The Cruel Tyrant CH 098 Sorting Out

Shangguan Hao abruptly stood up from the stone bench, and without even bothering to say anything he immediately threw a punch.

Shi Yan calmly avoided, and once again said to the angry Shangguan Hao: “His Highness wants to ses you.”

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Shangguan Hao ignored him and leaped at the other with a flying kick. Shi Yan stretched out his hand like lightning and grabbed his ankle, but Shangguan Hao turned over and broke free…..

Yun Feiyu watched the two people make a mess in the previously tidy courtyard, and had to step back and stay far away to avoid being hit by accident. But the Crown Prince being so forceful, how sure was he to convince Shangguan Hao?

After a long while, Shangguan Hao was captured. Shi Yan ignored Shangguan Hao’s fire-breathing expression, and after sealing his pressure points, quickly disappeared while carrying the temporarily immobile and mute Shangguan Hao.

Yun Feiyu looked at the messy garden in silence. Although the Crown Prince had become better now and knew how to govern the country, the overbearing and straight-forward style of acting had not changed at all.

In the imperial palace. Su Mu was dealing with issues related to the war on the border, and as soon as he saw that Shi Yan had carried the person over, he put down the letter in his hand.

Shi Yan put the immobile Shangguan Hao on the chair, and said to Su Mu solemnly: “Reporting to Your Highness, the person has been invited over.”

Shangguan Hao, who was trying to break through the seals on his pressure points countless times, glared at Shi Yan fiercely: “You call this a fucking invite?”

Su Mu nodded in satisfaction and said: “Retreat.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Now only Su Mu and Shangguan Hao were left in the room. With a wave of his hand, the two doors slammed shut. Su Mu walked towards Shangguan Hao with a kind smile on his face.

“What do you want to do?” Shangguan Hao looked at Su Mu warily. This was the second time he saw Su Mu. Because Su Mu had given him too deep an impression last time they faced, as a result, Su Mu slowly walking near him caused all the hairs on his whole body to stand up at this time.

Su Mu held a stack of paper and shook it in front of Shangguan Hao, and said, “Wu Kingdom’s treasured military manual.” Then he reached out and unsealed his pressure points.

As soon as his pressure points were unsealed, Shangguan Hao stood up and grabbed the papers from Su Mu’s hand and looked at it one by one. But Su Mu’s handwriting was really not something that could be praised. Even if he made great progress, he still stayed at the elementary level. Shangguan Hao couldn’t help feeling disdain for Su Mu’s handwriting while being engrossed in the military manual at the same time. He had never seen the real military manual, but he still had a distinguishing ability. Even if the Crown Prince had practically changed into another person he was not very proficient in army matters let alone write a military strategy book. He didn’t believe that the Crown Prince could write this kind of military manual brilliant enough to be handed down the generations.

Su Mu looked at Shangguan Hao who shifted from excited to frowning and then back again and said, “This is only a small part. If you are willing to lead the fight against the foreign enemies, I can give you another part.”

Shangguan Hao abruptly squeezed the papers in his hand, struggling fiercely in his heart. He regarded fame and wealth as insignificant and had no problem giving them up. Only this military manual of the Wu Kingdom was something he had coveted for a long time, so the Crown Prince indeed truly scratched the right itch. But Shangguan Hao still gritted his teeth and said: “I won’t go.”

Su Mu secretly gritted his teeth and drew out the decorated sword hung on the stand.

Shangguan Hao turned around abruptly and looked at Su Mu vigilantly and mockingly: “Why, Your Highness is going to kill me?”

“Kill you, why use a sword.” Su Mu nearly angered Shangguan Hao half to death and then walked to the copper furnace with the sword and raised it before slashing it down neatly.

A piercing breaking metal “screech” sounded, and a corner of the copper furnace was neatly cut off. Su Mu calmly held the sword and turned to Shangguan Hao. But then Su Mu stiffened when he saw two nicks on the blade of the sword.

However, Shangguan Hao’s eyes lit up after seeing the sword. He could feel that the Crown Prince just now did not use internal force. He simply cut off the corner of the copper furnace with a little physical strength. Moreover, the sword itself was thin and the thickness was less than three centimeters while the width was that of only two fingers, yet it could easily cause such a large amount of damage.

The corner of Su Mu’s mouth twitched and he coughed slightly, “I accidentally put too much force. General Shangguan, please come with me and I will show you more good things.”

Anyway, he had no chance of winning in front of the Crown Prince. So Shangguan Hao could only follow Su Mu out of the room. Besides, his interest was already aroused by the sword. Su Mu took Shangguan Hao through nearly half the imperial palace to the imperial army’s martial arts training field. Before they walked in, they could already hear the sounds of clanging metal, obviously a duel was taking place. As soon as Su Mu appeared in the martial arts training field, everyone immediately stopped.

“Paying respects to Your Highness.”

“Continue.” Su Mu took Shangguan Hao to the side of the weapon rack, reached for a big broadsword and threw it at Shangguan Hao, saying, “Try it.”

Shangguan Hao took the big broadsword thrown by Su Mu and used his hand to test the weight. It was not too heavy. He took the big broadsword and walked to the wooden posts in the martial arts field and swung it down. The tree stump with a circumference of a wide bowl was immediately cut in half easily. Shangguan Hao frowned lightly and then went back to the weapon rack and replaced the broadsword with a spear. The sharp edge of the blade shone with cold light and Shangguan Hao viciously pierced it forward at another stake. The whole stake was easily pierced through like tofu (Shangguan Hao had high martial arts skills, but ordinary people cannot achieve this effect).

Then he tried all the weapons on the weapon racks one after another, and finally Shangguan Hao walked up to Su Mu with a sharp short sword and asked, “How many of these weapons do you have?”

Su Mu said: “A total of 100,000 troops can be equipped with various weapons.”

“But you don’t have an army of 100,000 people.” Shangguan Hao looked at Su Mu as he spoke this. In the Qing Kingdom, most of the young and middle-aged men had died after so many years of civil strife.

Su Mu sighed and said: “That’s why it is necessary for talents like General Shangguan to exert the greatest strength using the smallest advantage.”

Shangguan Hao struggled for a while, but still gritted his teeth and said, “I’m not going.”

Su Mu closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then opened his eyes again. He gritted his teeth and said loudly, “Shi Yan.”

The thin young man appeared behind Su Mu silently and said: “What is Your Highness’s command?”

Su Mu gritted his teeth and said: “Sort him out for me until he is obedient!”

Towards such a mulish and stubborn person who was neither afraid of death, moved by fame and fortune, nor indulgent in personal hobbies, Su Mu really did not know how to handle this fellow!

When Shi Yan heard this, a series of question marks appeared over his head. He was only a secret guard. Was he now also to work part-time as a torturer? But he had no choice but to toughen his skin and say: “Yes.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shangguan Hao stood vigilantly as Shi Yan prepared to make his move, and shouted angrily: “Su Mochi, you cruel tyrant!”

Just after the words fell, he was overwhelmed by Shi Yan, who quickly appeared before him. Shangguan Hao was a soldier, not a martial arts expert master, and naturally could not compare to Shi Yan.

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