Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 095 Heroes Must Pay A Price To Save The Beauty

Nie Bufan and others were locked in several utility rooms in batches. The utility room had no windows and was dark and small.

Tai Yan and Fan Luo lay on the left and right of Nie Bufan, both of them were currently in a semi-drowsy state. When eating just now, Nie Bufan only took a bite. Coupled with his special physique, the effect of the drug had long passed, but his stomach was flat and he was very hungry.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Unfortunately, his whole body was now tied into a zongzi (TN: glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled), and he could only wriggle like a worm. Naturally, he would not engage in such futile exercises, and in the face of the dark room, he could only whistle in boredom.

But not long after, there was a slight noise on the roof. And then, a bit of starlight penetrated into the dark room. It turned out that a tile on the roof was removed by something, exposing a hole that perfectly fit a chicken head which at that moment was inserted through the hole.

Due to the dim light, Nie Bufan could not make out the face of this alien chicken.

But the next moment he recognized it, because that fellow was able to talk like a human: “Kek kek kek, you are locked in a small black room.”

“Hero!” Nie Bufan hurriedly called, “Hurry up and help your master to loosen the ropes.”

“What benefit will I get?” Hero began to bargain.

“Benefit?” Nie Bufan asked, rolling his eyes, “What do you want?”

“I want a beauty, a big beauty!” Hero replied immediately. “You only have such aspirations.” Nie Bufan muttered in disdain then promised, “Okay, I’ll find you a dozen beauties when I go back.”

“Oh yeah.” Hero jumped up and down on the roof excitedly, creaking the tiles.

Nie Bufan twitched the corner of his mouth and secretly thought: This guy should lose weight!

Fortunately it did not alert the nearby guards. Hero flew in and landed beside Nie Bufan, using its mouth and claws to help him untie the rope.

Hero was originally a macaw, with great strength, so the rope was quickly untied by it.

After regaining his freedom, Nie Bufan loosened his muscles and bones, and then took out the sleeping little monkey Wukong from his boots. This guy was small, and when they were besieged by pirates, Nie Bufan managed to put it in his boots in time, otherwise once it was discovered by the pirates, don’t know what inhuman treatment it would suffer. The smell inside the boots was a bit unpleasant, but safety was guaranteed in any case.

“Tsk tsk, it’s so stinky.” Hero was jumped a few steps away after getting a whiff. It seriously suspected that the little monkey was not knocked out by the drug, but by the stink instead.

“Does the reaction need to be so exaggerated? I don’t have stinky feet.” Nie Bufan looked disapproving, and even smelt it by himself, then…..changed the subject and asked, “What about the other guys?”


Nie Bufan calculated that there were only a dozen chickens left by his side at present, and most of them were not suitable for land warfare. Facing nearly a hundred pirates, they would certainly be unable to fight against, let alone protect everyone at the same time.

It would be great if Fan Luo could recover in time.

Suddenly, Nie Bufan’s eyes lit up. Although it was difficult to find the antidote, it was quite easy to find the knockout drug. There must be a lot of stock with the pirates. Why not use their own trick to return the favor?

Thinking of this, he quickly made a plan in his heart. The little monkey who was most suitable for stealing was out for the game at the moment, so he could only ask Hero, who was a bit unreliable.

Hero accepted the task confidently, fluttered its wings and flew out along the road which it arrived from, calling for friends to begin taking action.

Not long after it left, footsteps came from outside the door, and it seemed to be approaching here.

Nie Bufan secretly let out an ‘oh no’, and holding the hemp rope untied from his body, he fumbled his way and hid in the pile of firewood.

The door opened with a bang, and three or four pirates walked in. One of them was holding a candlestick in his hand to illuminate the dark utility room.

After looking around, the man pointed at Fan Luo and said, “It’s him, take him away.”

They did not notice anyone missing, nor did they look carefully at the firewood stack. They swiftly dragged Fan Luo up and walked out.

The wooden door was closed again and locked, and the room became completely dark again.

