Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 042 Ups And Downs, Continuance And Changes

When Xiao Yuan and the strange man wanted to run, Feng Qingxiu and the others couldn’t catch up no matter what.

After all, the gap in cultivation levels was there, and it could not be bridged by a few magic weapons.

Even if Ye Han pointed out the direction, it was still the same.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So they returned without success and were very unhappy.

Among them, Ji Mingyu was particularly the case.

When they went back, they were silent all the way.

They had to continue with the Dragon and Phoenix Selection and prepare for various situations.

Ji Mingyu wanted to continue to personally attend the Dragon and Phoenix Selection to enter the outer gates; and Kun Lai also let her do as she wanted.

And with the powerful Demigod cultivator guarding by her side, her safety was quite guaranteed.

The paper man came back into awareness and comforted his disciple.

Then he was asked by his disciple.

“Shizun…..” Feng Qingxiu suddenly raised his head after being comforted by a few words.

“What is it?” The paper man asked casually.

“Why are you only good to me?” Feng Qingxiu hesitated for a moment, and then asked the question that had been buried in his heart for a long time, “Today, Mingyu is also by our side.”

You didn’t even look at her at all.

The paper man was dumbfounded.

When Feng Qingxiu said this, although he was uneasy in his heart, he still looked up at the paper man floating in front of him.

“I…..” The paper man showed a rare display of hesitation.

Then it fell to the ground.


Kun-Lai Mountain, Zhaoyue Peak.

Ji Yunlai slowly opened his eyes. He sat on the top of the mountain and looked at the sea of ​​clouds.

The cold wind couldn’t blow even an edge of his clothes, and it seemed that even getting close to him was a terrifying prospect.

He didn’t pay attention to his surroundings, just pondered over what his disciple just asked him.

He thought he was just evading his feelings over his daughter and his juniors and didn’t want to be found out of the ordinary.

But he didn’t notice that this was the biggest anomaly.

He was too cold, no matter whether he was dealing with people or things, except in front of Xiao Qing, he or Ji Yunlai, in front of other people, was only the Xing Dao Master.

Even he didn’t think anything was wrong with this. According to his original personality, he should care about them, even if he didn’t say anything, he would occasionally greet them at least.

How could he be so cold?

There was a problem.

He decided to solve this problem.

So he raised his hand and summoned his still worried junior brother at the bottom of the peak.

He mustered up a smile and asked, “Has Junior Brother been doing well recently? I was upset just now, don’t mind about it.”

Junior Brother was frightened and knelt instantly: “Senior Brother, you, what’s wrong with you? What happened?”

This reaction was too over the top. Ji Yunlai’s smile withdrew in an instant, and he said coldly: “Why, I can’t even smile?”

Only then did Yan Zhao breath a sigh of relief. It turned out that his senior brother was only acting on a whim: “Yes, of course, Senior Brother, please smile, I am mentally prepared now.”

“Go back.” Ji Yunlai raised his hand and was about to wave him back down the mountain peak.

“No, Senior Brother!” Yan Zhao tried to raise his hand to block the spiritual energy, even thrusting a sword into the ground of the peak, and refused to leave. “What happened just now, did you go to the Fiery Lake, did you fight each other, were you injured? You can’t drive me away if you don’t say!”

“I went, we fought, no injury, you can go.” Ji Yunlai found out that the mode of getting along with his disciple couldn’t be substituted with his junior brothers and sisters, so he simply shooed the other away.

Yan Zhao’s tense mood finally became at ease, and he retracted his sword and left.

Ji Yunlai also heard the discussion among his junior brothers and sisters at the bottom of the peak.

“It’s all because of you, why did you complain to Senior Brother about it for no reason!” Bai Shuixian scolded Yan Zhao angrily, “Yan Dan’er, let me tell you, I will not let you go next time.” (TN: literally Yan Egg, from his birth name Yan Dog Egg, see Kun-Lai Past extra)

“I just wanted Senior Brother to be more vigilant, who knew he would just leave directly!” Yan Zhao’s cold tone had a rare trace of weakness, “Aren’t I worried too?”

