Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 099 Half Dreaming Half Awake

That night, under the crowd of watching chickens, Zhang Junshi and the others had Tu Beng clean up the chicken coop first, and then set aside an open space in the forefront to be covered with thick straw and then lined with quilts. When the bed was arranged very warmly and spaciously they then put Nie Bufan on the new bed and covered him with a quilt.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Finally, Wang Fifth placed an incense table beside his bed and lit three incense sticks.

Seeing other people looking at him with weird expressions, Wang Fifth calmly said: “This is longevity incense.”


Everything was properly arranged, and the sky had also dimmed. The several people discussed taking turns to watch over night, but they were unceremoniously driven out of the sweet chicken boudoir by the chickens before they could even start.

Everyone had a deep understanding of the fighting power of the chickens, so they did not insist, but it was estimated that no one would be able to sleep well tonight, all too anxiously waiting for a miracle to appear.

Nie Bufan was left in the chicken coop full of peculiar scents, enjoying the exclusive use of the emperor-class chicken coop bed, surrounded by a circle of glowing beady chicken eyes, and accompanied by the smoke of longevity incense. The atmosphere was particularly mysterious indeed.

His consciousness was still clear, and Nie Bufan was depressed. He secretly pondered over how to settle accounts with those guys in the future.

Don’t know how much time had passed, the glowing beady eyes closed one after another in the darkness, and the chickens nestled beside Nie Bufan’s bed, as if slowly falling asleep. Moonlight came in through the window and scattered over the single person and many chickens, causing them to faintly gleam with pale blue light.

Nie Bufan felt his body warm up inexplicably, the kind of warmth from the inside out, as if every cell in his body was reviving.

Soon, he had a strange dream. In the dream, many people gave him a gift. The gifts were all shining. He couldn’t see what was inside, but every time he received one, he felt extra comfortable.

He didn’t know any of these gift-giving people, but he felt that they were very familiar and kind. The dream gradually blurred. Before disappearing completely, he seemed to see a few chicken feathers floating in the sky…..

The next morning, everyone rushed to the chicken coop to check Nie Bufan’s situation. They opened the door and saw that the big bed right in the front was covered with piles of chickens, completely burying the person on the bed.

Everyone was shocked, and rushed forward in a few steps. But before they drove them away, the flock of chickens had already parted, revealing the empty big bed below.

“Where is he?” Li Huai was shocked.

The several people looked around, their expressions nervous.

“Could it be that he really awakened?” Zhang Junshi asked with some hope.

Si Chenyu touched his chin, looked at the chickens around him, and guessed hesitantly: “Or, has he become a chicken?”

The others looked at him.

Si Chenyu shrugged and waved his hand: “It’s not impossible.”

The atmosphere instantly became depressed. Everyone imagined what Nie Bufan would be like as a chicken. Just what kind of seductive divine chicken would that be?

“I’ll look around.” Wei Di left the chicken coop with a flick of his sleeve. Continuing to fool around with this group of people, he worried that his IQ would degenerate to that of a toddler.

“Let’s go too.” Li Yi was in high spirits, he felt that Nie Bufan really woke up!

“Wait.” Zhang Junshi looked around, picking out Lady Flower in the flock of chickens with sharp eyes, and asked, “Lady Flower, where is your master? Take us to find him.”

Lady Flower turned its head to the side, and rubbed a claw against Langya beside it.

Langya huffed, lying motionless on the ground.

“Be good, later I will prepare something delicious for you.” Zhang Junshi began to make an enticing lure.

Lady Flower and Langya glanced at him contemptuously, and continued to remain silent.

Li Yi came over, picked up Lady Flower, and threatened: “Speak, where is he?”

Lady Flower flapped its wings, and Langya jumped up and pecked on the back of his hand angrily.

Li Yi let go of the chicken, and his tone softened: “We are very worried about him, so don’t keep him hidden.”

Lady Flower and Langya clucked a few times, as if they were answering something, but it was a pity that everyone could not understand the chicken language.

