Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 100 New Changes

“Divine doctor, how is his condition?” Si Chenyu asked outside the door.

The divine doctor rubbed his beard and replied: “This is the first time this old man has seen an illness like his, and the root of the illness should be in his head.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Then your meaning?”

“Still have to carry out a craniotomy.”

Si Chenyu glanced at him contemptuously.

At this moment, the voices of Zhang Junshi and the others came from behind. Si Chenyu was startled and turned around to enter the room. Nie Bufan was leaning motionlessly on Zhang Junshi’s shoulder and didn’t respond even after several calls from Zhang Junshi. In the end, he let out a sigh, raised his head and smiled wryly at everyone: “He has fallen asleep again.”

Everyone looked at Nie Bufan silently, and the atmosphere was a bit heavy.

“So, like I said, we have to carry out a craniotomy.” At this moment, a discordant voice traveled in.

Everyone cast murderous glances at the source of the voice.

The divine doctor shrugged and calmly said: “This old man has good intentions.”

“Divine doctor, you should go and rest.” Wei Di enunciated word by word. This divine doctor was invited by him, but why didn’t he discover that he was such an unreliable person before?

Everyone was unwilling to take this risk. Although Nie Bufan fell into a coma again, he was in good physical condition. Today, he even talked to them in a state of seemingly awake and not awake. This might be a sign of improvement.

So, the chicken coop had to continue being slept in.

That night, Nie Bufan was sent back to the chicken coop again, and Wang Shichan lit three longevity incense as usual.

But early the next morning, Nie Bufan disappeared again. When everyone found him, they found him squatting under a tree, shaking.

As soon as Wang Shichan approached, he threw himself over as if he had sensed something, hugged him tightly, buried himself in his arms, and said in a muffled voice: “Wang Fifth, where have you all been? Why did I wake up and you all disappeared? Aren’t you all going to take me home?”

“Silly.” Wang Shichan said gently: “You have already come home.”

“Nonsense! My home is Chicken Nest Village, not this icy world.” Nie Bufan retorted, the arms hugging Wang Shichan increased force.

Wang Shichan looked at the other people, their eyes were all distressed and worried, and they didn’t know how long he had been out in the cold wind. Both his face and body seemed to be covered with a layer of frost.

How long would this situation last?

They brought Nie Bufan back to the house. Zhang Junshi had Tu Beng burn hot water for him to soak in a comfortable bath, and then fed him a meal.

Nie Bufan accepted the services of the group of people in a leisurely manner, satisfaction and happiness curving his eyebrows and mouth corners.

This guy was fated to be served by others it seemed!

This time his “sleepwalking” lasted longer than yesterday, at least he accompanied everyone for half the day.

During this period, Tai Bai tried to strengthen his sense of existence by trying to remind Nie Bufan of him, while Fan Luo silently observed everything in Chicken Nest Village. Seeing Zhang Junshi and the others taking care of Nie Bufan, he secretly made a decision——that was to put everything aside and stay with him until they grow old.

He just hoped that he would get better soon.

On the third day, Nie Bufan “sleepwalked” again, this time everyone was prepared, and stopped him before he left the chicken coop.

This time, Nie Bufan opened his eyes and looked at them with a smile.

When everyone was delighted and thought he was really awake this time, who knew that he actually said something that made everyone’s heart tremble: “Who are you all?”

“Bufan, what’s the matter with you?” Li Huai exclaimed.

“Huh? You know my name?” Nie Bufan tilted his head, scanning the crowd in front of him one by one, his eyes full of curiosity.

Everyone’s expression looked dim and they looked at him worriedly.

Did he forget everyone?

“I am Li Huai, and this is my brother Li Yi.” Li Huai introduced him to the people around in turn.

Nie Bufan listened attentively, and finally smiled brightly at them, “Welcome to Chicken Nest Village, do you want to stay here temporarily? Then 50 coins per person per day, the price is fair, and it deceives neither the young or old.”

Wtf, when he moved in, he was clearly charged for a hundred coins! This thought flashed in Si Chenyu’s head.

Then, after a lot of hard work of explaining, everyone still failed to convince Nie Bufan of their extraordinary bromantic relationship. He even thought they were trying to make a relationship out of thin air so as to save a few coins in accommodation fees.

“Looking at all of you so well-dressed, why do you still want to gang up and trick me into lowering the price?” Nie Bufan cast a contemptuous look at them.

Everyone was speechless, and temporarily gave up using words to persuade him, and obediently handed over the money.

Nie Bufan received the money and was satisfied. He waved his hand to let them choose a place to live, and then walked towards his house while counting the copper coins.

Everyone looked at each other, at a complete loss. The divine doctor watched happily from the side.

Li Huai stomped his feet and said in anger: “I don’t believe that he really forgot us all!”

Saying this, he rushed into Nie Bufan’s house.

Not long after, an exclamation sounded in the room, and everyone hurried to follow inside, only to see Nie Bufan lying half of his body on the bed, surrounded by scattered copper coins——he had fallen into a coma again.

“Ai, what should we do!” Zhang Junshi helped Nie Bufan onto the bed, his tone full of melancholy.

“I am also a person who has traveled all over, but I have never encountered such a situation.” Wei Di frowned deeply, his face solemn.

“It seems that someone must accompany him to sleep every night in order to prevent him from sleepwalking again, or forget everything.” Li Yi said solemnly.

Everyone agreed without objection.

When night arrived, the several people arranged the order of sleeping with each other in a harmonious way. The first one to accompany him in bed was Zhang Junshi, who met Nie Bufan first.

Before entering the chicken coop, Li Yi placed his hands on his shoulders and said seriously: “Hold on to yourself, don’t go into heat in this kind of situation.”

Zhang Junshi gave him a rare eyeroll, and then walked into the chicken coop.

