After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 068 Li Gong Is Online

Yao Shengan didn’t expect Tao Mu to know even that. He originally thought that with Song Daozhen’s temperament, he would never tell an irrelevant junior about the old grudges from the past. But even if Tao Mu knew it, nothing could be changed: “What happened back then belongs to the regret of the times. I feel deeply guilty of what happened to the Song family. However, young people still have to look forward into the future and let the past remain in the past. If Song Daozhen really loves you as a grandson, he shouldn’t instigate you to overrate yourself and attempt the impossible. With your current ability, wanting to deal with the Sheng’an Group is tantamount to hitting a rock with an egg. Young man, you are very talented and I am very optimistic of you. I advise you not to do things that will be to no avail.”

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Tao Mu sneered. He did not explain to Yao Shengan that Song Daozhen did not instigate him to deal with the Sheng’an Group, nor did he even tell him what happened back then. A person like Yao Shengan, who only put his interests first in his entire life, could never understand the noble character of old man Song.

Tao Mu was too lazy to mention the old man in front of Yao Shengan. As the saying went, do not attempt to work with people whose way is not your way . He felt that even mentioning the old man’s name in front of Yao Shengan was an insult to the old man.

“Mr. Yao wouldn’t happen to think that you can reach a reconciliation between FlyNews, Night and Yuxiao Media just by making a couple of ambiguous remarks?” Tao Mu raised his eyebrows and sneered unceremoniously: “Let me remind you, this is Beijing, and it is the year 2008. Everyone who comes out to do business must abide by the law. It is not a good habit to tell stories and express laments at the negotiating table.”

“Time is precious. We think we should give up the negotiating table to the lawyers of both parties.”

Yao Shengan’s expression clouded over slightly: “At this young age, what a sharp tongue you have there.”

“Mr. Yao is still vigorous for your old age, and aren’t you also speaking in a fit of pique?” Tao Mu responded tit-for-tat. No longer willing to talk nonsense with Yao Shengan, he directly handed the negotiating table to the eager lawyer Zhou.

“Hello, Chairman Yao,” Lawyer Zhou pushed up the rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose, in a standard refined scumbag posture: “I am the attorney hired by the boss of Night, Liu Yao and FlyNews’ CEO Tao. In the following proceedings, I will be claiming their rights and interests on behalf of my client. Yao Wenxiao, your grandson who serves as the legal representative of Yuxiao Media, on October 3, 2008, privately contacted more than ten newspapers and magazines such as XX Weekly, and made demands of more than ten media in the form of cash bribes to publish false news that discredited my client in the weekly newspapers. It brought reputation loss and serious economic loss to my two clients, the chain nightclub Night and FlyNews. Because of the business scope of Yuxiao Media and FlyNews having many overlaps, we have every reason to suspect that Yuxiao Media is conducting unfair competition. The false news reported by Yuxiao Media and the more than dozen media that had accepted bribes seriously misled netizens, and the resulting online violence caused serious mental injury to my two clients. Therefore, we demand compensation for economic losses and compensation for mental losses totaling 160 million…..”

Lawyer Zhou was well prepared and had a detailed argument. In the end, he demanded an exorbitant price, asking Yuxiao Media to compensate for 160 million Chinese currency. Even the lawyer Yao Wenxiao hired was shocked.

“This is too ridiculous. Surnamed Tao, have you even seen one hundred and sixty million in your life? Do you know how much it is? How dare you so greedily ask for one hundred and sixty million, you really take me, Yao Wenxiao, as a fool?” Yao Wenxiao, who hadn’t said much with his grandfather present, couldn’t hold back any longer. He took off his sunglasses and sneered at Tao Mu unceremoniously.

Yao Wenxiao’s lawyer also could not help but speak: “Lawyer Zhou, I must remind you that we are very sincere in asking for an out-of-court settlement. If you also have the willingness to settle out of court, please show your sincerity. We absolutely cannot accept the compensation request of 160 million yuan. Even if it is actually taken to the court, the court will not pass this figure. In fact, the amount of compensation we are willing to give is five million.”

As Yao Wenxiao’s lawyer spoke, a trace of contempt appeared on his face. Obviously he also felt that Tao Mu was being too greedy. Even if FlyNews and Night add up together, they would still not be worth this price. He was confident that five million would win the case.

