Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 039 Invisible Demons, Desire Realm

The Teacher of the State Manor.

Inside the deep manor, Xiao Yuan was currently feeling a rare sense of panic at this time.

He had already learned that all his recently recruited subordinates have disappeared.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Those people in Kun-Lai must have discovered him.

He had already prepared a back road, and the bribes and gifts he received were enough for him to travel far away to the Central Continent.

It was just that he still couldn’t calm the panic in his heart.

He had lived in Kun-Lai for a long time, and of course he knew how massive Kun-Lai was.

If they really intended to capture him, he would inevitably have to remain anonymous for many years, and he must not give any hints of his identity for there to be a chance of escape.

“Strong will is the foundation of cultivation, isn’t it too late for you to regret now?” The voice in the ring slowly said.

“It’s not regret…..” Xiao Yuan was silent for a moment, “If I don’t go to extraordinary lengths, I won’t be able to get much in the secular world, and as a result can’t provide for my cultivation needs. It’s better to take a risk.”

These days, he had stolen from the Da Xiao treasury, and although Elder Li used magic techniques to cover his trail, it was estimated that it would soon be exposed.

Now was the time to leave.

He touched the ring hanging on his chest to give himself confidence, then stretched out his hand and twisted a corner of the brick wall. The floor tiles retreated and an underground secret pathway appeared. He immediately leaped into it.

“Elder Li, although Da Xiao is close to the Central Continent, after all, there are still tens of thousands of miles away, do you think there is really no problem?”

“Unless they don’t care about the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, otherwise how will they have surplus energy to chase after you. For such a big event, it is natural to place stabilizing the people’s hearts first.” The ring slowly said, “Follow the previous route.”

Xiao Yuan nodded and stopped talking.


When going to the Teacher of the State Manor, Feng Qingxiu and others ran into Ji Mingyu who also arrived in a hurry at the door.

Because Xiao Yuan was in the Golden Core Formation Stage, Feng Qingxiu only allowed Senior Sister Tu, who had countless magical treasures on her person, to follow. The other seniors were quite unhappy after being rejected.

“Just a piece of meat, and yet so many people want a share…..” Of course, Senior Sister Tu recognized this Kun-Lai’s Chief Eldest Miss, and in fact she was very familiar with the other. Putting aside other things, she was the first person her father would send good rice that he produced.

All kinds of good things from Kun-Lai’s various main peaks were sent first to this young lady. Since they couldn’t send it to the Sect Leader, then sending it to the Sect Leader’s daughter was still a good thing——everyone thought so.

Of course, Senior Sister Tu also knew that having been spoiled in such a way over these many years, Ji Mingyu just growing up a little arrogant was already pretty good.

Those people who held her in the palm of their hands like one would a pearl numbered at least in the upper thousands if not a 10,000, and Senior Sister Tu could bet that there was at least one Demigod cultivator protecting her in the dark.

“Feng Qingxiu? And Kaka?” When Ji Mingyu saw a familiar friend, her expression changed from aloofness to gentleness, appearing bright and beautiful. She stepped forward and grabbed her paws. “Kaka, it has been a while, you are also here to capture Xiao Yuan?”

“En,” Senior Sister Tu and Miss Ji entered the Teacher of the State Manor arm in arm.

“How are you doing recently? I heard that you have added another sister?”

“Don’t mention it, there are already more than two hundred little sisters, and the peak nearly can’t hold them anymore——”

“Don’t tell me her name is also Kaka again, even the sound of eating a radish can be used as a name, your father is really something…..”

“Who says it isn’t so? But this pot still needs to be carried by the Sect Leader. He started the bad trend and named my father Tu Fei (Fat Rabbit), and my father thought that should be the way you come up with names.”

“But You Jia’s father is also called You Bazhao (8 Hands), so it’s his own problem.”


“So this is what best girl friends are like.” The paper man shook his head and said in a whisper.

It caused Ye Han to cast a strange look over, and Feng Qingxiu motioned at him to walk with him. Ye Han, who was left behind, was a little unhappy, but still followed Feng Qingxiu.

