Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 041 Turning Over Clouds And Rain, Things Have Degrees Of Seriousness

The Kun-Lai Mountains were entrenched around the Western Continent in a horseshoe shape, acting as both a deterrence and a natural stronghold.

At the same time, it cut off the water vapor and also blocked countless fierce beasts on the north, south, and west sides of the mountain, making the Western Continent safe for countless years.

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To the west of Kun-Lai, there were also stretches of mountains, where volcanoes were clustered, often erupting, but because of the accumulation of mountain ash, it was extremely fertile.

The Fiery Lake was located at a volcanic mountain pass. It boiled with high temperatures all day long and was extremely huge. It was a favorite place for countless fire spiritual demons and a paradise for all kinds of fire spiritual plants and resources.

Today, however, a huge tiger spiritual demon with a span of several miles long was immersed in the lake water, swimming leisurely and in comfort, occasionally turning his belly upwards and spitting out bubbles, as if it was on a spring outing.

The tiger spiritual demon had yellow fur and a snowy white patch on its forehead, with fire-like markings, three heads, and two wings growing from the back. It was a Kunwu tiger demon unique to this domain. It was born with a fire affinity and was not afraid of lava.

After yawning comfortably, the tiger demon lay floating on the lake with his snow-white belly facing upwards, a mile long tail occasionally slapping at the water surface. The emerald-like eyes were filled with white flames, and water vapor could be seen evaporating from around the eyes from time to time.

How very boring. He looked at the sky, and then simply closed his eyes.

“Are you sleeping?” A voice suddenly asked.

The tiger demon opened his eyes casually and looked at the young man in obsidian robes standing quietly by the lake.

The new arrival had a tall and upright figure, not inferior to an adult, but his facial features were gentle, without the edges and corners of an adult man, but the trace of cold indifference between his eyebrows and eyes was too obvious.

He stood there quietly, and due to the difference in height, was clearly looking up at him. But like the bright moon, the young man gave one the feeling that he was looking down at you instead.

“That’s right.” The tiger demon looked at him, slowly got up from the water and stood on the ripples of the lake water surface. He stretched lazily and then shook his fur.

“Who asked you to come?” The young man asked mildly.

Coming to distract him at this time, it was obviously related to those spies from the Central Continent.

“You monkey demons all look the same, how can I remember.” The tiger demon sat on the lake surface with all three heads looking at him condescendingly, “It’s just that the gift he gave is passable, so I decided to come and help him.”

All he had to do was to come here to take a bath, and in return he would get so many Yangyan mines for his descendants, so why not?

“Then did you ask for my permission?” The other looked calm and was not at all affected by the aura of pressure from him.

“Why must I ask you.” The tiger demon raised his paw and licked it. “This is not your Kun-Lai territory.”

“Now it is.” The young man said, there was no certainty nor hesitation in his tone, as if he was just saying alright.

“So both take a step back?” The tiger demon suggested leisurely, “I take a few days’ bath, it doesn’t hinder you, you and I fight, this kind of good place will be destroyed, what a pity.”

As a ten-thousand-year-old spiritual demon, all he needed to do was to accomplish a little task, but he did not need to fight to the death with a Human Immortal and freely benefit other spiritual demons and monsters.

The young man just chuckled lightly.

“Then stay.”

He raised his right hand casually, his five fingers slender like white lotus root, and a sword energy entangled at his fingertips. It glowed with a slight light and appeared so fragile and weak in the eyes of the tiger demon.

However, all the surroundings under the skies suddenly began to wail and become distorted under its power.

There were countless gaps jumping around the fingertips, sharp, cut wounds in the void which itself could not bear the pressure coming from the sword energy.

The tiger demon’s tail stood upright and erect, the muscles on his huge body tightening up to the extreme and in the blink of an eye, the tiger demon pounced.

Spiritual demons did not need magic spells or magical powers. In this level of confrontation, their instinct to hunt that had been honed over tens of thousands of years was their most terrifying magical power.

At a speed that could not even be caught by divine consciousness, the giant claws were already hovering over the opponent’s head in the air. The claws became a fiery red, causing the surrounding rocks to melt instantly.

The huge lake of water also evaporated and became completely empty, and countless white smoke rose into the sky, the wisps meandering around the battlefield.

The young man looked at him, and his fingers stretched out.

Stretched out and pressed against his sharp claws.

Like an ant touching against the toenail of a giant elephant.

But it was halted.

The horrific power that could flatten a mountain peak was lightly and easily halted by his palm, silent and still.

At the same time, white flowers began blooming from around his palm.

The huge flowers bloomed fully and then gathered in its petals again.

Enveloping the entire huge body of the tiger demon.

After spreading his hands, there was only a small tiger head on the palm of his hand, the size of a fingertip, tongue out and small eyes expressing panic and unease.

“Ran away quite fast.” The young man slowly fisted his hand, looked at the distance in tranquility, and did not pursue the other, “Three heads, three lives?”

Sure enough, these old monsters had some cards up their sleeves, and were very capable of running for their lives.

The other did not want to fight him.

However, his Floral Chain Sword was so thin it was close to having no density, just light emitted by the void. The tiger demon was trapped by him for only a moment, but he was cut by the petal sword energy at least 1024 to the 3rd power.

This time his sword did not go the path of dominance, but leaned the way of the Moon, soft as a flower petal and lingering as a spring rain with pervasive killing intent and danger concealed within.

It was much more powerful than the 1.0 version of the mod Invisible Sword he gave Xiao Qing.

The consumption was also great, that sword just now used at least one-third of his spiritual essence, and the second sword would only consume even more because of the faint resistance of the void. After all, the level of his previous calculation of this sword was already close to Dao Rune, and if he used it longer, it would be normal that this kind of damage would attract a heavenly tribulation.

So the next optimization should be placed on the spiritual essence, after all, it had been tested already, and there was no need to increase the attack power.

Or perhaps it must be said that it had come to a head already, and adding to the attack power might cause bad effects.

If it could be optimized to consume only one twelfth of the spiritual essence at a time, it should be the most appropriate.

In addition, next time, it was best to calculate a space-sealing technique to prevent the opponent from running away. For example, the temple that imprisoned the celestial demons in his sea of consciousness was not bad.

It was a pity that he didn’t know how to get inside. Otherwise, if he trapped the tiger demon just now inside, it should be difficult for the other to escape. He could also go to observe how the temple was built, and he would definitely be able to learn more.

He had already discovered that he hadn’t put many things on the Net Seal back then, and he was also very curious to what extent he could go to in terms of cultivation.

Thinking of this, he looked at the mess around him, the lake was destroyed and magma overflowed, looking like a scene from the underworld.

He waved his hand to repair the lake embankment.

This time he got a good test result, and now knew where the problem lay.

It was just a pity that he didn’t manage to obtain that fine tiger skin.


Upon returning to Kun-Lai Mountain, Ji Yunlai saw his junior brothers and sisters waiting anxiously at the door.

“Senior Brother Sect Leader, are you alright?” Yan Zhao stepped up anxiously and looked him over, completely without the dignity of the First Elder.

He got only a cold glance from his senior brother in response.

Did he look like he had any problem?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Then he shut the door and blocked the others outside.

After entering the house, Ji Yunlai closed his eyes, sensing that his disciple seemed to be unhappy.

He should go and take a look.

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