Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 096 Return

Nie Bufan woke up in the warm bed, surrounded by a few chickens. A familiar figure was sitting by the bed.

He asked in a bewildered manner: “Wang Fifth, have we returned to the village?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing him awake, Wang Shichan’s eyes brightened with joy. He touched his forehead, and replied softly: “No, we are now in Jingyang Port.”

“Then are you here to take me back?” Nie Bufan’s eyes were as wet as a deer, as if he hadn’t awakened fully, but also as if he had tears in his eyes.

“Yes, I’m here to pick you up.” Wang Shichan couldn’t help but feel distressed when he looked at Nie Bufan who was like this.

Nie Bufan immediately curved his eyes in a smile: “Great, when shall we leave? I can’t wait! By the way, are Zhang Third and the others here too?”

“No, they are still waiting for news in the capital.”

“Then you must quickly tell them that I am seriously injured and dying, so that they won’t miss the chance to come to my funeral.”

“…..” Wang Shichan was silent for a moment, and said in a deep voice, “I think, even if the sky is torn apart, the sea is dried up, the rocks are turned to dust, and mankind is extinct, you can still survive persistently.”

Nie Bufan became depressed: “It’s lonely to live alone. You can’t curse me with immortality.”

“You are actually quite proud of yourself!” Wang Shichan finally couldn’t help but squeeze the other’s face in vexation. He should have known that even if this guy’s insides rotted away, he still wouldn’t change his nonsensical nature. And his heart had actually gone cold for a moment when he saw the other laying on the bed looking like he was about to die. What a waste of his feelings!

Nie Bufan raised his hand and rubbed his face, and said in amazement: “Huh? I seem to have lost weight?”

A trace of tenderness flashed in Wang Shichan’s eyes, and he sighed: “You have been asleep for 7 or 8 days, during which you only drank some porridge and water, of course you will lose weight.”

“Seven or eight days?” Nie Bufan widened his eyes.

Wang Shichan nodded heavily.

“Then doesn’t that mean that I haven’t been to the toilet in 7 or 8 days?”

“…..” Could your point of focus not be on something so odd? The sorrow that he had finally brewed up, now once again suffered a serious hit!

“Not good, I urgently need nutrition.” Nie Bufan said sternly, “Wang Fifth, get me some delicious food later. I want to make up for the vitality I lost in the past few days.”

“En, the Teacher of the State has already gone to get it for you.”

Only now Nie Bufan asked as if he had recalled something: “By the way, where are the pirates? Have everyone else been rescued?”

“You don’t have to worry about them, what you should worry about is yourself!” From waking up to the present, this guy didn’t ask a word about his own injuries. Did he know he was almost paralyzed, even nearly died?

“Oh, what’s wrong with me?” Nie Bufan asked casually.

“Your spine is misaligned. Although it has been connected, you can’t move it for a while yet.” In fact, his injury was not as light as described by Wang Shichan. After asking the doctor to have a look at that time, the other only expressed “We can only leave it up to fate”. He almost thought he was really going to die. But who knew that this guy’s vitality was incredibly tenacious. When they took a look two days later, the injury on his spine had actually healed quickly, abruptly turning from “life not guaranteed” to “paralysis”, and in the end miraculously having the possibility of recovery.

Therefore, this scourge was really not so easy to be taken away by the king of the underworld.

“Can’t move for a while yet?” Nie Bufan asked, “How long is ‘a while’?”

“It will probably take a few months to recuperate.”

“What? A few months?” Nie Bufan exclaimed in horror. “Lying down for a few months, wouldn’t that be the same as taking my life?”

Wang Shichan soothed: “It’s just that you need to lie on the bed for a while. When the injury is almost healed, you can still get out of bed and move around a bit.”

“No, I’m very busy and can’t waste time.” Nie Bufan said firmly, “I have decided. I must heal my injury within five days!”

“…..” Was this something you could do just because you decided so?

