Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 101 Forbidden Story

“Wang Fifth, it’s meal time.” Nie Bufan climbed on Wang Shichan’s back, and held two eggs in both hands up to his eyes.

Wang Shichan took a look and said mildly: “Today’s lunch is eggs? I don’t eat eggs.”

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“Of course I know, this is my must-have side dish.” Bufan Nie chuckled, “You eat wild vegetables.”

Wang Shichan pulled him over in front of him and touched his head.

Nie Bufan rubbed against his hand a few times, then stepped back and instructed: “Remember to wash your hands.”

So Wang Shichan leisurely went to wash his hands.

A circle of people sat in the courtyard, all staring at Nie Bufan and Wang Shichan as they showed off their affection to one another. Seeing Wang Shichan’s calm and leisurely appearance, it was really an eye-sore.

Nie Bufan now only treated them as ordinary residents. Although he was very enthusiastic towards them, compared with Wang Shichan’s treatment, the disparity was still very obvious. That kind of trust and intimacy from the bottom of the heart was completely beyond the reach of outsiders.

In the past, they didn’t notice anything special about the way the other treated them. But after actually being expelled from his circle, they now knew what it was like. The acidic bubbles in their hearts practically burst out like volcano eruptions.

That Nie Bufan could remember Wang Shichan, the only possibility was that something happened last night. And on this something, they could guess just from the vaguely visible hickey on his neck. Those who had gotten sick in Chicken Nest Village had a similar experience. A certain someone had a strange physique, and intercourse could solve many intractable diseases.

“It’s my turn tonight.” Wei Di said suddenly.

Si Chenyu snorted: “Leader Wei, there should be a first-come-first-serve for everything. You just jump over several levels at once, isn’t that a bit not in compliance with the rules?”

“Then,” Wei Di looked at him steadily and said in a lazy tone, “Who does the prince think should be the second one?”

“At least it won’t be you.” Si Chenyu took a sip from the wine cup.

Wei Di clenched his fists, looked around, and said coldly: “Who is my opponent here?”

“Does Leader Wei intend to use force as a solution?”

“Why not?”

The eyes of the two met in the air, and the murderous intent crackled.

Zhang Junshi rubbed his forehead, annoyance flashing in his eyes. As the first person to accompany Bufan in sleep, he actually missed the opportunity just like that! Tears were already flowing into a river in his heart.

Li Yi also had a calm face, without saying a word, but his whole body emitted a cold aura that was enough to freeze everything around him.

Li Huai observed the situation while eating rice.

Fan Luo stared at the food in his bowl, not knowing what he was thinking.

As a latecomer, Tai Bai had no say at all on such occasions.

As for Shen Muran, Tiannu, Tai Yan, and the divine doctor, they were all passers-by, silently making up the backdrop.

“According to the previous order, isn’t it the turn of Prince Si next?” Li Huai whispered to Shen Muran next to him.

Shen Muran smiled gracefully and did not answer, but shouted in his heart: Don’t ask me this kind of question! Don’t you see how terrifying Wei Di’s murderous aura is? I’m just a passerby, I don’t want to participate in your complicated bromance relationship!

A smile appeared at the corner of Si Chenyu’s mouth, and he glanced at Li Huai with praise.

Wei Di sneered: “Then we shall see the real winner when the time comes!”

Nie Bufan bit his chopsticks, looked at them strangely, and then asked Wang Shichan, “Wang Fifth, what are they talking about?”

“Oh, they are fighting for the priority to sleep in the chicken coop.” Wang Shichan replied calmly.

“Chicken coop?” Nie Bufan wondered: “Why sleep in the chicken coop instead of a perfectly good bed?”

“They are all people who love chickens.”

Nie Bufan was stunned, and exclaimed: “How really rare. Seeing them all well-dressed and coming from good birth, but they actually have such a loving heart?”

Hearing these words, the others all looked at him with aggrieved eyes.

Nie Bufan said generously: “Don’t fight, if you really like the chicken coop, I will set up a few more beds in it, and everyone can go to sleep together.”

“…..” Everyone had exasperated expressions.

Wang Shichan patted his head, and said earnestly: “The chicken coop is not big enough for so many people to sleep in, they won’t be able to squeeze in.”

“Why can’t they squeeze in?” Nie Bufan patted his chest and said, “With me here, I guarantee that there will be a place to squeeze all of you in.”

Wang Shichan turned his head and coughed slightly.

The others all had strange looks, expressions inexplicably weird.

