The Cruel Tyrant CH 097 Candidate

The cause of the war between the Jin and Qing Kingdom was only because two children were fighting over peaches, but then a series of chain reactions put a dozen surrounding countries in a state of war. In truth, the children were just a spark that accidentally lit the gunpowder that surrounded them, resulting in the whole world being filled with the smokes of war.

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Su Mu raised his hand and handed the battle report to the eunuch beside him, then asked his subjects, “What do you all think?”

The Qing Kingdom won the war with Jin, but was forced back by Chen and Zheng, who later joined in to mooch off benefits. The reason was very simple. The two emperors of Chen and Zheng said that Shen Wei’s army had robbed them of their beauties and treasures. Yun Feiyu’s untenable excuse used to provoke the relationship between the Jin Kingdom and Chen and Zheng was now used on Su Mu. As for Wu and Yang, who were originally allies of the Qing Kingdom, were even more direct and didn’t even bother finding an excuse, directly starting a war against the Qing Kingdom. As for whether there had been any tampering in this, Su Mu had no time to think about it. The first thing to do was to withstand the siege of the four kingdoms.

At this time, verbal debates were no longer useful, and the war that had already occurred could only be solved with “fists”.

Lin Siyuan passed the letter to another person, looked at Su Mu and said: “We can only fight, there is no other way.”

Yun Feiyu immediately said: “Chen, Zheng, Wu, Yang, these four kingdoms have reached an agreement to jointly deal with our Qing Kingdom, and now there is no hope for change in the situation with their armies already approaching. We can only kill all the thieves and bandits in order to deter the neighboring tigers and wolves.”

Su Mu leaned back on the chair and pressed his forehead in frustration, “I of course want to just that, but there are few civil and military officials in the Qing Kingdom, and generals are even more rare. General Qin’s injury in the imperial city battle makes it not suitable for him to lead an expedition any longer. General Shen is fighting against Chen and Zheng on the border. Where can I find someone with the talent to command an army?” Su Mu put down his hand and looked at the group of people and asked, “If you know someone who is capable, you can recommend them.”

The group of people looked at each other and bowed their heads one after another. Most of the capable generals were usually unruly fellows and thorns in the sides of those in power. Your Highness has already cut off their heads a long time ago. It was already fortunate that General Qin and General Shen managed to survive until now.

Of course these words could only be thought of in the privacy of their minds.

Lin Siyuan stood next to Yun Feiyu and gestured at him with his eyes. Yun Feiyu remained unmoved. He knew what Lin Siyuan meant. Shangguan Hao was originally the old Prince of Wu’s subordinate and led the other’s army. Currently Shangguan Hao was still in the imperial city and he was indeed a very good candidate. But don’t forget that he was a key figure in the rebellion before. How could he be used? What if Shangguan Hao went out with the army but instead of fighting foreign enemies he led the army to attack the imperial city? After all, this person had a criminal record.

Yun Feiyu did not mention it, and Lin Siyuan did not dare to mention it. He was unfamiliar with Shangguan Hao and couldn’t guarantee that he would not rebel again. Just now he was just making an inquiry to Yun Feiyu.

Su Mu was even more depressed when he saw that the dozen people remained silent and without even saying a word. He racked his brains to search for feasible candidates and after a while, a thought finally flashed by. He said to Yun Feiyu: “Uh…..the one you asked me to let go last time. What’s his name again? The one who followed your grandfather.”

Yun Feiyu instantly looked up at the frowning Su Mu, was he looking for death? Or was he really that bold? Did he really dare to use a person convicted of rebellion? Although his thoughts and emotions were turbulent, he still said very calmly: “Your Highness, are you talking about Wu An or Shangguan Hao?”

“Yes, it’s Shangguan Hao.” Su Mu said: “The last time during the settling of the civil strife, he had caused a lot of trouble to the Wu Kingdom’s army and Ben Gong. Ben Gong even had to use secret guards to capture him. He is indeed a singular talent.”

Hu Yuan behind Lin Siyuan hurriedly bowed to Su Mu and said: “Your Highness, it’s not appropriate! How can a rebel leader be used, what if…..”