They quickly found the secret passage and followed in.

When they entered, they saw three forkways.

Feng Qingxiu threw out a rune butterfly, Senior Sister released her snake, and Ye Han pointed to one of the paths.

The goal of the three waa the middle pathway.

“Believe in Ye Han, his instincts have never gone wrong.” Ji Mingyu expressed that he was her magic weapon.

Ye Han showed a slightly shy but also confident expression.

So they walked over.

The natural talent of Sister Tu’s family was extremely fast speed, and both Ji Mingyu and Feng Qingxiu were also very fast as they were Golden Core Formation cultivators. Only Ye Han had a little trouble catching up.

Ji Mingyu was with Senior Sister Tu, so Feng Qingxiu naturally gave Junior Brother a dozen speed talismans.

It was not like he could pull him along.

Ye Han followed at his side, and after chasing for a while, he leaned in closer to Feng Qingxiu’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Can I have a look at the paper man on your neck?”

“No!” Feng Qingxiu flatly refused.

Ye Han was a little aggrieved and a little unwilling to give up. He didn’t know why he wanted to touch the talisman at first sight. He wanted to grab on to it and never let go.

The paper man also gave him an extra glance, but didn’t have much interest and continued to watch them chase the criminal.

Although the secret passageway was long, it quickly reached its end. At the end was a dense forest, and it was actually the direction that Feng Qingxiu and the paper man had chased out from Lin City.

“He ran in the direction of Jiuxi City.” Feng Qingxiu’s rune butterfly and Ye Han both came to the same conclusion.

“Keep chasing.”

But Feng Qingxiu just took a step before he stopped.

“It seems something is wrong.”

The two senior sisters also frowned.

The higher ups in Kun-Lai were all experts at rune patterns and magical arrays, so they were naturally also knowledgeable. The exit of the secret passageway itself was in a huge magical array.

“This is not something Xiao Yuan can make.” Senior Sister Tu said flatly, “Someone is helping him.”

“Look at the level.” Ji Mingyu skillfully took out a white jade ruler with scales, pinched her fingers, “Heaven and earth set dangers, storms and thunder descend on mountains!”

The light on the jade ruler flickered and stopped on the fifth scale.

“Hey, they really see highly of us.” Senior Sister Tu took a look, “Qi Condensation Stage, Foundation Establishment Stage, Golden Core Formation Stage, Nascent Soul Stage, Demigod Stage, Synthesis Stage, Human Immortal…..The magicap array is actually at the Demigod Stage level!”

They were no more powerful than two Golden Core Formation cultivators, which meant that even if they took a wrong step, they would directly be killed here.

“Leave it to me!” Feng Qingxiu looked calm, “Our team configuration is still good, I am skilled in runes, Senior Sister Tu can count as a medicine expert, Senior Sister Ji has fierce attack power, Ye Han can predict bad luck…..”

“I can’t!” Ye Han rejected his position, “I don’t know anything about divination.”

“It doesn’t matter, you can be in the position for the time being!” Ji Mingyu said decisively, “Then Xiao Qing, why don’t you look for the location of the Living Door of the magical array?”

Feng Qingxiu nodded: “Okay.”

He raised his hand, and the rune butterflies around him turned into countless silk threads and began to spread in all directions.

“Daxuan ancient array!” Feng Qingxiu quickly compared this magical array with the cases he learned before. “The problem shouldn’t be big. Shizun said before that Daxuan magical arrays were no longer able to advance after the dynasty’s demise and there are many loopholes. Obviously, although the Central Continent uses this kind of magical array the most, few can make up for the loopholes. Shizun also showed me twelve ways to crack them.”

“Ah, is there a new trick to find loopholes?” Ji Mingyu was overjoyed, “When you have time, Xiao Qing, you must write a few thoughts and put them online. I’ll wait to subscribe.”

“Definitely.” Feng Qingxiu quickly found a loophole, but found that he did not have a handy tool to crack it.