Zhang Junshi sighed: “Bufan, you should taje it easy.”

“Take it easy? Is there anything wrong with me doing this?” Nie Bufan was puzzled.

“The only thing wrong is that they are going to sleep in the chicken coop with you.” Tiannu finally couldn’t help alerting him.

“With me?” Nie Bufan pointed to himself, “Why?”

“You’ll know after you sleep together.” Li Huai replied with a smirk.

Nie Bufan frowned, looked around at everyone, and then said to Wang Shichan, “Wang Fifth, do these friends of yours have any strange quirks?”

Wang Shichan replied softly: “En, maybe.”

“I don’t want to sleep with them.” Nie Bufan put a leg on Wang Shichan’s lap and harrumphed, “I am very loyal in love, I only sleep with you.”

Hearing this, everyone looked at him with a wooden expression.

Loyal in love? Are you trying to deceive a ghost?

A smile appeared at the corner of Wang Shichan’s mouth, and he picked up a piece of tofu and fed it in the other’s mouth.

Nie Bufan squinted his eyes and ate very fragrantly.

A terrible green light appeared in the eyes of the others.

With a “crack”, Li Yi stood up quickly and left the dining table angrily.

Wei Di also put down his chopsticks and flicked his sleeves as he left.

Si Chenyu chuckled sarcastically a few times, but remained unmoving.

Zhang Junshi, Fan Luo, Li Huai and the others also each had their own thoughts.

Tonight, who was the winner and who was the loser, it was to be determined!

The whole afternoon, Chicken Nest Village seemed very calm and tranquil.

Si Chenyu, Li Huai and the others had already registered the treasures and sent the list to the palace. Si Chenyu represented the royal family, and Emperor Ming also had a share, so he had a chance to look at it first and then make the distribution.

Emperor Ming didn’t know that “Wei Xiaobao” was really Nie Bufan, the village head of Chicken Nest Village, so naturally everyone would not tell him the truth, lest they attract a powerful opponent for no reason.

After dinner, Si Chenyu and the others neatly dressed, and in high fighting spirits, they approached Nie Bufan’s house, only to be dumbfounded——a certain someone had disappeared.

After searching for a long time, they realized that Wang Shichan, who appeared seemingly graceful and generous, had secretly taken the person away.

“Look for him!” Wei Di waved his hand, gritted his teeth and said, “Whoever finds him first gets to have him!”

Just when everyone was in a state of irritability, Wang Shichan had already taken Nie Bufan to the cave where they had once tied the knot on their bromance.

“Why did we come here?” Nie Bufan looked around, and was surprised to find that the cave had changed a lot. Not only was there a table, chairs, and a bed, but it was also deliberately decorated as well.

“I want to enjoy moon watching with you.” Wang Shichan pulled him into his arms and sat on the rug at the entrance of the cave together.

“It’s freezing outside, enjoy what moon watching?” Nie Bufan curled his lips, but he leaned back in the other’s arms and played with the Buddhist beads on his wrist.

“I won’t let you be cold.” Wang Shichan embraced him, placing his jaw lightly on the top of his head, and spoke softly.

“That’s true.” Nie Bufan was wrapped in a fluffy cloak, with only his head exposed, and looked like a snowball.

“It’s boring to just moon watch, shall we tell a story?” Nie Bufan suggested enthusiastically.

“You are the best story.” Wang Shichan lowered his head and rubbed the other’s neck with his lips, while saying softly, “I will be the storyteller…..”

“Haha, it tickles.” Nie Bufan pushed the other’s face away, tucked in his neck, and asked, “What kind of story am I?”

Wang Shichan smiled and enunciated: “A forbidden story.”

Wonderful and wanton, but couldn’t be passed on.

Nie Bufan turned his head, looked at Wang Shichan weirdly, and said, “Those who like to read forbidden stories are not any kind of gentlemen.”

Wang Shichan was noncommittal. He kissed his lips, and proved by practical actions that he was indeed not a gentleman.

“En…..weren’t you going to tell a story?” Nie Bufan was trapped in the cloak, unable to move.

“I’m now preparing to start storytelling.” Wang Shichan pressed him down and slipped his hands into the cloak.

“Don’t, it’s too cold.” His exposed skin couldn’t withstand the night wind.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t take off your clothes.” Just take off your pants.

“…En, huh?” When did the fingers get in? One and two…..and three!

Nie Bufan’s attention was all attracted by the feeling of his lower half. The flames ignited all over his body from bottom to top.