The chickens didn’t stop Zhang Junshi, they just clucked lazily a few times as a greeting.

Zhang Junshi came to the bed in the middle of the chicken coop, took off his outer robe, got in under the quilt, and hugged Nie Bufan into his arms.

It was the middle of the night, and Zhang Junshi was in a half awake half dreaming state, when suddenly he felt something squirming in his arms.

He opened his eyes and saw that Nie Bufan had climbed onto him like a koala, nudging and rubbing against him constantly that all kinds of reactions instantly sprung out.

Zhang Junshi froze and secretly smiled bitterly. After waiting for a while, Nie Bufan still didn’t stop, and even started to move in more different ways. The clothes on his body were almost torn into cloth strips by the other.

As a last resort, he whispered: “Bufan, are you awake?”

Nie Bufan hummed a few times, and continued to move like he was having an epileptic fit, one leg rubbing up against his lower half and causing the fire to boil high.

“Don’t move.” Zhang Junshi said lowly, and imprisoned him with both arms and legs.

Nie Bufan couldn’t move his body, so he rubbed his face against Zhang Junshi’s neck.

Zhang Junshi could clearly feel his gradually rising body temperature and rapid breathing, as if he had gone into heat.

“This really…..tests one’s endurance.” Zhang Junshi nearly couldn’t bear it anymore, and kept reminding himself to hold back!

However, he obviously overestimated his control. The scorching breaths blowing against his neck and chest was too alluring, burning his blood like it had been lit aflame.

Zhang Junshi cursed, and while holding on to the back of Nie Bufan’s head, he bowed his own and kissed him.

This kiss was like a long drought suddenly relieved by nectar, causing one to not want to stop at all.

Zhang Junshi sighed, whispering Bufan’s name while gently stroking him.

Nie Bufan seemed to be comforted, and gradually calmed down. At the critical moment when Zhang Junshi finally decided to occupy the territory, he became completely unresponsive.

Zhang Junshi vigorously and energetically, cried tears of bitterness…..

At dawn, a certain Zhang walked out of the chicken coop haggardly with a pair of impressive panda eyes.

Li Huai exclaimed: “Brother Zhang, why do you seem to have your essence sucked away by a demon spirit?”

Zhang Junshi stared at him and said in as calm a tone as possible: “He didn’t sleepwalk, but he didn’t wake up either.”

Li Yi checked Nie Bufan’s situation and was relieved that he had not been inhumanely violated.

It was his turn to sleep with him tonight, and he hoped for a miracle to happen.

That night, Li Yi ate and drank fully, and lifted Nie Bufan into the chicken coop where they lay down together.

Same as yesterday, Nie Bufan went into heat in the middle of the night. Li Yi’s resistance to Nie Bufan was worse than Zhang Junshi’s. After several attempts, he finally turned into a beast. Kissing, stroking, rolling around…..Just as he was raring to go, Nie Bufan fell asleep again and didn’t respond no matter how Li Yi nudged him.

Li Yi finally knew why Zhang Junshi woke up in the morning so haggardly…..

On the third night, it was Wang Shichan’s turn, and Li Yi reminded: “Bufan will move around in the middle of the night, so take it easy.”

Wang Shichan didn’t take it to heart. When a certain someone went into heat once again in the middle of the night, his expression was calm and he did not dodge, instead he naturally cooperated with Nie Bufan’s movements and began to entangle with him.

The movements of the two were not very big, but they pressed closely together with skin rubbing skin.

Without realizing it, most of his clothes had been nudged off and Nie Bufan’s legs wrapped around Wang Shichan’s waist while the latter lifted him up and pushed in.

Nie Bufan moaned lowly and let Wang Shichan move as he liked.

In the quiet chicken coop, the charming springtime colors gradually began to permeate the place.

The two spent most of the night entangled. At the moment of climax, Nie Bufan actually opened his eyes. His eyes were misted over, and in the darkness flowed with a moving brilliance.

“Bufan.” Wang Shichan whispered hoarsely.

“Wang…..Fifth.” Nie Bufan sniffed around his neck, his mouth curling up.

“Are you awake?” Wang Shichan paused, still buried in his body, and watched him quietly.

“If you do this, can I still stay asleep?” Nie Bufan pouted, “My waist is sore.”

“I haven’t moved harder yet.” Wang Shichan said seriously.

“I know.” Nie Bufan moved his legs with difficulty and sighed, “I’m sore from being pressed down by your weight. Recently, did you grow some fat and get heavier?”

It’s you who got skinnier! Wang Shichan lowered his head and rubbed his face against the other’s, and said softly, “I hope you really wake up.”

Nie Bufan looked puzzled.

Early in the morning, Li Yi and the others waited outside the chicken coop early.

After waiting for a long time, Wang Shichan walked out of the chicken coop, a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Li Yi was about to ask, but was surprised to find that Nie Bufan walked out behind him vigorously and full of energy.

“You…..” His voice trembled, “You’re awake?”

There was surprised delight on everyone’s faces.

Nie Bufan looked at them with a smile, and replied: “Yes, I woke up. I didn’t expect so many people to greet me early in the morning, I’m really sorry.”

“You guy, you finally woke up!” Li Huai said in a bad mood, “You won’t fall asleep again, right?”

“I will definitely be sleeping.” Nie Bufan looked at them inexplicably, seemingly confused.

After a while, he suddenly said to Wang Shichan: “Wang Fifth, are they all your friends?”


As soon as he said this, everyone was struck by lightning, staring at him in astonishment.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: Everyone should be able to guess, Nie Bufan forgot everyone, and needs to remember everyone again through some lovemaking…..It is likely that Zhang Third and Li Fourth will regret very much in holding back. Who let them be gentlemen! Who let them resist it! Hahaha.

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