Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 038 The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware The Oriole’s Behind It

The rune butterflies were flying in the broad autumn sky, reflecting the dwindling leaves in the mountains and forests and creating a beautiful scene that pleased the senses.

The paper man poked his head out of his disciple’s collar and looked at the beautiful surroundings, feeling that he had been right to come out.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It could only be considered watching the scenery when accompanied by someone. It was too lonely to be alone.

Suddenly, there was a strong wind, and in the paper man’s moment of distraction he was nesrly blown away by the strong wind.

Feng Qingxiu’s eyes and hands were quick and he retrieved his Shizun in time, but for a while he felt quite exhausted from the scare. So when looking at his Shizun, his gaze held a trace of pitiful pleading: “It’s just looking with divine consciousness no matter what, so can’t you stay in the clothes?”

“Isn’t this because the divine consciousness is not strong, and the clothes will weaken the range of sight~” The paper man floated up and touched his neck comfortingly, “Next time I will be careful!”

The disciple obviously could not win against the master.

And so the paper man kept a hold on the collar of his disciple to avoid being blown away by the wind, and continued to enjoy the scenery.

Here was the place where the Lanjiang River, the largest tributary of the Wuling Sea, crossed. The water network was densely intersected and there were mountain streams and hanging springs everywhere. The red autumn leaves floated downwards, and from time to time, one could see patches of farmland and village gatherings. There were huge wooden fences around the villages, likely to defend against wild beasts. From time to time, farmers could be seen drying and grinding grain, the scene lively and thriving.

A sense of happiness that his thousand years of life had not been lived in vain surfaced.

Although he didn’t remember, he still felt under a lot of pressure.

It was not a waste that his real self was guarding Kun-Lai and couldn’t come out to play. He suddenly understood why he would rather cut a part of himself away and reinstall the system.

He also understood why that part of himself left a message saying that everything was already handled.

The pit was still there, what could he say?

Just jump then.

That part of himself knew for sure that no matter what he would still make the same choice, and so he cut away that part of himself, right?

For a thousand years, I am who I am, and there is no that part or this part.

I have never changed.


Ji Yunlai, who was far away in Kun-Lai, opened his eyes.

Something, changed.

The cultivation methods and spells he relearned before and was still slightly unskilled in, were now fully integrated almost instantly, and the faint obstacles and jarring feeling were all gone.

The slight red mark on the center of the eyebrows trembled, giving off a faint light.

What appeared in front of him was a huge door.

His pupils dilated slightly, behind the door was a spacious and endlessly huge divine temple.

Countless strange monsters could be seen in the temple, firmly trapped in scarlet chains, struggling and roaring from time to time and exuding monstrous evil intent. With just a closer look, those with slightly weaker cultivation bases would be captivated instantly, falling into the embrace of one’s inner demons without any way of struggling out.

But the largest cage in the middle of the temple was empty.

Only a trace of dark bloody handwriting was left.

Emitting from it a silent desolation.


Ji Yunlai suddenly grasped his chest, his eyes darkened, and the temple disappeared.

However, the pain left by the sudden emptiness seemed to have a residual rhythm, making it difficult for him to recover for a while.

When he stretched out his hand and instinctively took out that sword.

The legendary Overcoming Suffering Sword was as white as snow and as cold as bones.

So, there indeed seemed to be an inside story why he no longer wanted to continue practicing this sword back then…..

Forget it, he didn’t want to think of it anymore. In any case, it looked like it would be a tragedy.


Feng Qingxiu quickly followed the rune butterflies  to another cave. He cast a spell on himself and then walked in.

There were many mechanisms in the cave.

But there were no rune patterns and magic arrays.

He was not in a hurry, so Feng Qingxiu used his divine consciousness to sweep over the mechanisms, and then undid them one by one.

With the Aura Curbing Spell, he could guarantee that no one would be disturbed.

Sure enough, many children were found at the end of the tunnel.

There was also a cauldron with countless messy things boiled in it, the thick scent of blood enough to invoke nausea.