Nie Bufan got out from behind the firewood stack, and even just using his toes he could figure out why Fan Luo was taken away. That wretched person’s thievish intentions towards Fan Luo had not completely died and he was still actually thinking of indulging in beauty in the middle of the night.

He definitely could not let Fan Luo be defiled by that guy, otherwise, with Fan Luo’s pride, he might cut his neck directly afterwards.

Nie Bufan whistled again, and after only blowing twice, there was an answering whistle in the room. Inside the room? Nie Bufan followed the source of the sound, and it took a lot of effort to distinguish that a gray chicken was hanging upside down on the beam above his head. It was small and thin, and its eyes glowed eerily in the dark.

It was Bat King, its original species being the bat. Normally, it had the least sense of existence of the chickens, and almost never appeared in front of people.

Nie Bufan hurriedly handed the rope tied with a slip knot to it and let it wrap around the beam of the room. One rope was a little short, and he untied all the ropes of everyone in the room and connected them to make a sufficient length. After pulling hard and determining that it could bear a person’s weight, he began to climb up.

After finally getting out and onto the roof tiles, Nie Bufan took a few breaths, and secretly checked whether he had been living too lavishly recently and therefore gained a lot of fat.

Carefully climbing down from the roof, Nie Bufan sneaked through the village houses secretly. Bat King found a good route for him, saving him a lot of time, and his goal was to go straight to the direction where Fan Luo was taken away.

This was a simple house, with only two pirates standing outside, while other pirates were celebrating elsewhere.

Nie Bufan bypassed the front door and sneaked in from behind. The candlelight flickered in the house, there were shadows of moving figures, as well as the splashing sound of water.

Looking through the gap, he found that the pirate captain was ordering his subordinates to scrub Fan Luo’s face.

Tsk, even the invincible seaweed soup couldn’t quench his lust.

Nie Bufan secretly slandered.

Soon, the person in charge of scrubbing left, and only the pirate captain and Fan Luo who had been carried to the bed were left in the room. With wet hair spread out on the bed and his clothes loose and half-open, in the dim candlelight, he looked very beautiful and delicious, at least the pirate captain could not hold back anymore.

He breathed heavily and staggered towards the person on the bed, his mouth letting out lewd chuckles.

Nie Bufan was about to break in to save the beauty, but saw the pirate captain suddenly cover his stomach and exhale out in pain.

“Fuck off!” Fan Luo’s icy voice sounded, and Nie Bufan realized that he was already awake.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect you to wake up so soon.” The pirate captain straightened up and smiled evilly, “Just perfect, it’s more flavorful to play like this.”

The drug he used was very powerful, and it would make even expert masters weak and without strength for dozens of hours. Although the person in front of him was awake, he certainly had no power to resist.

Fan Luo was indeed unable to resist, the kick that he had just kicked out had consumed all his energy. Seeing the man approaching him step by step, murderous intent spread in his eyes.

At this time, Nie Bufan stepped into the house, his hand holding the hoe he found in the yard as he sneaked behind the pirate captain.

The pirate captain seemed to perceive something, and turned his head abruptly, only to immediately see a hoe hit towards him.

With a “bang”, he was smashed head on. The pirate captain’s eyes rolled back into his head and fell to the ground without a word.

When Fan Luo saw the new arrival, his eyes revealed delighted surprise.

Nie Bufan walked over a few steps and touched him from head to toe with his hands. He then asked: “How is it, is the chastity still there?”

Fan Luo’s joyful expression immediately stagnated, and the excitement that had just risen in his heart disappeared.

Seeing this person’s hand seemed to be about to slip into his pants, Fan Luo quickly stopped him: “Enough of you, I’m fine!”

“Really? You’re really okay?” Nie Bufan asked without giving up. 

Fan Luo looked conflicted and asked in a depressed tone: “Then do you actually want me to not be okay?”

“Fine.” Nie Bufan stepped back, turned to look at the pirate captain who had fainted, and asked, “What about this person?”

