After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 067 Grandson

Shen Chen had never understood why people inexplicably value sentimental feelings when they grow old. People who originally had iron fisted methods would also become soft-hearted and indecisive. Just like father Shen, he clearly knew what to do was the best option, but he still took into account the traditional code of conduct, so he deceived himself and others.

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Shen Chen didn’t think there was anything wrong with such soft-heartedness. If his competitors and business partners were such people, he might even be able to wake up laughing from his dreams. It was a pity that there was another kind of person in this world. Just like Yao Shengan, who could enjoy the meal in his own bowl comfortably, but still insisted on running over to someone else’s bowl to fight for food while all the while declaring their mutually beneficial friendship.

Completely not understanding how businessmen placed importance on profit at all, and that wealth could shake the will. In the face of huge profits, human relationships would always be as thin as paper.

“Father has been in the business world for so many years, so naturally you understand the principle that the powerful dragon will not crush the local snake. The Li family built their financial empire through finance and opening department stores, and have not entered the real estate industry these many years. The Luo Group is far away in Beijing, and this time they spent a huge amount of money to win the land in the Pudong New Area. In terms of the financial resources of the Luo Group, it is already at the limit. Presumably, the Luo family will not be able to make any major moves in the next few years. So they are not a concern.”

“In contrast, our Shen family in Shanghai can be said to have deep roots. If we can get a connection with the Li family through friendship with Tao Mu. Even if the Li family wants to enter the real estate industry through us, we can also take advantage of the trend to enter the real estate industry in Beijing, and even the northern market. In fact, as early as the Pudong New Area land bidding, I wanted to jointly develop the land with the Yao family and the Luo family. Unfortunately, the Yao family and our family are not of one mind. Now thinking about it, maybe it was a good thing that my original plan was not successful at that time. Cooperating with the Li family is better than cooperating with the Yao family.”

Again, Shanghai City was too small. It could only accommodate one affluent family in control. The Yao family could be regarded as a half-local snake. If they really were supported into strength, he was afraid that they would not be able to be gotten rid of in the end. What was a better choice would be the Li family and Luo family, one had never been involved in the real estate industry and was well-funded, while the other was far away in the capital. In regards to making advances they could work together, and in regards to making retreats they were a distance apart from each other.

Though he said this, it was still the Shen family betraying an old friend who they had had a deep friendship with for decades. It was inevitable that father Shen would not be able to get past that hurdle. “Public judgement is terrifying. We don’t want to alienate other old friends.”

It was true that businessmen payed great attention to profit, but if they could betray even business partners who they had cooperated with for decades, how could such a person be trusted by others.

Shen Chen smiled slightly: “Father, don’t worry. I know it in my heart.”

As Shen Chen spoke, he motioned to his assistant to take out a document of information from the safe and hand it to father Shen.

Father Shen took it in puzzlement, flipped a few pages, and then his expression changed. In the thick document, there was evidence that Yao Shengan had made a request for private detectives and commercial espionage to investigate various records of the Shen Group in the past year. But the key was that the Shen family had been friends with the Yao family for many years. If the Yao family wanted to understand what the Shen family did in the market, why hire a private investigator to investigate it privately. Therefore, what appeared in this document material was naturally some secrets that were not easy to declare out loud.

Shen Chen smiled and said: “I knew that people like Yao Shengan like to forget righteousness and do not want to repent. He was able to betray Song Ji for profit, and now he can naturally betray the Shen family for profit. Our Shen family will not be the first to attack for profit, but we won’t let others calculate us either.”

As Shen Chen had always said, Shanghai was too small. The so-called one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, since the Sheng’an Group wanted to enter the real estate industry, one day it would confront the Shen family. Maybe Yao Shengan investigated these materials just to make full preparations and had no other intentions. But Shen Chen didn’t dare to bet whether Yao Shengan was a saint or not.

After all, the facts had already proven that this old man was really not a gentleman.

