang Xuan’s eyes lit up and he jumped to his feet and ran out: “Shifu, this disciple will be leaving first, please forgive me!”

Doctor Hu only felt that a figure flashed by, and then the apprentice who had been obediently listening to his lecture just now disappeared, and the excited and eager voice from outside the door almost annoyed Doctor Hu to death.

Xu Jia had already ran all the way when he came, and now he couldn’t keep up with Huang Xuan’s footsteps at all, so he had to shout from a long distance behind his master: “Gongzi, bathing and changing clothes…..”

Huang Xuan ran back to his residence and quickly washed himself clean. Then he rushed out like a gust of wind before he even fully tied his clothes. There was such a big movement here that Yun Feiyu, who also lived here, naturally noticed it. He lifted his gaze from the book in his hand, and looked with cool eyes at Huang Xuan striding towards the Crown Prince’s residence in excitement.

In the bedroom, Su Mu sat on the bed with an irritable expression, and said to the people outside the door angrily: “Has Huang Xuan arrived or not! If he hasn’t arrived, then tell him not to come anymore!”

He had been waiting for an hour already! Could it be that his thing had been stolen? Su Mu thought maliciously.

No one outside the door responded to Su Mu’s words. Instead, the vermillion doors was opened, and Huang Xuan walked in while trying his best to suppress his excitement. He said to Su Mu: “Paying respects to Your Highness.”

Su Mu gave him a cold look and said, “Come here.”

With a wave of his hand, the two doors closed automatically.

Huang Xuan resisted his excitement and slowly approached Su Mu, for fear that he would be driven out by the Crown Prince because he was too eager. But suddenly he felt his feet lift from the floor, and he was thrown onto the bed by the impatient Crown Prince.

Su Mu looked down from his higher vantage point at Huang Xuan who was lying on the bed, reached out his hand and poked at the other’s already stiff erection, the corners of his mouth raising slightly as he said: “You wouldn’t happen to have walked over here hard the whole time, would you?”

Huang Xuan’s face blushed slightly red. He moved his lower body and rubbed twice against Su Mu’s fingertips, and said, “Your Highness, let me serve you, is that alright?”

“Not alright.” Su Mu ruthlessly refused. He stretched out his hands and pulled open Huang Xuan’s robes. There was already a bit of a wet stain on the inside layer of pants underneath. Su Mu teased the other while rubbing the head with his fingers: “It’s got this wet so soon?”

“Your Highness, let me…..” He panted and tried to get up from the bed but was pressed down by Su Mu again.

Su Mu sat next to him, put his hand into Huang Xuan’s pants to hold him, the size of which was quite inconsistent with his appearance. His body shuddered, and he almost couldn’t wait to let it enter his body, but Su Mu decided to hold back this time. It was boring to go straight to the subject all the time, and one should have some fun once in a while.

Although in Huang Xuan’s view, his idea of “fun” was more like torture.

Su Mu tied Huang Xuan’s hands to the head of the bed to completely eliminate the possibility of him getting up, and then kneeled over him to tear his clothes off bit by bit. Although Huang Xuan’s physique was not very muscular, it was still quite fit and attractive.

Su Mu leaned down to kiss his lips while stroking his body. Huang Xuan immediately lifted himself as high as he could and bit Su Mu’s lips and held on to it. However, when Su Mu suddenly pinched him on his waist, Huang Xuan immediately let him go.

“Your Highness…..” Huang Xuan was like a hungry wolf who had been starved for dozens of days, wishing nothing more than to swallow Su Mu all at once. Su Mu stuck out the tip of his tongue very erotically to moisten his lips, causing Huang Xuan to keep thrusting up and rubbing his lower half against the other’s bottom. Su Mu slowly sat up and tried his best to control himself, otherwise he was afraid that he would have put that hard member into his body already.

He wrapped one hand around Huang Xuan’s thick member and the other around his own, then put them together and started stroking with both hands. Su Mu closed his eyes in combined pleasure and discomfort, feeling the sensations of having his hardest part in close contact with the other’s hottest part. Soon, pre-cum stained his hands and made the slide even smoother.

Huang Xuan tugged at his tightly bound hands, breathing harshly while saying, “Your Highness, let me inside…..”

“No…..” Su Mu’s eyes had become misted over and he tried his best to endure the feeling of emptiness behind him. He wanted to know if this body really had to be entered to calm the desire.

