After Becoming The Tyrant CH 060 The King Arrives In Person

The sharp, long battle horn sounded.

Charles did not hesitate to give the order to fight. The fast boats, which belonged to the Walway pirates, broke through the waves in the shortest possible time and rushed to the Qatani ships that kept throwing corpses into the city behind them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Captain Hawkins, who usually acted like a carefree ruffian, grabbed Charles who was going to the ship’s forecastle: “Write to His Majesty immediately!”

“I will command the battle!”

After he finished speaking, he pushed Charles back into the cabin, threw away the hip flask in his hand, and drew out the dagger hanging from his waist. He stepped on the side of the ship that was swaying slightly in the night tide, swiftly jumped from the ghost ship and directly onto a fast boat that rushed out of the side of the ship.

Stepping on the deck of the fast boat, Captain Hawkins grabbed the mast and stabilized his figure.


His hoarse voice sounded in the deep night.

The Walway pirates’ fast boats were like arrows that left the string, leaving white marks on the sea as they quickly approached the ships of death carrying the plague.

Under the order of Captain Hawkins, two sailors on each fast boat rushed to the bow.

After the war with the Five Port Alliance, the two chemists made further improvements to the formula of the “Ancient Holy Fire”. Captain Hawkins asked the ship designers of the Walway pirates to use the “Ancient Holy Fire” and install a special metal structure on the bow, which looked like a dragon head with a long neck and raised head, seeming to be a common projection on the prow of a warship. [1]

But in fact, it was a special nozzle made after repeated trials.

The Walway pirate fast boats approached the Qatani fleet. The fleet on the opposite side seemed to not care about anything at all, and just wanted to race against time to throw the most infected corpses into the port city.

The sailors on the bow grabbed the metal pull bolt, and the special device concealed on the royal fleet made its first appearance in this situation.

The metal dragon head opened with several “clicks”, and the next moment a raging fire spewed out from the dragon-like nozzle. The hot red flames sprang out like a long red snake in an instant, rushing fiercely at the Qatani fleet which was still tossing corpses.

On the Qatani fleet, the people who stood on the deck and commanded did not realize what it was, but saw the raging flames sweeping over themselves and the ship they were on.

“Son of a bitch!”

“Go to hell!”


The Wallway pirates did not hesitate to yell and curse at them. They paddled their oars vigorously and quickly surrounded the entire Qatani fleet with long tongues of flames.

Captain Hawkins stood on the deck.

Under his order, the fast boats swiftly went straight to the main ship of the Qatani fleet. Captain Hawkins bit the dagger horizontally in his mouth, and reached out to grab a roll of hemp rope piled on the ship.

On the main ship of the Qatani fleet, a tall, thin man in a black cloak stood.

The black cloaked man spotted the approaching pirate ship, and he turned his head to give orders to the surrounding sailors, seeming to order them to ignore everything else and keep throwing the corpses with all their strength.

Captain Hawkins shook his hand, and from it the rope was like a nimble and swift poisonous snake as it snapped across the air like lightning and caught the man in the black cloak standing on the bow of the ship.

The black cloaked man did not react fast enough, and it was too late by the time the surrounding subordinates noticed and rushed over to pull at him.

As soon as Captain Hawkins put in some force, the black cloaked man overturned from the ship much higher than the fast boat, and plunged into the water with a splash. Captain Hawkins bit the dagger, stepped on the side of the boat, and jumped directly into the water.

The tongue of fire roared out from the bow, enveloping the huge main Qatani ship in the raging flames. The people on the ship exclaimed, wanting to jump into the water to escape from the burning ship, but the flames floating on the water were equally fierce. They howled in pain as the fire leaped and jumped. The corpses tossed in the air gradually decreased.

“Captain! Captain! Leave quickly!”

On the fast boats, the pirates roared toward the sea.

“The fire is about to burn over!”


The water splashed up, and the scar on his face was exposed by the fire light. He stretched out his left hand and grabbed the board on the side of the fast boat. The pirates hurriedly pulled him up.

Captain Hawkins’ right hand clasped the throat of the black cloaked man like that of an eagle claw. His dagger was stuck on the guy’s shoulder deep enough only the handle showed.


Captain Hawkins threw the guy he had captured into the cabin and spit out a mouthful of seawater.

The flames crisscrossed the black sea, and the ancient pythons of red flames and black smoke intertwined like sins wandered out of hell. Qatani’s fleet was gradually engulfed in the fire. Charles quickly finished writing the letter on the ghost ship. The witch with the crow on her shoulder lit a green magical fire and threw the letter into the fire.

The sea breeze howled, and the pirates were fierce and fearless.

The last Qatani ship sank, and the royal battleships returned to the pier.

The horn of battle had awakened the entire city of Koszoya, and General Sheehan arrived at this time with the Iron Rose Cavalry. They came a little later, because General Sheehan took the soldiers to the various gates of Koszoya Castle first.

The suspension bridge of the castle was raised and the gates were closed.

The city of Koszoya was sealed.

It wasn’t until the current naval battle was over that the Iron Rose Cavalry finally arrived at the port. General Sheehan gave an order and they pulled up a long cordon. Immediately afterwards, the soldiers began to quickly investigate the corpses that were thrown in.

General Sheehan’s heart felt as if it was sinking the whole time.

The cordon was pulled up, and the corpses were quickly lifted and thrown into the sea, but the range of the trebuchet was too wide and it was dark at this time. How useful could their cordon be?

He did not know.

The people inside the cordoned area were crying and wailing, wanting to rush out.

A merchant was very close to the cordon. He looked at the gap blocked by the soldiers and rushed over, wanting to escape the cordon.

A blade of light flashed by in the dimness.

The merchant’s head flew high, and blood spattered out.

“Whoever dares to take a half step! I will kill him!”

