Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 098 Smell The Fragrance To Know Bromance

Nie Bufan didn’t know what his current situation was, his consciousness was clear, but he couldn’t wake up. From time to time, memories from a long time ago would appear in his mind, as if his mind was deliberately letting him experience it again but as a bystander.

But he couldn’t always live in his memories, right? If he just died like this, there would be no regrets…..Uh, well, frankly, he was actually quite reluctant to leave.

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This was probably the reason for his half-alive, half-dead state? Because he was dawdling around and refusing to leave.

Hehe, sorry God, if you give me this chance to dawdle, I will definitely take it with a smile. Nie Bufan thought to himself.

Every day, all he could do was lay there like a corpse, bored out of his mind. The only pleasure was to wait for the people in Chicken Nest Village to visit him. They would talk at his bedside, occasionally touch, kiss, and use the opportunity to help clean up to cop a feel.

Nie Bufan sometimes felt like a priest, listening to the confessions of lost lambs every day, sharing their inner secrets, sorrows and joys. It was a pity that he couldn’t open his mouth to give them psychological counseling and soothe their traumatized hearts.

But he was not without gain, at least he had learned to distinguish his bromantic brothers by their scent.

For example, Zhang Third, he always had the smell of copper plates, occasionally mixed with the fragrance of various vegetables, and it was easy to drool if he smelled his scent too much.

Li Fourth, his scent was as cold as iron, but it was actually as hot as a branding iron to the touch. It must be comfortable to hold him in winter, only the sensation was a bit hard.

The best person to hold was Wang Fifth, who had the scent of Buddha’s incense, and was suitable for hot and cold weather. Even if he didn’t speak, one could still feel at ease. He wondered why he had mistaken him for Li Fourth in the first place? Making such a mistake forcibly caused a great buddhist monk in training to break his vows. Hehe, actually, it was not bad for it to be broken. Wasn’t there a saying that so long as there was Buddha in the heart, meat and wine could pass through the intestines, let alone breaking the precept against lust? The Buddha would definitely be understanding.

And then there was Leader Wei, this guy had a strong sense of existence, from head to toe he gave off a domineering kingly aura, especially his eyes which were as sharp as a sword. Every time he came, he didn’t say anything and just knew to use those eyes to glare at him. Maybe he was practicing some long-lost eye martial arts?

The most noisy of these people was probably Huai Huai. He could hear his arrogant footsteps even before the other entered the house. After walking in, he would be even more voluble, his words unforgiving and like a torrent. But he smelled like sunflowers that boomed arrogantly, the smell making people feel the urge to fiddle and tease him.

As for brother Shi, there were only four words: overwhelming and compelling extravagance. The scent on his body was only that of precious spices and perfumes. Of course, after the baptism in Chicken Nest Village, this choking fragrance had now faded a lot, replaced by a jade-like icy water vapor. He appeared dignified on the outside, but facing him alone he would show a rare warmth. The premise was that he didn’t know that even if he was in a coma, he was actually quite conscious of his surroundings.

Towards the Teacher of the State, Nie Bufan felt very complicated. It was like seeing a gorgeous peony and just as he was thinking about ravaging it, he discovered that it was actually a fresh snow lotus in peony skin. On the surface, he looked wickedly charming and alluring but his true nature was pure and flawless. This made him tremble as he picked the flower, for fear of destroying the last elderly virgin boy in the world. Alas, seeing as he had already picked this flower, he could just take it as accumulating virtue (gongs) for himself.

By the way, there was also Tai Bai, this guy was the best to identify, his scent was that of algae that made people feel like being in the sea. Although Tai Yan had no similarities with him in temperament, their smell was very similar. Nie Bufan was finally willing to admit that they were indeed relatives only when he closed his eyes.

In addition, there were Tiannu and Shen Muran. He knew from the narratives of the other people that they seem to have established a romantic relationship. This was the only normal couple in Chicken Nest Village, what gratifying and congratulatory news. And they had also not forgotten him, their “matchmaker”. When he wakes up, he must give them a big gift.

After distinguishing the people, he began to distinguish chickens by smell. But this decision made him regret it as the smell of chickens…..he won’t bother describing it. What was even more frightening was that the chickens that came to see him came in batch after batch every day, and used their claws and wings to express their deep concern. If things went on like this for long, he suspected that he was very likely to become a body of artwork, and one that was of impressionist style. Hence, he must be grateful to Tu Beng. If the other hadn’t swept the floors every day, he would probably be buried in flying chicken feathers and shiny chicken feces.

On the tenth day of his coma, a stranger came to Chicken Nest Village, the divine doctor Wei Di invited.

Don’t know if it was an illusion or not, Nie Bufan felt like the other was drunk, slowly swaying as he walked.

He came to the bed, rolled up Nie Bufan’s eyelids, examined his complexion, and then asked about his condition before finally taking his pulse.

The room was silent, and everyone felt nervous. They were all waiting for the result with bated breath.

But for a moment, the divine doctor seemed to have discovered something.

Li Huai was the first to be unable to contain himself and asked: “Divine Doctor, how is his condition?”

“Huh?” The divine doctor said in a dazed tone, “What did you just say?”

“I’m asking how his condition is?” Li Huai repeated it patiently.

