Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 102 Wang Fifth’s Strategy

Nie Bufan was taken screaming all the way to a small wooden house.

“We’re here.” Li Yi put him on the bed.

“Where is this?” Nie Bufan became calm when he saw that he had already entered the den of thieves.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Yi didn’t speak, just stared at him steadily.

“What are you looking at?” Nie Bufan straightened his back and said strongly, “I won’t submit no matter how much you look at me!”

It was a pity that in this dark place, his look of righteousness didn’t have the slightest deterrent effect.

“Bufan, do you know who your first man was?” Li Yi asked.

“Wang Fifth.” Nie Bufan answered without hesitation.

Li Yi’s face immediately went as gloomy as the lighting in the room.

He gritted his teeth and said: “You have amnesia now, so I forgive you.”

“What’s there to forgive? Are you really sure that I have amnesia?” Nie Bufan frowned and said, “I think I have remembered everything I should remember.”

“What do you mean by remembering everything you should remember?” Li Yi growled, “You have forgotten all the important things!”

He forgot about him, forgot about their encounters, forgot the bits and pieces of their lives together, and forgot his feelings for him.

Nie Bufan felt his fluctuating emotions and couldn’t help but step forward and pat him on the shoulder while comforting: “It’s okay, I have no other strengths, but I am definitely a person who acknowledges mistakes can be corrected, and is willing to be taught with an open mind. If I really forgot something, just say it and see if it can stimulate my memory and cause me to remember it.”

Daring to say “acknowledges mistakes can be corrected, and willing to be taught with an open mind”? I will thank God if you could just lie flat obediently.

“Don’t worry, I will remind you of it all.” Li Yi pressed him down on the bed, and skillfully helped him undress.

Nie Bufan struggled and said, “This can’t be done. I am a man of integrity. Although Wang Fifth is heartless, I still decide to remain loyal to him.”

“Loyal my ass!” Li Yi snorted coldly, “When I was your man, who even knows which corner reciting scriptures he was in!”

What was more, even if people all over the world had a thing like integrity, you, Nie Bufan, would not have it!

Nie Bufan’s upper half and lower half both became bare and naked, and only a few pieces of clothing were left hanging on his waist.

Li Yi pulled his own clothes while kissing the other. When he he was trying to take off his pants, Nie Bufan desperately held onto his pants, preventing him from taking out his murder weapon.

Li Yi used one hand to imprison his hands, and then used the other hand to continue pulling. So Nie Bufan hooked his feet under his waistband instead. But when his feet were also restricted, he could only watch the murder weapon eagerly pop out.

“Li, Li Fourth, let’s have a discussion?” Nie Bufan said tremblingly.

“On the bed, there is no room for discussion.” A smile appeared on the corner of Li Yi’s mouth, remembering the first time he had enjoyed making love with him.

“No, you see, I just did it with Wang Fifth just now, and now I am immediately doing it with you…..mmph…..”

Li Yi blocked his mouth and did not give him a chance to continue. Experience told him that letting a certain someone’s mouth run was to invite abuse for himself.

“Bufan, I’m going in…..” Li Yi said softly in his ear.

“Wait, wait, I’m not ready yet, let me brew some emotions…..ah!”

“It seems,” Li Yi said hoarsely, “There is no time for you to brew.”


“Bufan, I will never let you forget me, I want you to remember me for the rest of this life.” Li Yi moved vigorously, his tone firm.

“Isn’t a lifetime too long?” Nie Bufan gasped, “Why don’t you give a discount? How about half a lifetime? This way you still have a chance to marry and have a biological child.”

“Long-winded!” Li Yi snorted coldly, “Unless you can give birth, don’t tell me anything about marrying and having a child.”

“Are you sure? You don’t want a beautiful wife or an adorable child?”

“You are my wife, and your chickens are my children.”

Nie Bufan was silent for a while, seeming to be a little touched, before murmuring: “My chickens are your children? Isn’t that a bit too many children?”

“You can shut up.” Li Yi turned him over and thrusted fiercely with more strength.

“Lighter! Have you eaten too much chicken poop?”

Li Yi smiled and said, “Bufan, do you remember how you dealt with me the first time?”

“Why, how did I deal with you?” Nie Bufan’s consciousness was a little hazy, and his body temperature was becoming increasingly heated.

“You said…..” Li Yi whispered in his ear, “…..that you want to squeeze me to death.”

“…..What a great idea.”

“I think so too. So, come and squeeze tighter…..”


The night was long and without sleep.

On the other side, Wang Shichan packed up and returned to the village, and was immediately intercepted by Wei Di and the others.

Without waiting for them to question, Wang Shichan first opened his mouth and said: “It just so happens that I have something to say to you all, come with me.”

After finishing speaking, he walked slowly into Nie Bufan’s house.

Wei Di’s eyes flashed and he lifted his heel to follow after.

Si Chenyu, Li Huai, Tai Bai, Zhang Junshi, and Fan Luo looked at each other, and then followed as well. Unrelated people such as Shen Muran and Tiannu were blocked outside the door.

The several people talked for more than an hour. When they came out, their expressions were all different, and they each went back to their respective houses in silence.

When the next day arrived and Li Yi finally returned with the half-dead Nie Bufan, Wei Di and the others just came over for a visit, and actually didn’t break out into fights for the right to sleep with him at all.

Li Yi was very surprised, he thought he would meet some difficulties from the others after returning, but their reaction was so calm.

“What did you tell them?” Li Yi asked Wang Shichan.

