After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 069 Having A Meal Again

Tao Mu instantly understood. Li Xiaoheng must be worried that his mental state would be affected by the previous cyber violence, and as a result unable to concentrate on dealing with the following more intense data analysis in the international crude oil market. Therefore, he flew back personally to confirm his working status.

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Tao Mu understood very well. Big data analysis required extremely detailed pre-investigation and later-stage research, and even a little error might lead to a large discrepancy. So far, Xiaoheng Capital has invested tens of billions in the international crude oil market. If he was in Li Xiaoheng’s place, he would not dare to let his chief analyst continue to suffer external influences that would distract his energy and must confirm with his own eyes.

Although he did not feel that he would be affected by cyberbullying (compared with the slander methods in his previous life, this level of slander was simply child’s play, Tao Mu would not take it to heart). But Tao Mu fully understood Li Xiaoheng’s thinking and fully respected the decision of his business partner.

“We can find a quieter place to have a specific chat later. I can guarantee that my current emotions and thinking are not disturbed by the outside world. It will not affect our cooperation.” Tao Mu briefly explained and then shifted more of his attention back to the negotiating table.

With Li Xiaoheng and the top international negotiating team hired by Xiaoheng Capital, the subsequent out-of-court settlement was carried out very smoothly by Lawyer Zhou.

Yao Shengan was wary about Li Xiaoheng’s ability to trade in the stock market so during the negotiation process, there was almost no price reduction. The two sides only spent less than an hour to reach a consensus on compensation of 150 million yuan. In case there might be a change due to the passing of too much time, Lawyer Zhou tried suggesting that Yuxiao Media should pay compensation on the spot. And Yao Shengan, that old guy, actually agreed.

Speaking of which, the cash flow of the catering industry was indeed impressive. Taking out one hundred and fifty million as easily as that. It was estimated that this was also the fact that Sheng’an Group was far away in Shanghai, and was deeply influenced by the aura of the mary sue plot. If this was replaced by another company, towards 150 million yuan in cash compensation, it was estimated that they would not be able to take out this much at once without a bank loan. As expected of the city known as the magic city, even their companies were so magical.

——Now even Tao Mu felt surprised, not to mention the eager Lawyer Zhou. Originally, their bottom line was 80 million, but the compensation they now received was almost doubled.

Tao Mu gave Li Xiaoheng a weird look. Indeed, he was worthy of being the future financial tycoon, rich meant having confidence.

Naturally, the happiest person was the ruthless lawyer Zhou. According to the agreement, he could get a 10% share after representing the case. That was 15 million. In addition to the one million Liu Yao gave him before, in just one month, this fellow actually earned 16 million from Liu Yao and Tao Mu.

The money came so quickly it even beat robbing the bank.

“I wonder if FlyNews needs a professional legal counsel on retainer?” Before leaving, Lawyer Zhou said goodbye to Tao Mu and while shaking hands, “If CEO Tao has a need in this aspect, why not consider me. I feel that the cooperation between our two parties has been very pleasant.”

Of course, that this out-of-court settlement could get such a high compensation of 150 million yuan, the appearance of Li Xiaoheng and his overly tough attitude were absolutely indispensable. If it were not for Li Xiaoheng, Yao Shengan would never agree to this compensation so easily. Lawyer Zhou was very grateful for Li Xiaoheng’s righteous remarks. He nodded to Mr. Bigshot and left with a fat wallet.

——The so-called great kindness is not enough to be thanked by words,Tao Mu’s favors should be paid by Tao Mu himself. He was just a weak, pitiful and helpless lawyer, and it was not easy to make some hard earned money. If he didn’t leave now, what if Li Xiaoheng proposed to share the 50 million yuan equally between him and Tao Mu. As Tao Mu’s representative lawyer, should he give back the millions that had already fallen into his pocket or not?

So it was better to leave early and quickly. Secure the profit after all.

Naturally, Liu Yao also knew that Li Xiaoheng had made great efforts in this out-of-court settlement. He didn’t care how their little brat allocated the money to Xiaoheng Capital, but the meal that should be treated should be treated.

