Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 040 Defeat All With The Sword, Overcome Clever Tricks With Force

Sword energy hovered around at his fingertips, and the sound of sipping blood sounded lingering and crisp, so elegant and so lovely.

The desire realm, the first of the six realms, the supreme demon.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

That was the sword energy that he had tempered with the essence of the celestial demon. It was extremely sharp, but in order not to hurt Xiao Qing and to prevent the essence of the celestial demon from being consumed too quickly, he set up an energy-saving function. Normally, the sharpness was only maintained at the level that could kill Nascent Soul cultivators and below.

After the energy saving was lifted, its original power could naturally be used.

Ji Yunlai watched the sword light leisurely surrender at Feng Qingxiu’s fingertips, and felt a bit puzzled as he had already been ready to suppress it.

But that sword light seemed to like Xiao Qing very much, and it didn’t put up any resistance. Amidst the glimmer of joy it gave off, there was also a hint of craving for praise.

What a fickle sword energy. When he first refined it, it would avoid him fearfully, while now it was acting so ingratiating towards his disciple.

The paper man pondered about whether to find time to switch to a more obedient sword for his disciple.

The extremely sensitive sword energy seemed to feel uneasy, and quickly sucked up the blood that had just been taken from the enemy before tightly entwining around Feng Qingxiu’s finger.

The paper man was even more unhappy.

Thousands of feet away, that ordinary looking man held Xiao Yuan with one hand and covered his chest injury with his other.

That sword had been silent and invisible, as well as incredibly sharp, and with his ability, he couldn’t avoid it at all.

A child who had just entered the Golden Core Formation Stage could actually use such a magic weapon, and could even cross three cultivation levels to hurt a powerful cultivator like him…..

He felt that the fake skin mask on his face could barely remain hanging on it anymore.

“Li Jiuzhen, the agreement did not say the ordinary disciple you want to catch was this tricky.” The ordinary looking man looked at the ring hanging on Xiao Yuan’s chest.

Naturally, he was not an ordinary person if he could become a great Synthesis cultivator powerhouse. The sect he was part of could also be regarded as a hegemon in the Central Continent.

Today, the only reason he came in disguise to help the descendants of the Daxuan family was only to repay the favor that he owed the other back then.

His agreement with this force was only to help the other catch a few ordinary Kun-Lai disciples——but if the magic weapon just now could be given to all ordinary disciples, then Kun-Lai dominating the world like the Daxuan Dynasty back then would only just be a matter of time!

The Daxuan family was once divided into two branches, the royal clan and the ancestral clan. The ancestral clan was led by the Daxuan Great Priest and had already incorporated the royal clan six hundred years ago, and his cultivation base was unfathomable.

He also didn’t want to anger the Daxuan Great Priest and decided to help in this matter, but if it endangered him then it would not be worth it.

The ring did not reply to him.

“I didn’t know that Ji Mingyu would come too.” Xiao Yuan’s voice trembled. “She and Feng Qingxiu are both here. One of them is the direct disciple of the Sect Leader of Kun-Lai, and the other is the daughter of the Sect Leader of Kun-Lai. As long as you catch them, Kun-Lai’s countless treasures will be up to us to take whatever we want…..”

The ordinary looking man’s fingers shook and almost threw Xiao Yuan out.

“Li Jiuzhen, if you don’t show your cards, I may have to take my leave.” Forcibly suppressing his anger, the ordinary looking man said coldly.

One or two ordinary disciples could be taken to be a consequence of conflict, and they could use material things to appease the other party. But if they were such important people of the sect, with Kun-Lai’s size and power, even if he was already a Synthesis cultivator, he did not think that his sect would offend a Human Immortal for his sake.

“Do you still have a retreat?” The voice in the ring was elegant and leisurely. “Kun-Lai is also in trouble now. Don’t worry, the Xing Dao Master won’t be able to come over.”


Kun Lai, Zhaoyue Peak.

The mountains were high and the moon was far away, the pine forests stood tall and lonely.

Ji Yunlai had his eyes closed as he sat. The moonlight broke through the window, reflecting half of his face.

The countless flying petals in front of him were slowly condensing into a longsword that was even more illusory than before.

It was just that it kept coming up short at the critical point, and it had yet to reach the highest level.

“There is another sign of movement in the Outlands.” Someone from far away talked to him with divine consciousness. It was Elder Yan Zhao, the first person under the Sect Leader. “The Great Sage Kunwu is near the Western Continent, I have already ordered the outpost there to avoid him.”