“We can no longer predict Senior Brother’s temper after he began practicing that sword, so we must be more careful next time.” Someone next to him persuaded.

“That’s right, wasith him here, Kun-Lai is as stable as a rock. Don’t worry too much. Those little rats can only try to snoop at most and don’t dare to mess around.”

“This time the fight is so short, it seems that the spiritual demon Great Sage didn’t want to fight too seriously.” Bai Shuixian sneered, “These old demon monsters who have lived for tens of thousands of years are greedy cowards that fear death, so how can they casually fight to the death?”

Kun-Lai made dozens of expeditions to the Outlands over the years, and they had long known what the laws of the Outlands were like with the weak being prey to the strong.

Every spiritual demon Great Sage was an expert at running and escaping with their lives. They fight if they can win, and they run away if they can’t. They did not have to worry about developing inner demons about their dignity at all. The spiritual demons that didn’t know how to run were dead long ago and could not have lived to become a Great Sage.

Their cultivation obstacles were almost nothing. So long as they could afford the time and live the longest, they could always become a Great Sage.

Heaven was fair and gave strengths to make up for weaknesses. While it was extremely difficult for spiritual demons to activate their spiritual wisdom, their life span was extremely long. Humans were born with spiritual roots and wisdom, but their life spans were short.

So this time it was fine.

“Revise this time’s expedition route, don’t go to the Kunwu spiritual demons’ territory.” Yan Zhao said indifferently, “their neighbours in the Great Wind Region have long wanted to invite us over, so prepare resources suitable for trade with them.”

“It should be like this, we have also explored the situation in that domain, and it’s come time to harvest.” Another junior brother said.

“Then go and prepare.” Bai Shuixian waved her hand, “When the Dragon and Phoenix Selection is ​​over, we will prepare for the expedition.”

So everyone scattered like birds.

Ji Yunlai was even more unhappy to hear this. If they didn’t report this stuff to him, who would he test his sword on in the future?

So, it was no wonder he could only be gentle towards Xiao Qing…..his daughter… for his daughter, he still needed to wait a little longer, in any case he could just pay more attention to her in the future.

When Ji Yunlai returned back inside the paper man, he found that he was hung on the window, and the wind was blowing and blowing at him. He was practically like a string tied on a fan.

And Xiao Qing was looking at him nervously on one side.

“What is this?” Ji Yunlai pointed to the thin red rope tied to his hand, asking his disciple to explain the situation clearly.

“You fell suddenly just now,” Feng Xiao Qing breathed a sigh of relief, with a gentle expression asking for praise, “This is the old method of soul evocation, so I tried it. The effect is really good indeed, I just hung Shizun up, and Shizun came back.”

The paper man was silent for a while, and then said lightly: “…..My disciple, let’s make up for a missed lesson today.”

Today he must teach him a lesson and let him know what it meant to respect the teacher!


On the second day, Feng Qingxiu did not come out. Senior Sister Tu and Ji Mingyu were surprised so they knocked on the door and asked. After finding out that he was practicing runes, they sighed that Senior Brother was very diligent and then went shopping arm in arm.

“I saw a clothing store yesterday. Although the materials are not very good, the styles are very unique and the patterns are also beautiful.” Senior Sister Tu expressed that as a white rabbit, she loved all kinds of beautiful clothes.

“Then let’s go and have a look. I also have a jewelry shop that I like. The peacock hairpin there is very beautiful. I’ll bring it back and let the Weapons School make a few more similar ones.” Ji Mingyu was more interested in jewelry.

“Then you need to save some for me. By the way, there are several kinds of sand verry fruit in the south of the city. They have a special taste. I want to take some back and cultivate them with spiritual energy. Maybe it will become another kind of spiritual fruit one day.” Senior Sister Tu smiled.

“That’s good, your family’s spiritual seed carrots have cultivated more than 20 varieties. It’s a good thing to ads more fruit varieties!”