A black-haired woman carrying an arc sword walked out of the darkness and stood in front of the cordon. The wind blew her black hair back, revealing her sharp dark green eyes.

The pirate ships had returned, and the three ghost ships had docked at the port, but the remaining fast boats did not sail into the port.

The brave and fanatic pirates sat on the deck.

Some people started to grow pustules on their arms, and some people started to feel their foreheads grow hot. A one-eyed pirate with a pustule on his arm staggered to his feet. He stepped on the side of the ship and was about to jump into the sea. The pirates on the same ship reached out and grabbed him.

“Are you fucking blind!”

The single-eyed pirate screamed.

“I’m going to take a bath in the sea, what’s it to you.”

“Take a hell of a bath!” The pirates on the same boat scolded loudly, and they dragged the guy back, “Your bastard owes me money for wine, you want to forget about this?”

Not far from them, on the sea, the Ancient Holy Fire hadn’t burnt out yet, and the dark red fire illuminated the scolding pirates. They anchored the ship outside the harbor, laughing and cursing, as if death had not yet enveloped them.

Three ghost ships and one hell envoy ship anchored in a port not far from them. Charles stood on the ghost ship.

He clutched the railing and looked at the pirates standing or sitting in the flames.


Captain Hawkins was also standing on the bow, and he waved vigorously at the dock, but not at Charles.

Charles looked in the direction he was waving at, and saw the black-haired woman standing on the dock in the light of the fire, and he was taken aback for a moment.

The sea breeze in December was as cold as a knife cutting into the bones. In the wind, don’t know which pirate ship, someone began to sing loudly:

“We are not afraid of death——we would rather die in battle with the enemy,

Although, death is even more boring than rest.

Come on, leave it up to fate, we grab the life of our lives,

If we fall——who cares whether we die from the sword or from disease.”[2]

The rough singing echoed above the angry waves of Koszoya’s port, the unending fire shining on this part of the sea that would soon be enveloped in death, and Walway’s pirates who were as close as brothers.

They lived and died together, free like the wind.

“…..Let those creeping and crawling cowards die from “old age”!

Let them stick to their sickbeds and spend their last years suffering;

Let them shake their numb heads and breathe with difficulty…..”[3]

On the dock was the Mad Queen Eleanor who finally walked out of the black tower. On the ghost ship was the King’s godfather Charles holding onto the railing. And on the deck of the fast boat was the mad Captain Hawkins standing with the pirates…..

Many years later, old friends once again met at the center of the whirlpool. They faced death as they did many years ago.


Rose Palace.

The King caught the letter spit out from the green flames. This was the witch’s secret method, and every use was a great burden on the witch herself, so unless there was an emergency, Charles would not use this method to contact him.

He opened the letter. For the first time, Charles’s neat handwriting seemed a little messy, and as the King quickly read it, his brows and eyes quickly became covered with ice.

He did not hesitate to activate the contract to summon the Devil.

But without even waiting for him to start the contract, the room was already filled with black mist, and the Devil stepped out of the thick darkness.

“The plague doctors have already gone over.”

The Devil bowed at the King in a salute. He wisely did not provoke the King at this critical moment.

“Your important subordinates are safe and sound.”

The King heard the extraneous meaning: “How many of the Walway pirates have been sacrificed? What about the cavalry?”

The Devil was silent for a moment and reported two numbers.

The King was expressionless, his anger suppressed under his calm surface.

The Devil felt a little helpless.

A single lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth” could only allow the Devil to open a small gap without causing the suppression of the Law. He could only bring a small group of plague doctors to stifle the spread of the Black Death. In the past days, the Devil was also running non-stop along the southeast coast.

If it were not for the King’s blockade order, he was afraid he might not have been able to limit the plague so effectively.

However, the plague outbreak in Koszoya was man-made. At that time, the Devil was leading a group of plague doctors to solve the epidemic in another village. After he noticed it, he rushed over with the plague doctors.

However, the speed of the human-made infection disaster was too alarming, and the trebuchet had thrown the corpses into every corner in the dark.

Due to human factors, in densely populated cities like Koszoya, the speed of the plague infection was much higher than in small villages. When the Devil arrived, the plague had completely erupted, and it was already quite lucky that the group of plague doctors was able to protect the King’s important cavalry and royal fleet.

“What about the method?”

The King asked.

He did not forget that the Devil had planned to wait until the plague broke out in Legrand before it was resolved. In that case, it meant there was a way to solve such a large-scale plague infection.

“One way.” The Devil replied, “Is for you to come personally——to open the door to hell yourself.”

The King looked at him and understood that this was the real intention of ​​the Devil.

—— He seemed to hope that the connection between the King and hell was as close as possible, perhaps because this would enable him to take the King to hell sooner.

“This matter has nothing to do with me. My dear Majesty.” The Devil hurriedly dismissed any wrongdoing, and he changed the topic. “But, are you sure you want to go in person? You know…..the Holy Court is watching your every move. In this way, you will have no retreat.”

“Holy Court?”

The King sneered as he repeated these two words.

“I only know that my soldiers are in the plague city.”

The Devil let out a sarcastic laugh.

——The plan that hell finally gave up despite painstaking efforts was carried out by human beings in the end.

Between hell and the mortal world, which one was the breeding ground for evil in the end?


1432, December.

The plague broke out in Koszoya.

General Sheehan of the Iron Rose Cavalry ordered the closure of the city, the royal fleet was stationed outside the port, and the King personally arrived in the southeast.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: [1] Referring to the Byzantine warship setup, they installed special nozzles on fast boats like Domonis, and then sprayed Greek fire at the enemy ships through the special nozzles. This device and long spear played a huge role in close and long distance defense.

[2][3] Quoted from Byron’s Poetry

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