After Becoming The Tyrant CH 058 The Lunatic Hospital

Two ships brought the nightmare of death to Bressi.

In the first few days of December 1432, the port city of Aville was still preparing for the New Year’s celebration, but today, the bell of New Year’s joy would not ring.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In less than a week, forty-seven thousand people died in this big port city in the Kingdom of Bressi. The entire city was almost emptied out of human life overnight, and the number of people who died was so large it was as if the city had never been inhabited. From the notes of the chronicler who survived by chance, one could see the desperate record of that month:

“Everyone died, the ship full of cargo was drifting along with the waves. The city officials banned the ringing of the death knell, worried that too frequent ringing of the death knell would make the whole city fall into despair. But they soon stopped worrying. Because the bell-ringer also died. Twelve of the twelve magistrates in this port have died…..

People scattered like frightened crows. “

Fleeing quickly spread this pandemic.

30,000 people died in the city of Grando near Aville within a week.

Atel, heading north, lost half of its population within half a month.

More than 540 people were thrown into the tombs every day in the Kest Lowlands.


Starting from the Port of Aville, along the long coastline and inward along the cobweb-like land routes…..the plague spread with the scattered boats, and the fleeing people spread out overwhelmingly.

Who will save mankind?


The Kingdom of Bressi, the capital of Asselli.

General Karl walked into the glorious palace anxiously.

Karl Laxia.

He was the commander of the Expeditionary Force who led the Bressi Expeditionary Force to invade Legrand this year and achieved a major victory. Logically speaking, as a general who won such a major victory for Bressi, when he returned, he should be greeted with flowers and cheers.

But no one in Bressi today was in the mood to cheer.

The plague was spreading in western Bressi, and the death reports in every city weighed on people’s hearts like a heavy stone, and people were panicking. Both nobles and civilians felt the unpredictability and horror of natural disasters.

The King of Bressi has urgently issued an order to terminate maritime trade.

But to no avail.

On the one hand, cities that have not yet been spread with the plague were unwilling to suffer such losses, on the other hand, urgent orders made in a rush could not be fully implemented.

“Your Majesty.”

General Karl knelt to the new monarch in the black cloak.

The King of Bressi, Ferri III, 23 years old.

The reason why the Bressi Expeditionary Army stopped at the Moon River Fortress and withdrew a large number of troops ahead of schedule was related to him. Because at the end of October, the old king had died. When the King of Legrand was busy putting down the civil strife, the Crown Prince Ferri of Bressi was also putting down the struggle for kingship.

However, the difference was that Crown Prince Ferri had the support of the Holy See.

After the negotiation, General Karl led most of his troops back to the country in a hurry to conquer the riotous nobles for Crown Prince Ferri, and he was not able to return to the capital until today.


Ferri III stood before the throne, and there were no other people in the hall except him and Karl. The young new king had dark blond hair combed back neatly. His features were deep, and his gray eyes were calm. When he was still the crown prince, he was known as a very “beautiful man”.

General Karl was once a teacher in the period of Crown Prince Ferri, and he was also his most important confidant.

After he stood up, he found that Ferri III was holding a copy of a thick book, which was the history of the Bressi Kingdom that was used for enlightenment education during the period when he was still the crown prince.

“Teacher, how is the situation?”

Ferri III raised his head. When he looked at people with his dark gray eyes, it was easy to give people a gentle and amiable feeling. A significant time had passed since the coronation ceremony and he was already Bressi’s new monarch, but in private he still retained the name he used to call General Karl when he was a child.

“Extremely terrible.”

General Karl shook his head heavily.

“We cannot restrain the spread of the Black Death.”

“I heard that Legrand also issued a maritime blockade order.” Ferri III turned a page and said softly, “Only a strait separates us, but Legrand on the other side has not been affected by the Black Death so far. I heard that all their ports went into slumber overnight under the order of the tyrant. Is that right?”


General Karl was silent for a moment and replied.

“Why can they do it, but we can’t?” Ferri III closed the book. “Sardin was the first city to receive a blockade order. However, a week after the blockade order was issued, merchant ships still sailed out in secret, and there are still merchant ships docking at the pier…..Say, why would the same order result in so much difference?”

This question carried a dangerous signal, and it was not for ministers to answer bluntly.

Ferri III laughed lowly: “Look, even you are afraid, and do not dare to speak the answer.”

“Your Majesty.”

“Because the royal family of Bressi is in a fundamentally different position from that of Legrand’s royal family.” Ferri III closed the book with a “bang”, his dark gray eyes suddenly becoming sharp, “We led an expedition to Legrand because we can plunder the profits from the land of Legrand, and because this was the battle of the saints who sent a punitive expedition on heretics handed down at that time. There is a higher authority above the authority of the royal family of Crowe.”

“In Legrand, even if there is the presence of the Holy Court, the nobles are habitually more obedient to the glory of the Rose royal family. But in Bressi, even the king must be a devout believer, and all my vassals when dispatching them for expeditions, the battle flag with the cross has a far superior position than the battle flag with the tulip.”

