After Becoming The Tyrant CH 059 Refugees And The King’s Choice

“The Pope will personally go to Bressi to crown Ferri III.” The Duke of Buckingham handed the letter to the King.

The King frowned.

The letter was sent back by Legrand’s secret overseas spies stationed in Bressi, and the King quickly scanned it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Coronation, baptism.

This had always been a gloom shrouded over the heads of the Rose royal family.

The Duke of Buckingham subconsciously turned his head and looked at the direction of the black tower.

The dark night more than ten years ago seemed to once again appear before his eyes: Queen Eleanor who was about to give birth, William III who was on the battlefield and could not rush back, the palace guards on the surface led by the already dead Earl Walter, while in fact, the real guards were the power in the shadow of the Rose family led by the Duke of Buckingham himself.

That night, the nobles’ messengers and their candles lit up a thin river of light outside the palace.

But the night was very dark.

With a longsword on his knees, he sat in the darkness of the cold night guarding the crown prince who was about to be born behind him. They were making a huge gamble which would affect the life and death of the Rose family. They had no other choice, and the Duke of Bucmingham didn’t know if this big gamble would succeed or not.

The former Knight Templar commander was behind him and told him softly that the existence from hell they were waiting for had already entered the Queen’s bedroom.

Upon hearing these words, the hand of the Duke of Buckingham holding the hilt of the sword subconsciously tightened, the green veins on the back of his hand looking like a horned dragon.

If there had still been a little hope, they would not choose to put such a heavy burden on the newborn child. They sacrificed the happy childhood that a child should have, and put the king’s fate on his shoulders early.

When the cry of an infant sounded, the Duke of Buckingham closed his eyes.

From then on, the new crown prince was destined to shoulder everything——everything handed over by them, who should have sheltered him from the wind and rain. Could the young crown prince survive the long and struggling madness? Would he go completely crazy or would he become as they hoped?

They did not know.

So this was a gamble.

At that moment, the Duke of Buckingham felt like a coward.

Eleanor hated him and William III for so many years, and it was well deserved.

“Why do you think the Pope himself will personally crown Ferri?” The King pondered and asked the Duke of Buckingham.

The Duke of Buckingham broke free from the memories of that night.

He looked at the King: “Maybe it is for the Black Death…..I believe the Holy Court should have access to other powers.”

“No, it should be more than that.”

The King slowly shook his head.

He could use the power of hell to fight the Black Death, so the Holy Court, which also held access to mysterious power, might not be completely helpless against the Black Death as well. At least, judging from the information returned by overseas spies, the sanctuary where the Holy Court was located had not yet broken out with the Black Death.

——Was it not infected yet, or was it already dealt with by another method?

The King’s guess was that the Holy Court had some way to save people infected by the Black Death, but this method was either not easy to implement, or it was too expensive to be implemented. Otherwise, with the Holy Court’s usual acting style, they should have taken advantage of the Black Death outbreak to raise people’s piety to the church once again.

That being the case, the Pope going to Bressi to crown Ferri III was definitely not just for the Black Death.


The King connected the information that General Johan brought back with this incident.


He said lowly.

The Duke of Buckingham looked at him with some doubts.

“The Holy Court has been preparing for a war. Now, I know what their goal is.” The King said slowly, “Bressi. They plan to——”

“Build a nation.”

In a short sentence, it seemed that thunder had swept across the world, tearing open the fog in an instant, and letting people peek into the horrible truth.

There was dead silence in the study.

There seemed to be a clamor of iron on iron in the air, announcing that the mainland’s long-standing stable political situation would soon give rise to dramatic changes.

“Bressi, the Holy Court, and the founding of a nation.” The Duke of Buckingham slowly uttered these three things, and he sighed deeply, understanding what the Holy Court’s series of plans were for these years. “Choosing to fight the battle for the establishment of the Holy Court’s kingdom at the time of the outbreak of the Black Death, so that other countries will not dare to intervene easily…..”