“As far as I know, before this incident, Night was just a local chain nightclub in Beijing, with a limited scale and less than 70% attendance every night; and FlyNews was just a newly established Internet company less than three months ago. However, after experiencing this incident, Night enjoys full attendance every night, the turnover exceeding 300% over the same period last month, and the number of registered users on FlyNews has also exceeded 80 million with the popularity of the website being greatly improved. So what your side said about “serious economic losses caused by false reports” is not valid. In fact, it is precisely because of the active reports of my client and more than a dozen other media that caused Night and FlyNews to have such current popularity.”

“We admit that this is a vicious type of hype with a slightly bad nature. But the result is still good. A mutually beneficial commercial win-win situation. Therefore, we believe that your accusation of unfair competition causing economic losses is not valid. So our side can only compensate Mr. Liu Yao and Mr. Tao Mu for their own reputation losses and mental losses, totaling 5 million.”

Tao Mu scratched his eyebrows. As expected, one must be ruthless and able to turn black into white in order to be a lawyer. He even almost believed what the other said.

It was worthy of a barrister found by the Sheng’an Group. The way he spoke lies was just as conclusive as one speaking the truth. With such acting skills why be a lawyer! What a waste of talent.

Yao Wenxiao continued to sneer, pointing at Tao Mu and the others, with an arrogant attitude: “Did you hear that. I asked someone to report on you to bring you publicity. You should be grateful to me, if it wasn’t for me letting people report the matter of you being a MB, how can FlyNews and Night have their current hot business——”

Before he finished speaking, he heard a loud “bang”. Liu Yao, who had been sitting on the side without saying a word, had a sullen face and reminded him in a cold tone: “Mr. Yao, it’s better to be respectful when you speak. Here it is Beijing, not your home.”

Yao Wenxiao was deterred by Liu Yao’s hostile aura, and suddenly became silent like an eggplant beaten by frost.

Yao Shengan looked at Liu Yao’s actions coldly, and reminded him with a smile: “I also remind Boss Liu, this is the negotiating table, not your Night. When you come out to do business, you must abide by the laws and regulations, so don’t take out those unseemly methods that you people on the streets like to use.”

In order to discredit Tao Mu, Yao Wenxiao investigated all the people around him. Yao Shengan naturally also knew of Liu Yao’s past experience. Saying this at this moment was nothing but just using force to overwhelm others.

Liu Yao sneered, even his thick eyebrows exuded a rebellious fierceness: “We have always been doing business honestly. It is you people who don’t understand the rules. Mr. Yao is getting older, so it is understandable your brain has become muddled. But when you speak you can’t just see others’ faults and ignore your own.”

In otger words, you are fucking blind!

Yao Shengan’s expression became cold, and he said indifferently, “Sure enough, what a vulgar person.”

Tao Muhao let out a sigh calmly and asked Lawyer Zhou: “They are still verbally attacking me during the out-of-court settlement. They also even insulted my personality. I think my fragile little heart can’t stand it anymore so can I ask for more compensation?”

“Yes.” Lawyer Zhou nodded and said solemnly: “If you are now suffering from a heart attack due to the other party’s inappropriate negotiating attitude, we can also sue them for personal injury.”

Tao Mu shrugged his shoulders regretfully. It was a pity that he was healthy and free from heart disease.

Yao Wenxiao sneered: “Heart attack. Why don’t you say that you are mentally ill? Let me tell you the truth, you are worth five million in my heart. If you agree to reconciliation, then I will consider this money as your medical expenses. Go back and buy more walnuts to replenish your brain cells. In the future, don’t be impulsive and provoke people who shouldn’t be offended. You dare to ask me one hundred and sixty million, are you crazy? Why don’t you look at yourself and see if you are worth this price——”

“He is worth it.” A voice interrupted Yao Wenxiao’s words. Everyone followed the source of the sound and saw that the door of the exquisite private room was pushed open, and a figure still dusty from travel appeared outside the door. The man was tall and handsome, wearing a high-class handmade black wool coat with a classic three-piece black suit, as if he had just stepped off the international negotiating table. Behind him was a line of refined scumbags in suits and leather shoes as well as carrying briefcases. However, most of these refined scumbags were foreigners with colored hair and eyes——the negotiating experts hired by Xiaoheng Capital with high salaries, as well as the international first-class lawyers with an hourly salary of $2,000 and specializing in economic law, especially within Hong Kong.

The man strode into the private room and nodded at Tao Mu who looked at him in amazement. He then looked at Yao Wenxiao again, but this time the outline of his features became colder and harder.