“I will treat you to some at that time~”

The two chatted and laughed, making various big purchases along the way. Manservant Ye Han followed them along the way, in charge of carrying their purchases and finding the ways. They shopped until the moon was high up.

When they came back, Feng Qingxiu went out for dinner.

The Foundation Establishment Stage still required food and the body had yet to become a world of its own, a realm where one could sustain itself on wind and drinking dew.

The food on the flying peak had already begun to be charged and it was not cheap.

Feng Qingxiu discovered that Senior Sister Tu and Ji Mingyu were eating happily, but he did not see Ye Han.

He finally found him in a daze in the corner.

“What’s wrong?” Big brother Feng Qingxiu went into confidante mode and started to show care towards Kun-Lai’s disciples.

“Just taking a breath,” Ye Han’s face still had lingering fear, “We went out today, and the two of them had all kinds of opinions. When there was a dispute, they would ask me what I think, how do I have any opinions on this kind of thing…..”

What they bought were clothes, dresses, jewelry and all kinds of girly things. Of course, Ye Han could only say good, but how could these two ladies be all that reasonable?

They insisted Ye Han say what was good and what was bad, practically causing his head to explode.

Reply just a bit perfunctorily and he would be criticized in various ways.

Compared with this, carrying their purchases which filled several pockets was no problem at all.

“Senior Brother, how about you teach me to identify the various styles, you are born to a gentry family and should know this clearly, right?” Ye Han thought about it, and said gravely, “I must make preparations for tomorrow.”

“I can’t help you with this…..” Feng Qingxiu said helplessly, “I went to Kun-Lai Mountain very early on, so just hold on for two more days.”

“…..” Ye Han could only agree, and then his eyes fell on the paper man on his neck.

Feng Qingxiu decisively covered it and looked on guard.

“I just took a look.” Ye Han said in a very aggrieved manner.

“What do you see?” Feng Qingxiu asked him strangely. The paper man was ignored by the others along the way, and only Ye Han noticed it.

“I didn’t see anything at the beginning, but later when we approached Xiao Yuan, it seemed that I got something from him.” Ye Han was also confused, “Then I knew it was a consciousness transmitting talisman.”

“Don’t look next time, let’s go eat now.” Feng Qingxiu didn’t want to discuss the paper man and changed the subject.



After Xiao Yuan left, the upper echelons of Da Xiao Kingdom panicked for a while.

However, Xiao Yuan was after all the Teacher of the State sent by Kun-Lai, and Kun-Lai was actually more responsible for this kind of thing.

So it was not easy to delve into in depth.

But the key issue was that the biggest Heart Asking Stone of the capital was gone, and this was a heavy blow to the capital.

Although those who colluded with Xiao Yuan had been cleaned up from the top to the bottom, no one knew where the Heart Asking Stone went.

This was something related to the national fortune. Although the Western Continent was rich nowadays and ordinary people could eat fully and dress warmly, which was already a manifestation of the prosperity of the country. Even for the nobles traveling a long distance it was very expensive, not to mention for those ordinary civilians who lived far away from the surrounding area and must lodge in inns for many days.

Have them spend their own money to go to Lin City, not to mention the long distance, the fact that there was overcrowding alone was a headache.

If so many people could not be selected for this reason this time, it was inevitable that major unrest would happen.

The emperor of the Da Xiao Kingdom visited the flying peak several times and wanted to ask for another Heart Asking Stone, presenting a large list of treasures to show his sincerity.

But how was this something the flying peak master could make promises on.

This pot was pushed onto Feng Qingxiu, who was the Sect Leader’s direct disciple, and the Heart Asking Stone, which tested for spiritual roots and spiritual understanding, was made by the Sect Leader of Kun-Lai.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Shizun, what do you think?” His little disciple asked the paper man obediently.

“It doesn’t take much time to redo one, but my real self can’t leave Kun-Lai…..” The paper man stopped and suddenly clapped his hands, “Come, I will teach you to make it.”

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