“Oh.” The divine doctor said lightly, “He is a living dead person, it’s hopeless.”

“Hopeless? Then what’s up with your expression just now? Are you excited to see others dying?” Li Huai was furious.

“Was I excited?” The divine doctor replied innocently.

“You were!”

Nie Bufan thought to himself, was this divine doctor reliable or not? Didn’t he feel the cold air coming out of everyone?

“It’s like this.” The divine doctor said calmly, “This is the first time this old man has encountered such a ‘healthy’ living dead person, so it is inevitable to be a little surprised.”

“A ‘healthy’ living dead person?” Tai Bai asked in confusion, “What do you mean by this?”

The divine doctor explained: “He is in good physical condition, even healthier than the average person. But the pulse condition is strange, showing signs of premature death. This old man suspects that the root of the illness is in his brain.”

“In the brain?” Everyone said in unison, their expressions a little ugly.

The divine doctor nodded and continued: “Exactly. The diseases in the brain are the most difficult to treat. If you can’t find the specific location of the illness, any treatment is useless.”

“Then what should we do?” Zhang Junshi asked worriedly.

The divine doctor revealed an expression of excitement that could not be suppressed anymore, and proposed: “If you agree, this old man will come and perform a craniotomy for him.”

“Craniotomy?” Li Yi immediately vetoed, “Absolutely not! Can a person survive if the skull is cut open?”

“How ignorant.” The divine doctor said with contempt, “Just opening a person’s skull will not kill you, it is just like an ordinary outside injury. As long as there is no internal damage, the wound will slowly heal.”

“How can you guarantee that it will not damage his head?” Li Yi’s eyes were cold, and he expressed deep doubts about the medical skills of this divine doctor.

Zhang Junshi and the others also disagreed with craniotomy.

The divine doctor shrugged and said indifferently: “Since you disagree, this old man won’t force it, but if he dies, don’t regret it.”

Everyone was hesitant.

The divine doctor squinted at them and smiled without saying a word.

Nie Bufan yelled in his heart: Comrades, hold on to your stance! No craniotomy!

“We’ll think about it.” Wang Fifth said.

The divine doctor nodded and said lightly: “Try to make up your mind as quickly as possible, otherwise this old man can’t guarantee how long he can hold on.”

Nonsense! He was clearly energetic and vigorous, but was temporarily in a recessive state. Nie Bufan’s emotions became stirred up, and all kinds of mini versions of himself were going crazy in his mind.

The divine doctor seemed to perceive something, and the hand taking his pulse squeezed on his wrist a few times in a wretched manner.

“I hope you can give us a description of the specific process of craniotomy.” Wang Fifth continued, “The risk of craniotomy is too high. It has never been heard of in the past. We must ensure that it is foolproof.”

“Haha.” The divine doctor chuckled, “Is there any cure in this world that is foolproof?”

“For him, it must be foolproof!” Wang Fifth’s tone allowed no room for doubt.

The divine doctor fell silent.

Nie Bufan gave Wang Fifth a thumbs up in his heart.

After a while, the divine doctor stood up and said, “Fine, this old man will be fully prepared. You can think about it during these two days.”

After speaking, he walked out leisurely.

“Is there really no other way?” Zhang Junshi took Nie Bufan’s hand and said worriedly.

The rest of the people did not speak, and the atmosphere was a little depressing.

“Bufan, can’t you wake up by yourself?” Zhang Junshi said helplessly, “Usually you can toss around so much, how come you aren’t up to it at the critical moment?”

You aren’t up to it, I am up to it very well! Nie Bufan retorted indignantly.

“This guy is originally strong in appearance but weak in reality.” Li Yi said poisonously.

Oh, very good, Li Fourth, this village head shall remember this!

“Brother, I think we should just throw him into the chicken coop, maybe he will be fully healed without any treatment the next day.” Li Huai interrupted, “I always believed he was a chicken demon spirit.”

Chicken demon spirit? Is he such a low-grade breed? At least he should be a chicken god! And what the hell kind of suggestion is that? Who would be stupid enough to do such a thing?

Unexpectedly, no one in the room refuted it. They wouldn’t really be thinking of carrying this out? Hey, come back to your senses, don’t lower your IQ like this, okay?

“Perhaps, we can really try.” Zhang Junshi hesitated.

“…..” Nie Bufan was speechless, he really could only be speechless.

Seeing support from someone, Li Huai continued to convince the rest: “There is nothing to lose anyway, and the worst result is to maintain the status quo.”

“What do you think?” Li Yi looked at Wang Shichan.

Wang Shichan pondered for a while, then nodded: “Okay, let’s try it.”

Hey, hey! Nie Bufan was going crazy, all kinds of crazy, and his muscles all over even tightened up.

“Look, he has a reaction!” Tai Bai pointed out with sharp eyes.

The Teacher of the State moved closer to check for a while and calmly said: “Initially, I thought your proposal was a bit absurd, but now it seems that it really has some effect.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It’s the first time in so many days that he has such an obvious reaction.” Li Huai said in surprise, “Don’t hesitate anymore, let’s try it today!”

Everyone agreed.

Nie Bufan thumped his chest in his heart: Are you all still human? Are you?

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