“The royal family is just a puppet.”

“This is why.”

Ferri III’s voice was cold.

“Your Majesty.” General Karl was shocked. He quickly looked around and made sure that no one else was around. “Why are you suddenly like this…..”

“The Pope will arrive in a week to coronate me personally.”

Ferri III said lightly.

“The Pope will come personally?” General Karl frowned, “Why would it be the Pope?”

“The letter said it was because of the natural disaster, so he will come to preside over the coronation personally.” Ferri III said, “That is the real king of kings.”

The Bressi royal family was different from Legrand’s royal family. Although the power of the church in Legrand was strong, it was nothing compared to Bressi. In Bressi’s three ranks, the clergy prevailed above the secular aristocracy.

This was related to the establishment of the Bressi Kingdom.

217 AD.

The land on the east bank of the Abyss Strait was still in chaos, and there were many states. The central peoples called “barbarian slaves” swept across this continent. They swept across one country after another, as if with a mission from heaven to destroy all the little civilizations that had cropped up.

It was against this background that the original body of the Kingdom of Bressi, the Kingdom of Claud, greeted the army of barbarians. At that time, King Cremo, the great hero in the history of Bressi, led the last army to face the barbarian army in the Lowland Valley. In desperation, the king swore to the Holy Court, which had yet been accepted at the time.

So long as the Holy Lord protected them and helped them achieve victory, then the Kingdom of Claud was willing to accept the Holy Court as the state religion.

“…..The benevolent Lord sent His saints and his army. Angels wore armor to fight with mortals. They bestowed the crown of victory to the great and pious King Cremo. The priests drew crosses on the chests of the heroes, and as a result the brave knights have been invincible ever since.

…..They conquered all heretical countries and established the great Kingdom of Bressi on the vast land, and since then God has protected this land. “

——”Bressi Chronicles Volume I”

At the beginning of Bressi’s history, the Claud dynasty united hundreds of chaotic countries with the terrible power of the Holy Court as a bond, and established the megalithic Bressi on the basis of the unity of faith.

Since the founding of Bressi was closely integrated with the help of the Holy Court, it was doomed——the huge spiritual monster of the Holy Court would be a majestic world tree deeply rooted in the great land of Bressi, in which the ground would be spread full of its networks of roots.

Ferri III laughed self-deprecatingly. He looked at the brilliant throne.

“Did you know? Teacher. When I stood in front of this chair, there was no excitement or joy, but endless absurdity. We used to watch Legrand struggle in the flames of war for so many years, and laughed at their empty effort, thinking that they were just a bunch of fools.”

“In the end, who is the fool?”

Legrand, who disobeyed the Holy Court, received its “divine punishment” a thousand years ago.

The country became divided, the vassal states were numerous, and the surrounding enemy countries added salt to the wounds. The Rose royal family almost completely disappeared from the world, but even then, they never really bowed their heads to the church and never prayed for help from any power. Relying on generations after generations of hardship, they finally restored the outline of the original powerful country little by little in the flames of war.

They walked with scars, but they were standing.

“When the Holy Court’s butcher knife was swung at Legrand, we shouted long live the Holy Lord, but when the knife turned to us, only then did we feel the pain.”

Ferri III threw the chronicle on the throne.

“Your Majesty…..” General Karl closed his eyes in pain, and he comforted him with difficulty, “It’s just a coronation, not so serious. Maybe it’s really to solve the black death.”


Ferri III calmly cut off the words of comfort.

“I think their purpose is not just the coronation.”

“What is it then?”

“I have no idea.”


When the Pope’s carriage drove towards the capital of Bressi, Legrand was also ready to meet their challenge.

Legrand, Rose Palace.

The King was reading the letters sent back from the southeast coast.

During this period of time, the Gelug family, which had an outstanding influence in the transportation industry, was officially incorporated into the royal family’s direct line of subjects. The King established the “Legrand Transportation Department”, and the head of the Gelug family served as the Minister of the Transportation Department. At the same time, the royal family appointed two auditors and a deputy minister personally appointed by the King.

Patriarch Gelug certainly understood what the King meant.

The King did intend to use the Gelug family and give them power and status without hesitation. At the same time, he also put a knife on their necks for supervision and restriction. Once they made any actions that crossed the line, they could expect for their heads to fall.

This style of behavior was very “King.”

According to the King’s own long-term plan, the transportation network on land would definitely be connected with inland waterway and ocean shipping routes in the later stage.

However, it was currently impossible to do so, and it was the King’s commissioners who shall cooperate with it.

——Before the Conference of Brilliant Glory, the commissioners had been ordered by the King to investigate the counties.

They were affectionately called “the King’s black wings”.

In that big investigation, these commissioners did a good job. After the conference, the King did not dissolve them, but transferred them to the southeast region, and established a nominal “Local Public Sentiment Response Committee.”

In truth, it belonged to the King’s personal supervision and intelligence agency.

Their current responsibilities were more focused on “intelligence”.

