After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 070 Tacit Understanding

After lunch, Tao Mu was planning to go to the hospital to see brother Da Hui so Li Xiaoheng drove him over. Arriving at the entrance of the hospital, Tao Mu thought of something, and suddenly he took out his mobile phone and dialed Yun Yi. Hearing that he happened to be an intern in the hospital, he immediately smiled and said, “What a coincidence. I just wanted to introduce someone to you. Originally, I was thinking about waiting for you both to have free time, then I could invite you both out. But unexpectedly you two have such affinity.”

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Li Xiaoheng, who was sitting on the side, heard this and felt a little depressed. He couldn’t help but squeeze the steering wheel.

The two got out of the car together. Tao Mu called his Yao Dad again and asked him which ward Da Hui was staying in. Taking advantage of this time, Li Xiaoheng went directly to the 24hr supermarket next to the hospital to buy a bouquet of flowers and a fruit basket. Tao Mu smiled: “You don’t have to be so polite.”

Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly: “It’s no problem.”

Tao Mu didn’t say more when he saw this. He actually wanted to say that brother Da Hui had an upright personality and didn’t care about these courtesies. He would much prefer roast chicken and two beers from the deli to visit him instead of flowers and fruits. But Tao Mu thought, as he and Li Xiaoheng were only business partners, and they haven’t seen each other much. Since Li Xiaoheng had the intention, it was better not to say too much for fear that it would brush away the other’s good intentions.

Of course, Li Xiaoheng didn’t know Tao Mu’s thoughts. He just felt that it was not good to be empty-handed when visiting someone in the hospital for the first time, so he bought some flowers and fruits according to common practice. Of course, with Li Xiaoheng’s past experience, even if he was beaten to death, he would not have thought that one could also bring something like roast chicken and beer for a hospital visit.

The two entered the elevator in silence. Out of politeness, Tao Mu took over the fruit basket in Li Xiaoheng’s hands. The two of them entered the ward with flowers and fruit, and Liu Yao and the others were taken aback when they saw this.

Tao Mu explained with a smile: “After we finished lunch, I said I wanted to see brother Da Hui. Brother Li brought me here. These flowers and fruit basket were bought by brother Li.”

Da Hui, who was lying on the hospital bed, immediately smiled and said, “Too much trouble, Mr. Li. You are too polite.”

Meng Qi, who was next to Liu Yao, already knew the relationship between Li Xiaoheng and Tao Mu, and the role that Li Xiaoheng played in this out-of-court settlement. He smiled and said, “Many thanks to Mr. Li for helping this time.”

“Xiao Mu is my most valued business partner who has helped me a lot in the international crude oil market. I have nothing to repay him back these are all things I should do.” In the presence of Liu Yao and Meng Qi, Li Xiaoheng inexplicably felt awkward and his speech suddenly became more genteel.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi were not clear on this. Therefore, they sighef in their hearts that a son of an affluent damily was indeed different. Even the way they speak was refined, and was completely diffrent from little common people like them.

While talking, Liu Yao’s cell phone rang again. He walked out to take the call. When he came back again, his eyes when looking at Li Xiaoheng couldn’t help become even more cordial.

——Da Hui was stopped in a small alley by a bunch of people with steel pipes and baseball bats. The people who beat him was fairly well-measured in their use of strength, and they didn’t hit the head or target internal organs. If he went under examination, he might not even be able to be appraised with minor injuries. Even if they were reported to the police, they would only be detained for fifteen days and fined one thousand eight hundred yuan. Don’t know whether it was Yao Wenxiao’s special instructions or the own opinion of the people who carried out the beating.

So after Liu Yao first learned of Da Hui’s injury, he was quite a bit depressed. It was not because he felt that the beating was too light, but that Da Hui might have suffered the beating in vain. He originally wanted to find a few brothers to beat the beaters and Yao Wenxiao to relieve the anger but was stopped by Meng Qi.

Meng Qi felt that since they were doing serious law abiding business, they didn’t need to use the previous street methods. Besides, using violence to solve problems was inherently the worst method. They were Tao Mu’s fathers now. As fathers, they couldn’t do things without thinking like before. It didn’t matter if they left themselves a mess, but they had to nake sure it would not implicate Tao Mu and FlyNews.