“To change a spiritual root it will cost a thousand spiritual stones, I won’t accept a second price.” A man in a cloak with no hair and skinny like a skeleton, said sinisterly to another man.

“It’s too expensive. Both of my children are both precious to me and I won’t have one less. Five hundred for one spiritual root change!” The well-dressed man bargained.

“Heh, a child has to take the spiritual roots of four people to have a chance of success. I’m taking great risks here. If you don’t want to do it, then get out!”

“So rude, you are not afraid that this lord will report the matter to Kun-Lai?” The man in luxurious robes also replied coldly.

“Nowadays, the Da Xiao Kingdom’s Teacher of the State is in charge. If you are not afraid of death, then go ahead and report it.” The cloaked man’s cold eyes were full of strong killing intent, and his fingers quietly pinched to perform a spell.

“…..Fine, it’s just, can you be sure that it won’t be found out? This kind of pseudo-spiritual roots can’t be concealed from the Heart Asking Stone before.” The richly dressed man still hesitated.

“Hmmph, it can’t before, doesn’t mean it can’t now. Do you want to change or not?” The man in the cloak asked coldly.

The richly dressed man gritted his teeth: “Change, change it for my eldest son. My grandfather who used to be in Kun-Lai back then left a bottle of Life Extension Pills. After many years of consumption, there are still five pills left. I will give you all this time!”

If it hadn’t been for his grandfather passing away during a Kun-Lai expedition, his family wouldn’t have had to part with this kind of treasure in order to give his son a chance at being selected.

Without Kun-Lai ancestors, their family had no speaking power in the Da Xiao Kingdom!

“Good.” The man in the cloak was overjoyed. This was exactly what he needed. Only a place like Kun-Lai had so many good things that it could be given away at will. If it was the Central Continent, someone with his ability would be unable to get such a good thing.

His cultivation base had remained the same for many years, and now the end of his life span was getting closer. If that were not the case, he would not come here willingly.

With the price agreed upon, the man immediately turned around and pulled in a finely dressed teenager from outside: “Nianzu, come over quickly!”

“Wait, father!” The young man named Nianzu struggled desperately, “Although I am a mixed root, I don’t want to change it. Kun-Lai is not a place of fools. I will be dead if I’m caught!”

“Relax, this time the Da Xiao Kingdom’s Teacher of the State has promised that there will be no problems…..” The man comforted his son, “You can propose to the princess if you are selected. No matter what princess or aristocratic daughter, Kun-Lai disciples can have their pick. But if you are not selected she will look down on our family, let alone marry you…..”

“Father, wake up, Xiao Yuan’s plan has as many holes as there are in sieves, and getting caught is just a matter of today or tomorrow no matter who is behind him. We can do the change in two days, okay?” The finely dressed boy was almost in tears.

“Idiot, it’s already at this time, can we walk out safely without getting on their boat?” The man in the luxurious clothes whispered, “Damn it, who knew that it is this kind of spiritual roots change, we have been deceived miserably by that stupid Teacher of the State.”

“Don’t think that just because your voice is small, I can’t hear you.” The cloaked man laughed in a low voice.

“That’s right.” A voice next to him said lightly.

The cloaked man’s body became stiff.

“You can all remain silent, and we will talk one by one.” Feng Qingxiu slowly walked towards him, a trace of murderous intent in his words.


Two hours later, another group of people to be interrogated appeared on the flying peak.

“You also brought some.” The peak master of the flying peak looked at the group of children and evil cultivator brought by Feng Qingxiu, and motioned him to look to the side.

There were already many children and many evil cultivators there.

“Senior Brother Feng has only caught a batch now.” Senior Sister Tu flicked her long ears in a show of glee, baring her cute little teeth. “This Senior Sister caught the most. We have basically caught all the evil cultivators in the capital. Originally, this Senior Sister was also going to catch the batch you have there, but I heard that Junior Brother Feng had also gone so I didn’t go in the end.”