Nie Bufan waved his fist, full of confidence: “First, I must fill up my stomach!”

At this time, Fan Luo came in with the food. He had actually stood at the door for a while already, listening to the conversation between the two of them quietly, and feeling a little bit forlorn inexplicably.

When Nie Bufan saw him, he immediately asked, “Teacher of the State, what happened to the pirates? How did you guys escape in the end?”

“With the drug, the pirates were all eliminated easily by Tai Yan’s people.” He did not describe the tragic end of the pirates in detail, but simply explained the process. After killing the pirate leader, he brought the antidote to rescue Tai Yan and the others, and then easily eliminated all the pirates who had fallen because of the drug.

At that time, all Fan Luo could think about was Nie Bufan, whose life was in danger, and had only one thought in his mind, which was to solve the matter as soon as possible and then take him to a safe place to heal his injury. As for the details of the subsequent series of actions, his impression of it was vague, as if his body was being driven by another personality. Most of those pirates died at his hands, and the state of their deaths was extremely gruesome.

Nie Bufan chuckled and said, “Successfully escaping danger, the sea is wide and the sky is bright.”

Fan Luo still had a clouded expression and did not say a word.

“Alright, eat something first.” Wang Shichan carefully helped him up.

“Eat, eat.” Nie Bufan raised his hand and vowed, “With three bowls of rice each meal, I will definitely be able to jump around in five days.”

At this time, Fan Luo and Wang Shichan only took this declaration as a joke, but the facts have proved that a certain someone really could not be looked at with common knowledge.

Five days later, Nie Bufan sat up on his own.

On the seventh day, he began to perform simple leg exercises with the help of Wang Shichan or Fan Luo.

On the tenth day, he was able to walk independently for a short distance like a toddler.

On the fourteenth day, they boarded the boat to Chicken Nest Village.

“Oh blue sky, oh white clouds, oh wide sea, we meet once again!” Nie Bufan yelled, sitting on the chair with his arms thrown wide.

Fan Luo asked Wang Shichan next to him: “Do you think he is the reincarnation of some kind of demon or spirit?”

Wang Shichan fell silent.

None of them expected that this guy actually completed a recovery process that ordinary people could not complete. Although he couldn’t stand for a long time yet, he was obviously not far from a full recovery.

For several days, he had persisted in exercising and was full of energy, as if all the difficulties were not worth mentioning in front of him. In his world, there was no sadness and despair, only laughter.

Seeing him grimacing in pain and bursting out in cold sweat during exercising, Wang Shichan asked him, “Why be in such a rush? Can’t you take it slowly?”

Nie Bufan said: “I can’t wait any longer, I want to go back to the village soon.”

When he said this, the smile in his eyes was different from usual. It seemed to imply a particular meaning. Wang Shichan didn’t ask further at the time, and it was only until later when he really understood.

To express apologies and thanks, Tai Yan personally sent a ship to escort them back.

The journey was calm, except for the occasional discordant sound that came from the cabin. Don’t misunderstand, it was not ooxx—— a certain shou was not suitable for strenuous exercise right now——but Fan Luo and Wang Shichan engaging in subtle fights.

They insisted on sleeping in the same cabin with Nie Bufan, and reasoned that it was more convenient to take care of him this way. In truth, it was to prevent the other from being unable to control themselves. It was not that they have insufficient self control, but that a certain someone was too good at stirring up trouble, and sometimes could provoke a person to the point of having their temperament be distorted, and might even lose reason for a while and end up ignoring his injury.

At this time, Fan Luo already knew Nie Bufan’s real name, and did not express any surprise whatsoever. After all, he even dared to lie to the emperor, so the rest of the masses were not a big deal at all.

After the pirate incident, the evil spirit hidden in Fan Luo’s heart seemed to have completely awakened, with wicked eyes and a nefarious bearing, and he practically made no secret of his possessive desire over Nie Bufan.