“Mr. Tao Mu, as my business partner and chief analyst, has been responsible for remotely guiding the trading work of Xiaoheng Capital during the period when Xiaoheng Capital shorted international oil futures. Now because of your bribery of the media to make false reports, you have caused serious reputational damage and mental damage to my business partner, and as a result my business partner could not concentrate on dealing with the international futures market. This caused great losses to Xiaoheng Capital.”

“Chairman Yao, I remember that Sheng’an Group was listed in Hong Kong?” Li Xiaoheng suddenly looked at Yao Shengan: “Later, my attorney team will negotiate with you about compensation. If the two sides are inconsistent in the negotiation——to be precise, if your compensation method is not satisfactory to me, Xiaoheng Capital will use its own methods to claim our rights.”

“My words are done here, and I hope you won’t speak before thinking it over in advance.”

Yao Shengan’s old face was dark and clouded, and he looked at the man in front of him in shock: “Li Xiaoheng!”

The founder of Xiaoheng Capital, the son of the capital’s Li family as well as this generation of the Li family who had significant speaking power. Unlike most of the domestic wealthy children, Li Xiaoheng’s reputation in the international financial market was greater than that of his Li family. This was also an important reason why the Li family elders never dared to go against or force Li Xiaoheng.

Although Yao Shengan knew that Tao Mu had cooperated with Li Xiaoheng, he did not expect that Li Xiaoheng would be willing to go against him for a mere Tao Mu.

“Li gongzi, I know your father. Our families can also be considered family friends. If there is any misunderstanding, we can have a discussion. There is no need to be so serious.” Taking into account Li Xiaoheng’s abilities in the international financial market and the attitude he showed just now, Yao Shengan really didn’t dare to confront Li Xiaoheng face to face and could only smile and show a softer attitude.

Although the Sheng’an Group was a listed company, it would definitely not end well if an industrial player like them went up against a financial player in the stock market. Yao Shengan knew this truth well, so he acted decisively and naturally knew when to retreat.

“Oh, really?” Li Xiaoheng twitched the corners of his mouth insincerely, and said politely but very regretfully: “I haven’t heard my father mention it.”

The sincerity of the attitude and the earnestness of the words could not be anymore sincere and earnest.

Yao Shengan’s breath got stuck in his throat, nearly suffocating him.

Li Xiaoheng didn’t care at all, and just sat next to Tao Mu, “Long time no see.”

Tao Mu was a little shocked: “Brother Li, why did you return to China?” At this time, shouldn’t Li Xiaoheng stay in country M and keep an eye on the futures market? Damn, bigshot, you are too courageous! The international crude oil market was already rippling like this, yet you still dare to put it aside and return home! Aren’t you afraid that all the money will be lost?

——There is also my one billion in it!

Li Xiaoheng instantly got his business partner’s thinking mode, and said helplessly: “Don’t worry. I’ve handed over the work. I took advantage of the closing time of the international market and flew back by special plane. There will be no delay in work.”

After a pause, Li Xiaoheng said in an inexplicably resentful tone: “You haven’t taken the initiative to call me for half a month. Those analysis reports are all just sent directly to my mailbox by email.”

Tao Mu suddenly became nervous: “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with my analysis reports? You can call me directly. Actually, I also keep an eye on the international crude oil market. The analysis reports I send every day are also real-time. In theory, there shouldn’t be any problems.” After all, they were analysis reports that he made carefully based on the data he had seen in his previous life.

“But I can’t guarantee that there will be no problems at all.” After all, the financial market was changing rapidly, and any variable may cause a tsunami and landslide. What was more, he had joined Xiaoheng Capital to short international oil——although it was taking advantage of the trend, the increase in funds might cause new changes in the financial market.

But he checked the data before the close yesterday, it should be no problem!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu muttered to himself while scaring himself at the same time. Originally only wanting to complain to his partner about the two of them not having communicated privately for more than half a month, Li Xiaoheng was now very speechless. He could only bite the bullet and say: “There is no problem with the analysis reports. I’m just a little worried about you.”

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  1. Let me translate Li gong’s words:
    “He is worth it.” –> I heard you talking trash from across the globe
    “I haven’t heard my father mention it.” –> _You_ are not worthy
    “There is no problem with the analysis reports. I’m just a little worried about you.” –> I miss you and worried about you.

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