Su Mu put up his hand and interrupted him: “Do you have a better candidate? Besides, can you guarantee that the others are even loyal?”

Hu Yuan said anxiously: “This…..but…..Your Highness…..”

“I know your concerns, and I have the same concerns, but I also have my own certainty.”

Hu Yuan had no choice but to retreat, but in his heart he still strongly disagreed with Shangguan Hao leading the army. If the other rebelled again, everyone would be in danger.

Su Mu glanced at the exasperated Hu Yuan, and then shifted his gaze to Yun Feiyu. He said: “Go and find Shangguan Hao, everyone should go back and rest. You have all worked hard.”


Lin Siyuan, who withdrew with everyone else, paused outside the door and said in incredulity: “Unexpectedly, His Highness himself proposed it. And I just only thought about the possibility. I really don’t know what His Highness is thinking in that head of his?”

After he finished speaking, he immediately noticed that he had spoken a gaffe and hurriedly covered his mouth and looked around vigilantly. Finally, he patted his chest: “Fortunately, no one heard that.”

Yun Feiyu walked forward on his own, as if there was no such person next to him.

At the same time, the only female teacher in the women’s college of the Imperial Classical Academy stood in front of the only female student and asked seriously, “You have thought it over?”

“Yes, teacher.” She raised her head and looked at Yun Feiyan earnestly: “Fame and fortune comes along with risks. This is a step we must take. If I die, my corpse will also become a cornerstone and pave the way for the newcomers. If I succeed, teacher, our sparks will become a prairie fire.”

Yun Feiyan looked at the young woman who had the same flame burning in her eyes, and said, “On this matter, I will do it.”

Xiao Wu shook his head and said, “You are the head of the women’s college and the cradle of hope. There are more people you need to teach and cultivate. You are also the only woman who can have an audience with the Crown Prince. This line cannot be snapped.”

Yun Feiyan clasped her hands tightly and said: “But you are just a weak woman.”

“But I have a strong heart.” Xiao Wu smiled and said, “Teacher, please take care.”

When Yun Feiyu arrived at Shangguan Hao’s residence, Xiao Wu also changed into a military uniform and arrived at the recruiting office.

“I want to sign up.” Xiao Wu said.

The man in the military uniform looked her up and down in confusion several times before he said: “The army does not accept women.”

Xiao Wu stretched out her hand and pointed while reciting the dispatch notice next to them: “Both men and women fifteen and older, forty and under. This is the will of the Crown Prince. Do you want to violate the Crown Prince’s will?”

The man reluctantly wrote down the name Xiao Wu.

After hearing Yun Feiyu’s intentions, Shangguan Hao, who was sitting on the stone bench, turned his head to the side unhappily and said, “I won’t go.”

Yun Feiyu looked at him and said: “Our kingdom faces a disaster on the national level, do you want to ignore it?”

Shangguan Hao angrily said: “He is the greatest disaster in the Qing Kingdom!”

“Ai…..” Yun Feiyu shook his head and stood up, saying: “In that case, the treasured military manual of the Wu Kingdom is destined not to be seen by you.”

Shangguan Hao, who was busy being angry, immediately stood up when he heard “treasured military manual of the Wu Kingdom”, widened his eyes and asked, “What did you say? The Wu Kingdom’s treasured military manual?”

Yun Feiyu nodded and said: “The Crown Prince was taught by an expert master, and he obtained the Wu Kingdom’s treasured military manual.”

Shangguan Hao sat down with a look of disgust: “Keep talking nonsense!”

However, at this moment, Shi Yan, dressed in black, suddenly appeared in front of the two. He said to Shangguan Hao with a blank face, “His Highness wants to see you.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

That’s right, Su Mu saw that Yun Feiyu hadn’t returned for a long time, so he guessed that Shangguan Hao was unwilling to enter the palace to see him. As a result, he sent Shi Yan, who had dealt with him in the past, to bring him over instead. Since he couldn’t be invited, he would be tied and carried over. Shi Yan had beat him before so naturally he could defeat him a second time.

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