“What is his reason?” Ji Yunlai asked indifferently.

“A Great Sage takes a continent as their dwelling. There are other Great Sage powers around him, and resources are scarce. Therefore, he has always wanted to invade the Western Continent and obtain Kun-Lai’s wealth, but he is afraid of your power and dare not enter.” Yan Zhao replied in detail, “The Outlands is vast, and our human realm is not yet strong enough. It was no problem back then when this place was barren, but now that it is revived and prosperous, naturally it arouses covetousness.”

“Continue.” Ji Yunlai said.

“It’s not just him, but the Great Sages on the border with our Western Continent are the same, but they are also hostile towards each other, so they don’t easily make a move, and instead prefer to wait for someone to make the move first.” Yan Zhao also had a headache over the years about this. He paused for a while before he said, “A few years ago, you announced your Seclusion and there was no news for twenty years. Not only the Outlands, but the Central Continent not only did not help us as fellow humans, but also made all kinds of secret preparations. Fortunately, you left Seclusion in time, so I prepared Kun-Lai’s ceremony as a way to warn and intimidate them.”

In recent years, Kun-Lai had accumulated countless wealth thanks to the three treasures of flying peak, Yunfu Dao Seed, and the Net Seal.

The flying peaks could be used to attack and defend, perfect for expeditions to the Outlands to exchange for various precious treasures; the Yunfu Dao Seed opened the spiritual field, so that the lower-level cultivators of the Sect remained strong; the Net Seal was even more infinite in its benefits, just the subscription system to the tips and personal accounts in relation to cultivation had the entire sect no longer stingy and secretive on their cultivation methods, and instead issued various cultivation experiences, study methods and learning conclusions, and as a result becoming the foundation of Kun-Lai’s development. Some low-level disciples’ small cultivation skills and subscription income wefe even higher than those of powerful cultivators’.

When the small sects and unaffiliated cultivators were still hiding those supreme cultivation methods and spells, Kun-Lai’s various cultivation training crash courses had already been pouring out, and many of them have had a hundred years worth of reputation.

So long as there was enough time, Yan Zhao himself was startled at how huge Kun-Lai would be in the future.

However, the current problem lay in the lack of powerful cultivators.

Human Immortal was not a stage easily reached.

Only after countless years in the Outlands did all kinds of Great Sages were born. The three Human Immortals of the Central Continent also experienced the Daxuan Dynasty’s tribulation and had to move their sects away for many years. They only moved back to the Central Continent after the destruction of the Daxuan Dynasty a thousand years ago. It could be said that after experiencing the prosperous era of twelve Human Immortals during the Daxuan period, there was only one Human Immortal to come out of the human race since then, and that was the Lord of Kun-Lai.

Back then, when the Daxuan Territory was the most expansive, dragon veins were stimulated by secret magical techniques, and the fortune of the human race was almost exhausted. Only then did twelve Human Immortals were produced. They wanted to capture countless more territories and gain more fortune, but instead the empire fell into civil strife and greatly hurt the vitality of the human race.

The Western Continent was like a cake with ever-increasing weight, but there was still only one guardian to keep watch over it, which naturally made countless people become covetous.

It was just that back then Ji Yunlai cut Celestial Fox Su Wan’s body in half with a single sword, and almost killed the Great Sage of the spiritual demon race on the spot.

However, Celestial Fox Su Wan was the weakest among Human Immortals after all. In recent years, there are even rumors that it was because the injury she suffered in the battle with Daxuan had not improved which caused her to be defeated by Ji Yunlai.

The wealth of Kun-Lai today was dozens of times what it was then.

“Is that so?” Ji Yunlai tapped his fingertips on the couch and slowly said, “Where is the Great Sage Kunwu.”

“Thirty thousand miles away west of the Western Continent, at the Fiery Lake.” Yan Zhao was very familiar with this. “He said that it is his favorite pool.”

Thirty thousand miles was too close. If he wanted to, he could easily invade the Western Continent. A Great Sage of the spiritual demon clan caused them to be vigilant every time.

“Fine.” Ji Yunlai raised his head and said slowly. He looked at the petals that had disappeared and drew up an invisible sword.

The moonlight was still there, but there was no sign of any figure in the room.

Wait, Senior Brother, did I say something?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yan Zhao was stunned for a while, and then he swept over with his divine consciousness, but there was no response from his senior brother.

He suddenly thought of a terrifying possibility.

Oh my God!

Senior Brother, don’t scare me!!

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