After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 072 A Wave Of Face Slapping

Tao Mu went directly back to the headquarters of FlyNews and signaled the technical department to directly send screenshots of each contestant’s voting data to the official FlyNews of the National School Beauty School Hunk Selection Contest.

——Generally speaking, the organizer of contestant shows would never publicly disclose the detailed data of the backstage voting of the contestants. Because most of the contestant shows were definitely tampered with in the voting session, the officially supported contestants and the contestants supported by the investors would have their votes counted up to ensure that they would not be eliminated in the PK session. Or in other words, contestants who refused to sign with the show organizers must be voted out in the PK session to prevent these disobedient contestants from getting better results and squeezing away the resources of their own signed contestants.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But Tao Mu had no such demand. The fundamental purpose of his holding this contestant show was to promote FlyNews. What he cared about was the increase in the number of registered users on FlyNews during the entire competition. As for who would win the crown of National School Beauty and Hunk, Tao Mu did not care at all.

Therefore, as there was no desire on his part, naturally he could be as tough as he wanted. Tao Mu dared to directly send out the detailed voting data of the voting session because he dared to guarantee that FlyNews, the organizer, did not tamper with the results. As for whether certain contestants tampered with their own votes during the voting period, whether the background data made public by FlyNews would have any influence on them, that was not in Tao Mu’s consideration.

After making public the voting data on the official FlyNews account of the National School Beauty School Hunk Selection Contest, Tao Mu called DB Accounting Firm again. Early on Tao Mu had hired the DB audit team and people from Beijing Notary Office to do notarization for the National School Beauty School Hunk Contest.

The back-end data released by Tao Mu plus the triple clarifications by notaries and auditors could definitely prove the innocence of FlyNews to all netizens who were concerned about this matter.

However, Tao Mu was surprised that at the same time when he asked the technical department to call up the background voting data and upload screenshots to the official FlyNews account of the program crew, Shen Yu actually held a press conference on behalf of FlyNews.

“…..I don’t think Tao Mu will be the kind of person who takes advantage of the public for personal gain and uses power for personal gain. I also don’t believe that FlyNews will deliberately interfere with the voting process of the finals under Tao Mu’s order. And I think the one who won the national school hunk title, Contestant Gu Xun, is very good. Although Gu Xun is not as handsome as me, he has a lot of talents. He won the best actor award in the 2007 Golden Crow Awards. He is a senior I admire very much. I hope my fans won’t doubt that this excellent person has used any inappropriate means just because someone is better than me. After all, there are many better people in the world than me…..”

Shen Yu’s statement was as always subjective. However, it seemed that someone helped write the PR draft. Although this statement had a strong Shen Yu style throughout, there were not as many rant points. Irrelevant netizens would have nothing to complain about after hearing it, at most they would think Shen Yu was inexplicably self-confident, but Shen Yu being able to frankly express his self-confidence was also quite a cute quality.

Even after Gu Xun’s fans and movie fans saw this statement, they also felt that although Shen Yu spoke in a ridiculous way, he was at least sober when faced with major events. At least he was not the kind of person who maliciously speculated on others and didn’t like to see others do well for themselves so maliciously spread rumors.

Shen Yu’s press conference was held at nine o’clock in the morning. Tao Mu asked FlyNews’ technical department to call up a screenshot of the background data and send it to the front at 9:30 in the morning. Because there were as many as tens of millions of netizens participating in the voting session, it took more than six hours for FlyNews to upload all the data. The statement of the notary office and the audit office was posted at six o’clock in the afternoon. It happened to be the best time for students and office workers to eat melon as both groups got off school or work hours.

Many netizens who questioned the fairness of the program crew in the voting process were actually just questioning it by habit. After all, there have been so many Chinese talent shows in recent years, and almost every talent show would be questioned by netizens and fans during the voting session. But none of the program crews would stand up after the fact to face the doubts of netizens and fans and make any clarifications. Most of the time things would just be left as it is to fade away.

Netizens were also used to it. After all, this competition was held by others, and they could play however they wanted. As for fairness, unfairness, justness, and unjustness, in fact, outsiders didn’t really have any say. Other platforms put out real money to host shows, and naturally they want to support the people they want. Refusing to sign a contract with the platform and still accusing the platform of being unfair and not letting you play. How should one say this, if not for the platform, you wouldn’t even be able to have a place to show your face, right?