Tao Mu introduced Liu Yao to Li Xiaoheng: “This is my Yao Dad.”

It was just a work trip out of the country, and now brother Yao became Yao Dad. Li Xiaoheng nodded, and thoughtfully looked at Liu Yao who looked at least ten years older than him. He pondered for a moment, and then said, “Hello, uncle.”

Liu Yao’s heart suddenly felt guilty. He also subtly looked at this suited, leather shoed and hair gelled fellow. He looked very mature and steady, and he wondered just how old this child was, actually calling him uncle. Although the term of reference was from Tao Mu’s relationship. But why did it sound so awkward!

The scene became a bit embarrassing for a while.

Tao Mu coughed slightly and asked his Yao Dad: “Where should we go eat, should we call Xiao Qi Dad and the old man?”

Liu Yao was about to speak, but was interrupted by the ringtone of his mobile phone. Liu Yao took the phone and walked a few steps to the side to answer the call. A few minutes later, he frowned and walked back: “Xiao Mu, please entertain Mr. Li for me. I have to go to the hospital.”

Tao Mu’s heart sank. Before asking any questions, Liu Yao explained himself: “Your brother Da Hui was beaten. Fortunately, it is nothing serious. I’ll go to the hospital to have a look.”

“Is it the hand of Yao Wenxiao?” Tao Mu frowned, subconsciously thinking of Yao Wenxiao, who was so arrogant at the negotiating table.

Liu Yao sent someone to investigate Yao Wenxiao, and it was Da Hui who took over the matter. With Yao Wenxiao’s ability, it was not difficult to find Da Hui. Previously, he was concerned about the impact and didn’t dare to make a move. However, after Yao Shengan came to Beijing, Yao Wenxiao believed that someone was backing him, so it was not surprising that he would take this kind of revenge.

Li Xiaoheng also frowned, and asked in a deep voice, “Do you need my help?”

“Thank you, Mr. Li, I don’t need your help yet. If necessary, I’ll let Xiao Mu tell you.” Liu Yao said politely and drove away.

Li Xiaoheng took out his cell phone and made a call to the police. If Yao Wenxiao did this thing, he believed that after this phone call, Yao Wenxiao would soon know what punishment he should face for hitting someone casually.

After hanging up the phone, Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu and said gently: “I hope you can directly think of talking to me when you have difficulties. As your business partner, I think I have an obligation to help you solve some problems in life. Make sure your mind is focused on work.”

“Has anyone ever said that brother Li, you are really a very good business partner.” Tao Mu smiled and praised: “If there is a need, I will talk to you.”

Having said that, in Tao Mu’s view, his relationship with Li Xiaoheng could basically be said to be his trump card. Since it was a trump card, of course, it must be used at the most critical moment. Otherwise, not only would it have no effect, but he would also not be able to repay the favor after abusing the use of the trump card.

Li Xiaoheng saw Tao Mu’s disagreement, and it was inevitable that he was a little bit disappointed.

In order to thank Li Xiaoheng, and to find a quieter place to talk about things, Tao Mu treated Li Xiaoheng to lunch in a well-known private restaurant nearby.

This was a Shandong restaurant. The address was near the North Third Ring Road, a courtyard residence in a quiet area. The decoration style was that of the Republic of China and looked very antique. The shop’s waiters wore blue shirts and black pants, with a small black hat on their heads and a black jacket. They greeted the guests loudly.

The two chose a west wing room. After ordering food, Tao Mu took the initiative to talk about the current situation of the international futures market. He explained his analysis of the crude oil market, and not only was the content detailed, but the data was also rigorous and organized, using facts to prove that he did not delay in his work due to private affairs.

Li Xiaoheng was also a person who was obsessed with work and a title workaholic. When Tao Mu brought up serious business, he immediately listened with attention. The two had a long chat with a pot of Longjing tea and a few plates of dried fruit snacks for more than an hour. Tao Mu shook the small bell on the table, and the waiters who had already prepared immediately served their dishes.