Both he and the King knew that once the Holy Court succeeded in establishing a country directly controlled by theocracy, then their enemies would be stronger than before.

The King made a decision immediately.

He opened a new piece of parchment and wrote a classified letter with a pen.

This letter was addressed to Legrand’s mortal enemy, the new King of Bressi, Ferri III.

This was the political arena——there were no eternal enemies, only eternal interests.

The King signed his name and stamped it, then looked up at the Duke of Buckingham: “Is there anyone who can secretly send it to Ferri III in time?”

The Duke of Buckingham nodded.

“It must be delivered to Ferri III before the coronation ceremony.” The King delivered the letter to the duke.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Duke of Buckingham replied, he then paused and asked.

“Has your headache improved recently?”

The King glanced at him, then picked up the next report: “Much better.”

The two of them tacitly avoided talking about a certain topic.

The next report was also not good news, and the Duke of Buckingham saw that the King’s look was not one of ease.

“What’s the matter?”


The King answered concisely.

The Black Death had broken out for some time, and Bressi was not the only country on the other side of the Abyss Strait to be affected. A country with a vast area like Bressi might fare better, but other small coastal countries had much worse luck, and entire countries were almost on the verge of extinction without even any war.

In the context of such a catastrophe, Legrand, who had not yet been swept by the plague, had become a land of paradise in their eyes.

The refugees fled hurriedly from their hometowns where the Black Death was raging, and struggled to overcome the ocean currents and storms on the Abyss Strait in winter, wanting to escape to Legrand amd flee the disaster.

Prior to this, the King’s order was to strictly deny any refugees entry, and all refugees near the Legrand waters would be expelled by the royal navy. Any Legrand people who tried to provide relief to refugees in private would be thrown on the guillotine together with the refugees.

The King had received a lot of criticism for his order. Poets and bards with great emotions wrote a lot of poems and ballads to mock their King, saying that he must have a stone heart that would never shed tears over any tragic story.

But all this could not stop the King’s cold blood.

The royal fleet only obeyed his orders.

However, this time the refugees were a little different, so first mate Charles felt that it was necessary to report to the King, and let the King make a decision.

These refugees had fled from the Qatani kingdom.

The refugee team included the King and Queen of Qatani, as well as a large number of nobles. This level of refugee fleeing was no longer a spontaneous search for asylum, but had risen to a political issue.

The King tapped his fingers gently on the table top.

The Duke of Buckingham did not speak out to interfere with the King’s decision.

“Expel them——whether they are civilians or nobles.”

The King made a choice.

But soon, he frowned again: “Something is wrong.”

“Do you think there is a problem?”

The King did not answer directly. He stood up, walked to the map hanging in the study, and found the location of Qatani.

This waa a small kingdom, and at the same time, it was a small commercial country with prosperous shipping located in between the Hopeless Inland Sea and the Abyss Strait. Judging from its geographical location, under the influence of the Black Death, it seemed that it was not impossible that even the King and Queen would flee to other countries.

The King looked at those routes.

“Tell Charles to mobilize the fleet and increase vigilance.”

After thinking for a long time, the King suddenly said in a cold voice.


The ghost ship of the Wallway pirates.

Charles opened the secret message that had been quickly delivered by secret means.

“Expel them.”

Charles told the pirates who were awaiting orders and at the same time he asked the royal fleet on the southeast coast to temporarily tighten up restrictions. In name, the royal navy admiral at this time was Captain Hawkins, but obviously there was no way to expect Captain Hawkins to be more reliable.

After receiving the order, the pirates blew whistles.

This order was extremely cruel and ruthless to those who were safe and sound in the city, but in the eyes of the pirates, it definitely fit their style!

My god! Those sympathetic idiots whose heads even pigs would not want to eat!

They really should have them come up to the ship to see with their own eyes the plague ships that they had been sinking these past days, to see the disgusting and terrifying scenes on those ships, and then let them personally meet face-to-face with the refugees who were likely to carry the plague and talk about what exactly meant “kindness” and “sympathy”.