Father Shen really did not expect that he had been friends with Yao Shengan for many years, and yet Yao Shengan would actually do such things behind his back. So it was inevitable that he felt disbelief.

“I truly didn’t expect this.” Father Shen put down the teacup heavily, the tea in the cup trembled violently and overflowed from the teacup, accidentally dripping onto his fingers: “Yao Shengan! What a very capable Yao Shengan!”

At this moment, Yao Shengan, whom the father and son of the Shen family spoke of, was standing outside the Song family courtyard residence.

Thirty years had passed in a flash. Yao Shengan looked at the two front doors with the vermilion lacquer having fallen off in places, and at the Song Ji plaque over the door that had been eroded by wind and rain.

“Who are you looking for?” The two workers of Song Ji looked at the luxury car parked at the door and at Yao Shengan, who appeared very distinguished all over, and they exchanged looks with each other.

“I’m looking for…..Song Daozhen.” As if there was a knife concealed in this name, Yao Shengan paused for a while before saying the name with some difficulty. With just such a simple action, Yao Shengan’s tongue seemed to be cut by a blade, feeling very painful indeed.

“Oh, you’re looking for Mr. Song!” One of the workers suddenly realized, thinking that Yao Shengan was also a visitor who came here after being attracted by Song Ji’s reputation. Since the dozens of media outlets teamed up to discredit Tao Mu, the places where Tao Mu had worked in the past years had become very popular. Especially Night and Song Ji, the business was so good it was bursting. Many netizens came here admiringly.

But it was rare to see someone as old as Yao Shengan. Most of them were young girls and boys in their teens and twenties.

“He is not here. He was picked up by his grandson. Song Ji won’t be doing business these days. Please come back next month.” The worker waved his hand and went to do his own work.

Yao Shengan was in a daze for a moment: “He has a grandson?”

The worker didn’t know who Yao Shengan was, and naturally he didn’t know the old grudge between Yao Shengan and the Song family. Hearing this, he immediately smiled and said, “Not his blood related grandson but one he just recognized. His grandson is very caring of him. Two days ago, he took Mr. Song to the hospital for a full body checkup. The checkup revealed that the blood pressure was a bit high and his heart was also not so well. The doctor said he must rest so his grandson, worried that he was living alone here, picked him up and brought him to live with him, saying he would take care of him for a few days. Mr. Song will come back after he has rested well.”

Yao Shengan was a little disappointed that he did not see the person he came for. He opened his mouth and said: “Thank you. I must trouble you to relay a word for me. I am Yao Shengan, Song Daozhen’s old acquaintance. Just tell him that I will come to Song Ji at this time tomorrow, and I hope he can see me.”

The two workers looked at Yao Shengan suspiciously, and when they went back inside they called Tao Mu.

After Tao Mu recognized two fathers and a grandfather, he had been in an extremely excited state the whole time and wanted to stick to his family all day long. But he had to go to school during the day, and at night he had to take care of the work at FlyNews, so he didn’t have time to go to Song Ji. Besides, Tao Mu had been thinking about the health of old man Song and dean Tao. Taking advantage of the joyous event of familial adoption, Tao Mu finally coaxed the two elderly people into the hospital for a physical examination. As a result, it was found that both dean Tao and old man Song had a little heart problem.

Tao Mu originally wanted the two elderly to be hospitalized for recuperation, but dean Tao worried about the children in the orphanage and refused, and old man Song also said that he would not be hospitalized no matter what, complaining that it was unlucky. Forcing Tao Mu to have no choice but to ask Qin Miaoru and the others to look in with the dean more often, while he personally took care of old man Song.

Old man Song originally didn’t want to go, but Tao Mu remarked that he happened to plan for FlyNews to do a show related to food and would like to ask old man Song to be a consultant. Otherwise, he was afraid that the program crew would not shoot well. Only then did old man Song moved over to jis place without saying a word.