Su Mu held the two thick members stroked with fast movements for a while. Several times he felt that he was about to come, but no matter what he still couldn’t get past that last hurdle in the end, instead his increasingly hungry and thirsty entrance almost drove him into losing his sanity.

He had to compromise and free up a hand to send it behind him. The place that was constantly contracting immediately shyly tightened when fingers came into contact with it.

Su Mu stretched out trembling fingers and stroked it lightly, and immediately felt a current rise from there, causing him to let out a moan uncontrollably. Su Mu’s entire face felt like it was burning up when his fingers finally entered. He continuously thrusted his fingers in and out, seeming to forget that the purpose was to expand rather than masturbate.

Huang Xuan almost couldn’t help but shoot then and there as he watched the Crown Prince completely losing himself to the process of playing with his entrance. All men had an animal side after all. Huang Xuan simply held the wooden pole of the bedframe with both hands and pulled it hard, making a cracking sound.

After a while, the wooden pole broke and Huang Xuan quickly threw away the cloth strips that bound his wrists. He then instantly turned over to press the Crown Prince under him, holding his own firmness and pushing inside the Crown Prince’s entrance. And without even pausing for a moment he began thrusting in and out roughly, but Su Mu didn’t feel any discomfort and instead spread his legs to let the other go in deeper.

With every deep thrust, Su Mu couldn’t help tightening his body and moaning out. Since Huang Xuan had to bear it for so long, it didn’t take long before he twitched and spewed out his load.

Afterwards, not only did Huang Xuan not let him go, he pushed his legs to his chest and pistoned in and out more forcefully. After a while, the little Su Mu who had just finished coming stood upright tenaciously once again.


In the severe winter, the heavy snow stopped for a while, and the red plum blossomed proudly in spite of the cold, dotting the monotonous white world with red. A girl in green clothes stepped on the thick snow, plucked a few delicate plum blossoms and ran in while saying with a smile: “Fifth young lady, look at how beautiful this plum blossom is.” The maid walked to the lady who was leaning on the couch reading a book, and while inserting the plum blossom that still carried the chill from outside into a vase, she nagged: “Won’t you go for a walk? There is such wonderful scenery outside.”

Staying in the house all day and reading, was she not afraid of tiring the eyes, the maid muttered in her heart. Although the fifth young lady treated people well, she didn’t dare to forget her place, and she could only persuade her to go out and walk more while trying to bring back pieces of the outside scenery as much as possible such as these beautiful plum blossoms.

Suddenly, there was the sound of crying, and a girl wrapped in a cloak rushed into the door and plunged into the arms of the fifth young lady.

Xiao Wu put the book down on the couch, stretched out a hand to pat the girl buried in her arms, and asked softly, “Ran Ran, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Wanran got up from Xiao Wu’s chest and sobbed: “Fifth sister…..Father…..Father…..he wants…..he wants to marry me to the county magistrate… be… be a concubine…..”

Xiao Wu frowned: “You are the daughter of Father’s first wife, why would he let you be a concubine for an old man?”

“I don’t…..I don’t know…..” Xiao Wanran shook her head and began sobbing again while holding Xiao Wu: “Fifth…..fifth sister… must save me…..or else…’s better to just…..just die…..”

Xiao Wu reached out and patted her shaking shoulders, and asked, “What did Mother say?”

Xiao Wanran wiped her tears and said: “Of course Mother is reluctant to let me marry the old man, but…..but Father is determined to have me marry the old man…..What should I do, fifth sister? Anyway, I will never marry that old man…..wahhh~ fifth sister…..”

Although Xiao Wanran was the daughter of the first wife, while Xiao Wu was just a daughter of a concubine, Xiao Wanran was naturally kind and the two of them had always had a good relationship. Her official mother also treated her well due to Xiao Wanran’s face, or maybe it was sympathy for a fellow woman. Xiao Wu’s eyes darkened and she stroked Xiao Wanran’s soft black hair as she said: “Don’t worry, I’ll go see Mother first.”

Xiao Wanran clutched Xiao Wu’s sleeve tightly as if grabbing a life-saving straw, and said hopefully: “Fifth sister, you must help me!”

Xiao Wu nodded and smiled, then wrapped on a cloak and walked out the door.

In the main room, Madam Xiao had just had a big fight with Master Xiao and she was sitting on the bed wiping at tears: “My bitter fated daughter, how can the Master have her marry an old man who is about to enter the soil?”

