The Cruel Tyrant CH 096 Caught

In the harem, the gorgeously dressed Consort Zheng had cruel eyes, like a colorful but extremely poisonous butterfly.

Consort Zheng and Zhao Rou entered the palace together, but Consort Zheng had a more noble birth and was the daughter of an imperial censor, whereas Zhao Rou was only the daughter of a commoner. But it was this commoner’s daughter that became a thorn in her eyes. She was just a lowly palace maid yet she first took away the emperor’s attention from her, and then when she knocked her down to the bottom, she then attracted the Crown Prince’s favor! She was now even conferred the title of Princess Consort! Consort Zheng felt like a mouthful of old blood got stuck in her throat, almost suffocating her to death.

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A palace maid ran up to Consort Zheng in a panic: “Niangniang, Liu Gongzi is leading the imperial guards in our direction.” (TN: Niangniang is a term of respect for the empress and imperial concubines)

Consort Zheng’s hands trembled and the muscles on her face twitched slightly. She then quickly calmed down and said to the maid: “Hurry up and invite the Emperor over, say that Ben Gong has learned a new dance and want to invite him to watch.”


The palace maid had just walked out when Liu Xi led the imperial guards to surround Lanyin Palace. Consort Zheng looked at the face of Liu Xi who walked in from the front door. It really made her jealous as a woman. At the same time, she was deeply disdainful in her heart. He was just a male pet, even if this mape pet had the Crown Prince’s deep affection, he could only be a male pet forever.

Consort Zheng sat in the main hall with noble demeanor, and said: “Lanyin Palace has no contact with the Crown Prince’s Palace, and Liu Gongzi is a member of the Crown Prince’s inner palace, but now you are bringing the imperial guards into the harem of His Majesty. I wonder what your intentions are?”

Liu Xi snorted, and a sharp light flashed in those beautiful phoenix eyes: “This official is the imperial guard’s Lieutenant and has come with the Crown Prince’s order to investigate the poisoning case of the Princess Consort’s maid. Consort Zheng Niangniang, will you go by yourself or do you want the imperial guards to tie you up and then bring you away? “

Sharp nails made traces on the wooden table. Consort Zheng clenched her teeth and slammed the table, shouting: “Audacious, what do you think you are! You dare to bluster in front of Ben Gong! As His Majesty’s concubine, how can Ben Gong tolerate such wanton slander.”

“Whether it is slander or not, it is up to His Highness to see it clearly, and Niangniang should cooperate well so as not to suffer pain of the flesh.” Liu Xi was too lazy to talk nonsense with her and directly have people tie up Consort Zheng.

How could Consort Zheng, a weak woman, resist a group of imperial troops. She was firmly tied up within a moment. She was born in an official family and had never experienced such sufferings. For a while she could only tremble and couldn’t even speak. She could only glare at Liu Xi fiercely, wishing nothing more than to grind his bones into dust.

Liu Xi glanced at her coldly and said, “Take her away.”

But efore the imperial guards answered with an affirmative, the eunuch’s high-pitched voice came from the door.

“His Majesty has arrived…..”

Liu Xi startled and frowned slightly. He then knelt along with the imperial guards outside the door: “Paying respects to Your Majesty.”

Wearing a black dragon robe, Su Yuan walked into the main hall of Lanyin Palace with the help of a eunuch. He looked at Liu Xi with muddled eyes and asked strangely: “Which concubine of Zhen’s is this? Why are you wearing men’s clothing? Get up, get up quickly…..hahaha…..though this is a different flavor, hahaha…..”

Looking at the hands stretched out in front of him, Liu Xi dodged in disgust and squeezed his fists as he said: “Your Majesty, this official is the Lieutenant of the imperial guards, Liu Xi.”

The emperor was seduced by that face which was more alluring than that of a woman, and said in his heart: “No wonder the Crown Prince likes men. It’s hard to dislike a face like this.” The emperor was a lecherous guy, and although he didn’t like men and also didn’t dare to have any bad ideas about the Crown Prince’s people, he was still seduced by the other’s looks. So allured and unable to look away he didn’t even see the tied up Consort Zheng this whole time.