China’s people have been nurtured by the doctrine of the mean since they were young, and they were always accustomed to glossing things over in situations (TN: the Doctrine of the Mean, one of the Four Books). There were a lot of people who commented on anything with the attitude of people with more experience. At the end, they would sigh, “crows everywhere are equally black”, which in this way they seemed to think would prove that they were very wise (TN: an analogy that no matter where the exploiters and oppressors are, they are just as bad).

However, FlyNews did not follow the routine. Aren’t you questioning? Then I will face your doubts openly. I will directly post the background data for public view. Those who questioned should investigate by themselves. Don’t worry, just patiently count one by one, and use your IP data and mobile phone number to find your votes, and see if your votes are correct!

In order to let all netizens understand this part of the background data, the FlyNews Network Technology Department also very kindly uploaded an article, “Instructions for Verification”, on the official account of the program crew to teach netizens how to understand the background data.

No one thought that FlyNews would have such a tough attitude.

There was no deliberately digressing from the topic, no pretending to be deaf, and there was no settling the matter by leaving it unsettled. Instead they so brazenly shot back at the rumors. As a result, many netizens who wanted to show off their wisdom and prove once again that “crows everywhere are equally black” could only feel their faces echoing with “pa pa” sounds.

——It was all the sounds of slaps on the face.

This attitude was too damn tough!

Although they have not counted the voting data one by one, and could not even understand the background data all that clearly, many netizens who questioned FlyNews immediately dispelled their doubts and quickly completed the anti-to-fan and passerby-to-fan conversion process.

“Of all social platforms I am only convinced by FlyNews. Mr. Tao is too tough. As expected, he is a man I like.”

“Upstairs, please have some shame, CEO Tao belongs to all of us.”

“I want to ask! I want to ask! There are so many talent shows in China! Which one can achieve the level of FlyNews! Aren’t you all questioning me? I will directly upload the background data! Let you group of grandsons count them one by one! If you have the ability, you can count tens of millions of pieces of data one by one!”

“From the exclamation mark from upstairs, it can be concluded that you are a friendly army!”

The actions of FlyNews were like a drop of cold water falling into a hot oil pan, instantly stirring up waves. All netizens immediately boiled in excitement. They flooded into the official account of FlyNews, and all kinds of expressions of love were not enough to express their excitement at this moment.

There was an old saying in China “the youth is strong, the country is strong.” Don’t underestimate young people. Although today’s young people did not have the power to fight the world, every teenager with second year middle school syndrome had a heart to fight the world and change the world.

Although the coldness of reality would eventually chip away at the ambitions of these young people bit by bit. But certain ideals or dreams would always be hidden deep in the heart. Like volcanic magma covered in frost. Normally, it was fine but once it encountered some kind of turning point, it would explode out in a flagrant manner.

FlyNews so brazenly challenging the rumors was this turning point.

——I can’t be absolutely fair, and I don’t even dare to expect it. But someone did it, and to some extent, this person also represents “authority.” Then this person or this platform would undoubtedly become a hero in everyone’s mind.

People in the world admire the strong, if the party representing the “authority” could still be relatively fair, for the weak who hoped the strong would stand up for them, the effect was simply like exploding fire and lightning, a meteor hitting the earth.

On this day, don’t know how many people directly turned into diehard fans of FlyNews and Tao Mu. Teenage boys and girls were extremely prone to incitement. What was more, under this kind of rollercoasting emotions, the entire China Internet was about to blow up the roof.

The public was stirred up and excited, everyone was discussing this move by FlyNews. Fans were going around recruiting laborers to check the data, and the mindset to check the data was no longer out of questioning and suspicion. In fact, these people subconsciously believed in the absolute innocence of FlyNews.

And the reason why they continued to recruit people to count the data was just to transform themselves from witnesses of history to participants. Not only fans, but also many melon eating netizens also began to find ways to smooth the vast sea of numerous data.