There was silence all around, and only the whistling cold wind could be heard.

But the two figures lingered in a fiery entangle.

Suddenly, Wang Shichan’s ears twitched, as if he heard something.

But he didn’t stop his movements. He slightly raised his hips, and drove straight in.

“Ngh…..” Nie Bufan grunted, feeling that a hot, hard object replacing fingers and filling his body.

Along with the repeated thrusting, the two gradually fit together, and ambiguous sounds danced with the wind.

“Bufan, you only belong to me.” Wang Shichan whispered hoarsely, increasing his strength a bit, his movements becoming fierce and swift.


“Heh, it’s so tight and yet you want them all to squeeze in.” Wang Shichan bit his ear, “Be careful of being eaten down to the bones.”

“What…..ah…..” Nie Bufan’s voice came in broken gasps and his speech was out of tune.

Sure came fast! Wang Shichan’s expression became restrained, and he pushed forward hard enough to make Nie Bufan shout loudly.

Thrusting hard a few times, Wang Shichan raised his head and let out a sigh, breathing heavily.

Nie Bufan felt a flow of heat inside, and his internal walls spasmed in response, the pleasure surging upwards.

“Brother Wang, eating alone seems a bit greedy, don’t you think?” A cold voice sounded.

Wang Shichan withdrew, straightened the pants for Nie Bufan and wrapped him in the cloak before turning and facing the new arrival.

“Brother Li, you came here really fast.”

Li Yi snorted coldly, and looked at Nie Bufan, whose head stuck out halfway from behind Wang Shichan, with an angry expression in his eyes. That alluring flushed appearance was really an eye-sore!

“Now, can you give him to me?” He said in an unquestionable tone.

Wang Shichan did not answer, but turned his head to look at Nie Bufan and asked, “Do you like him?”

Nie Bufan tilted his head and replied in puzzlement: “He looks like an assassin, but he isn’t hateful.”

Li Yi’s expression lightened. He remembered that when they first met, this guy took him for an assassin.

“Then are you willing to make love with him?” Wang Shichan asked again.

Not waiting for Nie Bufan’s answer, Li Yi already shouted lowly: “You know he doesn’t remember anything, so how can he answer?”

Wang Shichan just looked at Nie Bufan.

Nie Bufan looked confused, touched his head, and hesitated: “Why should I make love with him?”

“This can only be answered by doing it.” Wang Shichan replied indifferently.

Nie Bufan thought for a while, and looking at Li Yi’s eyes that seemed to contain a thousand words, his heart moved slightly.

“Did I know you before?” Nie Bufan speculated, touching his chin, “Did I forget something important?”

“That’s right!” Li Yi replied, “Although you have forgotten now, I will never allow you to abandon me after provoking me.”

“Abandon you after provoking you?” Nie Bufan asked incredulously, “We have that kind of relationship?”

“Yes.” Li Yi said in a heavy tone, “So, you must be responsible for me.”

Nie Bufan looked at Wang Shichan and asked carefully: “Wang Fifth, did I cheat on you?”

Wang Shichan nodded.

Nie Bufan exclaimed in surprise: “No way? Even if I want to cheat, I would find a gentle and considerate peerless beauty? Why would I find an ice lump?”

Li Yi’s entire face went completely black.

Wang Shichan said calmly: “It’s no surprise, your taste has always been peculiar.”

“That’s true.” Nie Bufan said frankly, “You are the best expression of my taste.”


“Alright, his time is now mine.” Li Yi jumped over to the two of them and pulled Nie Bufan into his arms.

“Ah, no!” Nie Bufan grabbed Wang Shichan’s cloak tightly and shouted, “Wang Fifth, save me!”

Wang Shichan sighed and said in a melancholy tone: “Bufan, I can’t save you.”

“What? You are just going to watch me being dragged away by another man like this?” Nie Bufan stared at Wang Shichan with the eyes of one looking at a heartless lover.

Wang Shichan took out the Buddhist beads and whispered: “I will pray for you.”

“No——” Nie Bufan let out a shrill cry.

With a tearing sound, the cloak was torn into two pieces.

Nie Bufan finally failed to withstand being dragged away by the evil forces and was carried away by Li Yi.

Wang Shichan watched them disappear into the night, folded his hands together, and said with compassion: “Amitabha Buddha.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: Village Head Nie’s super resilience is also a prerequisite for being an invincible shou, at least the chrysanthemum can quickly recover anew once again…..

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