The Runic Dao was profound, and many times one needed special materials to crack runic arrays, but he had not learned much, nor had he brought along any high-level materials. For example, the array in front of him seemed huge and dangerous, but so long as you had Kun-Lai’s Fixed-Wave runestone, which costed only 300 spiritual stones per runestone, and place it in key positions to cut off the continuity of the array, not only could you close the array you could also find the high-level materials used to make the array and earn a small income by selling it.

“What need is there to go to such trouble.” While praising his disciple for his cleverness, the paper man said indifferently, “Use the Invisible Sword and attack the third center.”

“The array stones there are too strong, and my cultivation base won’t be able to damage it.” Feng Qingxiu said softly, but still followed his Shizun’s request. The sword energy left his hand and stabbed there silently and swiftly.

The runestone hidden in the array was silently shattered.

“Shizun, this sword energy——it seems a bit sharp.” Feng Qingxiu was dazed for a moment.

“Otherwise, how can I give it to my disciple for self-defense.” The paper man touched his disciple’s face, “Someone has arrived from the front, you are going to have to fight.”

As the runestones shattered, they saw a person in the distance, with black robes and black hair. It was Xiao Yuan. He looked at them with a trace of disgust and a trace of surprise.

“Ji Mingyu, you are actually here!” There was a hint of ecstatic delight in his voice, “As long as I possess you, as long as you give birth to my child, I can return to Kun-Lai and take charge of Kun-Lai——”

Ji Mingyu’s expression became cold. There were countless people who wanted to marry her. But the people who wanted to possess her usually only dared to think about it. But now, for the first time someone actually dared to say it out loud in front of her.

She said coldly: “Kill him!”

Ye Han strode forward and was about to make a move, when he saw a cold sword coming out of the void, like a ghostly spectre, and in just a breath, it had already approached Xiao Yuan’s neck.

His eyes widened instantly, and his body went completely rigid and unable to move. The sense of approaching death was real and terrifying, and his mind was taken away by it.

How could it be! ? He clearly had Elder Li’s protection!

Just as the long sword was about to slash down and cut off his head. Suddenly, the long sword was held by two slender fingertips, unable to move an inch further.

The fingers were as firm as steel, and just like the person who suddenly appeared, it was cold and sharp and steady like a mountain.

The long sword turned into a phantom, a flash, and a shadow suddenly appeared behind Ji Mingyu. Only the eyes could be seen of the facial features, and they were currently staring at the cultivator who suddenly appeared to protect Xiao Yuan. The eyes were incredibly eerie, seeming like a fatal blow could erupt at any time.

The cultivator glanced at Ye Han, and then faintly said to the four: “Go with me.”

He was a little old, and the hair on his head was also gray. He looked like just an ordinary middle-aged man, his aura very gentle, and only a faint aura indicated that his cultivation base was in actuality quite terrifying.

It was not something they could compare.

“Your elders won’t be able to come here, someone has already gone and stopped them.”

“Is that so?” The paper man asked first.

The man took another look at him, nodded and said yes, but his fingers were slightly bent, beginning to look a little wary.

“Follow me to the Central Continent as a guest, and the Xing Dao Master will naturally come to pick you up.” He smiled.

The paper man whispered to Feng Qingxiu: “Xiao Qing, stab him.”

“I’m already stabbing.” Feng Qingxiu said in a low voice, “His figure is too fast. If I move intentionally, he can predict it in advance. I can’t touch him.”

“Did you forget the joint function mode.” The paper man whispered, “You don’t control it, it will open its blade for itself.”

Feng Qingxiu was confused for a moment.

But he still communicated with the sword energy and let it act freely for a moment.

The next second.

The surroundings began to wail faintly.

That cultivator had already retreated thousands of feet away in an instant.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But the sword energy had already returned to Feng Qingxiu’s fingertips, bringing with it a sip of blood, and as it sipped it joyfully rang out.

“Its full name is called Carefree Celestial Demon Sword.” (TN: lit. it’s Paranirmita Vasavartin Heaven, or desire realm, Celestial Demon Sword. But I shortened it to Carefree, as the ruler of the desire realm is a demon/devil that could do whatever he pleases, hence carefree)

The paper man casually explained to his disciple.

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