This time during the carrying out of the blockade, it was all thanks to these investigators that the King was able to control various situations along the southeast coast in a timely manner. Privately, the nobles hated these commissioners. However, the civilians reversed their previous aversion to similar intelligence personnel, and they had a good impression of the King’s “black wings”.

The Black Wings were also happy to accept their “bribery”——the money would be registered and handed in uniformly——and then record the illegal exploitation of certain officials, and then report them back to their superiors. In order to facilitate statistics, an investigator stipulated that each bribe was levied one penny.

This had even become a “penny” tradition.

This was a follow-up positive impact of the county lords’ exchange of blood.

Various types of letters like flying snow continuously entered the Rose Palace. The Duke of Buckingham saw the lights in the King’s study last late into the night more than once.

“Sure enough, the Black Death is far beyond the medical level of this era.”

The King pressed his forehead and then smiled slightly.

“However, they really are a bunch of lunatics.”

The Duke of Buckingham took over the letter from the Lunatic Academy of Sciences’ pharmacist handed to him by the King.

After the outbreak of the Black Death, the King asked Charles for information on uninhabited islands in the southeast, and finally chose an uninhabited island isolated from the mainland and not on the travel routes. Privately funded by the King, he established “Legrand First Academy of Sciences’ Pathology Research Department” on it.

Abbreviated as “The Lunatic Hospital”.

When the Devil was dealing with the Black Death that sporadically spread to the coast of Legrand, he kept some corpses of Black Death patients according to the King’s will, and then sent them to that uninhabited island by special means.

The Lunatic Hospital was a medical team with the anatomist, pharmacist, and surgeon of the Lunatic Academy of Sciences at the core.

The order they received was to study and research the Black Death to the best of their abilities.

This was something quite difficult.

If it weren’t for the Devil’s special means, relying on the isolation technology of this era, let alone studying the pathology of the Black Death, he was afraid that the entire Lunatic Academy of Sciences would be infected and die.

Except for the three lunatics, the rest of the researchers were doctors who were secretly selected from all over the country and then passed the required examination. Each of them had personally had an audience with the King, and they were all people who had taken a solemn oath to dedicate their lives for mankind. They knew their mission and possessed the will to sacrifice.

However, the King did not intend to let these silly doctors really give up their lives.


When these enthusiastic young doctors and kind old doctors first set foot on the uninhabited island full of a grand heroic mindset, they faced not only three mentally abnormal superiors, but also the bird beak-masked plague doctor.

Now that was really a very sad, sad experience of learning to work together.

Although no solution has been found yet, the Lunatic Hospital did achieve what could be called a “breakthrough” in this era with respect to the Black Death.

This was related to the pharmacist who was full of experimental spirit.

In order to understand more clearly the entire process of the Black Death, he actually took the imitative himself to become infected with the Black Death…..

If it were not for the presence of the plague doctor the Devil had left there, he would have likely departed this world in just half a day. After recovering, Mr. Pharmacist relied on this mindset and spirit to record in detail the entire course of the Black Death. And he even tried to become infected again to repeatedly experience it and test solutions on himself.

Even the silent, mute plague doctor was shocked by his crazy willpower.

Fortunately, the knight commander stopped him in time.

——The fragile human body could not withstand such repeated damage.

But his mindset and spirit had won the admiration and love of the other doctors.

They scrambled to leave the ranks of normal people and stepped into the ocean of lunacy.

“These guys.”

The Duke of Buckingham turned to the second half of the letter and couldn’t help laughing.

In the second half of the letter, a request written jointly by other doctors in the Lunatic Hospital was attached.

The other doctors who were assimilated by these three lunatics seemed to have jumped from one extreme to the other. Not only did they leave their faith in the Holy Court behind, they also tried to write letters to the King asking for the same treatment as their immediate superiors.

——They tried to persuade the King to set up a torture stake for them as well.

“Doctors who do not have a torture stake do not deserve to be a member of the Lunatic Academy of Sciences! We strongly demand the same treatment as the gentlemen!”

“I believe that the torture stake represents the supreme glory of the study of medicine, and it shows the untiring pursuit of academic and life truths by doctors.”


The Duke of Buckingham began to ponder whether the assimilation ability of lunatics was really so strong?

“They really are a bunch of lunatics.”

The Duke of Buckingham couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh.

“Yes, lunatics, a bunch of lunatics worthy of the greatest admiration.”

The Duke of Buckingham smiled and nodded, approving the King’s evaluation.

Crazy enough and worthy enough.

“You won’t really…..?”

Then the Duke of Buckingham wordlessly watched the King pick up his pen and began to write a letter.

“Since it is their request, then I will give it to them.”

The King replied with a little smile.

He also even started a medal exclusive to the First Academy of Sciences——a torture stake, and announced that only those who have made outstanding achievements could receive this medal.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Duke of Buckingham chuckled and shook his head, but did not oppose the King’s decision.

He picked up another report.

After a few glances, the Duke of Buckingham’s expression clouded over.

The King signed his name at the end of the letter, put the pen down and looked up. He then saw the Duke Buckingham’s solemn face: “What’s the matter?”


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