Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 097 Old Father & Bufan

In a drowsy state, Nie Bufan felt as if he was surrounded in warm liquid, with silhouettes passing around him from time to time. Several scientific researchers in white coats were standing in front of an instrument and discussing something. Their expressions were both excited and expectant and also a hint of apprehension.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ah, could it be that he didn’t die and returned to the base?

Nie Bufan “opened his eyes”, but couldn’t see his body. He could only see some familiar scenes flashing by in front of him. These were the memory fragments buried deep in his heart.

Memory? Yes.

Before transmigrating over, his most painful and happiest memories all occurred in this base. He was the only genetically enhanced person among the 343 experimental subjects on the base to survive, and he was also a multiplier who specialized in providing organs and tissues.

So long as his brain was intact, every part of his body could regenerate. The meaning of his existence was to provide corresponding organs and tissues for various unknown patients——skin, blood, bones, heart, liver, kidney, cornea, bone marrow and all other transplantable organs and tissues.

He was called “MIRACLE” because his organ and blood type could be said to be a truly universal type, which hardly repelled the patient’s body and could even reach the best condition.

The cutting and separation operation again and again became the whole of his life. After each operation, the regeneration process was like a thousand ants biting the bones, so unbearably painful.

His physique was special and could slowly dissolve the medicinal properties of various drugs, including anesthetics. This meant that most of the time he must complete the operation in a semi-conscious state, and he could only recover on his own after the operation.

Several times, he was on the verge of death, and it was not until the researchers gradually mastered his recovery speed and endurance limit that the supply model was perfected.

Before the age of twelve, he felt that he was living in hell. Every part of his body did not belong to him. He only lived for others. Therefore, he had been waiting for the day of death, waiting calmly.

It wasn’t until the appearance of an old man that his gray life finally had color.

He still remembered the first sentence that the old man said to him: “From today, you are my son. I have submitted an application to my superiors to formally name you “Bufan”, with the same surname as mine, “Nie”.”


“Yes, my son, Nie Bufan.”

As a result, he had his own name instead of just a cold code name.

During the period of recovery from each operation, his old father would take him to go fishing, swimming, barbecue, occasionally playing video games together, watching all kinds of weird animations and movies, eating junk food, and laughing without any care of self-image.

His old father said: “Bufan, half of your life has been dedicated to others, so the rest of the time should be used to enjoy life, and live freely and happily without wasting any time.”

Nie Bufan smiled brightly.

Since then, the MIRACLE who was like a machine ceased to exist, replaced instead by the playful Nie Bufan.

He became a prankster in the base, and he became a joy to everyone. When he smiled, others would smile back involuntarily. Kindness and happiness were contagious things, and the base was full of vitality because of his changes.

He realized that when he wanted freedom, freedom was by his side; when he wanted happiness, happiness was in the palm of his hand.

He used what he had in exchange for a heart that enjoyed life without scruples.

Until he was 20 years old, when a major operation involving both heart and kidney transplantation caused his regeneration to go out of balance and he almost died.

While he was lying weakly on the bed to recuperate, his old father mysteriously said to him: “Bufan, I want to tell you some good news, in order to recognize your contributions and merits, the base decided to let you retire at the age of 50. At that time you will have a legal identity, a beautiful villa and a lot of money to spend. Then you can go wherever you want!”

Nie Bufan doubted: “Really? Are they so generous? Aren’t they fooling you?”

“What fooling me? Do they dare?” His old father blew his beard and glared, “I can tell you, when you retire, I will be an 80 year old man, and you must support me in my retirement.”

“I won’t.” Nie Bufan looked away, “I’m going to travel the world with the money. It’s too much trouble to support you.”

Old father immediately jumped angrily.

Though he said that, Nie Bufan’s face was full of expectation and joy, and his mind sketched the picture of living with his old father in the future.

But his old father didn’t know, he actually knew that what he just said was just a white lie.

The continuous transplantation operations had put a huge load on his brain. If the average person had a lifespan of 90 years, he could only live for 30 years. To be more precise, he was likely to not live past 26 years old.

But despite this, he had no regrets.

He felt that he could walk peacefully to the end of his life. Perhaps, before he died, he could still make a joke with his old father and the rest, cause them some trouble, and let them see him off in pain and joy.

Haha, thinking about it, he felt that it was not bad at all!

However, God seemed to have other plans.

When he was 24 years old, the base needed to be moved to another area at the request of the superiors.

He and a total of one hundred and fifty people boarded the same ship that day.

Only three hours after the ship sailed out, they encountered a tornado. This situation was completely unexpected. The ship was full of national-level scientific research personnel that required strict inspections before being allowed to go out. And the changes in the weather were the most important thing to be paid attention to, and there must definitely not be any mistakes allowed to be made on this.

The tornado came very quickly and strangely, as if it had suddenly formed out of thin air. Many people were drawn into the sea before they could react. Nie Bufan, who was enjoying the sea view, was the first to bear the brunt.

Nie Bufan, who fell into the sea, stretched out his hand in the direction of the ship, and his first thought was: Fortunately, his old father strained his back and could only lay in the cabin.

The sea water flooded his nose and mouth, making him uncomfortable.