“You, you all…..If I hadn’t gone to a neighboring city, I would definitely have caught even more.” The sense of loss was too great and Feng Qingxiu mumbled in a low voice, sad that he didn’t get the first place this time.

“…..” Paper Man Shizun pretended not to have heard.

“Hey, don’t make any excuses,” Senior Sister Tu said triumphantly, “Let’s go, let’s go find Xiao Yuan. Now all the criminal evidence points to him, say, why would anyone be so stupid?”

Qingdi Peak’s trash has once again done something for other peaks to laugh at for a long time.

“Don’t underestimate the enemy.” Feng Qingxiu argued, “Such a leaky plan that allows any of us to discover problems. What if it is a trap?”

“Believe me, his brain can only come up with such a plan.” Senior Sister Tu smiled contemptuously, “Someone who tried to chase Ji Mingyu with the status of an Idler, how useful do you think his brain is?”


Ji Mingyu held the fresh household registration in her hand and felt satisfied.

Then she found out that her footman kept looking in a certain direction.

“What’s wrong?” Kun Lai’s Chief Eldest Miss asked.

“Actually, I also don’t know.” Ye Han was a little confused, “I keep wanting to go over to Xiao Yuan, as if there is something with him that is attracting me.”

He felt like killing him would be beneficial for him, but this was definitely not something he could tell Mingyu.

Otherwise, he would definitely get another beating…..

“Is there any new problem with the Lost Pearl Society that you were in contact with before?” Ji Mingyu put away her household registration and began to polish her Waning Moon Sword.

Ye Han actually also belonged to the Lost Pearl Society, and she only learned about it today.

Those who didn’t attend the Dragon and Phoenix Selection for various reasons were all the targets that the Lost Pearl Society would solicit. In fact, the chance of becoming an Immortal was very slim, but if you were deprived of the opportunity from the very beginning, it was normal if you couldn’t come to terms with it.

For many years in the Western Continent, there were still quite a number of people who did not attend the Dragon and Phoenix Selection due to various reasons, but still managed to step onto the path of cultivation and made some achievements. Others then lamented ‘a lost pearl dropped in the ocean’, so the name actually did not come from themselves. It was just that the effect caused by the term naturally invoked the resonance of other people who had no chance, making them feel that they were a member of ‘lost pearls’. (TN: a lost pearl dropped in the ocean= buried talent)

The Lost Pearl Society was also organized at that time, and it had accumulated a lot of power over these hundreds of years.

Kun-Lai would not take a second look at this small organization, because in order to please Kun-Lai, there was no lack of dynasties willing to suppress these people to ingratiate themselves to Kun-Lai.

“I was also very sad back then.” Ye Han felt that he had to rectify his name, “If it wasn’t for you, wouldn’t I really be a lost pearl?”

At that time, he was also full of hatred for the Feng family. Although he now put aside his grudges, back then he really did feel that his whole life had darkened.

“Then what bad things have you done?” Ji Mingyu asked him.

“Even if I wanted to do anything, I couldn’t at the time. I just collected news of the Feng family. However, at that time Feng Qingxiu had a cousin who was part of the higher level of the Lost Pearl Society so my news was not of much use.” Ye Han proved his innocence, “They did provide the route and household registration when I eloped with Ah Luo. It’s a pity…..”

Thinking of Ah Luo, Ye Han’s mood became slightly gloomy. Now thinking about Feng Qingxiu’s cousin helping him take away Feng Qingxiu’s fiance, perhaps there might have also been an intent to slap Feng Qingxiu’s face.

Maybe he was also used and was nothing but cannon fodder, only, poor Ah Luo…..

“Then what they just said about changing the spiritual root is true?” Ji Mingyu felt that she must have achieved great merit this time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Father would definitely look at her differently!

She felt excited just thinking about it.

“Then let’s go catch them!” Ji Mingyu rushed out confidently.

“Wait for me, don’t be in such a hurry…..” Ye Han followed.

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