After the dishes were all served, all the waiters filed back. Tao Mu got up, took out the white wine that was being warmed in the small red clay stove and poured it for Li Xiaoheng: “Although there are no mistakes in the work, it is because of me that brother Li has gone to so much trouble. Today’s matter is also thanks to brother Li speaking out of justice for me, otherwise the Yao family may not give in so easily. I respect brother Li with three cups first.”

As Tao Mu spoke, he drank three cups of wine decisively. Li Xiaoheng did not have time to stop him, so he could only say: “The two of us don’t need so much courtesy. Drink slowly and be careful that the alcohol hurts your body.”

Tao Mu finished three cups of wine, and discussed with Li Xiaoheng, wanting to divide the compensation 50/50 with Li Xiaoheng. Though he said 50/50, on Tao Mu’s side, Lawyer Zhou had already run away with his own share. With 135 million left, Tao Mu wanted to give Xiaoheng Capital 80 million, and he would share the remaining money with Night.

——In Tao Mu’s view, money was not important, what was important was Li Xiaoheng’s willingness to support him and traveling from afar to do so. Between friends, especially business partners, if you want to get along with each other in harmony, you must clearly separate the monetary benefits. Tao Mu didn’t want to have a grudge with Li Xiaoheng because of a mere few millions. Anyway, this money was gotten from a bastard so he didn’t feel bad about how much he gave out.

He believed that his Yao Dad would also understand his thoughts.

Tao Mu’s intentions were clear, but how could Li Xiaoheng be willing to ask for the money: “You reconciled out of court, and I didn’t put in much effort. At most, I just said a few words for you. Even if my words are worth gold, these few words are not worth 80 million. Xiao Mu, please don’t be so courteous with me. You also said that the two of us are long-term business partners. In that case, don’t make such a clear delineation.”

“I know that Xiao Mu has the big picture in mind and you don’t care about your short-term gains and losses, but I, Li Xiaoheng, am not a quibbler either. If you really want to thank me, then treat me to a meal you cooked personally.”

When Li Xiaoheng said this, Tao Mu also couldn’t force the issue anymore. He was very grateful, and said with a smile: “This is absolutely fine. I wonder what brother Li wants to eat, I will cook it for you.”

Li Xiaoheng smiled: “I don’t have much preference on this. I’ll listen to you.”

Having said that, Li Xiaoheng did have some regrets. Before he went abroad last time, his relationship with Tao Mu had gradually progressed to the level of a personal friendship. But they hadn’t seen each other for more than a month, and there was now a lot of distance between the two during conversations.

Didn’t China have a saying that “some people are still strangers despite interacting into old age, while others become friends at first sight.” He felt that he and Tao Mu just hit it off at first sight, and got along right away. But after a few months of getting along, why was Tao Mu’s attitude towards him still so respectful? There were none of the casual jokes among friends at all.

Li Xiaoheng was inexplicably anxious.

He thought of his Xiaoheng Capital and his career. Before meeting Tao Mu, Li Xiaoheng had always planned to stay in New York. He believed that even if the US encountered an economic crisis and its overall national strength continued to decline, it would still be the world’s financial center in the next few decades.

But now——

Li Xiaoheng thought for a while and asked, “If I said, I want to shift the investment focus of Xiaoheng Capital to China. What do you think?”

“It’s a pretty good idea.” Tao Mu didn’t notice anything wrong, and said with a smile: “China’s economy is in a stage of rapid development. Even now, there is already a world-class consumer market trend. In the next ten years, various emerging industries will definitely develop in a blowout state. If Xiaoheng Capital can shift its investment focus to China at this time and vigorously support those emerging companies with great potential. I believe that the rate of return will be very impressive.”

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In Tao Mu’s memory, Xiaoheng Capital only shifted its investment focus to China after five years. At that time, Xiaoheng Capital teamed up with Tianyan Technology, and practically rushed into the domestic capital market and technology market with the power of a wrecking ball, directly changing the two major markets in just a short few years.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu smiled unconsciously: “Brother Li, let me introduce someone to you. I think you two will be friends at first sight, and get along right away.”

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