“Kill him.” Fan Luo replied without hesitation.

Nie Bufan touched his nose and said in a mumble, “I haven’t killed anyone before, so I’ll leave it to you to vent your anger.”

Fan Luo nodded and asked him to tie up the pirate first. At this moment, there was a strange noise outside the window.

He was immediately alert, but Nie Bufan waved his hand and said, “It’s okay.”

He opened the window and Hero flew in along with a few chickens behind it, small porcelain bottles clutched in their claws.

Nie Bufan didn’t bother to ask where they found these medicine bottles, opened them and smelled them, and then took them over to ask Fan Luo.

“Are you thinking of knocking out all the pirates with the medicine?” Fan Luo asked, leaning against the bedpost.

Nie Bufan nodded.

“It’s a good idea.” Fan Luo pondered for a while and said, “I’ll help you choose medicines. You must choose colorless and tasteless medicines.”

Nie Bufan took the bottles and opened them one by one to let him distinguish the properties of the medicines.

After smelling all of them, Fan Luo chose two types and said calmly: “Be careful when using the medicine as I’m really not sure. You can also ask one or two villagers to help. Although they are accomplices of the pirates, they are also controlled by others. They definitely must have hatred in their hearts for the pirates and should help you.”

“You don’t have to worry about this, I have my own way.”

Nie Bufan turned around, opened the two bottles of medicine, and poured them all into a teacup, and then asked Hero and the chickens to step in the teacup a few times. After making sure the powder covered their chicken feet he nodded in satisfaction.

Hero was clever and smart, and after Nie Bufan’s demonstration, it quickly understood the method to use the medicine on the pirates.

It cackled a few times, and excitedly led its little friends out of the room.

“Done!” Nie Bufan snapped his fingers. So long as most of the pirates were dealt with, the remaining few were not a concern.

Fan Luo looked at him, looking like he wanted to say something.

If he had seen correctly just now, this guy was teaching the chickens how to administer drugs to people.

Truthfully, what he raised were really divine creatures in chicken skin right? Fan Luo had a strange expression.

“By the way, is there an antidote to the knockout drug among these bottles?” Nie Bufan only thought of this question at this time.

“Yes.” Fan Luo pointed to the porcelain bottle on the bedside table, “I have used it just now, and my strength will be restored in about an hour.”

“Great, the plan will be even more foolproof now.” Nie Bufan picked up the porcelain bottle, his eyes lighting up and said, “I’ll send it to Tai Yan and the others later.”

As he was talking, the corner of his eyes suddenly noticed that the pirate captain who had fainted on the ground suddenly turned over, raised the hoe, and smashed it towards Fan Luo, who had his eyes closed and resting on the bed.

Nie Bufan didn’t even think about it, throwing himself over in a particularly fancy posture.

When the hoe fell, he only felt a sharp pain in his back and his bones making a creaking sound.

Before fainting, Nie Bufan’s only thought was that he didn’t intend to htrow himself over on purpose…..

As soon as Fan Luo opened his eyes, he saw Nie Bufan throw himself down over him and block a fatal blow for him. Just hearing the sound of broken bones, and he felt the world spin and cold air travel up his back. If the bones of the limbs were broken, there was a chance to recover, only the spine was a different story. Once the spine bone that supported the human body was broken, the best case scenario would be paralysis, and the worst would be death.

Seeing Nie Bufan’s serious injury, the blood in Fan Luo’s veins suddenly bubbled and boiled, his eyes going red. He rushed towards the pirate captain like a hungry tiger, grabbed the other’s neck, fingers digging into the flesh, and forcefully broke the pirate captain’s Adam’s apple.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

His eyes, which were normally full of charm and allure, were now full of evil spirits and murderous intent at this moment, cold and intangible, full of madness.

The pirate captain looked at him with wide eyes, opened his mouth but could make no sound. In the next instant, he died with an expression of fear like one who had seen the devil.

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