At this time, a sharp voice sounded above their heads: “The village head is sleepwalking.”

The several people looked up and saw Hero standing on the beam.

“Sleepwalking?” Zhang Junshi asked hurriedly, “Where is he sleepwalking?”

While tidying up its feathers, Hero casually replied, “He was on the other side of the mountain before, but don’t know if he is still there now.”

“Hurry and take us there!” Li Huai said eagerly.

Hero turned around and huffed: “Go by yourself, I’m busy.”

With that said, it flapped its wings and flew out.

Everyone looked at each other, and no longer delayed. They ran towards the back of the mountain together.

Wang Shichan’s speed was the fastest, and as soon as he left the village, he saw a familiar figure at a glance. The figure had his eyes closed tightly, was dressed in thin clothes, and walked slowly toward this side in the cold wind.

Wang Shichan’s heart heated up, and he quickly ran to him, grabbed him into his arms, and warmed the other’s cold body.

Nie Bufan leaned on his shoulder, rubbed it lightly, and said dreamily, “Wang Fifth, are you here to pick me up?”

“Yes, I’m here to pick you up.” Wang Shichan sighed, and his joy was mixed with inexplicable forlorn.

Nie Bufan still had his eyes closed, but the corners of his mouth curled up in a charming arc, and he said cheerfully: “Great! Let’s go back to the village together!”

“En, let’s go back to the village.” Wang Shichan picked him up, only to notice that his eyes had not been opened the whole time, and he couldn’t help but tentatively ask, “Bufan, are you…..awake?”

“Of course I am awake.” Nie Bufan wrapped his arms around the other’s neck, pursed his lips and said, “How can I talk to you if I am not awake?”

Wang Shichan was silent for a while, and then said, “Then what are you doing coming out alone?”

“Of course it’s to go back to Chicken Nest Village.” Nie Bufan replied.

Wang Shichan’s heart sank and he continued to ask: “Where do you think you are now?”

“Didn’t I just escape uncle Leader Wei’s house?” Nie Bufan smiled, “I was going to meet up with you guys. I didn’t expect to meet you on the road.”

“…..” Now Wang Shichan was sure that he really had a problem.

Nie Bufan wrapped around his waist and said coquettishly: “Let’s go back to the village.”

Wang Shichan stared at his closed eyes, tried to suppress the emotions surging in his heart, and said, “Bufan, open your eyes and take a look.”

Nie Bufan’s eyelids moved, but they did not open. He just turned his face to Wang Shichan and smiled: “What do you want me to look at? Your face? Don’t worry, your face is shining with Buddha’s light even at night. It’s all kinds of bright and I can see it very clearly.”

“…..” Wang Shichan fell silent again.

At this time, the others also rushed over.

Nie Bufan shook his legs and greeted happily, “You are all here.”

“You finally woke up!” Zhang Junshi excitedly took his hand.

“You actually know to wake up!” Li Huai looked angry.

Li Yi and the others all had surprised delight on their faces, but Si Chenyu noticed that Wang Shichan’s expression was a little strange.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

Wang Shichan replied faintly: “Let’s go back first.”

Back in the house, Nie Bufan was wrapped up in a ball and placed on the bed.

The crowd of people either stood or sat around him.

After a moment of silence, Wang Shichan said: “He hasn’t fully woken up yet.”

“What do you mean not fully woken up?” Nie Bufan and Li Huai asked at the same time.

Everyone looked at a certain someone sitting with his eyes closed, and their brows gradually furrowed.

“Bufan, why are you always keeping your eyes closed?” Li Huai asked.

Nie Bufan moved his eyelids and said with dissatisfaction: “Which one of your eyes sees me closing my eyes, my eyes are clearly wide open?”

Li Huai was speechless.

The others also had weird expressions.

Si Chenyu pondered for a while, then said: “Then what do you see now?”

Nie Bufan raised his hand and pointed out one by one: “Brother Shi, Zhang Third, Li Fourth, Wang Fifth, Huai Huai, Leader, Nineteen, brother Shen.”