Some engineering students of mathematics or computer science made various programs that could help filter the data of each contestant. There were also people who recommended themselves and applied for a job privately with the official account of FlyNews. There were even many teachers of marketing and crisis public relations who directly took this move of FlyNews to the classroom to explain and analyze.

All news media were discussing the behavior of FlyNews. Even the social section began to cite this matter to discuss the topic of “resources and fairness”.

Tao Mu’s casual act of self-evident innocence caused a social hot spot. This was something he didn’t even think of. As a result, the registered users on FlyNews started a blowout-like rise.

Advertisers who had hesitated because more than a dozen media broke the news about Tao Mu’s scandal before now swarmed over, waving banknotes and wanting to cooperate with and This time the party with speaking power became FlyNews. People who had possession over resources could naturally sit back and raise the price. Meng Qi simply held an advertising bidding meeting. In the end, the sponsorship fee for the sponsor title of was as high as 80 million. In the same year, the highest sponsorship fee paid for CCTV was only 300 million.

However, in addition to the fact that FlyNews’ actions have allowed it to gain higher praise in society, greater sensation, more registered users and 80 million worth of sponsorship fees, it also attracted some criticisms from its industry peers.

——Most of them were also the organizers of contestant shows. They felt that the high-profile behavior of FlyNews made it difficult for some peers.

You may have no desire, so you can put on a tough attitude and just publish the background voting data without fear. But we can’t do that. Now, fans of many contestants have come to their official websites to demand fairness and disclosure. Say, you tell me, what can be done now?

Causing all of us contestant shows to lose credibility. If a contestant show did not even have credibility, then what was the point in playing? Next year when they hold another talent show, would there even be any contestants signing up for it?

Meng Qi, who was in charge of FlyNews Entertainment, said shamelessly: This is actually easy to handle. You can also cooperate with FlyNews!

Live broadcast or rebroadcast your talent show on Let some netizens choose to vote online. I believe someone will watch it~

Peers who made accusations: “…..” I have seen shameless people, but I have never seen such shameless people before.

But what amused Tao Mu even more was that just when FlyNews received various praises and benefits for disclosing its back-end data, some netizens who had been immersed in straightening out the voting data spoke out.

Some netizens who specially made a software to screen each vote in order to smooth the voting data raised doubts that the voting data of some contestants was indeed a bit abnormal.

A large number of votes suddenly broke out in a certain period of time. Of all only proxy IPs were used. After tracking, it was shown that all proxy IPs belonged to the same region. The number of abnormal votes was probably between 100,000 and 200,000.

After a bit of verification, this netizen, who did not hesitate to make a software to smooth the data, said in a conclusive statement: Sure enough, someone tampered with the votes in the voting session.

However, the contestants who tampered with their votes were not Gu Xun and Chu Zi, who won the National School Hunk and Beauty respectively, nor was it Shen Yu who bounced around the most. It was the other two male contestants who entered the finals who hinted to reporters during interviews that FlyNews might be problematic.

As soon as this conclusion came out, the netizens who were still eating melon suddenly blew up——

“No wonder the two contestants spoke so convincingly. It turns out that they have their own problems!”

“Do they think they should win the championship after tampering with their votes? And if they don’t win, then there is a problem with the website?”

“Only adding a hundred or two hundred thousand votes, they really underestimated the power of the public.”

“I’m dying from laughter. If it weren’t for this group of people bouncing around, FlyNews would not directly upload the background data. If they didn’t upload the background data, no one would know their secret tampering with the votes. Now could this be counted as shooting themselves in the foot?”

“After tampering with the votes, and yet still didn’t win the championship, and couldn’t even overwhelm the votes of brain-disabled little prince Shen Yu. Does this mean that people who are too ugly cannot even be saved by RMB?”

“I want to know what these two contestants are feeling now.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Weren’t you bouncing around so happily before. Weren’t you quite willing to accept interviews. Won’t you accept one more~”

On the other side, Tao Mu, who was now feeling refreshed, received a call from Yao Shengan again.

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  1. “Although Gu Xun is not as handsome as me, he has a lot of talents.” Omg dude, how can someone say this so shamelessly? Shen Yu is the Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues! Humility is such a core value in Chinese society so how can this child be like this?


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