It was unexpected he would die in this way, and he had thought he would have the last laugh?

Although it had only been a short span of 26 years, he also hoped to spend it completely and without discounts. It was a pity that God was so unkind, actually bringing him such a turning point!

Alas, old father, goodbye! Nie Bufan gradually fell into darkness.

If there was an afterlife, would you be my father again…..

Nie Bufan smiled in his consciousness, life was always full of surprises.

He did not die but transmigrated, and he also met an old man who looked very much like his old father and then inherited his small mountain village.

Then, the omnipotent chickens came.

Following them were Zhang Third, Li Fourth, Wang Fifth, Brother Shi, Huai Huai, Tiannu, Shen Muran, and Leader Wei.

Later, he also met many people, such as Tai Bai, Teacher of the State, Emperor Ming and so on.

Haha, he was really happy!

Ah, don’t know if he was dead or not? What are they doing now? Are they preparing to hold a funeral for him? Still scolding him?

En, it was more likely they were scolding him. Who told him to die unexplainably?

He should have left a last word, that would say: A Nie Bufan died, but there are thousands of Nie Bufan’s chickens!

Therefore, it will not be lonely.

“Nie Bufan!” Li Yi hollered in the inn.

He grabbed the sleepy Nie Bufan up by his collar, his face full of anger: “You better wake up now!”

On the first day, Nie Bufan did not wake up.

The next day, he hadn’t woken up either.

On the third day, he still did not wake up.

It wasn’t until the fourth day that everyone no longer had any hope and finally came to terms that a certain someone would just sleep on like this without any warning at all!

Everyone couldn’t believe this fact! He was obviously fine a few days ago. His expression was as usual, and except for saying a few inexplicable nonsense, there was no other abnormality.

He said that he wanted to be “immortalized” in Chicken Nest Village…..

He said that he was going to “take his leave from this world”…..

Who would believe this kind of nonsense! In the hearts of everyone, this guy would probably wait until he was so old that he couldn’t breathe before he would die in a reluctant and dawdling manner.

At that time, people like them would have likely already turned into ashes and become one with the soil. There was only the possibility of him burying them instead of the other way around.

But what was the situation now?

Fan Luo said suddenly: “When he was in the palace, the imperial doctor had seen him and said that his pulse was a sign of premature death, but looking at his vigorous energy, we thought it was just because of his special physique and didn’t think deeply.”

Tai Bai also shouted out loud: “I remember, Bufan and I went to see a doctor when we first entered Yan Shun City. The doctor also said that he will die soon, but when I wanted to ask further, I was distracted by him.”

Everyone looked at Nie Bufan, who was smiling in his coma, and the group became collectively angry!

Couldn’t this guy be serious once? Even when dying he must die so restlessly!

“I don’t believe it!” Zhang Junshi’s face was as dark as the deep waters, his fists clenched as he stared at Nie Bufan.

Wang Shichan took the person from Li Yi’s hands and said mildly: “Let’s take him back to the village first.”

So they hired a carriage and drove Nie Bufan back to the Chicken Nest Village.

His chickens occupied the carriage where Nie Bufan qas, and the rest of them could only give up their positions.

The journey was very silent. Everyone would look at the carriage from time to time. There was always such a feeling in their hearts that maybe a certain someone would suddenly jump out of the carriage and shout arrogantly: “Haha, you got scared by me! I’m the village head of Chicken Nest Village, how can it be so easy for me to die? You are all so stupid!”

Unfortunately, he did not wake up even when they arrived at Chicken Nest Village.

Si Chenyu and the others who stayed behind in Chicken Nest Village saw the unconscious Nie Bufan, and they were shocked once again.

“When he wakes up, I will definitely…..” Li Yi gritted his teeth, but didn’t know what vicious words to use to vent his resentment.

This feeling of not being up or down was really too uncomfortable. It was like their hearts were missing something.

“I sent someone to invite over the Divine Doctor, maybe he can save him.” Wei Di said. He didn’t have the heart to fight the rest at the moment, and just hoped that a certain someone would wake up.

Fan Luo slammed the wooden table with a fist, and with a crack, the wooden table shattered apart and filled the air with dust.

“Hai, hai.” Everyone backed away, coughing one after another.

In truth, Fan Luo didn’t use much strength, but he had never been to Chicken Nest Village, so he was not clear that all the tables, chairs and benches here were like traps, possessing a self-harming passive aggressiveness.

“Is Tu Beng slacking off? Actually not taking care of the house and leaving so much dust.” Zhang Junshi harrumphed softly.

Tu Beng hid outside the house without saying a word.

“Aiya!” Tai Bai exclaimed. Just now he had randomly set a hand on a chair, but who knew that his hand came away with something soft and sticky.

“Bang!” The door Tai Yan leaned on accidentally fell down, taking him with it and causing a sudden flurry of chicken feathers.

Zhang Third, Li Fourth, Wang Fifth and several other natives were calm and composed, having long been accustomed to these conditions.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They looked at the person on the bed at the same time——even if this guy was in a dead faint, he was still a scourge to the earth.

They firmly believed that so long as Chicken Nest Village was still there, he would definitely wake up.

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