Everyone was surprised to find that even with his eyes closed, he could accurately pinpoint their positions.

But when referring to Fan Luo and the Tai uncle and nephew pair, he was a bit puzzled: “Strange, who are they?”

Fan Luo’s face was sullen, while the Tai uncle and nephew pair widened their eyes.

Tai Bai said: “Bufan, how can you forget who I am?”

Nie Bufan tilted his head and said after thinking for a moment: “You feel a bit familiar, but I can’t remember where I have seen you before.”

Everyone looked at each other, with some confusion in their eyes.

Si Chenyu asked again: “Do you know what happened to you?”

“Speaking of this,” Nie Bufan pointed at Wei Di and said indignantly, “It’s all because of you taking me out and not letting me go back to the village.”

Then he proudly said: “Fortunately, I was clever and managed to escape.”

Wei Di said solemnly: “What about after you escaped?”

“When I escaped, I met Wang Fifth!” Nie Bufan harrumphed, “This time it won’t be so easy to kidnap me. I have to settle the account of burning the village with you!”

Wei Di stopped talking.

Tai Bai pointed to himself, and was speechless for a long while with his mouth open. Clearly it was he who rescued him from Dongsheng Shangfu, so why was he so ruthlessly obliterated from memory?

He seemed to only have a small part of the memory after being kidnapped out of Chicken Nest Village by Wei Di, and it was a selective memory.

Fan Luo’s expression was melancholic, and his heart was also very sorrowful and depressed. He was also a member of the forgotten.

“He… he awake or not?” Li Huai asked hesitantly.

No one could answer this question.

Finally Li Yi said: “Let’s call the divine doctor over to have a look.”

When Li Huai was about to go out, Nie Bufan hurriedly shouted: “Huai Huai, when you go out, help me get something to eat on the way, I’m almost starving to death, as if I haven’t eaten anything in 7 or 8 days.”

Everyone thought silently: It was not just 7 or 8 days since you have eaten anything…..

Should they tell him the truth? Or shake him hard to see if it could shake him awake? But what if the shaking breaks him?

Just now Hero said he was sleepwalking? Was sleepwalking like this? Not only could one respond sensibly, one could also distinguish things even with eyes closed?

Soon, the food was served, Zhang Junshi picked up the food for Nie Bufan, and then placed the bowl and chopsticks in his hands. Nie Bufan ate calmly under the gaze of everyone, except for occasionally poking food into his nostrils, his actions were almost the same as that of an ordinary person.

After eating, Zhang Junshi helped him clean up, and then they called the divine doctor to come over.

Nie Bufan felt a stranger put his fingers on his wrist, and he asked strangely: “Who is this? He looks so fuzzy.”

Everyone was speechless. What was “looking so fuzzy”?

The corner of the divine doctor’s mouth twitched a few times, and he laughed: “This old man is a doctor.”

“Oh.” Nie Bufan pouted, “I’m not sick.”

“No harm in having a look.” Zhang Junshi comforted.

Nie Bufan ignored the divine doctor who was taking his pulse, and said to everyone, “When shall we return to the village?”

Li Yi stared at him for a moment, then suddenly asked, “Is there any special reason why you are so eager to go back to the village?”

“Because I miss home!” Nie Bufan replied with a smile.

“I’m afraid it’s not the only reason, right?” Li Yi said with a cold face, “Could it be that you want to come back to see us for the last time, and then without even a warning just ‘take your leave from the world’?”

Nie Bufan let out a “hey”, then chuckled: “You don’t even know how to use idioms, what ‘take your leave from the world’? You took your leave but I haven’t yet?”

Clearly it was you who said it yourself! Li Yi hollered in his heart.

This guy had always had a stubborn mouth, so they likely won’t be able to get the truth on his illness out of his mouth. But it was certain that even in this state, what he was most persistent about in his heart was still to go back to the village, coming back to meet with everyone, and saying goodbye.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The others did not continue to question him, but waited for the diagnosis from the divine doctor.

They really hoped he would be safe and healthy, even if the price was to forget everyone…..

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