Tao Mu originally wanted old man Song to live in the apartment near hia school, but Liu Yao and Meng Qi disliked that the apartment he bought for Tao Mu was too small, and it was really inconvenient for them to live in. So they directly took Tao Mu and old man Song to Meng Qi’s three-hundred-square-meter large villa.

Old man Song had lived in a courtyard residence all his life, and when he first began living in the East Lake Villa he was very unused to it. Fortunately, during the day, there was a group of FlyNews employees fooling——cough, discussing with him about food delicacies. Once a person has something to do, naturally they won’t feel lonely anymore.

Tao Mu originally wanted to coax old man Song to be happier, and by the way, pave the way for the future dealing with the Sheng’an Group. But he didn’t expect that this move would allow them to avoid the shameless Yao Shengan. This made Tao Mu even more grateful that he had taken the old man away——otherwise, with the old man’s temperament, who knows how much anger he would suffer after meeting Yao Shengan who came to look for him.

“If that person comes again in the future, just shoo him out with the broom. Don’t pay attention to him.” Tao Mu almost laughed from anger. He really didn’t expect there to be such a shameless person in this world. Actually still having the face to come to the door after doing so many bad things. He almost couldn’t believe that this person still had the courage to report his name and make another appointment for a meeting.

Who gave him the courage!

Tao Mu put down the phone and did not say a word of the matter to the old man. He just told the people of FlyNews to prepare the show as soon as possible. He wanted to make the food show elaborately prepared by FlyNews become an instant hit, and then publicize the bad things that Yao Shengan did in the past. When the time came, grievances would be avenged and grudges would be dealt with. Even if the stock price of Sheng’an Group could not be shaken temporarily, the injustice of the Song family would still be made known to the world.

Both Liu Yao and Meng Qi knew Tao Mu’s plan. They also silently urged the ruthless lawyer Zhou to resolve the lawsuit as soon as possible. The best case would be to make Yuxiao Media cough out a hundred million to vex some of the anger first.

Lawyer Zhou conspired with Liu Yao for a long time, and flipped through the law books and related cases before setting up such a trap deliberately, so naturally it would be a sure win. They believe Yao Wenxiao and his lawyers also understood this. Because Yao Wenxiao’s lawyers had always suggested not to go to court, and that it would be best to reach an out-of-court settlement with Tao Mu. It was just that Yao Wenxiao’s inexplicable hostility towards Tao Mu kept him reluctant to bow his head.

This time Yao Shengan personally went to Beijing to help his grandson solve the problem. With Yao Shengan’s scheming and shrewd calculating mind, he naturally understood the saying that a wise man knows when to retreat. Therefore, as everyone expected, on the third day of Yao Shengan’s arrival in the capital, Yao Wenxiao and his lawyers finally bowed their heads before the trial would be held and contacted Tao Mu to reach an out-of-court settlement.

When Liu Yao took Tao Mu and Lawyer Zhou to see Yao Wenxiao, he was not surprised to see Yao Shengan, who had just arrived in Beijing and was driven out with brooms by two of Song Ji’s workers the day before.

Yao Shengan stared at Tao Mu with scorching eyes. After a long while, he said, “Are you the grandson Song Daozhen recognized?”

Tao Mu smiled slightly: “What advice does Mr. Yao has for me?”

Yao Shengan’s face was darkly clouded. After he fled to Shanghai he founded the Sheng’an Group from scratch. After so many years of accumulation of prestige, it had been a long time since anyone dared to treat him so irreverently to his face: “Young man, where it is possible to let people off, one should forgive them. Never create bad blood between you and anyone since you might eventually meet again.”

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“To hear these words from Mr. Yao, it is really awkward indeed.” Tao Mu knew it well. With Yao Shengan’s character and shrewdness, even if he pretended to be meek and subservient, it wouldn’t numb this old bastard. This grandson (TN: used in a negative and insulting way) would absolutely not hesitate when he should be ruthless. He would never let you go just because you called him grandpa.

That being the case, Tao Mu didn’t bother to be courteous with this old bastard and just conducted himself as he liked.

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