However, Wang Shichan was the complete opposite to him. He was restrained and had cultivated tranquility for a long time, so he quite disliked Fan Luo’s wicked charm.

The so-called ‘righteous and evil could not be compatible’, the aura of the two was practically the same as fire and water. 

Nie Bufan was completely ignorant of their opposition. His nerves were thick and tough, no matter how one strained them they never broke and could even bend into various forms.

The journey was spent in joy and harmony.

Before the ship finally docked, Nie Bufan practically asked about the time of arrival almost every day, as if he couldn’t wait any longer.

Neither Wang Shichan nor Fan Luo noticed his worsening expressions, only thinking that it was caused by the fatigue of the journey and the unhealed injury.

The few people landed in Yun City, which was only slightly more than three hundred miles away from Xishan City. Taking a carriage, they would arrive in less than a day or two.

However, Nie Bufan was ordered to stay in Yun City temporarily to recuperate. Nie Bufan did not object because Zhang Third, Li Fourth and the others joined up with them here.

Not only Zhang Third, Li Fourth, Wei Di and Tai Bai also came.

Nie Bufan was very happy and rushed over to hug each one of them, and even offered a sweet kiss without hesitation. Except for Wei Di’s face appearing a little stiff, the others just exchanged a melancholy look with each other.

“You are finally willing to come back!” Li Yi stared at him coldly.

Nie Bufan chuckled, half lying on the couch, and looked at everyone earnestly.

“It’s good to come back, don’t run around in the future, we still want to live a few more years.” Zhang Junshi sighed helplessly.

Nie Bufan raised his hand and said, “Okay, I promise that I won’t run around in the future, and will remain immortalized in Chicken Nest Village.”

“Don’t use idioms indiscriminately.” Li Yi casted a contemptuous look.

Nie Bufan shrugged, with a look of disagreement.

Then, the other people also expressed their dissatisfaction and indignation towards him one after another.

Nie Bufan for once accepted the lecturing with humility and actually didn’t say anything to refute, which made everyone feel very strange.

Zhang Junshi asked, “Bufan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine?” Nie Bufan replied with a smile, “I like to hear you all talk very much, and you should all say enough at one time, lest I won’t have a chance to listen later.”

“What are you talking about?” Zhang Junshi frowned, “Why won’t you have a chance to listen to it in the future? We are going back to Chicken Nest Village together.”

“En, I know, I know you will take me back.” Nie Bufan still smiled.

“Nie Bufan, you are very strange now, what are you planning to do?” Li Yi glared at him.

Nie Bufan touched his nose and said, “I have something to tell you all.”

“What is it?”

“I am going to die soon.”


Everyone responded with wooden expressions.

Nie Bufan glared at them and said with dissatisfaction: “I told you such a serious matter so seriously, but you aren’t even going to express anything?”

“What kind of expression do you need?” Li Yi said with a darkened face, “You are actually being serious?”

“Even if we all ‘take our leave from the world’, it will still not be your turn!” Zhang Junshi spoke the voice of everyone.

“Fine then.” Nie Bufan touched his nose again.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he pointed out the window and shouted, “Look, it’s snowing!”

Everyone turned their heads and looked over at the same time. Sure enough, they saw patches of white snow floating outside the window. Unknowingly, winter had already arrived.

“Ah, time flies so fast!” Nie Bufan said in a calm voice, “I’m so happy to come here. Meeting you all in this life, it’s really worth this lifetime…..”

“This is really not like something you would say!” Li Yi turned his head in surprise, just in time to see him slowly closing his eyes, with a honey-like contented smile on the corner of his lips.

“Are you tired?” He walked over and gently supported him.

Nie Bufan didn’t respond, breathing slowly.

“Asleep so soon?” Zhang Junshi walked over and whispered, “After talking for so long, he is probably tired. Let’s let him rest.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Yi nodded, carefully helped him to lie down, covered him with the quilt, and then left with the others.

“Have a good dream, Bufan.”

However, the next day, he did not wake up..…

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