Wang Shichan sat beside Nie Bufan’s bed, and replied mildly, “Why don’t you ask Junshi? The same thing, I won’t say it a second time.”

Li Yi looked at him, turned around and walked out.

“What did he say?” Zhang Junshi smiled gently, “I don’t dare to repeat what he said last night. But what is certain is that the Leader Wei, Prince Si, and the Teacher of the State will soon leave Chicken Nest Village.”

Li Yi was surprised: “Are they going to give up Bufan?”

“Whether to give up or not is not easy to say for the time being. However, they will not force Bufan to retrieve his memory of them for now.”

Li Yi was shocked, wondering to himself what Wang Shichan had said to them? Seeing him letting go of Bufan so easily last night, he had thought he was really so generous and was able to share Bufan with everyone calmly.

“So, what about you?” Li Yi looked at Zhang Junshi and asked, “Are you going?”

“Me?” Zhang Junshi whispered, “How can I go? Do you know that I have already told my father about Bufan’s existence.”

“What? You said already? How did your father react?”

Zhang Junshi smiled and said, “How do you think he reacted? Naturally, he gave me a painful beating.”

Li Yi fell silent. He did not expect that Zhang Junshi, who seemed to have such a gentle temperament, would have the courage to speak frankly to his family.

What about him? Did you have the courage?

He must take this step if he wanted to be with Bufan for a lifetime.

A touch of firmness flashed in Li Yi’s eyes, and he calmly said: “When Prince Si and the others go, I will go with them.”

After experiencing several separations, he was extremely sure of his feelings for Bufan. That being the case, what reason was there to hesitate?

Zhang Junshi smiled, patted him on the shoulder and said: “Then, Bufan will be with me tonight, you have no complaints, yes?”

Li Yi nodded, turned and left.

It was night and Nie Bufan was packed up and sent to Zhang Junshi’s bed. After a lingering round of lovemaking, he retrieved his memory of Zhang Junshi as well.

“Zhang Third, after not having seen you for so many days, I find that you have become more amiable.”

“Li Fourth, we’re eating dumplings today, you better quickly knead the dough.”

“Wang Fifth, Wang Fifth, Wang Fifth? Did you go off to hide and recite sutras again?”

Nie Bufan was like a happy penguin, playing around everywhere, completely different from his former self that lay sickly in bed.

But Wang Shichan and the others were not sure whether he really had no other problems except for his memory.

The divine doctor took the pulse for him every day, often with a sneaky expression on his face, completely engrossed with his research and ignored the inquiries of the group of people. When he was annoyed by the questions, he replied impatiently: “He won’t die.”

A few days later, Nie Bufan no longer fell asleep for no reason, no more sleepwalking, and life was as usual.

Si Chenyu and the others also received the imperial decree that ordered them to return to the capital. So they packed up and left Chicken Nest Village with the treasures.

Before leaving, Nie Bufan made a large table of dishes with hearty portions to see them off.

Looking at his smile, Si Chenyu and the others all felt a little bitter in their hearts because of his forgetting them.

Bufan, my leave does not mean that I want to abandon you! When I come back, I will never allow you to forget me! Wei Di’s eyes were deep and his expression was sharp and stern.

Si Chenyu looked back at the small mountain village at the foot of the mountain, his expression calm, his lips pressed tightly.

“Since you can’t bear it, don’t let it go easily.” Shen Muran said.

“This lord has my own measure.” He turned around and walked forward.

Li Huai asked Li Yi: “Brother, you are leaving too?”

Li Yi nodded: “I must go back and explain.”

“Have you really decided?”


Li Huai fell silent and looked into the distance with some melancholy. After a while, he said: “I understand, brother, I support you.”

“Thank you.”

Li Huai let out a sigh and then raised his chin and said: “In this case, the next patriarch of the Li family will be me.”

Li Yi looked at him and did not miss the reluctance and pretense at arrogance in his eyes.

Little brother, thank you. Your choice fulfilled my choice.

Among the few people, the one who left with the most worry free manner was Fan Luo. He was going back to solve his affairs. Although he was going to face the two mountains of the emperor and his family, he had long been thinking about it, and he had made all the necessary preparations for a successive retreat.

He was calm and patient, and the short separation was only for a lifetime of companionship.

Since he had already made the decision, he would not look back.

“Aren’t you leaving?” Zhang Junshi looked at the Tai uncle and nephew pair.

“I won’t go.” Tai Bai leaned on the chair and shrugged. “I like life here very much. Uncle, you can go now.”

Tai Yan hugged his chest and said, “I can go anytime, but I must take you with me.”


“If you don’t go back, your father will come catch you himself.”

“Let him come, then.” Tai Bai jumped off the chair, hugged Nie Bufan and said, “It will be the perfect opportunity to introduce him to my wife.”

Nie Bufan slapped his face away with a palm, and said in a bad tone: “Go die, if you want a wife, then go to the chicken coop to pick one.”

“Bufan, you are so heartless.” Tai Bai said while pretending to be sad. Several times he wanted to learn from Wang Shichan and the others and spend a spring night with a certain someone, in order to invoke the memory between them, but a certain someone was guarded too strictly, and he had no chance to make a move.

But it was to no avail, Tai Bai was forcibly dragged away by Tai Yan. In the end, only Wang Shichan and Zhang Junshi were left in Chicken Nest Village.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, leaving did not mean goodbye. It was basically impossible for the pitiful man who had been poisoned by Nie Bufan to return to the right path.

Soon, Chicken Nest Village would usher in new life…..

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    It’s good they are facing things if they wanna be with him ❤
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