Liu Yao had always been a recklwss hot-tempered guy. Now that he had a son, he now had things to worry and be concerned about. Meng Qi persuaded Liu Yao, and then turned around and ordered one of Liu Yao’s gang of brothers to call the police, and let the reporters of FlyNews Entertainment expose Yao Wenxiao’s hiring thugs to commit violence.

As a result, when the brother arrived at the police station he heard that the case had actually already been filed, and the few grandsons who beat Da Hui were caught. The police had also gone to the hotel to detain Yao Wenxiao. When he asked an acquaintance to make some inquires on this, it turned out that the case was reported by an acquaintance of Mr. Li of Xiaoheng Capital, which was why the action taken was so fast. The brother was happy and quickly called Liu Yao about this.

Liu Yao didn’t expect Li Xiaoheng to be so thorough in his work. It was just something he had said in passing when he was leaving, and yet Mr. Li actually took it to heart.

He really deserved to be doing big business. His methods of winning people’s hearts was extraordinary.

Listening to Liu Yao’s praise, Li Xiaoheng laughed and said, “It’s just lifting a finger really.”

“It may be a luft of the finger for CEO Li but it has helped us a lot.” Liu Yao smiled and looked at Da Hui: “How about it, has the anger been vented this time?”

Tao Mu thought of something and he immediately suggested to his Xiao Qi Dad: “Send the reporters of FlyNews Entertainment to keep a stakeout at the entrance of the police station and the hotel. Take pictures of Yao Wenxiao being taken away. It will be the headline today.”

Tao Mu had long wanted to deal with Sheng’an Group. Prior to this, the worse the public’s perception of the Sheng’an Group, the more favorable it would be for his next actions.

Meng Qi also thought of this and made a few phone calls immediately. Within an hour, the news that Yao Wenxiao hired thugs and was detained immediately made the headlines of FlyNews Entertainment and was labelled with a red ‘hot’ sign. A few minutes later, other media who confirmed the accuracy of the news reprinted it. In the evening, the news that “the grandson of the chairman of Sheng’an Group was detained in Beijing for hiring thugs for assault” had spread all over the Internet. In conjunction with the previous news that “Yuxiao Media bribed the media to discredit Tao Mu”, most netizens were not surprisingly disgusted with Yao Wenxiao as well as the Sheng’an Group behind Yao Wenxiao.

But this was all afterwords.

After leaving Da Hui’s ward, Tao Mu directly called Yun Yi and learned that Yun Yi was doing rounds, so he went to the rehabilitation department to visit Gou Rixin, who had undergone a successful operation and was recuperating.

Da Gou’s condition was recovering well. The doctor said that after another six months of recuperation, he would almost fully recover without leaving any side effects. Mother Gou was very grateful to Tao Mu for this. She was very enthusiastic when she saw Tao Mu and Tao Mu’s friend. In front of Li Xiaohang, she praised Tao Mu, praising him as if he was ccomepletely matchless under the sky, causing Tao Mu to feel quite embarrassed.

Li Xiaoheng was calm on the surface but he was very happy inside. He also kept nodding his head to echo mother Gou’s words: “What you said is particularly right…..I also think Xiao Mu is a particularly good person…..That’s right…..”

Tao Mu originally wanted to talk to Gou Rixin about what he planned to do in the future. But being sung praises by Li Xiaoheng and mother Gou like they were doing a comedy routine had him feeling to embarrassed to talk anymore. He could only leave in a hurry with Li Xiaoheng.

“I say, brother Li, mother Gou was so enthusiastic about me because I helped brother Gou. What are you doing joining in the excitement. There are still so many other people in that recovery room.” Tao Mu was speechless: “I think those patients and their families looked at me as if they were watching a monkey show.”

“Then that must be the most best looking monkey king.” Li Xiaoheng said warmly.

Tao Mu instantly became even more speechless: “Brother Li, enough of you already. I say, could it be you don’t often speak Chinese in country M, so when you finally come back you are taking the opportunity to practice your Chinese with me?”

Li Xiaoheng smiled and looked at the embarrassed Tao Mu, feeling refreshed and satisfied. He felt that the person in front of him at this moment was truly relaxed and finally appeared a little more alive.

“How dare I use Xiao Mu to practice my Chiness? You are the most important business partner in my mind. There is no one else. I want nothing more than to respect you and trust you. It can only be said that these things are what I want to say from the bottom of my heart.” Li Xiaoheng expressed earnestly: “You can feel embarrassed, but you can’t slander my heart.”