Perhaps they would be happy to be densely covered in pustules as well.

“Ho! Ho! Legrand has a good King!”

The pirates shouted chants, pulled up the sails vigorously and paddled the oars hard.

“Ho! Ho! Great and glorious!”

The rose pattern on the sails flapped in the wind and bloomed scorchingly.

Charles heard the voices of the sailors. He smiled and shook his head.

A few days ago, some of these guys almost beat people’s heads in the tavern with a wine jar, because they heard some people slandering the King from time to time in the tavern, with some even making up some insulting songs.

It was rare for these guys to be so indignant, and even after they got back on the ship they were still aggrieved. They gathered together and racked their brains to put together a chant of their own.

Charles also wrote about these guys in his letter to the King.

This was not to praise his subordinates in front of the King.

He was the godfather of the King.

Intellectually, he knew that when the King made various decisions, he must also know that he would face these criticisms and had chosen to accept them. But as the other’s godfather, after the death of William III, as a person close to the role of father, Charles hoped to make the King happy.

Charles hoped that the silly behavior of these pirates could comfort the young King who was burdened with too much.

If possible, he hoped that his godson would be safe and happy.

Unfortunately, that was too extravagant for a monarch.

“Hey! God bless our King!”

Amid the rough roars of the pirates, the fleet moved forward quickly.

They lined up side by side, driving away the Qatani ships waiting for a reply.

The trumpeter stood on the bow and blew the shrill trumpet vigorously. At the same time, the bow collision angles of the warships all aimed at the Qatani ships, showing a gesture of expulsion.

The Qatani ships pulled up the anchors and also raised their sails.

They seemed to be receding slowly in disappointment.

Charles held up his binoculars and looked at their distant shadows, and felt something was wrong.

“Leaving just like that?”

He frowned and felt that the expected difficult expulsion went so well that it made people uneasy. But since the Qatani refugees had retreated, they would not chase them down, so after the refugee ships disappeared from sight, the royal fleet turned back.


On the vast ocean.

The Qatani refugee fleet flying a dark gray flag left the area blocked by the royal fleet, and after sailing back and forth for a period of time, suddenly turned around and sailed back in the dark.

When the sailors on the ships moored in the harbor to rest at night discovered that a refugee ship was approaching again, they hurriedly lit their torches, paddled their oars, and shouted loudly to expel them and not let them approach the pier.

The sailor standing at the bow of the ship held a torch, and he shouted, threatening the refugee ship that they would launch an offensive if it did not leave.

He just yelled twice when they saw that a trebuchet was set up on the opposite ship in the dark night.

Did the other party want to fight them and go on land?

This idea flashed past.

In the next moment, they saw something from the refugee ship thrown high with the trebuchet into the port city behind them in the dark.

That was not a boulder! The trebuchet could not throw heavy boulders that far.

What was that?

An uneasy premonition flashed by.

Someone threw a torch into the sky.

Under the flickering flames, they saw a blurry shadow.

“It’s a corpse!”

Someone exclaimed.

Amid the noise, Charles, who hurriedly put on his coat and went up the deck, looked at the scene at hand, and his face suddenly changed. He realized——

This was a premeditated biological attack using the plague infection! [1]

Qatani’s real goal was not to get relief, they were here to send the Black Death to Legrand!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: [1] In history, many times in wars the methods employed were unscrupulous. According to Gabriele Demsi’s “Plague and Death in 1348”, when the Tatars attacked Thane, the plague broke out in the Tatar army, and thousands of people died every day so “The Tatars spread their hatred to the people in the city, hoping to spread the disease to their Christian enemies. They use weapons to throw the bodies of the dead into the city. The Christian guards in the city stood guard and threw the infected corpses back into the sea as much as possible…..the air was polluted, the well water had germs, and the disease spread rapidly in the city…..”


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