The old woman who served Madam Xiao comforted helplessly: “Madam, don’t cry and affect your health. Isn’t it the same whoever the marriage partner is?”

“Daughter Xiao Wu pays respects to Mother.”

A female voice came into Madam Xiao’s ears, and Madam Xiao immediately stopped crying, tightly clenching the handkerchief as if thinking of something, and said to the old woman next to her: “Let her come in.”

“Ai.” The old woman opened the door and said, “Fifth young lady, please come in.”

Xiao Wu walked into the room and bowed slightly at Madam Xiao who was sitting on the couch, and respectfully said: “Xiao Wu greets Mother.”

Madam Xiao nodded, and said to the old woman next to her: “You go out first.”

“Yes, Madam.”

After the old woman retreated, she closed the door behind her. Madam Xiao sat on the couch and Xiao Wu stood in front of her. For a while, there seemed to be only the sound of charcoal burning in the room.

Xiao Wu raised her head and looked at Madam Xiao and said, “Mother, you can’t marry Wanran to the county magistrate.”

Madam Xiao stared at her closely: “What method do you have?”

“The new law promulgated by the Crown Prince half a year ago clearly stated that no one can force others to marry unless they are willing.” Xiao Wu said.

Madam Xiao frowned and said: “You plan to sue your father? And this Lin County is the territory of the county magistrate.”

Xiao Wu said: “You only need to send the county magistrate’s crimes to the imperial city. The county magistrate colluded with the gentry to obstruct the division of land, suppressed the villagers and snatched their daughters. There have been countless tragedies. As long as the Crown Prince knows this the county magistrate will not escape punishment.”

Madam Xiao was shocked when she heard these words, she seemed to be so frightened that she hurriedly retracted her eyes from Xiao Wu and said, “No, no.”

Xiao Wu looked at Madam Xiao’s wandering eyes and asked, “Why?”

“There is no why?” Madam Xiao’s voice suddenly became louder, and then lowered down. She looked at Xiao Wu lovingly, took off the jade bracelet on her wrist and walked to Xiao Wu’s side and slipped the jade bracelet onto Xiao Wu’s wrist. She said gently: “Xiao Wu, do you agree that Mother has treated you well over these years? Whatever you wanted, Mother has never said a word of refusal. Now your sister is in trouble. You can’t just stand by and watch her jump into the fire pit. Xiao Wu, take it as Mother begging you, please, please save Wanran. She is only thirteen years old. She will be widow after marrying over…..”

Xiao Wu looked at the fine jade bracelet on her wrist and Madam Xiao, who was holding her hands, laughed out loud. She asked: “The kindness of nurturing is not easily repaid, Mother, please do not hesitate to order Xiao Wu.”

Madam Xiao held Xiao Wu’s hands tightly: “You are at the beautiful age of sixteen this year. Isn’t it that much better than an immature girl like Wanran? The county magistrate will definitely like you more.”

When she said this, Madam Xiao was still very guilty. Xiao Wu’s mother had only one daughter, which was Xiao Wu, and had died a long time ago. So there was not much conflict of interest between the two. And this child was also considered to have grown up under her watch. So now that she planned to personally send her into the fire pit it also made her feel a little uneasy. But this anxiety was nothing compared to the happiness and future of her own daughter and son. If the county magistrate was arrested and the Crown Prince sent a newcomer to assign the fields to the filthy commoners who would then only have to give them a small rent, then there was simply no way they could live at all.

Xiao Wu said clearly: “Please don’t worry, Mother, Xiao Wu will never let little sister marry the county magistrate.”

Madam Xiao breathed a sigh of relief: “Very good, very good, you really are a good girl. Mother will not treat you badly…..”

However, before she finished her words, the door was suddenly pushed open. Xiao Wanran grabbed Xiao Wu’s wrist with tears in her eyes and glared at her mother and said, “I won’t marry, and fifth sister won’t marry either, no one will marry!”

Madam Xiao was about to get angry, but at this time Xiao Wanran had already pulled Xiao Wu out of the house. Xiao Wu asked Xiao Wanran, who was pulling her along, “Where are you going?”

Xiao Wanran replied: “I don’t know, go somewhere they can’t find us!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Xiao Wu pulled Xiao Wanran to a halt and watched her panting as she said, “It won’t even be a few days before you starve to death after running out like this.”

“Then what should we do?” Xiao Wanran was discouraged: “I can’t really marry that old man, right?!”

Xiao Wu revealed a smile and said, “Of course not.”

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