And Consort Zheng almost fainted in anger by this stupid emperor. She hurriedly struggled and shouted, “Your Majesty, help!”

“Huh?” The emperor came back to his senses, turned around and looked at the vague mass in the distance. He walked closer and found that it was Consort Zheng who was tied up, and then angrily said: “What are you all doing? Why have you tied up Zhen’s concubine? Let her loose quickly.”

The two imperial guards holding Consort Zheng looked at Liu Xi. Liu Xi wanted to kill thks stupid emperor, but he couldn’t do so and said patiently: “Your Majesty, Consort Zheng is suspected of murdering the Princess Consort. His Highness wants to bring her over for questioning.”

Speaking of, Su Yuan also had a lawless temper. He was lustful and lecherous, and when he was young he had faced much opposition on this, but he still went his own way without repentance. The old emperor was angered to death by him, because most of the old emperor’s harem were tainted by Su Yuan. But Su Yuan, who was unrestrained and arrogant for half his life, also met his nemesis, that was, his debt collector son Su Mochi. So long as he recalled the Crown Prince tearing up those people one by one in front of him, his legs would become weak. Therefore, as soon as Liu Xi mentioned the Crown Prince, he instantly hesitated.

“This, how could Consort Zheng plot against the Princess Consort, eh? When did the Crown Prince marry a Princess Consort?”

“Your Majesty!” Consort Zheng cried heartbreakingly: “Your Majesty, please save me, this concubine has no relations with the Princess Consort, how could this concubine plot against her? You must maintain justice for this concubine!”

“The Crown Prince finally married a consort, very good very good…..” The emperor patted Consort Zheng on the shoulder cheerfully and smiled as he said, “Don’t be afraid, my beloved concubine, the Crown Prince just wants to ask you some questions and he won’t make it difficult for you.” After he finished saying this he then left very decisively. He had a harem full of concubines and didn’t care about losing this one.

Consort Zheng: “…..Your Majesty!”

Seeing the emperor walking away, Liu Xi said to the imperial guards: “Take her away.”

Consort Zheng still did not give up and cried out loudly: “Your Majesty! Your Majesty help, your Majesty…..”

At Fufeng Tower, Consort Zhao woke up slowly. She couldn’t believe that she was still alive for a while, and the maid who was waiting on the side ran over in surprise: “Niangniang, you are awake, how wonderful!”

“Niangniang?” Consort Zhao asked in confusion.

The maid nodded and said: “Yes, the Princess Consort Niangniang.”

“Princess Consort Niangniang?” After a brief daze, Consort Zhao lowered her eyes and smiled, and then asked the maid: “Where are my children?”

“Niangniang , please wait a minute.” The maid hurried out.

Soon, she brought the nurse maid and the two infants into the room. Consort Zhao smiled and stretched out her hands with love. She then saw that there was a jade pendant in each child’s bundle of blankets. Consort Zhao held the jade pendant and asked, “This is?”

The nurse maif smiled and said, “Niangniang, this is a gift from His Highness, and the words engraved on the jade pendants are the names given by His Highness.”

Consort Zhao nodded and gently stroked her children’s faces, then paused with her fingers and asked, “How is Lady Yuzhu?”

The maid said carefully: “Answering Niangniang, there is no problem.”

“And the poisoner?” Csonsort Zhao raised her head and asked.

The maid said: “Answering Niangniang, it is Consort Zheng and she has been sent to prison by His Highness.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Consort Zhao nodded. The eyes looking at the two lovely babes in their blankets flickered with an undercurrent, and she said to the maid: “Go out of the imperial palace and tell my sister about this.”

The maid replied respectfully: “Yes.”

No matter how weak or incompetent she was, she would not let go of those who made attempts on her children’s lives.

TN: Some important announcements

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