After a pause, Li Xiaoheng said again: “Maybe I have been in country M for a long time, and I have received more influence from Western culture. I like to speak straightforwardly and am not very tactful. Are you not used to it?”

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng in disbelief! Are you just a little untactful? You are simply blowing rainbow fart very obviously, alright?

Tao Mu expressionlessly led his business partner, who believed himself to be very enthusiastic and straightforward, to find another business partner of his.

At this time, Yun Yi just finished the inspection with the chief physician of the cardiology surgery department. He was standing in the corridor outside the cardiology surgeon’s lounge in a white coat. His aura was gentle like the light breeze, elegant, profound, and uprigjt and vigorous. The passing family members of the patients and the uniformed nurses all couldn’t help looking at him. There were also female patients and female family members who kept coming over to chat with him under the guise of inquiring about their condition.

Tao Mu chuckled in amusement when he saw this, and when the group of people around Yun Yi finally dispersed, he walked up and joked: “Big brother Yun is very popular.”

Yun Yi smiled bitterly: “You have been watching on the side for so long, and yet you don’t come over and help me.”

“I would feel too bad to let so many girls down.” Tao Mu replied with a smile, and introduced Li Xiaoheng to Yun Yi: “This is my most important business partner, Li Xiaoheng, the founder of Xiaoheng Capital.”

He smiled and said to Li Xiaoheng: “This is the big brother Yun Yi I told you about.”

Li Xiaoheng looked at Yun Yi calmly, and Yun Yi also looked over with a smile. The two held out their hands at the same time: “Good to meet you.”

Yun Yi smiled and said: “I heard Xiao Mu mentioned Mr. Li many times. Saying that Mr. Li is a successful talent and can rely on his own strength to create Xiaoheng Capital at a young age, even managing to have a place on Wall Street.”

“I also heard Xiao Mu often praise Mr. Yun.” Li Xiaoheng said this but in his heart he added privately that actually there was no such thing, just this once earlier today. On the surface, he vhatted calmly: “After seeing you today, Mr. Yun really is a rare young talent.”

The two exchanged pleasantries and put down their right hand at the same time. They then turned their heads to look at Tao Mu.

Tao Mu, who was expecting the two to hit it off right away at first sight, amd then immediately walk on to the glorious road of capital and high technology, looked at the two in a dazed manner: “?”

Go ahead and have a chat, what are you looking at me for?

Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu with a smile, and Yun Yi also looked at Tao Mu with a polite smile. The three of them stared at each other for a while, and Tao Mu had to come back to his senses. It was a pity to find that neither of these two bigwigs had intentions of hitting it off.

“Brother Li, are you busy later?” Tao Mu asked Li Xiaoheng first. After all, Li Xiaoheng had just returned from country M, and Tao Mu didn’t know if Li Xiaoheng had any work that had to be dealt with.

Li Xiaoheng immediately got Tao Mu’s implication and actively invited him: “I have nothing to do. I don’t know if Mr. Yun is free this evening, we can find a place to chat?”

Yun Yi immediately smiled and said: “Of course it is fine with me. I don’t know if CEO Li is interested in FlyNews. If you are interested, we can visit the headquarters of FlyNews in the evening.”

Yun Yi misunderstood Tao Mu’s meaning. He thought Tao Mu pulled Li Xiaoheng over because he wanted him to help persuade Li Xiaoheng to invest in FlyNews. As his friend trusted him so much, Yun Yi certainly couldn’t not be up to the task, and offered to invite the him immediately.

Li Xiaoheng has been following Tao Mu for a long time, and he naturally knew that Flyanews was Tao Mu’s painstaking heart’s blood. When he was in country M, he proposed to have FlyNews go online in country M. Hearing Yun Yi’s invitation at this moment, of course he would not refuse.

Tao Mu originally wanted to bring these two bigwigs together for a fateful meeting. Seeing Yun Yi put the meeting place at FlyNews headquarters and that Li Xiaoheng also readily agreed. He immediately sighed with emotion that it was worthy of the tacit understanding between capitalist bigshot and high-tech tycoon from the previous life. As expected, the inertia of history could not be violated.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The three each had their own calculations, and at the moment it was quite similar to chickens trying to have a conversation with ducks, but the scene was an extremely harmonious one. They happily went off to the headquarters of FlyNews together.

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